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Don’t be silly…journalists are the only ones allowed to joke about killing prominent people . . . Florida mayor under fire for joke about turning machine guns on press and making them ‘cry like little girls’ – “When Tampa, Florida Mayor Bob Buckhorn made jokes about pointing huge machine guns at journalists and making them ‘cry like little girls,’ he likely didn’t realize that many of the journalists in the audience at the military convention he was speaking at had already had guns in their faces. According to a report by the Tampa Bay Times, Buckhorn’s joking statement about pointing two 50 caliber machine guns at journalists to make them cry has angered journalists who have been at the other end of the barrel.”

They have to lie about who they are because gun control is so unpopular . . . Fake “Gun Group” Supports Anti-Gun Sen Sweeney – “If you get info from the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance (NJOA), it is important to remember what it isn’t.  It isn’t an organization dedicated to protecting the Second Amendment, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution of the United States of America, Due Process for law abiding citizens, or the Rule of Law. … A few years ago, the NJOA actually had a purpose.  They organized and helped defeat liberal, anti-Second Amendment legislators like State Senator Ellen Karcher and Assemblyman Michael Panter in 2007. The Democrats’ noticed this and so they made a major effort to co-opt NJOA founder Anthony Mauro.  It worked, and by 2008, the NJOA was endorsing such major left-wing characters as State Senator John Adler for United States Congress.”

Texas gun store uses fog machine to deter burglars – “A former Secret Service agent-turned-gun store owner in Conroe is protecting his store with a system he believes is the first of its kind in the Houston area. Thom Bolsch, owner of Saddle River Range on FM 1488 at Horseshoe Bend, installed the FlashFog security system after seeing the Canadian company’s product at a convention in Las Vegas. When a break-in happens, it fills the store with dense fog, blinding strobe lights, and a piercing alarm. All of this is designed to make it harder for the criminal to find the guns and find a way out before police show up.”

From the land formerly known as Great Britain . . . Are there any legal self defence products that I can buy? – “The only fully legal self defence product at the moment is a rape alarm. These are not expensive and can be bought from most local police stations or supermarkets. There are other self defence products which claim to be legal (e.g. non toxic sprays), however, until a test case is brought before the court, we cannot confirm their legality or endorse them. If you purchase one you must be aware that if you are stopped by the police and have it in your possession there is always a possibility that you will be arrested and detained until the product, it’s contents and legality can be verified.”

Looks like Taco Hell’s drive thru moves a little too slowly in Indy . . . Pole winner Scott Dixon, Dario Franchitti robbed at gunpoint in Taco Bell drive-thru – “Hours after winning the pole position in the 101st running of the Indianapolis 500, IndyCar driver Scott Dixon and former Indy 500 winner Dario Franchitti were robbed at gunpoint at a Taco Bell on West 16th Street, which is about a half mile from the track. Dixon’s wife, Emma Davies-Dixon, was also with him at the time of the robbery. It happened at 10 p.m. as Dixon went through the drive-thru lane at Taco Bell, just four hours after Dixon was awarded the pole by turning laps of 232.164 miles per hour.”

Reaching out and touching someone . . . SAS sniper ‘killed ISIS terrorist from almost 1.5 MILES AWAY’ using the world’s most powerful rifle with bullet taking three seconds to strike target – “AN SAS sniper killed an ISIS terrorist from almost 1.5 MILES away using a mega-powerful rifle, a report says. It took three whole seconds for the bullet to reach the terror thug in Mosul, Iraq two weeks ago. A veteran sniper hit the insurgent in the throat as he tried to escape a burned-out building, killing him almost instantly, the Daily Star said. It is believed to be one of the most difficult long-range kills in the elite regiment’s history. The paper claimed the shot was fired from a CheyTac M200 — a record-breaking US-made rifle with a max range of up to nearly two miles.”

