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Don’t be silly, that would be far too efficient . . . Could the military buy its guns online in the future? – “The Defense Department may start doing a whole lot more online shopping in 2018, if Republican Rep. Mac Thornberry has his way. The Texas chairman of the Armed Services Committee unveiled new legislation Thursday that aims to cut costly bureaucratic red tape at the Pentagon by allowing the military to buy everything from pens to treadmills from business-to-business sites such as Staples and Amazon. That would free the federal government’s biggest bureaucracy from using its current “expensive” and “onerous” contracting and scheduling process to buy its commercial goods, according to Thornberry. But could it also work for firearms?”

Watch as his GoPro is vaporized . . . Cameraman narrowly survives sniper shot – “An Iraqi cameraman narrowly survives a sniper shot while filming in Mosul.” (Click image above for video.)

There’s a lot of work to be done in Greenland and Antarctica . . . Gun ownership around the world, mapped – “The US rates top for ownership per 100 people, at 88.8 guns per 100 people. However, recent data puts the number even higher, at an incredible 112 per 100 people. The US also – by far – has the most guns in total (270 million), nearly six times ahead of second place India at 46 million. Brazil has the most total homicides by guns, 34,678 a year. The US comes in fifth with 9960 homicides by gun a year, behind Colombia (12,539), Mexico (11,309), and Venezuela (11,115). Within the UK, Scotland has the least guns, only 5.5 per 100 citizens. England and Wales have 6.2 per 100 citizens and Northern Ireland has 21.9 per 100 citizens.”

Fresh Facebook Live tragedy as boy, 12, accidentally shoots dead girl while streaming on social network – “A 12-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed a girl the same age live on Facebook in the latest tragedy to hit the social network’s video streaming service. The friends were playing with several other youngsters at the boy’s home in Santa Rosa de Calchines, a small rural town in Argentina, when the incident took place.”

Some good advice here . . . Colion Noir’s Road Rage Encounter – “Mr. Noir is well-known and well-liked in the gun world, and he recently shared a video on his YouTube page that discussed his recent encounter with a little bit of road rage.”

Another big city chief against national reciprocity . . . Dallas Sheriff Joins Gabby Giffords’ Gun Control Group, Comes Out Against Concealed Carry – “Lupe Valdez the sheriff of Dallas County, Texas, is a member of Gabby Giffords’ gun control group, and a solidly against concealed carry for law-abiding citizens on a national basis. Like Giffords, Michael Bloomberg, and Bloomberg-funded gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety, Valdez is calling for Congress to refuse to pass legislation that would make the concealed carry permit of one state valid in every state.

House Panel Backs Call to Keep Automatic Guns Away From Kids – “Responding to a fatal Arizona gun range accident, Louisiana lawmakers have advanced a measure to keep fully automatic weapons out of the hands of young children. A House criminal justice panel voted 7-6 Thursday for Rep. Barbara Norton’s bill to fine, and possibly imprison, people who allow children under 13 to handle fully automatic firearms.”

A race to see who can stake out the the most anti-gun position . . . Gun control and the Va. governor’s race: the issue both parties are eyeing – “Perriello was a one-term congressman who represented a conservative-leaning district and while in office accepted money from the NRA, opposed reinstating an assault-weapons ban and supported creating a national standard for concealed-weapons permits. His efforts earned him an “A” rating from the NRA at the time.  Perriello, like Northam, now carries an “F” rating from the gun-rights group, and the candidates’ platforms are remarkably similar. They include an assault-weapons ban, universal background checks and reinstating Virginia’s limit on handgun sales to one a month. Perriello says he’s changed since he was in Congress and that Northam’s history isn’t ideal, either.”

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  1. Those countries that have higher homicide rates also have tougher gun laws than the US.

    And I still think 270 million guns in the US is a lowball number.

      • Considering all the guys who bought dozens upon dozens of stripped lowers and 80%s during the Obama Era, you bet it’s double that number or even higher.

        • I said that to an anti recently. She was talking about the “study” that says 2/3rds of the guns are owned by 3 or 4 OFWGs. I ran some fgures by her, gave her my estimate of a half a billion firearms in the US. She paused, mentally checked my math…and blinked.

    • They’ve been quoting that 270 million number for at least ten years. Even if it was accurate back then, how many more guns have been sold since then?

      • They’ve been quoting 12 million illegal aliens for over two decades. “They” don’t care about accuracy.

  2. Didn’t you guys report there may be 500000000guns in America? THAT sounds about right…is anyone surprised FB enables/encourages crime?

  3. “Lupe Valdez . . . is . . . solidly against concealed carry for law-abiding citizens on a national basis.”

    Wow, a Mexican who opposes 2A. Who woulda thunk it?

