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Two short blocks away from the historic Independence Hall and revered Liberty Bell in downtown Philadelphia at the old Christ Church Burial Grounds, Ben Franklin is rolling in his grave.

Franklin authored the famous quote, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Tulsa Police Chief Wendall Franklin believes the opposite. In an interview with NPR, Franklin deployed a “Just trust me” gimmick to push for more gun control and uttered, “Ultimately, I’m a Second Amendment guy…But I’m okay giving up some of that freedom, right?”

The problem, as Second Amendment advocates know all too well, is if you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll want a glass of milk.

‘Just Trust Me’

Tulsa, Okla., is rated in the Top 10 of the nation’s most dangerous cities and has a local homicide rate well above the national average. Describing his conversations with Oklahoma state legislators about surging crime, Police Chief Wendall Franklin seemed defeated in trying to solve the problem of violence plaguing law-abiding and innocent Tulsa residents.

“It’s a topic that’s not really brought up a whole lot and it’s something that gets glossed over quite a bit,” he said. “No one really wants to talk about it.”

When pressed about why he previously was okay with state legislators – as the duly-elected representatives of the people – working on firearm-related policy but now is pushing for gun control, the chief deployed a familiar gun control tactic. “Trust me,” he said.

“Ultimately, law enforcement, we are the experts. We’re the subject matter experts at protecting America, right? Protecting our cities. We should be utilized in that manner,” Chief Franklin explained. “Anything that we do, ultimately, we give up something to have that protection.”

The “I’m a gun guy” routine is repeatedly used by some of the most ardent gun control activists as a linguistic tool to dupe others into thinking more restrictions on law-abiding Americans are okay. President Joe Biden often says, “I’m a Second Amendment guy.”

Joe Biden shows us how it's done

Ryan Busse, a gun control activist employed by Giffords, uses the schtick too. He’s banking on deceiving enough Montanans that he’s still a “gun guy” but supports just enough gun control to win the governor’s mansion from staunch Second Amendment advocate Gov. Greg Gianforte.

Also in Montana, Democratic U.S. Sen. Jon Tester touts his Second Amendment bona fides often. Yet he’s joined with some of the worst gun control senators by voting to keep the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) Final Rule in place that unconstitutionally usurps congressional power to rewrite through regulation the National Firearms Act to now define pistols with attached stabilizing arm braces as short-barreled rifles (SBRs), after having initially determined a decade ago they were not rifles.

Burden of Proof

Police Chief Franklin’s gun control dialogue was telling. It once again centered on law-abiding citizens giving up their rights, not criminals committing acts of violence being held to account. He added that it is his belief that law-abiding citizens who may feel threatened or have a completely lawful need to purchase a firearm may need to wait longer to bring their firearm home.

“I’m okay with waiting three days, five days, or whatever to get my firearm if I go out and purchase another firearm. So I’m okay with a pause to allow for weapons to be purchased and allow the government and the gun companies to look at the background and do a thorough check before that gun goes to someone,” he added. He was discussing his belief that there should be more restrictions on law-abiding Americans purchasing modern sporting rifles (MSRs) and unfinished firearm components, a practice gunsmiths have been using since before the founding of the country.

“I think that’s where we are today. We are going to have to give up some things. And I think there are some things that we can give up for a safer community,” the chief concluded.

Ryan Busse
“Trust me, I’m a gun guy.” (Courtesy

Law-abiding citizens who lawfully purchase legal firearms at retail already submit to an FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) verification before the transaction can be finalized. They must pass that background check to buy their firearm.

In case the chief was unaware, the overwhelming majority of firearm purchases are completed with little problem. According to NICS data, in 2019, about 90 percent of the tens of millions NICS checks done annually were completed immediately, with just over 10 percent of NICS checks going into “delayed” status. And, about 90 percent of those delayed NICS checks are resolved within the three-business day window as required by the Brady Act and 94 percent are resolved within 10 days.

Only 0.7 percent of 2019 delayed NICS checks were never resolved and only a minuscule 0.01 percent of transferred firearms are referred to ATF for retrieval because the purchaser turned out to be a prohibited person.

Focus on Criminals

While law-abiding citizens continue to be the target of greater gun control pushes, it’s criminals who ignore the laws and do whatever it takes to break the laws in order to illegally obtain firearms.

