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Taxpayer financed gun control “research” in the Garden State . . . New Jersey: Senate Bill Would Publicly Finance Gun Control Agenda – “As lawmakers in Trenton annually wrestle with whopping budget deficits and struggle to adequately fund roads, bridges, schools and pensions, anti-gun lawmakers have set their sights on more of your hard-earned tax dollars to finance their own political agenda.  On Thursday, May 18, the Senate Higher Education Committee is scheduled to have a hearing on S.2830, sponsored by Sen. Fred Madden, at 10:00 a.m.  This legislation would create a “firearms violence research center” at Rutgers to study gun violence as a “public health issue.”  By misrepresenting the issue, they seem determined to ignore the drug and gang violence at the root of the problem.”

Meanwhile, on the left coast . . . SF forces gun suppliers to agree to halt sale of high-capacity kits – “San Francisco extracted a legal settlement Tuesday from online gun suppliers who may have tried to sidestep state and local bans on high-capacity gun magazines by advertising “repair kits” that could be used to assemble the forbidden weapons’ cartridge holders. But the settlement, announced by City Attorney Dennis Herrera, is just a preliminary to the main events that may soon determine the extent of the right to own and carry a gun in California and across the nation.”

No, next question . . . Is checking out visitors at home with gun behind your back ‘disorderly conduct’? – “Karen Keller’s conduct at the complained of time and place was constitutionally protected. Nothing in the record suggests her conduct violated the statutory limitations of possessing a firearm. Karen Keller testified she was carrying a handgun because she did not know who was at the end of the driveway when the vehicle arrived. Karen Keller indicated she carries a handgun whenever an unknown vehicle arrives at the property. Karen Keller did not leave her property and Nichole Keller did not enter the property. The record indicates the handgun was behind Karen Keller’s back or at her side during the interaction.”

Sheriff David Clarke says he’s accepted DHS job – “Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wis., said Wednesday he has accepted a job in the Department of Homeland Security. Clarke told conservative radio host Vicki McKenna during an interview on 1130 WISN that he will leave his post as sheriff to serve as a deputy secretary of Homeland Security.” At least they’ll have someone there who knows his ass from his elbow.

OMG! Kids! Having fun! OMG! Why Kids Should Never Play With Water Guns. Period. – “My mom was pretty relaxed during our childhood and only had a few nonnegotiable, never evergoing to change, concrete rules. Her biggest: no water guns. … We didn’t have a gun in our home, but I think my mom’s passionate stance on water guns is even more important for those who do. … Even if they’re colorful and super cool, kids shouldn’t be playing with water guns because it normalizes the real thing. Kids need to learn that guns aren’t toys. There’s nothing fun or playful about this serious topic and it doesn’t matter if it’s a water pistol or a semi-automatic rifle — a firearm isn’t a laughing matter.”

Crazy Things Pacifists Tell Me About Guns – “I don’t mention being a gun owner to strangers. Sometimes people find out, and the way they respond is remarkable.  I assume that they are sincere in what they say, but that assumption isn’t easy. Their comments are more of a confession about themselves than an honest question about me.  I usually bite my tongue because of the social situation.  Then it occurred to me that other gun owners must be hearing similar comments. I’ve kept my answers to myself, but now I’ll share them with you.”

Homeowner Strikes All Three Men In Drive-By Shooting Outside His Home – “Two people are dead and one was hospitalized after a man who was “supposed” to be the victim of a drive-by shooting fired back and took out all three of his vehicle-bourne assailants. Authorities report that one of the suspects simply drove up and opened fire. ABC 13 reports that the homeowner hid behind a bush and returned fire at the would-be murderers.”

Otto Carter’s taking his gun engraving to the next level. He’s moving away from “simple adornment” towards genuine “art guns.” His latest Cabot Guns mod is called “Angels and Demons.” The image above is before he adds gold inlay.

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  1. Oh geez…I throw a gun in my pocket when some idiot loudly pounds on my door. Or when I check out the garage. Orderly as he!!…

    • Hell I open carry on my property and that’s how uninvited visitors see me. Never been a problem. It’s your damn property.

    • When I lived in the city, in an apartment building, when there was a unexpected knock at the door I would have a pistol against the back of the door before I cracked it with the double chains on. No peephole. Back then, the first two rounds were FMJ to get through the door.
      So glad I don’t live amongst the animals anymore.

