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“We’re hopeful that now that we have both chambers of the Congress are amenable to what we’re trying to do in the firearms industry, and that we now have an administration that’s not attacking us anymore for our lawful commerce of our legal ability to produce a firearm for legal gun owners. It’s a much more friendly environment.” – The NSSF’s Mark Oliva in Montana Gun Manufacturers Take Aim At Global Markets [via]

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  1. The political pendulum swings both directions. This would indeed be a good time to codify regulatuons to help all manufacturer, not just firearms makers, re the export market.

    • Precisely why the single, most important function DJT has, is to stack the Supreme Court with very healthy, experienced, rational constitutionalists.

      Everything else is “smoke”.

      • “Everything else is “smoke”.”


        (Crossing fingers, toes, and bits in the ‘nether regions for a joyous month of June…)

      • That is, in the end, the most important and lasting influence ANY US President can exert: his appointments to the Supreme Court. Most rational folks understand that Gun Control Laws don’t actually work, simply because criminals, by their nature, do not actually OBEY laws. Their only result is to remove the right to own guns from the honest citizens.

  2. Doubtful. GOP elite seems to be on the democrats side and determined to undermine Trump, and any conservative agenda. The best we’re going to see is hopefully more solid court picks. I still see Trump winning re election though, as everyone who voted for him doesn’t believe the fake propaganda media anyway. The funny thing is, with how childlike the media has become, Trump can probably get away with more, because everyone already sees the media as one big joke. Maybe we can primary a few of these RINOs like we managed to with the tea party.

    • I second that !! All one has to do is look at what all the so called good politicians are doing here !!

      • Bought and paid into office by Springrield Armory and Rock River Arms.


    • or California! In fact it’s even worse. These commies keep on keeping on! Anything good comes down the pike will just get ignored while new anti-gun laws are passed.

  3. My constant bugging the Congressman’s office for NFA repeal got me a meeting with him last week. It seems to have gone well (said he would try to get the President/Treasury Secretary to introduce repeated NFA amnesties under the GCA and, while he couldn’t make any promises, he wanted to see the judiciary committee do something on guns). Why aren’t you bugging yours?

      • Then push them to introduce legislation requiring voting machines for federal elections use open source software. Use their nonsense about “foreign hacking” to sell it. Also CSA repeal.

  4. There is no rational reason, let alone legitimate authority, for the non-voluntary government to have anything at all to do with guns or anything else – any more than the politicians have any legitimate control over who carries what.

    Oh, now I remember… CONTROL of everyone and everything is exactly their purpose and goal.

  5. No matter how hopeful we all are of a glimmer of light in the darkness at the federal level, it is in the various state legislatures where the Forces of Darkness hold sway in far too many states. I know because I live in one of them. Until we can elect enlightened legislators in those bodies we shall be forever be controlled by the unenlightened or those who simply pander to those with the loudest voices. Only then will we see the common sense envisioned in the Second Amendment by our Founding Fathers.

  6. It’s almost like all that “safety” regulation was really just about stifling commerce & hobbies the wrong people like: making them possible criminals, imposing costs, etc.

    Naaah. Couldn’t be.

    • Alienate them and they won’t vote.

      Keep them down hard enough, and they can’t do anything else, either.

      Strategy, or just a happy side-effect? You decide.

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