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Anyone with good sense in Florida is dreading July 1.

That’s the day when the state starts allowing people over the age of 21 to carry a concealed weapon without a permit and without any gun training — at all. It’s the terrible law that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the complicit Legislature pushed through this session as they piled aboard the DeSantis-for-president train, intent on giving the governor the rightest of far-right of platforms to run on, in the hope of siphoning support from Donald Trump.

Florida isn’t the only state to do it. In fact, it’s the 26th, joining Kentucky, Alabama, Maine and Texas, among others.

But in a state that spawned the “Florida man” meme, lowering restrictions on guns is crazy. And scary.

— Miami Herald Editorial Board in Anyone Else Dreading July 1, When Florida Loosens Its Gun Laws?



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  1. So all the Miami based telemarketers, scam artists, email crooks (the few without a criminal record) can start to carry July 1? Had not heard this. Hope this keeps the idiot German tourists in Germany.

        • Nope…the new law only applies to US Citizens and legal full-time legal resident aliens.

          Foreign tourist are not permitted

      • ignorance on this issue is rampant…most of those railing against this have no idea how many states have put this into practice without any ramifications…

    • F-1 has come to Miami…those guys always follow the money…or, in this case…the Germans

    • Well, July 1st is half over at this writing. Has anybody noticed any decline in German tourists? Not yet? How about the French tourists? Or the English? Yeah, the UK will put you in jail if you defend yourself with any kind of force. Maybe the UK subjects are swarming the airports throughout Florida today, who knows.

      Oh, and in a related matter, does anybody know of a place where I can buy a leash for my firearm? He’s been getting frisky lately, whining and pawing and panting at the door for me to let him out to frolic with all the other firearms out there without supervision today!

  2. more apocalypse nonsense from anti-gun…. remember the ‘rivers of blood will flow in the streets if a law abiding person carries a gun without a permit’ concept anti-gun used to cry about permitless carry in the other states? Still haven’t seen one of those ‘rivers of blood’.

    • turned out to be a pretty good law in those other states… as a result of those good and common sense permitless carry laws some of those law abiding permitless carriers were able to save their lives, lives of their family, and lives of others from the criminals that didn’t obey laws to begin with.

      and besides, even under a ‘permit required’ regime criminals still carry without a permit.

    • I can attest that all that ‘blood in the streets’ has really helped keep the dust down on all these gravel roads here in Iowa.

      • I really wish I would have saved the newspaper clipping when that went down in Florida in 1987.

        The hyperbole was *astounding*. Claims that Wal-Mart parking lots would be gun battles for parking spaces, that kind of crap…

        • Excuse me Geoff, but you know as well as I do that Walmart parking spaces in Polk county can cause a gun battle. Just like up here in Pasco.

      • Dammit Gov! That black stuff is asphalt, not blood. Well, maybe it WAS blood a billion years ago. (Chuckle.)

        • A billion years ago just happens to be the exact time the dinosaurs passed permitless carry.

    • I think many people, such as the authors at the Miami Herald, don’t want to acknowledge that criminals have always been carrying concealed, regardless of the law. Many opponents of the new Florida law also fail to recognize that you still must meet the basic criteria for a concealed carry permit, minus the training component, even though a physical permit isn’t issued by the state. The lack of training, often resulting in poor firearm handling skills and carry practices, should be a major concern for new shooters and even experienced shooters who are new to concealed carry. Last time I checked, the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course doesn’t cover carry methods / holster selection, drawing from concealment, safe re-holstering, and other essential skills for deploying a concealed handgun. Additionally, the previous Florida training requirement didn’t include discussion of the laws governing the rules of engagement, the boundaries of “castle doctrine” and “stand your ground” protections, and other legal aspects defining what constitutes legal self-defense. Mandatory training to exercise a constitutional right is, in and of itself, unconstitutional. Interestingly, even the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) that issues permits will not provide specific guidance concerning the use of deadly force to concealed weapon license holders. That said, prudent people will seek out training and will practice regularly, alongside developing knowledge of the relevant laws and the penalties for violating those laws. We all have to deal with the consequences of our actions, including inaction. In the end, responsible people will be responsible, and criminals will be criminals.