    • RE Karen Keller: The problem is “disorderly conduct” is so vague, it can mean just about anything a law officer wants it to mean. Remember the black Harvard college professor who was arrested for mouthing off to an officer on his own front porch. As to Ms. Keller, her conviction was reversed due to the sensible wording in the North Dakota Constitution and law. To quote, of all places, the Washington Post (never thought I’d ever quote a pro-gun thought there), ” …North Dakota law restricting carrying loaded handguns expressly exempts an individual who carries a loaded handgun “on that person’s land, or in that individual’s permanent or temporary residence, or fixed place of business.” and “Karen Keller’s conduct at the complained of time and place was constitutionally protected.” Of course she still got arrested, still had to go to court, still had to spend a small fortune due to some officer’s misuse of the “disorderly conduct” statue.

      • Not only the officers misuse or ignorance of the statue, but the prosecutor- it almost had to be willful misconduct to pursue the case, then the trial court….this is almost hard to believe. It would appear that the criminal judicial system in the state needed a reminder from their supreme court that they have a constitution.

    • Out where I live, at the dead end of a road and several hundred yards down a private drive and completely out of sight of all others, it would be foolish not to go armed on the property. That said, it sounds to me like the ex turned up with her enforcer to start trouble, and wasn’t happy when rather than intimidating, they were themselves intimidated. However, a holster sounds like a good investment here, might have saved a lot of trouble and money.

      Then again, know where you live. Here, I doubt the sheriff would bother taking a report on that call: ‘I went to someone’s house, and they had a gun…no threats, no action, they just had one’…you might get a lecture about abusing the 911 system. I realize it isn’t so everywhere, but it probably should be.

  2. “There’s nothing fun or playful about this serious topic and it doesn’t matter if it’s a water pistol or a semi-automatic rifle — a firearm isn’t a laughing matter.” the words of a person who has never fired a Foster Echo.

  3. Welp, were screwed.

    Isn’t David Clarke that corrupt sheriff that caused the death of a mentally ill inmate by denying him food and water until they die?

    Why isn’t research concerning guns allowed, Afraid you’ll be exposed like the cowardly liars you are since NRA prevented the CDC from doing research long ago.

    The rights to Americans to live with out fear of being killed trumps your non-existent-ant right to blow your food stamps card on useless armaments that are more likely to kill you or a loved one than stopping a crime.

    People have the right not to be armed and should not be forced to be your fantasy that “evil” is around every corner while ignoring the evil you support and own.

    Guns are useless security theater.

    And stop using new jersey as an example when they’re considered to have the best economy and education next to new york.

    • “People have the right not to be armed…”

      Pray tell who has ordered you procure a firearm or any other weapon, besides the voices in your crazy little head?

    • I can garuntee you that inmate likely killed himself and the media skewed it against the sheriff. Talk to some people who actually work in prisons and jails before you go spouting off on more nonsense.

    • Another day, another ridiculous post from The_Resistance.
      First things first, in what part of this did you see your statement that research on guns is not allowed? The CDC is allowed to conduct all of the research they would like on guns, they are simply not allowed to promote an agenda with their research, which was a problem in the 1990’s.
      Secondly, there is absolutely nothing preventing other organization from researching gun violence and the effects of gun control. In fact there have been many studies on the subject, which you should likely peruse before making any more wild claims.
      Spending food stamps on guns? Do you have any idea how government welfare is run, or did you simply want to assert that gun owners are somehow poor?
      Right to live without fear? I fail to recall that being a right in any legal or moral system in history. This is probably because fear is a perfectly healthy natural response to danger, which helps us survive in a dangerous world. However it seems that the fear you speak of here is senseless paranoia, since apperently the doxens of studies on defenive gun uses and decades of experience still haven’t persuaded you that respecting law abiding citizens’ right to bear arms doesn’t turn society into the wasteland you seem to think it does.hiwever even then, you don’t a right to freedom from it, and your right certainly wouldn’t override the rights of 80 million Americans to protection from danger.
      I cannot comment on your “security theater” remark, since as far as I can tell there is no purpose to it.

    • “Guns are useless security theater.”

      So then why does someone having one bother you so much?

    • They must have given you a new template. Branching out from the ‘this is nothing compared to the ______ that happens in the US daily” has at least doubled your vocabulary. I look forward to Bloomberg’s series of carefully prepared evaluations on all politically active members. There really is nothing like a good form letter, don’t you agree?

    • Research on firearms is allowed. Go research the subject all you want…..on your dime.