Government surveys of prison inmates reveal what the firearm industry already knows – criminals rarely obtain their firearms from retailers or even gun shows. In fact, over time, the share of criminals’ firearms that come from retailers has dropped by 10 percentage points. More than 90 percent of criminals obtain their firearms through illicit means and illegally through the black market. Police Chief Franklin’s restrictions wouldn’t impact them at all.

Instead of using hollow “trust me” logic to push more gun control, Police Chief Franklin and those like him would do better focusing on criminals, not law-abiding Tulsa residents.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. I want to preface this comment by saying I am white, have 5 black cousins, 2 Chinese cousins and a grandson who is South Korean. I am not a racist or prejudice person. However, it is disturbing to see how many blacks, Hispanics, and other minority group people who are placed in positions of power are totally incompetent. What bothers me most about that is that I am certain there are better representatives in all those groups that could do a better job and don’t understand why more of them are not appointed or elected to important positions. It seems like many of the left leaning and radicals are placed in these positions to simply promote their agendas and not do the job they were hired to do. Just sayin’.
    This is not to say there are not incompetent white people as well but it seems like in an effort to promote equity we are sacrificing quality and expertise.

    • Race over merit….I have seen careers built on this principle. The shareholders lose every time.

      That being said, there are plenty of white LEs who are just as incompetent, just as ignorant of the Constitution. Can’t blame this on race.

      BTW, I am a Puerto Rican Jew who became a Catholic Priest. Race is not the issue. Ignorance and placing ideology over research – THAT is the issue.

    • It’s not a race thing. It’s a left-right thing. This chief like all police chiefs are political animals and follows along with city hall. A sworn liberal cop and in 2023, being a leftist is like having a child like view of the world. There’s no practicality in what they say, no common sense, no sense of ‘is this the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do?”.

      • The majority of individuals who rise to the level of police chief suddenly are overcome with aspirations of being Mayor, maybe even Governor and who knows? Maybe even POTUS… Unfortunately, those probability numbers are even lower than the chances of a 16 year old kid in Podunk Idaho becoming an NFL superstar…

      • That’s 100% Truth right there, and why I don’t trust the PoPo. They’re Hirees, not elected, and they’ll do whatever the City Council wants.
        I only trust my County Sheriff. He knows if he F**ks up, he won’t get reelected.

      • everyone knew AA day’s were numbered…no surprise there…Asian Americans had a legitimate beef…

        • It’s a Hoot and a half to watch the Lefties go into collective apoplexy over the decision.
          From McSniffy Schitz-His-Pants on down, the Democrats are schitting themselves over it.

    • @dprato,

      You have Chinese and Korean relatives? Or Americans who can trace their bloodlines back to China and Korea?

      The Left has been remarkably successful in getting our national dialogue to steer away from the traditional “melting pot” mindset in which we used to see ourselves as simply Americans.

        • my jap buddy zak was a tempest. quarter stick on the (above ground) pool flooded the basement. quarter stick in the attic burned the house down.
          still puts rocks in my yard, out of his mind.

    • Let me point out that police chiefs are appointed. They’re not elected to their position. And I would also point out that the white liberal s0ci@list pr0gressive establishment. They like having a low quality, anti-civil rights black person in leadership, in a position of power. Because they are easily controlled by the regime.

      Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson is a perfect example. When asked, “What is a woman?” she declared she could not say what a woman was. She could not define what a woman is???

      It was very revealing to see the Libertarians, Liberals, Leftists, and even some republicans, who supported her nomination to the Supreme Court.

      And these liberal blacks can be expected to act and speak, in the way the white leftists want them to. Even without being told what to say.

    • some people just want to put a black face on it in the forlorn hope it will provide some unique insight…(not really)

    • “…it is disturbing to see how many blacks, Hispanics, and other minority group people who are placed in positions of power are totally incompetent.”

      Uh- can you say “Affirmative Action”? What in the hell should anyone expect when race, religion, skin color and/or gender (actual, implied or imagined) is the primary defining consideration for one’s acceptance, employment or appointment??? (Can you also say: “Katanji Brown Jackson?” Or “Elena Kagan”?

      Thank GOD for SCOTUS yesterday. Long May they serve.