  3. /humor font
    Have you seen the size of those bugs they grow in Florida? Of course you want to be armed all the time!! And, as of July 1, you can carry concealed.

    • It’s still a little funny, though.

      You can’t OPEN carry unless you are fishing and even then you are likely to get harassed about it.

      But now anyone, and the criminals, can concealed carry.

      BTW, what better way to thin out the “Florida Man” crowd than letting the rest of the people be able to shoot back?

      • Nothing prevented criminals from carrying concealed before this law, and most previous felonies would still prevent it.

        • AR, the antis don’t seem to realize the simple fact you pointed out. The antis seem to think there is a large Criminal group waiting on a law before they carry in any manner. Somehow placing a shirt etc over a gun is frighting because “they don’t know who is carrying” which is illogical since they don’t know now who is carrying. Perhaps we should remind them that they probably meet people every day carrying concealed even though they don’t know it and watch them piss their nickers.

      • You can’t OPEN carry unless you are fishing

        AND on your way TO and FROM your favorite fishing hole (or hunting spot)… I’m 73, no longer required to hold hunting and fishing licenses so when on the Harley I carry a collapsible fishing pole and a small tackle box (always have a viable destination in mind) in case of prolonged “inadvertent exposure” of my CC piece… You would think cops would be on board with open carry, take some of the tension and guess work out of encounters with the public… I will continue to renew my CCP for travel purposes…

      • Criminals have been Carrying for the longest , its is nothing new,
        just to respond to that part, i have been a NRA certified Instructor for a long long time .!

    • The bugs are nothing. You can saddle some of them up and ride them. Where do you think the idea for Ant Man riding flying insects came from, Hollywood’s lame imagination? Please. We have gators and snakes. Bears and panthers. And Florida DOES have feral pigs.

      And don’t forget the exploding armadillos; that one was making the rounds during 2000-2003…yeah, the armadillos would get in front of your car as you approached them at night. Then, they would jump straight up just before you hit them, and they would explode, taking out the windshield and all passengers in one big bang.

      The exploding armadillos of Florida are probably my favorite. I suspect THAT kept more French and German tourists away than the gators or hurricanes!

      • “The bugs are nothing. You can saddle some of them up and ride them.”

        The joke was the mosquitoes would land at Air Force bases, and the enlisted would try and refuel them, thinking they were classified fighter prototypes…

    • LifeSavor:
      The funny thing about Florida is, you still can’t open carry unless you are hunting or fishing. That’s not to say that I’m a rabid open-carry advocate. But I do think you should be able to do it if you want to.

    • a lot of things in Florida can be threatening…but it’s still a great getaway spot…..

      • ….that final scene in “Havana” says it all about the place…parking on the beach…warm evening breeze blowing in off the ocean gently rustling the palm trees….give me a lounge chair and a drink… and let me be…doesn’t get more relaxing than that anywhere….

  4. Well, Miami Herald Editorial Board, your dire predictions have not materialized in the other 25 States…however, they did not have “Florida Man” to factor into the equation. Even with that handicap, I anticipate that Florida will survive July 1st and for a long time after.

    I suggest that The Board spend the day at Miami Beach pounding sand!

    • Oklahoma Man isn’t too far off. Homicides did increase after they went to permitless carry a couple of years ago, BUT less than the national increase due to the pandemic and civil unrest.

    • You have to remember that most of the “Florida Men” came here from somewhere else. NY,NJ i suspect.

    • It was a result of how news people wrote/write stories. When someone did something stupid that was newsworthy, they did not use that person’s name in the headline. They referred to them as “Florida man” (as in “a man from Florida”, not a name like Superman or Aquaman).

      Enough of these stories were written that, with the internet being what it is, “Florida man” became the joke of people doing incredibly stupid stuff and often (but not always) surviving that generally live in Florida.