      What is not allowed is federally funded fake research. The Dickey Amendment’s wording is that federal funds may not be used “to advocate or promote gun control.” You’re just swallowing the liberal lie that evil Republicans are blocking all research.

      The fact is that over the last decade or so, firearms research has received some $22 million in funding. Granted, that’s a tiny amount of overall federal funds made available. The problem isn’t lack of funds. It’s the ban on advocacy. Liberal researchers don’t even bother seeking funds because they’ll be forced to research the truth about firearms. They don’t want that!

      They want taxpayer money to pay for junk science that provides cover and a mantle of legitimacy for their anti-gun politics. If the findings were oh so certain to support their views, then the conclusions would stand on their own and advocate for themselves. Liberals don’t want that, though. They want to dress up their disarmament agenda as pseudo-science and cram anti-gun policies down our throats in the name of science and public health.

      That chicanery is what’s banned, not research overall and not even federally funded research. In fact, the CDC just in 2013 released a study finding that “Self-defense can be an important crime deterrent.” That’s a rare bit of research, because it reports findings and doesn’t advocate politically. The fact remains that it was federally funded and does exist, despite the fake news “research ban” myth you’re perpetuating.

    • Glad you’re back!
      Guns are not useless security theater. Ive had to ise one defensively. So have many others.
      Your argument is invalid. Have a nice day.

    • The rights to Americans to live with out [sic] fear of being killed trumps your non-existent-ant right to blow your food stamps card on useless armaments that are more likely to kill you or a loved one than stopping a crime.”

      Actually, “Americans” have no “right” to live free of irrational “fear.” Or rational “fear” as it turns out.

      “The rights to Americans to live with out fear of bunnies …”

      I think most Americans aren’t that afraid of bunnies, actually. This might be all you.

    • “And stop using new jersey [sic] as an example when they’re considered to have the best economy and education next to new york [sic].”

      People who think New York has the best economy, and eduction are probably afraid of bunnies. Large-capacity clipizine assault bunnies, with folding things that go up. That’s what I heard.

  4. A few weeks after moving into their new home, my sister-in-law pulled me aside when she noticed me ‘printing’. Her explanation was they didn’t want a gun in the house, I didn’t need one; because nothing was going to happen there, they lived in a safe area.
    I went out to my car, transferred my gun in my pocket, and walked back in; she was none the wiser. I then asked her if she would like me to get rid of their fire extinguishers…
    My brother had burned their last house to the ground… And they had three unused fire extinguishers…

    • I hope you assisted her in disarming the airbags in her mom mobile. Those things are dangerous and if she isn’t using them anyhow…..

  5. “If a child becomes familiar and comfortable playing toy gun, what’s going to stop their inquisitive hand from reaching out for the real thing if it ever crosses his or her path?”

    Teh stoopid. It hurts….

  6. If you decide what the outcome is going to be before you start collecting data, it isn’t research.
    If you manipulate data when you don’t like your own results, it isn’t research.
    If you construct your data sets so as to influence the outcome, it isn’t research.

    When you do these things you aren’t conducting research, you are creating propaganda. When the CDC was caught doing it repeatedly, they were denied funds for their ongoing propaganda operation.

    • Which is just what California is doing since they have turned research on guns over to the University of California.

      • A research center headed up by Dr. Gary Wintemute, an ER doc who, because he got “tired of seeing the carnage wrought by guns”, became an avid gun banner and darling of all public entities who hired him as an expert witness in suits aiming to end discretionary issuance of CCWs. Although he says he has been doing “research” for some time, now he gets his “work” funded by the state’s tax payers.

      • we just know how biased a cali-state college will be!

        but the research may take decades!
        they are tuaght in class that every-time you see a stick figure holding a stick gun–you need to call a cop, get a hug and go to therapy for years!
        so each photo of an firearm will take months to process?

  7. Hides behind a bush, miraculously unharmed AND pops a cap in all three assailants.

    That’s gun control I can get behind!

    • Now, I’m no where near a ‘down’ on hip urban culture as you are, but shouldn’t the phase be “bust a cap in their asses” instead of “popping” said “cap”? 🙂

      (‘Rap’ left me cold shortly after ‘Funky Cold Medina’)

      As for that man’s marksmanship, Filter said it best for me with ‘Hey man, Nice Shot’:

      “Nice shot, man…”

      • Eh, basically a chose your word thing. Just like heater, burner, gat, blaster etc.

        Funky Cold Madina isn’t rap, but it’s a good song.

