Pancho Villa armed for plinking his enemies in this photo. He did not use Aquila ammunition. Aquila would not come around until 38 years until after his assassination in 1923.
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With May the Fourth Be With You and the weekend celebrations surrounding Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican-American version of St. Patrick’s Day, in our rearview mirror, hopefully the hangovers and upset stomachs from muchos tequila and over indulging on nachos and guac have finally subsided. Maybe the old noggin can even handle the soul jarring vibrations from a little recoil on the range.

But if you’re looking to still get in on a little soft shooting (think .22 rimfires here) that won’t upset the delicate balance your insides are still working to achieve, you can still take part in Aguila’s Plinko de Mayo celebration.

It’s a fun way to give a nod to the Mexican-inspired celebration (that honors a Mexican victory in one battle over the French, not the nation’s Independence Day) as well as to the top ammunition manufacturer in Mexico (and largest rimfire manufacturer in the world), Aguila.

Just grab some Aguila ammo, hit the outdoor range and have fun with some holiday-inspired targets from “balloons to piñatas and golf balls to hard Mexican candy” or anything virtually, snap photos of you and your friends and family having a good time, and post it on social media tagging @aguilaammo and any number of their hashtags they suggest on their Plinko de Mayo promo page.

Winners will be selected from those who post photos and can win a swag bag. The final day to post and win is May 10. But you can keep shooting, all year long!


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  1. 38 super day at the range for our Americans that immigrated from Mexico (yeah yeah only a half dozen but happy let them reload for it).

    • Unusually quiet Cinco De Mayo here in Cook county. I guess with all the Palestinian BS no one paid any attention to Meh-he-co. Didn’t even see any Mexican flags on cars or trucks(and no fireworks). Jose had a party next door but got rained out. And I just mowed my lawn with the mower he sold me🙄Yeah I have some Aguila ammo in my stash.

      • I don’t know what it is about my area but the few Mexicans that move up here go full Don’t tread on me and want to build the wall……to keep out the frostbacks further Norte.

  2. Mexican president trying to sue American gunm manufacturers and this promo wants me to buy mexican emu?
    China or Russia never tried to sue American gunm manufacturers but you’ll sure play hell finding NORINCO brand or Russian emu in the good ole U.S.ofA.

    • Ain’t that the truth. The mex gov escorts invaders to our border and we still import tons of shit.

  3. I got some of their rimfire ammo a few years back and the burnt powder smells strange and awful. Function wise it seems better than hard Remington primers with similar rates of fouling. Serious question: Can anybody here explain what is different about their powder that it smells so nasty?

  4. State Attorney General Renders Gun Control Null & Void…BUT, Anti-Gun Mayor Will Still Enforce It?!

  5. “Militia” in 2nd Amendment: Why? Colonial + Early Republic Gun Laws with Dr. Joyce Malcolm.

      • SUPREME COURT Favorite Teaches 2nd Amendment History: English Gun Rights 1680-1820 Dr. Joyce Malcolm.

  6. I tried a piece of Paracord and a lead weight to a small plastic jar of Miracle Whip[tm] and tossed it in a pond for Sinko de Mayo.

  7. It was waiting for this. No recognition of this passed Easter on TTAG. But recognition of a Mexican ethnic holiday.

    But that’s ok. You run this private site as you wish.

    • It’s a promo to buy emu from a country that’s trying to sue gunm manufacturers in the U.S.
      The Traitors About Gunms

    • Dude. If you can think of a joke or pun based on guns and Easter that isn’t TOTALLY TASTELESS, we’d like to hear it.

      Otherwise STFU.


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