      • I would add that our strong “Sunshine Laws” helped build the “Fla man” myth.
        Fla law is such that all police reports are public records immediately upon being filed. Thus, lazy journalists only have to establish “favorite” links to police websites to look for story leads when other options/stories are scant (a “slow” news day). So “Florida man” stories are easy pickings.
        Stupidity in life choice decisions are not greater in Florida, they’re just more exposed. Plenty of “Tennessee man”, “NY man”, etc , stories out there that don’t get picked up by the MSM.

        • ^ this is 100% correct, it’s the sunshine laws. Other states hide the crimes of THEIR criminals. Dana Loesch has said this very thing. And that’s why Floridians like to let our freak flag fly!

  5. Saddle up them Gators, pardner, the whole state is gonna’ turn into a Wild-West shoot ’em up free for all. l predict massive traffic congestion over the weekend, as semi loads of tumbleweed will be vying for freeway space along with all the holiday traffic.

      • While we’re at it, let’s bring back the fictitious Crockett and Tubbs to help deal with the imaginary mayhem. Maybe they’ll start a run on collectable Ferraris and the infamous Bren Ten.

        • That’s EXACTLY what we need… a pistol with a ten round mag that fires 38 rounds without a reload, and a Supercar that can chase Jeeps down a public beach !!
          Oooh, and pastel polyester sportcoats. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

        • Don’t forget, Tubbs carried that sawed-off shotgun. I suppose it had to be shortened or it wouldn’t have fit in the fake Daytona Spyder.

      • Gator rodeos!!!

        Been done… Gators kept eating the contestants, eventually no one wanted to play anymore… Fun (to watch) while it lasted though…

  6. Has there been a increase in murder in the other 25 states that passed some form of Constitutional carry of firearms? Nope, the opposite, in those states murder, assault, rape and robbery are down or level since bills were passed. By every measurable standard, both law abiding citizens and law enforcement are safer.

  7. The only people who give a shit about permitless carry are Dem politicians watching their voter base evaporate, and die hard anti-freedom idiots.

  8. Dread it? No, I look forward to the regained liberty of Floridians. Coming, I hope, to a city near me- and you, and soon!

  9. I usually like to read the stories that spawn the TTAG postings, to get a little background or insight. However, I refuse to contribute to paywall trash such as what the reader is led to.
    Sorry Herald, go to your room without supper.

  10. So are they saying that people have a lot more sense in Kentucky, Alabama, Maine and Texas, etc. where everything is just fine than the ‘Florida man’? Isn’t that insulting their readers?

    • Ya know the whole “get (paid) training” is the silliest BS I see. In nearby Indiana there were no CCL training requirements . Now there’s no license required. Nothing changed except in Dim dominated domains like Gary & Indianapolis. If you can legally buy a gat you should be able to carry one!!! I can’t comment on Florida except my left leaning elderly brother is “upset”🙄😀

  11. Constitutional Carry will have little, if any, effect in Florida, just as in other states. The only thing that will change is those who were packing without a permit will no longer be criminals.

    • …. and what WON’T change is the fact that the felons carrying illegally will STILL be carrying illegally. The Leftists don’t like levelled playing fields, as the loss of said felons erodes their voter base.

  12. So, Board Karens, you are quick to sound the alarm. Will you present honest assessments of your prophecy at a day, a week, a month, and a year out? Not gonna hold my breath, because truth probably isn’t on your agenda. Ohio’s former most respected newspaper didn’t either, back when they predicted rivers of blood at the times our new concealed carry laws were upgraded/passed.

    • they keep worrying about the wrong people carrying guns…the ones they should worry about never cared about the law to begin with….

    • I predict that in one year, there will be no measurable increase in crimes committed by Law Abiding Gun Owners. There may be an increase in dead criminals, or a drop in crime in some areas, as criminals pick less likely to shoot back targets.

      “Keyboard Karen” enough for you? LOL!

  13. Oh My God, dogs and cats conspiring, law abiding citizens conceal carrying pistols, total chaos!
    Meanwhile here in Washington state, I can own a so called “assault weapon”, however I cannot buy one, build one or bring one into the state, What? Yea, you figure it out. It is really that stupid.

  14. This is how you get your rights back incrementally. You lost them incrementally you get them back incrementally. This is not a utopia. And it would’ve been great if California where I was born and raised, had gotten such rights back incrementally. Congratulations to the citizens of Florida. And thank you to Governor Ron DeSantis.