Fudds gotta Fudd . . . Allowing more Minnesotans to freely carry guns seems unwise – “A ‘permitless carry’ bill went before the state House this session, promising essentially to repeal much of Minnesota’s existing gun permit law and, as it states, to provide ‘for the right to carry without a permit; providing for an optional permit to carry.’ I don’t believe it would be a wise move to allow anyone who appears to be an adult to freely carry a gun out on the streets (“Permitless gun carry bill draws debate in Minnesota Legislature,” March 9). The measure was supported by the NRA and its favored legislators. For decades I was a member of the National Rifle Association and had its conspicuous round insignia on my cars and trucks. I was even enrolled into the “National Rifle Association of America Millennium Honor Roll.” It wasn’t that I thought the NRA and its members had some ill intent when I decided to discontinue my membership; it was because of the evermore unlikeable image of the NRA to many people.”

A dispatch from DeBlasio’s New York . . . Cops arrest BB gun snipers accused of firing at police car – “Cops nabbed two BB gun snipers who were allegedly among a foursome firing pellets at a marked police car in the Bronx on this week. The four snipers were on the roof of a residential building at Aqueduct Avenue and West 192nd Street in Fordham Manor at 1 a.m. on Friday when one of them fired the air gun at the police cruiser, damaging its windshield and roof, cops said. The officers inside were not injured.”

What the hell is wrong with the North Carolina courts? . . . You Can Get Charged With Murder For Defensive Gun Use — Even In A ‘Stand Your Ground’ State – “At trial, Lee’s attorney argued that he had acted in self-defense. But in charging the jury, the judge failed to make any mention of the state’s ‘stand your ground’ law or the defendant’s right to use force in the defense of his cousin (who had died of his wounds). The jury returned a verdict of guilty. On appeal, the North Carolina Court of Appeals upheld the conviction, holding that the trial judge had not committed ‘plain error’ in charging the jury without bringing up the state’s “stand your ground” statute.” An appeals court failed to overturn the conviction too.

Hmm . . . Feds seize guns of 8 Chinese students at University of Arizona – “In recent months, federal and state officials have cited at least eight Chinese students at the University of Arizona for fraudulently obtaining resident hunting licenses, and also seized from them a number of firearms obtained using those licenses. A high-ranking federal official told the Star his agency has no evidence of ‘malicious intent’ by the eight students. Nevertheless, the purchases reveal what officials say is a potentially troubling vulnerability in federal and Arizona firearms laws, which exempt international students and other non-immigrant visa holders with hunting licenses from prohibitions on gun ownership.”







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  1. Crying like little girls…that is what happened in Manchester, England tonight. Aloha snack bar you moose-lim bastards…

    • The perp is also one of the “victims”.

      Instead of enjoying the attention of 72 virgins (do species bovidae count?) I hope he is relishing the personal experiences of satan and all his minions for eternity.

      • Yup, instead of 72 virgins in paradise, that virgin son-of-a-goatwhore condemned himself to being eternally ***raped by seventy-two Dodge Rams.

  2. Britain ceased being great a long time ago and continues to spiral down the drain into the cess pool of slimy shit. A country of sissys that has all put the Mooslims in control.

    • Britain will be under Sharia Law within a couple of decades.
      The muslims are outbreeding the locals by 4 to 1..
      All those bleeding heart Brit liberals will be bleeding from having their infidel heads chopped off.

      • How very true, look at what happened there today. Just remember that the yUcK is one of the countries that are liberal ass hole dumbcrats want to emulate. I guess they did not study history and learn about The Revolutionary War to oust Britain from our country. Can you imagine what things would be like if the Colonists had lost? Do some research, it’s even worse than you think.

      • Indeed. I foresee all of Western Europe becoming Eurabia. Eastern Europe at least still has its balls and backing of Russia to defend itself.

