scot peterson
Scot Peterson reacts as he is found not guilty of all charges as a result of his inaction during the school shooting at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. (Amy Beth Bennett/South Florida Sun-Sentinel via AP, Pool)
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Scott Peterson, the school resource officer who stayed outside Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School as Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 people inside, has been found not guilty of felony child neglect and other related charges.

From the AP . . .

Former Broward County Deputy Scot Peterson wept as the verdicts were read. The jury had deliberated for 19 hours over four days.

After court adjourned, Peterson, his family and friends rushed into a group hug as they whooped, hollered and cried. One of his supporters chased after lead prosecutor Chris Killoran and said something. Killoran turned and snapped at him, “Way to be a good winner” and slapped him on the shoulder. Members of the prosecution team then nudged Killoran out of the courtroom.

Scot Peterson Parkland broward coward
This Feb. 14, 2018 frame from security video provided by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office shows deputy Scot Peterson, right, outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. The video released Thursday, March 15, shows Peterson going toward the high school building while a gunman massacred 17 students and staff members, but stayed outside with his handgun drawn. (Courtesy of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

Peterson took cover and stayed outside the building for more than 40 minutes, long after the shooting had stopped and other officers had entered the building.

His defense apparently relied on misdirection, claiming he couldn’t tell where the sound of gunfire was coming from.

Peterson’s attorney, Mark Eiglarsh, during his two-day presentation, called several deputies who arrived during the shooting and students and teachers who testified they did not think the shots were coming from the 1200 building. Peterson, who did not testify, has said that because of echoes, he could not pinpoint the shooter’s location.

Eiglarsh also emphasized the failure of the sheriff’s radio system during the attack, which limited what Peterson heard from arriving deputies.

The prosecutor had this to say . . .

“As parents, we have an expectation that armed school resource officers – who are under contract to be caregivers to our children – will do their jobs when we entrust our children to them and the schools they guard,” Broward State Attorney Harold F. Pryor and the prosecutor’s office said in a statement after the verdict. “They have a special role and responsibilities that exceed the role and responsibilities of a police officer. To those who have tried to make this political, I say: It is not political to expect someone to do their job.”

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      • After the verdict, he stands there crying saying “I got my life back. I got my life back.”

        You piece of shit, those kids and those teachers can’t get their lives back, because you were a coward! 🙁 🙁

        • Well said. Everyone that sees him on the street will see him as the coward that he is though. He knows what he did, and what years remain of his pathetic existence won’t be happy ones.

    • Of course he was found not guilty on all charges in Florida. The people in Florida can’t bring themselves to vote for the death penalty to execute Nicholas Cruz. And they voted to reelect the school board that kept this proven dangerous student in school.

      And many people on TTAG were quite happy with that result. They are glad that Cruz will be kept alive at tax payer expense.

      I was not happy. I totally support the government executing murderers.

      The American society and culture is certainly dying. We’re incapable of executing the murderers of our children. And we are incapable of putting in prison the people responsible for protecting our children.

      And of course if the parents try to protect their children they are arrested. Called h0m0ph0bes and the state threatens to take their children away.

      In today’s America child murderers and Child molesters are allowed to run free. Or at least allowed to live out their lives at taxpayer expense in prison.

      • “The people in Florida can’t bring themselves to vote for the death penalty to execute Nicholas Cruz.”

        Christopher, if that trial was in Polk County, instead of Brevard, the jury would have convicted his sorry ass.

        Cruz’s and that coward POS… 🙁

      • “Of course he was found not guilty on all charges in BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA. The people in BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA can’t bring themselves to vote for the death penalty to execute Nicholas Cruz.”

        Fixed it for you.

        But hell’s bells, I could have told you he wasn’t going to be convicted of anything. Most counties in Florida would totally balk at convicting any cop. Most counties in Florida are revolted by “defund the police”, so they’re going to be predisposed to NOT punish a police officer of anything but the most egregious of crimes.

        Now if the defendant had committed child molestation, or had promoted “gender care” surgeries for minors? The entire state of Florida (including the “Gs”) would have just shot him dead and dumped his body somewhere in international waters. Or left him in Gator alley.

      • I prefer that the death penalty be administered during the commission of the crime.

      • I doubt it. Unfortunately, you have an impossible situation that has been created in the larger American society. Where police officers can choose not to try to save the lives of children.