    This is how our American system works. As much as people complain about it. Now get involved in the system get up off your a$$ and work for things like this.

    • Chris T,

      Regardless of any disagreements we may have? ^^^^^^^THAT^^^^^^^^ All damn DAY, that^.

      Well said, sir!

  15. The Miami Herald is UTTER leftist garbage. When former gubernatorial candidate and closeted homosexual meth addict, Andrew Gillum, was found passed out naked in a pile of his own vomit, The Miami Herald refused to report the story until it was overwhelming and then demanded that whomever leaked the photos from the Miami Beach PD be fired and prosecuted. So, yeah, The Herald sucks something fierce.

  16. “But in a state that spawned the “Florida man” meme, lowering restrictions on guns is crazy. And scary.”

    so because someone somewhere ‘coined’ a ‘meme’ that in reality doesn’t express peoples detrimental actions anything different from those types in any other state, especially California, …. that to you is complete justification to not allow people the exercise of a constitutional right.

    well, using your logic Miami Herald, ’cause ‘Florida Man’ your exercise of the first amendment should be removed.

    • “Florida Man exists!…is rumored to dwell somewhere out in the ‘glades….or so they say……

  17. Aren’t these the same folks that said, “The streets will run red with blood”, when Florida passed shall issue concealed carry permits? Also, they echoed the claims all the polar would be dead and the ice caps melted, plus the end of the world was supposed to occur a decade ago because of “Climate Change”.

    The Media lies all the time and are best ignored, even when they report the weather.

    • “Aren’t these the same folks that said, ‘The streets will run red with blood’, when Florida passed shall issue concealed carry permits”

      yep … but actually they claimed “there will be rivers of blood and the streets will run red with blood.”

      Still haven’t found in any permitless states or shall issue states, any of those rivers of blood and neither has anyone else. Ya think there would be at least one news article or video or study that shows where these rivers of blood are, but nope and not even in the Miami Herald.

  18. Any of the people in Florida complaining about this should be advised that California has (for now anyways) very strict laws around guns and carrying and that there should be plenty of vacancy with all the people moving to Florida.

  19. The more interviews Ron De-Insane-ous gives the more the American people know that he is a nutcase on the loose who should never become the Republican nominee for President if the Republicans are serious about winning the White House. De-Insane-ous and Herr Drumpf are the best friends the Democrats could ever have in the next presidential elections.

    And the slaughter that will take place on July 4th is laid right at the feet of the Republican prostitutes of the NRA who refuse to pass Federal Universal Background Checks, Red Flag laws, and Safe Storage Laws which all other industrialized nations have had for decades.

    • You might not realize it but the population of America is not that overwhelmingly Democrat. So when you talk about the ‘American People’ you painting with such a wide brush that there is no evidence to backup your claims. The truth is that it’s more that less then half the nation go left. It’s likely closer of one third. Take a good look around you. Most of the people here on TTAG are American people. I don’t see most of the people here following with what you claim. Even with your label of ‘far right’, that is still a substantial swath of American people. So basicly nothing said after that means anything as you even get the very basics so completely wrong.

    • And the slaughter that will take place on July 4th is laid right at the feet of the Republican prostitutes

      When did Republicans take control of Chiraq? Just as blind and stupid as ever, take a nap, do your meds and all will be better in the morning… You will know just how moronic that post is come the morning of July 5th when the headlines are the number of shootings in Chicago, Baltimore, LA, Houston, Atlanta, etc.. (You know, the usual suspects) nothing will change in FL

    • So, dacian the demented dips**t, list for us all those “bloodbaths” in the other 26+ “Constitutional carry” states. Go on, we’ll wait. Surely a brilliant researcher (*snort*) such as yourself can give us verified stats, as well as hundreds of cases, of these rednecks going wild after being allowed to legally exercise their RKBA. We’ll just wait here for you to come back with some EVIDENCE of your absurd claim.