        • Yes! Eastern European countries in general do not fukc around when it comes to that crap. Sad that my Western European brethren have undergone voluntary castration over the last 60 years…

        • It hasn’t been that long since the Germans went on a shockingly effective genocide across Europe, and found friends and fellow travellers in the Ost to assist in rounding up and murdering a relatively harmless people who had been among them for generations. Even the French tacitly went along. Shortly after, the Soviets embarked on a larger genocide, killing millions mostly because they were in the way.
          Don’t count Europe out yet, the going hasnt truely gotten tough. This may play for awhile, but people’s opinions and politics change, and the backlash, based on the historical model, might be very, very serious.

      • Ardent, I support the sentiment behind your post about Europeans rising up based upon history. Unfortunately the Europeans you refer to are all dead or extremely old.

        Modern Europe is populated by people who embrace collectivism, multi-culturalism, white guilt, and are generally the polar opposite of their ancestors. Only small pockets of independent minded people remain and they are ostracized by their peers as “hate groups”.

        Europe is well past the tipping point and America is not far behind.

  3. ‘…a recent ca se there shows that when prosecutors and judges want to convict a man for using his gu n, the “stand your ground” law can be trampled upon.’

    Well why not. These are the same people who wipe their asses every morning with the Bill of Rights, why would they respect some piss-ant state law?

    • Isn’t it the defense attorney’s job to argue the defendant’s case, and bring up points of law in favor of the defendant?

      Did the defense attorney do that, and the judge not allow the law to be heard, or did the defendant have a Public Defender who was just there to give the semblance of a fair trial?

  4. “A former Secret Service agent-turned-gun store owner in Conroe is protecting his store with a system he believes is the first of its kind in the Houston area.”

    Good golly, he ‘believes’ it to be, huh? I really doubt he’s the first in, well, anywhere. Let alone a major metro. Wow, a dense fog machine, and strobes? This is what, 20 year old state-of-the-shelf at least? The commercial launch was in the early ’90s, and I remember reading about it in Pop Sci (or something) as a concept in the mid ’70s. I installed a system in a property around Y2K. I know Texas is Darwin’s waiting room and all, but c’mon….

    • About 20 years back I recall reading in the back of a pawnshop trade magazine of a pepper-spray ‘fogger’ system.

      You supposedly wired it into the security system. The picture of it showed a large-ish vertical ‘tank’ of the irritant that kinda looked like a vertical shop compressor tank.

      I recall at the time wondering if it was even legal, since booby-traps aren’t exactly legal things to set up…

      • I remember something of the sort as well. AFAIK, it’s non-lethal, so ‘booby-trap’ status would be a prosecutorial reach (unless the idiot breaking in died of course,,,).

      • Pepper spray fogger would basically ruin everything in the room that can’t be immersion-cleaned.

        Not exactly the goal when you’re protecting merchandise.

  5. Concerning the North Carolina case, the concealed carry statutes are clear that the aggressor can be charged with involuntary manslaughter if they provoke the situation. According to the article, Lee was defending his cousin (Walker) after Walker punched Epps during an argument. Unless there are other details the article omitted, Walker was the aggressor and under North Carolina law had to make some attempt to withdraw from the conflict before he could justifiably use deadly force to defend himself. If Walker made no attempt to withdraw, Lee using deadly force to defend Walker was not legally justified. The stand your ground statute does not cover the aggressor in North Carolina except under very limited circumstances, none of which seem to be met in this case.

    • The article also says that after shooting Walker, Epps pointed his g un at Lee at which point Lee shot Epps. Probably not a whole lot of time for retreating between Walker punching Epps and Epps pointing his just fired weapon at Lee. If someone (unjustifiably) shoots someone else and then points their weapon at you that should clear just about any legal bar for self def ense.

      Stupid people, places and times.

      • I agree Gov. Moral of the story is to not put hands on anyone, and stay away from stupid people. A good attorney could spin Epps pointing the weapon at Lee as self defense, since he thought Lee intended to attack as well. A jury could buy that, if you have an inept defense lawyer. Another moral. Get a good attorney if you have to use your weapon!

        • Well it still has to go before the state supreme court, so perhaps the time served will have provided a valuable lesson for Lee about the three stupids.