        And at the same time, their parents can be arrested for attempting to save the lives of their own children. And it seems the powers that be, are not willing to repeal the laws, that would stop the parents, or stop a good samaritan with a gun.

        The Thing that really bothers me about the so-called. “Small government crowd” Libertarian or Conservative.
        Is that none of them have come forward to call for the repeal of these laws.

    • He should sue the Broward County Sheriff’s department, the Broward County school district, and certain parents of Parkland High School for defamation of character.

  1. So the jury finds him not guilty … does this mean that everything that we thought we knew about this case based on media reports is totally wrong? AGAIN?

    • Nailed it. :::Rittenhouse has entered the chat::: (Kyle’s innocent btw in case anyone had their pitch fork and torch ready.)

    • Unfortunately, you and a lot of other good people allowed their revulsion for this disgrace to shape their expectations that he would receive the punishment you thought he deserved. I had no such illusion. For a lot of good reasons our civil criminal codes do not mirror the UCMJ, and there is no such crime as “cowardice before the enemy”. Of course, we all know it when we see it, and Peterson displayed it in spades. The verdict doesn’t mean he isn’t a coward, it merely means that he didn’t break any Florida laws. It doesn’t mean he gets his job back. If you see him on the street you can still call him a piece of sh!t and flip him off – free speech is a b!tch. All the judges and juries in the world can’t wipe that yellow stripe off his back.

  2. Smply unbelievable. You will never convince me the Florida court system han not been taken over by a bunch of thumb sucking liberal pu**ies. First Cruz avoids the death penalty and then the only one who was allowed to have a gun in a gun-free zone escapes the consequences of sitting on his a** not doing his job while innocent people got shot. Get me off this damned planet, everyone has lost their friggin’ minds.

    • The jury simply followed the evidence. Which included the Supreme Court ruing that Law Enforcement have No duty to protect society from the Evil perpetrated by criminals. (Do the Police Have an Obligation to Protect You? – FindLaw) Ironically they are required to protect the criminal once taken into custudy. Along with the fact that they actually followed the evidence presented by the prosecution and made a ruling based on it and Not their emotions. As they and every jury is instructed to do. As for getting off “this Damn Planet’. You are more than welcome to check yourself out.

      • Screw you Nick you fight smart not hard and you know sh** about me. At the very least I would have done what the one mother did, and circled around back, crawled over the fence and rescued my kids. And if it meant getting shot while my chidren fled to freedom so be it. Better that than sitting there next to the coward with the only allowable weapon while Cruz had free reign to slaughter the innocent.

        • You’re welcome to do whatever you want to save your kids.
          You cannot expect other people to die to protect your own kids.

        • And the Broward coward should never have been allowed to have a weapon, let alone hold the position he was in. Standing there with his thumb up his a** makes him about as worthless as your “refuted” comments to people on this forum.

        • Nick, his job he was hired to do was to protect those children.

          I expect any man, and woman, do what they can to protect children whether they are ours or not.

          Handgun vs an AR? If all I was string and bubble gum I would have done what I could. Maybe I was raised differently than most? Or was I raised right? I f I failed I wuld have at least tried and died instead of cowered and ran.

      • I’d definitely enter the building and engage the pos from cover. perhaps preventing him from killing more kids. The gutless wimp who didn’t try to stop those 2 kids in Columbine high school should have been hung, along with this coward.

      • Nick, you win today’s AssHat Award for gaslighting. EVERYONE knows yhat school shooters always revert to the mythical assault weapon for their fortold deeds, so why would it be even remotely an excuse that he found himself “undergunned “…. would it have required a one hour round trip to procure a reasonable response?
        And yes, a reasonable person would expect a reasonable force on force response

        • Do you really believe he was told that he would be expected to put his life on the line? Probably not, who would take that job?

        • ‘nick’, I hope your kid dies in a school shooting. 🙂

      • Quick question, what did the kids and teachers have? A pistol vs an AR is a better match than iPad or books vs an AR. When you swear that oath, be ready to die for upholding it.

      • you have to fall back on your training, I spent 33 yrs as an officer and 27 of those as a Detective. Believe it or not we get a ton of training and a helluva lot of it in Active Shooter training. In some cases the instructors would stack the odds against us where you would be up against shooters who had semi auto rifles and subguns, most of the times we only had our sidearms, in some cases if they could access some 12 Ga simunitions we would have a 12 ga. So a handgun vs a long gun it can work !!!!