  2. The experts are the true first responders- the citizens on scene when an event starts.

    we are also the experts on liberty.

    sir, even if we could trust you, your successor may be 100 times worse. we can not entrust liberty with any branch or subdivision of government.

    you attitude is in violation of your oath. you are unworthy to serve.

  3. The more defenseless the citizenry is the more emboldened criminals and tyrants get. If the so called chief was not another Gun Control history illiterate perhaps he would have the sense to have kept his piehole shut.

    • he sounds as though he buys into the fallacy that if we give up some of our rights the criminal element will in some way be hampered…

  4. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    FWIW: Franklin spoke those words at the State level, not national. Apparently there was a tax levy being considered in the legislature, a levy to fund the militia to protect the people from Indian attack; a rich citizen was dithering over whether he should support the bill, 11Nov1755.

  5. Radical idea. Let’s start with the Tulsa police department and disarm all police officers. No weapons at all, all the way to the police chief. No guns, no tasers, no pepper spray, nothing. No militarized police. No body armor. We can call it the ‘giving up some freedom act’.

    Further we can extend this by using the principle of jury nullification to put any police officer deemed too aggressive into prison. It for the good of everyone right?

    Let’s see how long he hates the second amendment when his speech is chilled for fear of catching a stray round.

    • They should also virtue signal wokeness by posting their establishments and homes as self-imposed weapon free zones… in a nice easy to read font and color…

  6. If the police chief wants to give up something for a safer community, a good start would be to give up his job.

  7. We are going to have to give up some things

    Wasn’t that the line after 9/11… Slowly eroding freedoms does NOT make us safer OR more free…

    • We had to give more power to the federal government so they could protect us from al-Qaeda. When was the last time you heard them say al-Qaeda was a threat to the homeland? Now the threat is supposedly white supremacy, Christian nationalists, “radical traditionalist” Catholics, and concerned parents who show up to school board meetings (AKA people that might vote against the regime). In other words, the government is hyper focused on American citizens as the enemy. That’s why they need more and more surveillance power.

      You’ve heard about the tech companies profiting from selling your data. Guess who the big purchaser is. It’s the federal government. They buy up personal data from the private market. It’s a path for them to pick up data that would otherwise require a warrant! Do they only do this to people they’re investigating! Nope! They’re buying it and keeping it just in case they need it someday. Is anyone okay with this? I wonder how many people even know about it.

      • Cash transactions can be non traceable that’s why you cant buy or do anything without a credit/debit card.

        • Wait til they get “digital” currency as the law of the land, won’t be able to function without a “Smart Phone” and that all important “tracker” technology…

        • It won’t be mandatory, MAXX. It can’t be.

          I once had a face-to-face conversation with the manager of my bank branch to fix an boo-boo in my account (their fault, and they graciously fixed it right away for me). As we were making small talk while she typed away at her computer to make the correction, the subject of cash came up, and she nonchalantly told me “oh don’t worry…cash is going away and will be removed entirely.”

          I gave her the same answer I’ve given to everyone who’s attempted to tell me this: When the power’s out, digital money doesn’t work and cash becomes king in the interim. A manmade EMP. A natural CME. Here in SoCal, we are familiar with earthquakes and lost power in my area for an entire week back in ’94. Most businesses, including all gas stations, shut their doors. And this was before the Internet and the connection-to-all-things.

          Not worried about any of the above? Okay then, how about a semi truck hitting a power pole? That happened only hours before Mrs Haz and I arrived in Monterey (CA), and we spent the entire weekend without power. Even the hotel was dark, but allowed us to check in to our room because the manager knew we were coming and we had our own flashlights and glow sticks (very useful for seeing in the shower).

          Still not concerned about anything catastrophic or accidental happening in your area? Okay, what about all the times the phone/data line is down for whatever reason? I’ve lost count of all the times I’ve walked up to the front door of a store, gas station, or such, and seen a hand-written sign saying “sorry, cash only today”. Grumbling customers turning back to their cars, while I calmly hand the cashier my $40 and point to which pump I’m at.

          What? None of this has ever happened to you in your entire life? Give it time. I suppose cards are never unexpectedly denied, hmm? I am the *only* person in my entire circle of friends and family who carries cash and seldom ever pays with card (it’s the opposite with everyone else). Few people even have $20 on them for emergencies.

          Now…for a real treat, carry a few pre-’64 silver coins with you and offer them in place of cash. See the excited reactions you can get.