  4. As an aside I watched PBS Frontline on PBS about Bundy ranch and the occupation of federal land. Amazing mishmash of left-wing BS. Stunning how unintentionally they made Bundy and Co. look completely in the right. Quoting Southern Poverty Law commie,FBI goons and government thugs. Worth a look from the same “network” who did the anti-NRA hitpeice…

    • Never forget: Bundy Ranch = Concord Bridge. There we saw the administrative state get defeated by patriotic Americans who came from all over the country to save a family’s ranch. The back story on Bundy Ranch is worth researching because it shows just how deep government corruption actually is.

  5. I do support arming more Antarcticans. Antarctica is home to some wild shit. Secret Nazi sub bases. Holes to the inner earth filled with reptilians. Portals to other worlds with aliens. Giants frozen in ice. That continent is in a state of constant secret intergalactic war.

    • Dude, we gotta start a GoFundMe page for the Antarcticans in Antarcticopolis to help ’em gear up.
      They gotta be able to operate like real operators.

    • The Reptillians have a base in Denver, at the airport. I say we leave them alone. If we don’t bother them, they won’t bother us. What do we care if they abduct Randy Quaid or Shirley Maclain? Let them have ’em, I say. It’s not our problem, I say.

  6. The GoPro sniper shot is being headlined on other sites as “GoPro saves journalist’s life”.
    Bad shot by the sniper.

    “In US …88 guns per 100…”
    Damn, we got work to do. And I’m already doing my part.
    Get busy Peeps!!
    Can we airdrop just half the guns the Fed’s have given to ISIS and the Mex cartels (& Bush 1 to the Rebels) into Greenland and Iceland? At least that’ll give ’em a running start in the right direction.

    Enjoy your term Ms. Valdez. You shouldn’t get/have/deserve another.
    Texas POTG your call…

    • I live in Texas, Fort Worth to be exact. I don’t acknowledge dallas as being part of Texas. In fact, I usually call the place “Not Texas.”

  7. That bit about the DoD purchasing arms online? Never gonna happen. The specifications for military firearms are much too stringent for that…and rightfully so when you stop to think about it. Who in the world would want to jump into combat with a Hi-Point?

  8. “Buying guns online” is stupid. I just looked up the price of a Colt R0977 (M4A1) for an SOT dealer, and they want $1000 for it. iirc the government can get them for about $600 from Colt, and FN beat the Colt and Remington M4 bids while probably retaining better quality than what Remington would give. FN and HK charge a little more for their fancier rifles. I have to wonder how much KAC and DD charge for rail systems for a large contract, not to mention what Trijicon, L3, Aimpoint, Elcan, etc, charge them for large contract.

  9. I knew it was going to be an uzi before I clicked the link, because it always seems to be. At this point only an idiot would give someone of stature like that girl a fully-auto uzi. How many instructors and kids have been killed now in similar incidents? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe they’re evil; but they are distinctly dangerous in the hands of a novice because of their difficulty in control AND short barrel leading to muzzle-climb and subsequent headshot.

    As to the military buying things… let’s remember why the military does it the way they do (bidding, contracts, etc). Before the procurement process as we have it today things would just get bought. Sounds nice, right? Except things would get bought for the wrong reasons. Things would get bought because money made its way into the right pockets. Because someone in procurement had stock options. Because a family member asked for a favor. That’s the whole point of having discoverable bids- so that people can cry ‘foul’ (and do!) when there’s funny business afoot.

    • If I ever let my kid handle a machinegun, it would be an MP5A5 (3-round burst) with a foregrip on it, or maybe an M16A2 with a bipod. I also probably would wait until they were 12-14 at least to let them handle something like that.

      • Yeah anything with a short burst or long barrel would be tremendously more safe than uzis and other small SMGs.

  10. “Some good advice here . . . Colion Noir’s Road Rage Encounter – “Mr. Noir is well-known and well-liked in the gun world, and he recently shared a video on his YouTube page that discussed his recent encounter with a little bit of road rage.””

    It’s worthwhile hearing his story. He came close to needing a good lawyer.

    He’s lucky he had enough open road in front of him, that could have gone bad real fast.


    • Not sure if he is a good lawyer or not, but he did attend law school, not sure if he passed the TX BAR.

  11. The VA law about one handgun a month had a nice loophole, if you had your carry permit you were allowed as many as your wallet and or wife would allow. It did cut down on straw purchases and firearms taken to NYC. So now if one of these 2 is elected the law could be rewritten and the carry permit holder not allowed. Hopefully the right won’t run a moron like last time. OHMYGAWD Virtus left teat is showing, make our Commonwealth AG office staff new lapel pins with it covered. Charge the state tax payers for it. A boob that didn’t like to see a boob hanging out. How terry won, he was the lesser of the 2 “special” people running.

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