        • Exactly. This is not a charge across an open field. This is exploiting cover, waiting for the shooter to be distracted and taking him out. Not to mention that the typical mass murderer is not tactically trained etc. I know of one mass killing where the mass shooter fumbled with a reload for many seconds, but no one was brave enough to charge.

    • Perhaps Merritless Garland has taken control of FL DOJ? Who put Chris Killoran on the case?

  3. “Peterson took cover and stayed outside the building for more than 40 minutes…”

    ahhh.. the Uvalde engagement methodology.

  4. “As parents, we have had an expectation that armed school resource officers – who are under contract to be caregivers to our children – will do their jobs when we entrust our children to them and the schools they guard,”


      • Fuck you with a cactus sideways, ‘nick’… 🙁

        • I hope a family member of yours dies like those kids did, ‘nick’. Screaming, calling, waiting for someone to save them. When there was a cop assigned to protect that location.

          I’m very serious. You deserve it. 🙂

        • It very well may happen, after all, this is America. I would expect law enforcement to do their jobs, but I would never begrudge anyone refusing to face an AR 15 with only a handgun.

      • And at the same time a mob of baboons will attack a leopard with no regards for their lives to save a baby baboon.

        • That’s something retard ‘nick’ won’t understand, Possum… 🙁

        • Careful there Geoff, its been my experience that when I’m wishing bad shit on people it turns around and somthing bad happens to me.

        • ^ me too. The old saying, “What goes around comes around” comes true more often than not.

      • nick I hope if you ever need saving there are plenty of people around and they ALL pull out their phones and record your demise

        • You’re just a first-class P.O.S., ‘nick’.

          I hope you burn to death in a car crash… 🙂

      • they would have done better to arm the teachers…this man was hired with the expectation he would do his job…when you put on that uniform putting your life at risk to save others goes with it….

      • Nick,
        I agree that it would be incredibly naive to expect a large majority of people to do that. As another commenter wrote, “If we put every Stupid and/or cowardly person in jail there wouldn’t be enough jails or jailors.”

        That’s why neither society in general, nor any commenter here, expects or wants to hold the masses of sheeple to that standard. Instead, we want a free open labor market where people choose their own jobs; where 99.99% of jobs never put people in a situation where the lives of innocent children depend on their courage, and where only the .01% who went out of their way to pursue that unique career path (knowing exactly what it required, and having countless other options) could be held to that standard.

        What is incredibly naive is the belief that “school security” means anything in a society where the only standard for a $104K pension (higher than any non-flag / general officer retirement in the military) is processing O2 into CO2 in an SRO uniform, even if you fail to do the one and only task for which you were hired in the exceptionally rare instance it is required.

      • You remind me how the cop would not let the Mom in, but when she did get in she got her kid out.

      • Gee, Nick,

        They APPLY for a job (compete for it) knowing their job responsibility is to PROTECT THE KIDS, and then they TAKE AN OATH to do that job. Cops get paid a little more, sure – for a MUCH riskier job. And we expect cops (and most in fact do) put their lives on the line “for others” every day.

        If we can’t have the reasonable expectation that those we hire and compensate as sworn officers to do these jobs won’t DO them??? WTF did we hire them for, in the first place??

        Are you in some kind of secret competition with dacian the demented and MajorLiar for the “Dumb@$$ Comment of the Day” award?? If so, you’re off to a hell of a start.

        • They may take an oath to do their jobs, but that oath DOES NOT require engaging if they feel their life is in danger. They wait for backup.
          You can die saving your own kids. You cannot expect other people to die for your own kids.

        • Nick,

          Please tell us you’re both ignorant, and objectively STUPID, without using those words. Oh, I see you just did. Peterson HAD BEEN an actual policeman, then he applied for, and got, a job as a SRO. In both police AND SRO training, both the danger of the job AND the specifics of such things as facing armed criminals are not just discussed and practiced, the are a HUGE part of that training.

          Point the first: EVERY cop and SRO is INTIMATELY acquainted with the dangers inherent in the job. ONE of the reasons police and police unions cite for their (frankly, absurd) pensions and benefits is that they are earned by “putting their lives on the line, every day”.