    • shootings in and around South Beach will continue as before…plenty of “Florida Men” hanging out down there…

  20. Newspaper stopped being NEWS papers some time ago.
    Fiction News is more appropriate.
    Read all about it, get your daily fiction here!

  21. Idiot leftists. The Constitution and laws conforming to it doesn’t “allow” owning & carrying a firearm; it prohibits government from monkeying with our Rights!

    Imagine how the MSM would howl and cry foul if the infringements they want on guns were applied to the 1st Amendment. No high-capacity computer printers. Special licensing to not merely go on the internet, but publish news… Harsh jail sentences for publishing misinformation… you get the idea. But hey, the Left’s hypocrisy has no bounds!

    We could solve this issue with communists if we would only give them free helicopter rides.

    • They would probably prefer hot air balloon rides, as they could assist in filling them with the proper boyancy medium….way more kind to Our Mother !!

    • Augusto:
      “…free helicopter rides…” I shudder to think about it. SHUDDER, I say.

  22. Miami Herald Editorial Board: YOU can no longer print false and misleading stories, YOU can only publish 10 pages daily, YOU can only use APPROVED words, YOU can only use APPROVED ink and paper… “But muh FIRST AMENDMENT”, that’s right, suck it up buttercups the second amendment is just as important as the first… There can be no 1st Amendment WITHOUT the 2nd…

    • And a 10 day wait on cell phones, so the Gummi can install the “appropriate” software…

  23. Who has gunms, concealed or full auto without any .giv permission slip? That’s right, the criminals.
    Giving the law abiding the same opportunity to exercise their Second Amendment Right shouldn’t change the depth of the River of Blood at all.
    That depth could change a couple inches if law enforcement would quit protecting the criminals and let we the people keep our dead guys.

    • in ATF’s latest news releases only one mention of [alleged] “Glock switches”…lots of drug busts though…have they chosen to stray from their lane?….and whatever happened to the DEA?

  24. They were claiming Florida would become “The Gunshine State” when they first started issuing permits in the 1990s. Blood in the streets, yadda yadda yadda. Same idiots whining today.

    Nothing bad happened then, nor will it now. Just like AL, GA, MS, TX, etc. etc. etc.

  25. More fear mongering. This propaganda makes my butt itch.

    People who intend to do evil will do it regardless of the law. F!@#!NG duh! Citizens do not carry firearms to kill, we carry them to live!

    • Adam,

      “. . . propaganda makes my butt itch.”

      Sorry this happens to you. In today’s “media environment”, do you treat that by (i) never watching the TV news (or cable, for that matter) or reading a newspaper, or (ii) buying Preparation H by the truckload???

      Q: What do politicians, newspaper and TV “journalists”, and bureaucrats all have in common?

      A: You can tell they are lying, because their lips are moving.

    • When ever my butt itches I scootch across the carpet like a dog with worms, saves on toilet paper too.

      • When it’s really bad Possum, I use some 150 grit. It really does the trick and cured my piles. 🤣🤣

      • possum,

        Yeah, but it’s cheaper and easier to buy TP than to replace the carpets.

  26. Funny thing was when the state of Alabama put a provision to make up the lost fee money to the county Sherriff’s dept.’s, the opposition to permitless carry evaporated. Although the press still complained about untrained people carrying concealed weapons.
    There never was a training requirement to get a permit in Al. Just run the same NICS check and pay the $25.00 fee.
    Since I do occasionally have to cross state lines, I do maintain a permit. Would like to see that provision dropped in any permitless state.
    Any time the various states return rights and liberties to citizens the far left press and the useless idiots complain. Sorry children, freedom and liberty are messy business. You have a responsibility to provide for yourself. That includes providing for your own safety and protection. Learning what is and is not allowed pertaining to use of force is part of it. Just as learning basic first aid or even basic cooking skills should be.

    • Man, I wish it was $25 out here in Commierado. $175 is the current price for a “Mother May I” card.

  27. 1) They were making the same Chicken Little “blood in the streets” claims when Florida started shall issue in the 80’s (and every state to follow), and it never happened.
    2) Dems asked.for this when they elected an Ag Commissioner (that controls issuing CCW) who screwed around with the rules and made it difficult to get a CCW.

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