        • My soapbox speech and its “oh really?” vibe was intended for the general reading audience. Not directed at you, MAXX.

        • “Now…for a real treat…”

          The wife and I were visiting family in her homeland not long after the US golden dollar coins were released. We took a couple rolls of them with us, and found that they garnered a lot of interest. 2-3 of them for a tip was like giving the person a crisp sawbuck. The response to them here was ho-hum, but down there, folks loved them.

        • always keep some cash on hand…and on your person…while gold is nice, it’s ownership has been restricted in the past…so a little silver can go a long way…

        • When the power’s out, digital money doesn’t work and cash becomes king in the interim

          Guess what, when the powers out nothing works… You can’t buy gas cause the pumps don’t work, you can’t buy groceries because everything (cash registers, stock tracking, supply) is internet dependent… 90% of cashiers can’t do simple math to make change for a dollar on a 50 cent purchase… In a country that is pushing for 100% electric vehicles with a power grid that barely supports the current load why do you think power supply and outages would be of concern to them? “All the better to CONTROL you with”… I live in FL and am well aware of what power outages can do on a regular (at least once a year) basis, as well as having data disruptions in NC that shut down banks and CC/DC transactions in FL…

        • Actually MAXX, when the power went out in Monterey during our trip (two days no electricity), that included Cannery Row. All the shops were closed up and down the entire street…except the Ghiradellis shop. A college-age girl had the blinds open to let the sun in better, and a handmade sign outside saying the store was open for business for cash customers. No ice cream sundaes or mocha coffees due to the equipment being unavailable, but the chocolates, mugs, shirts, etc on the shelves were good. She was writing down the sales with a pen and notepad, saying she would give it to the manager later to be reconciled to the computer system once the power came back on. The line was out the door with customers and most of the gifts and chocolates were sold by the time we got inside. Smart girl.

          When the power’s out, people make decisions. Those who want things to work, find a way. 🙂

  8. “Ultimately, law enforcement, we are the experts. We’re the subject matter experts at protecting America, right? Protecting our cities. We should be utilized in that manner,” 

    100% wrong and false.

    The American people are the “subject matter experts at protecting America … Protecting our cities.”

    we put representatives in office to serve the American people, they in some cases place others in office. However, those others are still emoyees of the people as are the elected representatives. In other words, you serve at the pleasure of the people and not your self.

    One of the things the people are the subject matter expert authority on is our liberty and rights and we even have an official ‘license’ that says so. its called the Declaration and the Constitution. The founders made sure and intended that the people would be the subject matter expert authority on our liberty and rights and no where in those documents or any founders words does it say “me the police chief” or “me the politician’ and no where in those it give you ‘subject matter expert authority’ to decide that we should need to give up our liberties and rights, instead they outline that your role as a servant of the people is to protect and defend those.

    So stop it with your disengenous claims false deceptive ‘trust me’ rethoric and straighten your ass up and stop serving the left wing agenda and serve the people like you are suppose to do and stop trying to take away rights.

    • Trust me I’m a (black)cop! Being in Tulsa I’d bet having hundreds of black folks murdered by The White Man© a century ago would give him pause. I’d bet wrong. Dims are diseased🙄😧

    • Correctly, said, Forty (or do you go by Booger?).

      If, for example, a new land was discovered and a group of 10 people established a camp to explore it, they would largely support themselves and work to strengthen both their lives and their future together. If anyone were to be caught stealing or threaten others, that person would be immediately dealt with.

      Expand that group to 100 persons and a camp that has become a colony, we now have some individuals who choose to specialize their crafts. A baker, a blacksmith, carpenters, etc. To allow for this new society to flourish, a person (Sheriff) would be voted upon by the group to be responsible for temporarily holding an offender in custody until the group convened to determine his fate.

      Expand it further to 1000, and there will be the formation of a Court/Judge to hold the responsibility of enforcing the rules set forth by that society. The Sheriff may even need a Deputy to assist.

      At 100,000 people a few decades later, most of the population will have been born into the belief that the Sheriff and his department are the only ones who are allowed to act against criminals, and at some point a future Sheriff will take advantage of that and exploit it, expanding his power while advocating the reduction of the individual’s. A political system to handle the challenges of voting and law-making is also established. These politicians begin to form their own law enforcement forces – separate from the People’s Sheriff – to serve them directly.