          Point the second: Whether a cop, a SRO, or even a non-sworn school guard, are given at least basic training and orientation about “active shooter” being a KNOWN RISK. Peterson got police training, training for his SRO role, and ONE OF THE PIECES OF EVIDENCE in the trial was materials from an ACTIVE SHOOTER TRAINING COURSE Peterson had (supposedly) recently taken. ALL of which you would know, if you weren’t an ignoranus.

          Point the third: HE APPLIED FOR THE JOB, TOOK AN OATH, RECEIVED TRAINING, WAS GIVEN A BADGE AND A GUN, knowing full well what the job involved, and what was expected of him.

          To quote Dean Wurmer: “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son!” You’re an amoral ignoranus – work on that, will you??

  5. Let the lawsuits begin. Preponderance of evidence is a lower standard than beyond a reasonable doubt. If the jury deliberated that long, it was probably well beyond preponderance even if it didn’t quite make the higher threshold.

    • Could the parent sue this Broward coward for wrongful death? Or better yet, make this leftist leaning jury accountable for making such a stupid decision. Also, if there is no expectation of any cop, police officer, state trooper, etc to protect anyone, then the way I see it, gun free zones should be illegal and all laws pertaining to the restriction of such should be rescinded. Oh, wait, that makes too much sense, and people like Bloomberg and no-more-guns Gifford are hell bent on disarming every one but themselves.

      • While they theoretically COULD, Shadow, they’d immediately run up against (i) most “public employee union” contracts require the employees to be represented (at public expense) in any lawsuit arising out of their job, and (ii) there is that whole, ridiculous “qualified immunity” nonsense.

  6. Let me understand this reasoning: when a citizen is threatened he should not need to take lethal action but is to call the police authorities. The police job is to protect citizens from harm; except in the case of the “Coward of Broward” whose job classification contains the clause, “No action is required in protecting citizens should you be fearful of getting hurt.” Wow! Perhaps his next career move would be acting as a bodyguard for suicide bombers.

    • For god’s sake, do police officers run into places where guns are blazing?? Of course they don’t! They never have! That would be suicide!

        • ‘nick’, if someone attacks you, I hope people around you pull out there phones and videos you being murdered.

          Instead of doing something like call the cops.

          And I hope they laugh at you while while you bubble-up and die, instead of trying to stop the attack… 🙂

      • @Nick

        “For god’s sake, do police officers run into places where guns are blazing?? Of course they don’t! They never have! That would be suicide!”

        that is not true.

        A lone police officer at a mall in Texas recently did that very thing. Its has happend many times, by armed teachers, other ordinary armed citizens, SRO, and police .. facing and defeating a mentally ill shooter with an AR-15 with the defender only armed with a pistol.

      • Nick, you @$$clown,

        1. Yes, we expect that, and cops do it EVERY F**KING DAY!

        2. They take the job, AND the oath, fully understanding that that IS (or at least, in this case, certainly could be) the damn job. So, is it your position that all these public employees (i) lied to us about being willing to do the job, and (ii) took their oaths in bad faith??? Is THAT your testimony??

        Wow, dacian and MajorLiar better get on the stick, ’cause you’re building up one hell of a lead in the “Stupidest Comment of the Day” competition.

        • You may expect it, but you are completely wrong to think that it happens.
          The simple fact is that police officers are not required to engage if they believe that their life is in danger. They wait for backup, like Scot Peterson was doing.

  7. When did you ever meet a cop that was not a coward. They become cops so they can threaten people when they have all the firepower. Put them in an equal force situation and they run like rabbits.

    • You have the prevailing left wing narrative wrong. they say he was outgunned.

      Stick to your script ir they will deduct from your social standing account.

    • “When did you ever meet a cop that was not a coward.”

      Here’s several :

    • These are the same folks you want to have control over who can and cannot have a gun. Do you understand just how mental your line of thought is?

    • dacian the demented dips**t,

      So, let me get this straight, @$$clown – ALL cops are cowards and bullies, but it’s totes OK to control/limit/ban/regulate OUR means to protect ourselves???? So next time I have a burglar breaking into my house at night, I should, what, call your buddies at Antifa/BurnLootMurder????