        • Join the USCCA so you don’t have to worry about finding a great lawyer or how to pay for them.

      • Ah, now that is interesting. As with any case, circumstances before and after the even have to be considered. Failing to call the cops and hiding the gun do not seem to be the actions of an innocent person. Of course I wasn’t there and have (thankfully) never been involved in such a situation. Getting a gut feeling that trouble was brewing, going to your car, retrieving a gun and returning to a potentially volatile situation can definitely throw your defense off. A prosecutor could then argue you had ample time and opportunity to remove yourself from a situation. Not saying it was a good or a bad shoot, but a good prosecutor could definitely throw some shade on the defense given actions before and after the shooting. At the end of the day though, what was Lee supposed to do? Stand there and get shot?

  6. “Nevertheless, the purchases reveal what officials say is a potentially troubling vulnerability in federal and Arizona firearms laws, which exempt international students and other non-immigrant visa holders with hunting licenses from prohibitions on gun ownership.”

    Well, how else would they hunt during gun season?

    • Right??

      From the breathless reporting and police response, they must’vet those students were potential….. what?
      Sleeper agents?
      School Shooters?

      I figure a lot of those kids were just soaking up the true American experience, and were well on their way to bringing knowledge of it’s best aspects back home.
      Instead, they’ll bring back the experience of America’s tore-up-floor-up “justice” system.

      I can only hope that for some, the taste of freedom, and bitterness towards those who oppress it, will help see them through (in the land of freedom, no less).

      • Spot on. Why *should* they be restricted from owning guns? If we do not trust them with firearms, kick them the hell out of the country. Many of us have observed the children or relatives of foreign elites excitedly experiencing use of firearms for the first time in their lives, and why should they not?

    • Being local, I may have a better understanding of what went on.
      As is usual, the law doesn’t cover everything that can possibly happen.
      Foreign students on student visas can legally get non-resident hunting licenses, but due diligence isn’t always done, and resident licenses are sometimes sold to non-residents.
      Resident hunting licenses are able to be used as ID when buying a gun, but most dealers won’t do that. These students had to search to find one that did.
      After a few “incidents” affecting foreign students, there was set up an “underground” network, giving out the information needed to buy guns while here on student visas, even though it’s illegal.
      End result: They were able to buy guns, but they had, as far as anyone can determine, had no nefarious intentions. Their purchases were illegal, but using some confused sellers, were able to buy the guns.

      • You still haven’t explained it to me. WTF do they want with a hunting license if they cannot buy a gun? And why should they not own a gun?

        • I knew a Nigerian priest who wanted to go shooting on his day off. He had never shot before. We went to Academy and got him a hunting license because otherwise it would have been illegal under federal law for him to be in possession of a firearm or ammunition.

          As to why they can’t buy a gun, I don’t really get the why of any of our gun laws.

  7. For what it’s worth, that North Carolina case is really complicated. Lee wasn’t just a bystander; he was an accomplice to an assault. Lee’s cousin, Walker, was involved in an ongoing back-and-forth verbal dispute with Epps, the man Lee was charged with murdering. The incident took place on a public street. Out of anger, Walker threw a punch at Epps, at which point Lee drew his weapon. Upon being struck, Epps drew his weapon, grabbed Walker by the hood, and fired once into his torso, at which point he began to retreat; Epps fired an additional 4 shots at Walker as he fled. Walker then turned his gun to Lee, at which point Lee discharged his weapon eight times, killing Epps. As I said, the case is quite complicated. Honestly, I do believe that the state’s case was flawed, but that the decision was just. Lee should not be covered by the Stand Your Ground statute because he was an accomplice to a felony assault. He may have legitimately feared for his life, but the same can be said of someone who gets drawn on by the clerk while sticking up a 7/11.