      Keep going, and eventually a society with millions of inhabitants will become fractured, with some adhering to the original tenets of independence and personal responsibility, and others choosing to glom onto the base desires of weaker men to further their own political goals. At some point, those with the tools of power (office, fame, guns) who were originally trusted long ago to act honorably for the good of the small group, become tyrants who act dishonorably for their own gain.

      Laws should be few, and law enforcers should be acting in support of the populace they swear to serve. But the wheels of history turn in circles, and there is nothing new under the sun.

    • to Booger Brain our forum paranoid psycho.

      quote———–One of the things the people are the subject matter expert authority on is our liberty and rights and we even have an official ‘license’ that says so. its called the Declaration and the Constitution.———quote

      Your rights do not include condemning 42,000 Americans to death each year just because like most of the far right you are too cheap and stingy to go through a background check or obey safe storage laws, none of which prevent you from owning a firearm.

      Well Constitutional expert have you ever heard of the part of the Constitution that says you have the “Right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. That sure is not happening in present day Capitalvania where the streets run rivers of blood everyday by maniacs with assault rifles mowing down multitudes of innocent people at every public gathering and in our schools.

      And by the way genius boy your prior and laughable statement about Japan having just as many homicides is a total lie.

      quote————–I’ve been to Europe, including the UK, and the ‘far east’ (Japan) multiple times. It is not ‘much safer’,———quote

      Below Japan compared to the U.S.

      Gun crime > Guns per 100 residents 0.6
      Ranked 158th. 88.8
      Ranked 1st. 148 times more than Japan
      Intentional homicide rate 0.35
      Ranked 44th. 4.7
      Ranked 7th. 13 times more than Japan
      Murder rate 506
      Ranked 45th. 12,996
      Ranked 9th. 26 times more than Japan
      Murder rate per million people 3.97
      Ranked 111th. 42.01
      Ranked 43th. 11 times more than Japan
      Murders 506
      Ranked 45th. 12,996
      Ranked 9th. 26 times more than Japan
      Murders per million people 3.97
      Ranked 111th. 42.01
      Ranked 43th. 11 times more than Japan
      Rapes 1,289
      Ranked 18th. 84,767
      Ranked 1st. 66 times more than Japan
      Rapes per million people 10.11
      Ranked 52nd. 274.04
      Ranked 9th. 27 times more than Japan

  9. I still want that whole glass of milk, but this (Police Chief politician) says nope!!, he’ll decide what crumbs we can have.

    • Vinny – you nailed it – he can decide what freedoms he is willing to give up for himself BUT there is no moral or ethical authority that allows him to force his choices on anyone else.

      Read the dissertation by I Haz above for an apt description of what happens when ‘authority’ figures assume powers that We The People have not delegated to them. That especially applies to politicians.

  10. ““I’m okay with waiting three days, five days, or whatever to get my firearm if I go out and purchase another firearm.”
    Sure he’s ok waiting since he already has guns. It is his business to wait as long as he pleases, but it is not his business nor a government’s business to tell “we the people” how long we should wait.
    Waiting even less than an hour could be fatal to those facing imminent danger.

    Probably his attitude would be same even if he wasn’t a LEO!

    • waiting periods for people who already have guns would seem to be a pointless gesture….

    • What I thought was hilarious, was when people in California realized that the police were not going to protect them from ANTIFA rioters, said residents rushed out to buy guns to protect themselves. And so they should. But what was funny as hell, was when one lady realized she had to wait the 15-day waiting period before she could take possession of her weapon, she protested, “but I need it now”. And yet, this is the same gun control she probably voted for and thought was a great idea. Until it wasn’t.

      • In CA, we don’t vote directly for the vast majority of the gun control the Left has implemented over the past dozen years. The Democrats in Sacramento do it and foist it upon us.

        The argument that “we got the politicians we voted for” went out the window when the Democrats changed our laws to make election cheating legal. We now have the politicians they want in office, and our votes mean nothing.

  11. Well I’m real happy he’s okay with giving up some of his freedom.
    I wonder if he is okay with giving me his house?
    That guy is one of the law enforcement officers that’s going to be behind kicking down doors when the purge begins.
    Another Gestapo agent.
    “I swear to uphold the, the, the, you know the thing.”