        Filter OTOH never put out a good song and their silly rage against Trent Reznor effectively proves 1) Filter sucks, 2) Filter has no talent and 3) Filter is dickbent about 1&2 because Flood told them this flat out.

        • Eh, their first album Short Bus was pretty good, everything after that was garbage though. And yeah I remember there being some tirade about “we don’t use any electronic synthesized elements in our music, blah, blah” in the album liner, didn’t know that was a dig at Reznor specifically.

          Oh and just for the record, Hey Man Nice Shot was about the live televised suicide of Budd Dwyer

        • Their first album, Short Bus, was pretty good but yeah everything after that was garbage. I do remember in the album liner there was some tirade about “we don’t use any electronic synthesized elements in any of our music, blah, blah, blah” didn’t know that was a dig at Reznor specifically. Interestingly enough, it’s when they started using synth elements that they started sucking balls.

          And just for the record, Hey Man Nice Shot was about the live televised suicide of Budd Dwyer with a .357 Magnum because he was being accused of some kind of public office corruption which he vehemently denied.

  8. “There’s nothing fun or playful about this serious topic and it doesn’t matter if it’s a water pistol or a semi-automatic rifle — a firearm isn’t a laughing matter.”

    Full-auto and bolt-action buffalo rifles are though.

    • As are quarries, a case of expired 2 liter sodas and most any firearm. Though, faster traveling calibers tend to produce more fun.

  9. Appeal from the District Court of McHenry County, Northeast Judicial District, the Honorable John C. McClintock, Jr., Judge.

    If I lived in McClintock’s jurisdiction, I’d be petitioning for a recall election.

  10. “Firearms are not a laughing matter.” Clearly this guy has never seen Jerry Miculek shoot.

  11. Alright, Jersey boys, riddle me this; how is remaining in that state hopelessly resisting the anti gun majority “fighting the good fight,” when your tax dollars are now directly being funneled toward anti gun propaganda efforts nationally? Like another arrangement you guys are also familiar with, it is akin to remaining in a liberal-supporting union & paying dues, while claiming to support conservative or American values.

    • As has been pointed out before, while you have the right to move, sometimes it just isn’t practical.

  12. Good ole NJ trying to kill the violent crime snake, by trying to cut off the tail so the rest will die

  13. From the article, “Crazy Things Pacifists Tell Me About Guns “-

    “I live on the safe side of town so I don’t need a gun for protection.”

    This gets expanded in Canada to “I live in a safe country/city/province”. This amuses me when stories like the one below come out:

    “March 17th #Saddleridge shooting incident. Can you identify this group of people?”

    Some sleepy neighborhood just got a lot less sleepy. But it’s okay, right, because gangsters only ever shoot each other. And when they do home invasions, it’s just to other gangsters, or maybe grow-ops. Or, well, maybe some small business owners (jewelry shop owners and the like). But that’s okay, because it’s just people in their ethnic community. When there’s a road rage incident and they shoot up some innocent’s car, well, that’s pretty rare and you shouldn’t be out driving past midnight anyways. No worries, right.

    • I forgot this one- just don’t go to a nightclub, I mean, only bad people go to a nightclub, right?

      “York Regional Police have released photos of two men wanted for attempted murder in a shooting outside Cameo Lounge in Vaughan on Monday morning.”

      Meanwhile, the government plans another clampdown on licensed gun owners. At least the UN gun markings got deferred until 2018 (which will drive up costs).

  14. Hit all three? Badass! If that wasn’t already part of this post, I’d say there’s the defensive gun use of the day.

  15. “. . . a firearm isn’t a laughing matter”

    What if someone told her that waterarms aren’t firearms?

  16. “Research” is your a-hole neighbors who needed a job’s [POS gov’t (D)] term for slush $$$ to get kick-backs from these organizations to PACs for upcoming elections. Ever wonder how an [honest] $4M grant-requesting-entity can manage to donate $500 to a PAC? Planned Parenthood b1T<hes about getting its funding cut but annually donates million to the POS (D).

    Ever wonder how "studies" take $5 Billion A N N U A L Y in grants and spend $180 on billboards $20 Milliion on subversive coloring books and "isn't communism great" educational programs for pre-schoolers, and then donate $3 Million in PAC money (while pocketing millions)???

    We are in the first few months of a nuclear winter for campaign advertising $$$ and these people need to keep their precinct "walk-around-money" out there.

  17. “There’s nothing fun or playful about this serious topic”

    Wow, I must be doing it all wrong then because shooting guns is a hell of a lot of fun.

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