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Sure, it’s a trite, hackneyed way to crank out some year-end content, but this is a holiday. Even those of us at TTAG, who work pretty much every day of the year, value some time off spent relaxing, eating some favorite foods, napping to some meaningless football games, and then watching our favorite hockey team freeze its collective azz off in Minnesota. So we’re not above cranking out a couple of listicles to fill the void.

This first post details the five most-read posts (whenever they happened to be published) in now dearly departed 2021. Gun reviews are, collectively, our post popular content, but individual topical stories tend to get the most eyeballs. With that in mind . . .

No. 5: Joe Biden’s One-Two Punch Plan to Take Down the Firearms Industry

Joe Biden fist punch
(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

President Joe Biden is throwing out a few feeler jabs in his gun control fight. He’s talked of bans and repealing laws, which are certainly worthy of throwing up a guard to keep them from landing. Make no mistake. His fight plan is one of . . .  (full post here)

No. 4: 5.56 vs .223: What’s the Difference? Does it Matter?

223 vs 556 ammo
Dan Z. for TTAG

What’s the difference between 5.56mm NATO and .223 Remington, anyhow? The rounds are supposed to be interchangeable…kinda, sorta, maybe…right? The difference in the round itself: the NATO round is . . . (full post here)

No. 3: New: The Rare Breed Triggers FRT-15 Forced Reset AR-15 Trigger

Rare Breed Triggers FRT-15
Rare Breed Triggers FRT site-15. Image source; Rare Breed Triggers web

The new Rare Breed Triggers FRT-15 trigger for the AR platform allows very rapid semi-automatic fire from an AR-15 rifle. Watch the video above, which shows the trigger in action and explains how it works . . . (full post here)

[ED: Important update to the above post here.)

No. 2 Texas Senate Has Passed HB 957 Exempting Texas-Made Suppressors From NFA Regulation

3-lug suppressor mount
Courtesy SilencerCo

Constitutional carry (though it isn’t yet final) hasn’t been the only win for gun rights to come out of the waning days of the Texas legislative session. Early this morning, the Senate passed HB 957, which addresses the regulation of suppressors made within the Lone Star State . . . (full post here)

And the most-read post of 2021 — BY FAR — was . . .

No. 1 VIDEO: Crazed Man Attacking Deputy Soaks Up 12 Rounds Before He’s Stopped

Pistol stopping power man twelve shots
Screencap by Boch via Streamable

A crazed man’s rampage came to a not-so-sudden end Saturday morning in Montgomery County Maryland, and a bystander caught it all on video. After striking a lone deputy twice with a long stick, the attacker took a dozen rounds while still advancing on the officer . . . (full post here)

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  1. Gun reviews, collectively, are your most popular content. Could we have more of them, please?

    • No drugs were found in the toxicology report, but it doesn’t mention what medication he was taking for the previous neck injury. So this guy either had brain damage from the previous car accident or it was some combination of that and the unnamed medication. I feel sorry for his wife. That’s crazy and sad.

      Also, Deputy Pruitt would never make it as a “hero” Capitol Police officer. Pruitt gave multiple commands to Costlow before even pointing his weapon at him. Pruitt only shot the threatening, armed, crazed attacker (who had also attacked other people) as a last resort. Then Pruitt didn’t even run away after he shot him. He actually stayed and tried to render aid.

  2. #4 is from mid 2020, lol, and was itself a repost from 2018. Not seeing how it made this list for 2021.

    • That’s a perennially popular topic for discussion. You’ll likely see it again in some form this year or next, especially since we have such a large crop of new AR owners.

  3. Crazed Man Attacking Deputy Soaks Up 12 Rounds Before He’s Stopped

    Guess what that 5 shot revolver you carry for your main EDC defense is not going to do.

  4. All of these stories are very good ones. But THE MOST important story to current gun owners, and future gun owners, was the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. And second place are all the stories where open carry occured and no one was shot.

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