    • and just how much “freedom” was given up during Katrina?…while those who could afford private security gave up none…I should know, we provided some of it in the form of special details….

    • possum – you are correct – he will ‘be behind’ the door kickers – far far behind, probably in his headquarters behind locked doors and protected by some of his armed minions. Meanwhile, he will gladly ‘order’ other of his minions to actually do the kicking – and well scream and shout and run about when ‘evil’ law abiding Citizens are when they resist his draconian measures.

  12. He ain’t no Sheriff Bart. That’s for sure.

    Alright “Chief”; riddle me this. As the “experts” in protecting people safe, how many people did you and your department fail to protect (killed, assaulted, etc.)? How many people did you fail to get justice for (unsolved, no arrests/convictions)?

    I’m a pilot (16 years and 5500 hours), an “expert” in aviation if you will. How many times can I crash a plane (or get near crashing) for you to stop trusting me as an expert?

    Hint: the answer is less than 2 but greater than 0.

    • police ‘protection’ comes after the fact of the violent crime doing its harm, not in that imminent moment when that violent crime harm is being projected upon you.

      ‘protecting’ was definitely the wrong word for him to use when he starts saying ‘trust me’ , unless you count showing up to take a report as ‘protecting’. Are you going to ‘trust’ this self proclaimed ‘subject matter experts to be there when that violent threat is imminent? You would be a complete moron if you did, you literally are in that moment your own first responder and the only ‘subject matter expert’ available and that matters.

      if he were a ‘subject matter expert’ he would know his cadre of ‘subject matter experts’ are more than very unlikely to be there in that imminent moment of violent threat.

    • Hangin’, Drawin’, and Quarterin’ works too. Easier too. Getting the ribs to separate from the vertebrae’s a biyatch with all the squirmin’ and caterwaulin’ they do.

  13. Just a proper fill in the blank puppet that’s a T Town liberal who’s mouth opens and closes when his strings are pulled

  14. I’m a Free Citizen “Trust Me “. Now go after the Criminal Element and quit Infringing on my Right to Keep and Bear!

  15. “’Trust me,’ he said.”

    Now, where have I seen that prior? Oh, yes, in Students v, Harvard, just this morning. Roberts wrote:

    “The universities’ main response to these criticisms is ‘trust us.’ They assert that universities are owed deference when using race to benefit some applicants but not others. While this Court has recognized a “tradition of giving a degree of deference to a university’s academic decisions,” it has made clear that deference must exist ‘within constitutionally prescribed limits.’ Grutter, 539 U. S., at 328”

    It seems that there have been a few recent decisions that are nudging the ship of state away from the idea of deference to bureaucrats. This is a good thing.

  16. Franklin isn’t preaching his own message but that of the Mayor, city council or other group. Look at the photo, look at his eyes, not focused, like he’s not even present. The mind has to absent itself in order to lie/go outside the boundaries of reality in order to cope with said lie. He’s in puppet mode.

    And now a word from our sponsor, James Madison: “The truth is all men having power ought to be mistrusted.”

  17. Sheriff Franklin’s a 2nd Amendment guy the way Dr. Fauci’s a Hippocratic Oath guy.

  18. I return to my original comment regarding Chief Wendall Franklin’s comment on the 2nd Amendment with mine on limits to the 13th Amendment, I’m sure he would appreciate the concessions on freedom there.

  19. As far as the chief claiming to be an expert, remember the definition of an expert…. an ‘ex’ is a has-been and a ‘(s)purt’ is a drip under pressure!

  20. quote————-More than 90 percent of criminals obtain their firearms through illicit means and illegally through the black market.——-quote

    Well no shit.

    Just where do you think all these guns are coming from, the planet Romulus and the guns are then beamed down to earth by Romulans.

    Get real they come from unvetted second hand gun sales and stolen guns.

    That is why Universal Background Checks and Safe Storage laws are long overdue in Capitalvania, the only industrialized country where life is considered cheap and expendable and no matter how high the body count of innocent people gets the far right scream it can never be high enough as long as they are sacrificed on the altar of zero gun control. They are all ranting paranoid lunatics.