      I was unaware that “Incoherent, Illogical Babble” was the native tongue of all Leftist/fascists, but I should have guessed. For an idiot Leftist/fascist such as yourself, cognitive dissonance is never an issue, because NO “cognition” occurs.

  8. Cowardice in the face of the enemy might be a crime for a soldier but not a cop. And the courts have ruled the police have no duty to protect you. This case was never going to go anywhere.

    In a fair world he would die of shame. With no pension.

    • it’s incredible how many people have no concept of what you just said. people hallucinate cops to be super heroes, (they are SOMETIMES), and then wonder why society is obsessed with vigilante/street justice in entertainment media.

    • He wasn’t a beat cop. He was hired to protect those children. He failed miserably. He is guilty! And hanging would be too good for him. Let him live as the coward he is.

      • I just saw video of him crying like a little bitch. What a fucking waste of oxygen.🤬

        • “I just saw video of him crying like a little bitch.”

          Crying “I got my life back! I got my life back!”

          While 13 dead kids don’t have theirs… 🙁

      • Do you think this fellow was told he would be expected to put his life on the line for kids? Probably not. Nobody would apply for the job.

        • That’s the job he signed up for. That’s why he has a pension. He didn’t do his job. I’m not saying it was illegal. I’m saying he doesn’t deserve his pension.

        • Well, what did he think he was being issued a handgun for? If he wanted a cushy safe job the mall downtown was looking for mall cops.

        • Hey mensa! You spelled coward wrong. Let’s take a look at his job description and find out! We gonna give you a gun so you can intimidate the kids and look kool with that fat ass of yours. Don’t worry though if something really important happens as in saving children’s lives you can hang out behind a pole it might not be enough to cover your fat ass but you can try.

        • Armed shooter response is part of SRO training, dipshit.

          Can I give you some friendly advice? It’s OK to not come here and advertise how stupid you are.

        • I honestly don’t know why he was given a gun. It’s asinine to expect someone to face off an AR 15 with just a handgun.

        • And what is the first thing they tell you to do during and armed shooting?

          Get out of the building if possible and wait for law enforcement. Neutralizing the shooter is a last resort. Running into the building and confronting the shooter is NEVER the proper response for a security guard.

        • No.

          B. Individual Officer Intervention

          1. In some instances, an individual officer may be present within or near the active shooting location, such as a mall or school. Whether on or off duty, in uniform or civilian clothes, he or she may determine that immediate action is necessary and reasonable to stop the threat. That decision may take into consideration
          the officer’s capability to effectively intervene, based on his or her training.

  9. dacian and Miner49 say the lack of armed response ability in schools and other public places makes those places ‘much safer’. Every mass shooting (term also includes school shootings), including this one, proves them wrong and they are too stupid to realize it.

  10. I agree it is sometimes hard to pinpoint the origin of Gun fire…However in this case you get your azz in gear and go hunt for it until your find it and you eliminate the perp or die trying.

    On the bright side…Perhaps dumbbell parents who trust leaving their defenseless children in the hands of others will think twice about it.

  11. SCOTUS did rule some time back that police officers are not required to protect the public, so this just kinda falls in line with that.

    • “SCOTUS did rule some time back that police officers are not required to protect the public….”

      that’s true in terms of the public at large but not all inclusive. They have a duty to protect those they have in custody or those they are assigned to protect or those they have detained even if not in custody.

      but that wasn’t an issue here even tho his job was ‘assigned to protect’ which is why his defense relied so heavily on the ‘didn’t know where the shots came from’ and ’cause radio’ things. They fooled the jury with misdirection …. cause ya can’t protect if you don’t know where to protect at so not his fault ladies and gentlemen of the jury because he could not tell where the shots were coming from and the radio had problems.

    • He was hired specifically to protect those children. It’s not quite the same as a beat cop. At least that’s how I imagine it.

      That picture of him pretty much says it all, loser waste of oxygen.

  12. This is why qualified teachers and staff need to be allowed to carry firearms to protect students and THEMSELVES from these scum of the earth cowards that take advantage of stupid “gun free safe zones” to massacre our children and those that decide they don’t really want to risk their life and limb doing their job that they were hired for with no consequences.

  13. TTAG’s resident bootlickers no doubt rejoicing.

    I’m a “criminal” with a “long rap sheet”, of course. Couldn’t have any other reason for saying that America has the most corrupt, violent law enforcement in the developed world.