    • So, you’re saying that Walker, unarmed, assaulted Epps, who grabbed Walker then shot him. Walker then disengaged and fled (may have already been trying to disengage before the first shot?). While Walker was fleeing, Epps murdered him in retaliation for the assault, or missed him four times and he died as a result of the first shot?. The fact that Walker deserved it doesn’t stop it from being murder or attempted murder when a man who does not possess projectile weapons runs away from you and you shoot at him four times.

      After murdering Walker, Epps pointed his gun at Lee. Sometime before or after this, Lee drew his gun and pointed it at Epps. Lee then shot and killed Epps. I’m finding it hard to find a way to convict Lee of homicide beyond a reasonable doubt, unless you can convict him of a felony connected to Walker’s original assault and then convict him of felony murder for the deaths of Walker and Epps as a result of the assault.

  8. While that sniper shot is impressive, the headline is not. “Most powerful rifle in the world”. Let’s see, is the Cheytac chambered in 20mm? No? Then GTFO.

    • That headline struck me as pretty silly too. Those rifles come chambered in .375 or .408 cheytac, neither of which are anything to sneeze at, but neither can claim most powerful.

      • Actually, the biggest rifle was the Schwerer Gustav, during WW!!.
        It wasn’t a “rifle” in the normally used sense, as it certainly wasn’t a shoulder-fired rifle, but, with a rifled barrel, it was (still is) the biggest rifle made so far.
        At 31.5 inches, it probably won’t be beaten any time soon, either.

  9. “fraudulently obtaining resident hunting licenses,”

    Why? Five minutes on Google would have gotten him a New Mexico non-resident license for a mere 32 bucks more. Any FFL would have gladly told him an out-of-state permit is usable and easily obtained and a quick internet search found New Mexico is cheap (and there may be even cheaper if I looked further)

    I’ve heard Chinese culture encourages screwing people because you can, but damn…

  10. “When a break-in happens, it fills the store with dense fog, blinding strobe lights, and a piercing alarm. All of this is designed to make it harder for the criminal to find the guns and find a way out before police show up…”

    and when police show up, that’s when the funhouse amusement begins as they try and clear the building.

    Bring your rave glowsticks

  11. Dan Zimmerman… what part of “shall not be infringed” do you not get?
    You’re a gun control light advocate, but still a gun control advocate.
    Go NRA!

    • As someone who supports constitutional carry, national reciprocity and restoring non-violent felons’ gun rights, this comes as quite a shock.

      What can I do to reform my shamefully appeasing ways?

      • “What can I do to reform my shamefully appeasing ways?”

        TTAG can start giving away free guns to the people who make the most comments in the comment section..?

        (You never know unless you ask. Hey, I’d be fine with a Springfield you can’t give away, anyway…)


    • You /do/ see the quotation marks around the majority of that paragraph, right?

      Zimmerman’s only contribution to that bit is the “fudds gotta fudd” part. The rest of it is the Minnesotan turncoat’s words (and the headline of the article he’s quoted in).

  12. NJOA: Anglers, Hunters, Trappers, Conservationists. But not even a single graphic artist, apparently. That logo is hilariously amateurish.

  13. So this cat in Minnesota quit the nra, not because they were bad, but because they made him look bad. Clearly a man of principles.

    • This pretty much says it all. I always react with complete dismay when I encounter Fudds, wondering how in the hell these guys can fail to connect the dots regarding self-self defense:

      “The perception could grow stronger that we gun owners aren’t satisfied to have our guns safely at home, out with us hunting, or at a safe shooting range. And it certainly would not enhance our image of “Minnesota Nice.” Scheech.

  14. Jacked by teenage hoodlums at the local Taco Bell. Should have been a DGU. I keep a Gat handy in my vehicle at all times and my situational awareness meter goes in the red around ATM’s and Drive thru’s.

    • “Jacked by teenage hoodlums at the local Taco Bell. Should have been a DGU. I keep a Gat handy in my vehicle at all times and my situational awareness meter goes in the red around ATM’s and Drive thru’s.”

      I don’t know how fast you think you are, but it’s extremely hard to get the drop on someone when they have a gun aimed at you.


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