    • The only ranting paranoid seems to by you and your fellow useless idiots.
      Study a little history. Ever hear of a couple roving bandits who went by Bonnie and Clyde?
      Clyde Barrow loved the Browning BAR. Not a common weapon available at the time. Guess how he got them. He broke into National Guard Armories and stole them.
      A few years ago there were a couple break ins of gun shops in this part of the country.
      Someone stole a county dump truck and smashed in the concrete wall of a gun shop and stole about 60 guns. The police did find the abandoned van the thieves and managed to get a finger print. When the police found the person, along with an accomplice, they recovered only a few of the stolen guns. Most of the guns, and the other 2 guys involved are still out there. How much more secure could a shop be with concrete walls, a steel vault door, bullet proof glass, steel bars over the windows, an alarm system and video surveillance?
      BTW, there were at least 4 other similar smash and grab robberies of gun shops in the region that year. So at least 200 guns out in the ether.
      So, now, explain how any of the crap proposed by you and the rest of the useless idiots would somehow stop criminals from doing the same thing? Or, from smuggling in guns or gun parts?
      last thing, why the demand to punish the 99% of gun owners who didn’t commit a crime? Should we force all automobile owners to give up their transportation because a small portion of car owners drive drunk?

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, Yep, no shit and you seem to think (LOL) that if you have “Universal Background Checks” and more “gun control laws” that somehow your criminal buds will obey the law? What planet did you come from? The only people who will obey those laws are the law abiding citizens, while your criminal buds ignore them. Safe Storage is common sense and for your continued education, common sense is not common and cannot be legislated.
      The ONLY reason life here is “cheap” is because you Leftists insist on having no bail laws, and are soft on your criminal buds.
      One day you will wake up. Probably after one of your criminal buds comes along, invades your house and beats the crap out of you.

  21. always keep some cash on hand…and on your person…while gold is nice, it’s ownership has been restricted in the past…so a little silver can go a long way…

  22. My wife watches “First 48”, about homicide investigations. Seems that about 60% of the shows are take place in Tulsa. I never realized how dangerous a city it is! So the Chief’s comment’s only emphasized what an idiot he is.

  23. “Trust Me.” is the police chief a teenaged boy with a girl in the back seat of daddies car?

  24. Universal Background Checks will Not Prevent Black Market or Stolen Firearms. Safe Storage Laws won’t prevent theft, not when nearly every Gun Safe on the Market can be defeated with the right tools and enough time (time in minutes, not hours).
    You repeat those two “solutions” like a Mantra, but I seriously question if you realize what limited help either would actually be. Both have been the Law in my State for nearly a decade, and Criminal Misuse and Access hasn’t dropped at all. Both have increased during that time, and the State AG is Gung ho to prosecute offenders.Offenders. The only real effect the State’s UBC system has had, is to prevent Private Sales and Bequeathing Firearms in estates. It’s had no impact on Criminal Misuse, nor has it made a measurable impact on the Black Market.
    The vast majority of Gun Safes are easily defeated with the proper tools, most of which are easily accessible to thieves. Locks are pickable, and even electronic locks are defeated pretty quickly. The best the average person can acquire is a layered system designed to delay the thieves long enough for a response from Law Enforcement, and that can run from a few minutes to hours. There was a video, that showed thieves breaking into one of those fancy $5K safes and they had it open in under 15 minutes.

    Thieves seldom work solo these days, and now we’re looking at organized and Interstate, and strong evidence of Cartel involvement. One incident at one of the larger Gun Stores in the area, the thieves stole a Tractor Trailer, and drove it through a two layered Brick Wall to get into the Store’s storage vault. They were gone before LE could respond, and made off with over 150 rifles and shotguns. Only a fraction were recovered. The only Arrests have been for receiving stolen property, and the consensus from the Local Police and ATF is that most of the guns madevtheir way to Mexico.
    This wasn’t the only Gun Store Theft in the last few years. Several smaller shops through the State have been targeted as well.
    With the Failures of the current NCIS System, and those failures are mostly at the Federal Level. Do you really naively believe the “Government” can come up with something better? When most of the current failures fall in that same government’s lap?

  25. “The Massa Mayor says I’sa has to give up my 2nd Amendment Rights to Protect the Tulsa Plantation and I’sa OK with what the Massa says.”

  26. If this “police chief” is willing to give up some freedom for a “right” he’s not a 2A guy but a scourge on the community he serves.

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  29. Thanks to your articles, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and numerous innovative ideas on this subject. They serve as a crucial resource for my learning journey.

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