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By Larry Keane

President Joe Biden is throwing out a few feeler jabs in his gun control fight. He’s talked of bans and repealing laws, which are certainly worthy of throwing up a guard to keep them from landing. Make no mistake. His fight plan is one of disciplined patience versus throwing haymakers.

He’s already setting up for a 1-2 combination that he believes would send the industry to the mat. He’s not looking to just win the round or the fight. He’s looking beyond the title. President Biden wants a knockout against the firearm industry that’s so painful, there’s no talk of a rematch.

President Biden is doing this by landing hard blows against the firearm industry’s ability to gain its footing financially. He’s not fighting fair either. Instead, President Biden is swinging below the belt.

Round One

The president’s “be first” strategy started just eight days after he was sworn into office. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, which is structured to be independent of the Executive Branch so it isn’t vulnerable to political influence, hurriedly announced a pause of the Fair Access banking rule.

Joe Biden fist fight punch
(AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

It was a convenient block of a rule that would have ended discriminatory lending practices targeted against the firearm industry and other businesses. Banks have been denying services simply because an industry was out of political favor.

This isn’t disqualification because the customer’s business was unlawful or a poor credit risk, but because the customer’s business fell within an industry that “woke” corporate bank board members found distasteful.

The Fair Access rule would have made it a fair and even match-up. It would have stopped big banks from picking winners and losers based on executives’ personal politics and protected banks from outside pressure from special interest groups to take a dive when it came to doing business with members of the firearm industry.

It put an end to the privatization of the illegal Operation Choke Point that was started by the Obama administration, run through the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) that denied banking services to the firearm industry.

That’s like the referee loading up a fighter’s gloves right before the bout starts. But the ref got caught. When the Biden administration “paused” the Fair Access rule, they basically winked at the cornerman, letting him know that as long as the gloves are loaded up in the locker room, he’s not going to stop it.

Round Two

The Fair Access banking rule is just the first of two strikes intended to buckle the knees of the firearm industry. The second devastating shot is if President Biden gets his way and convinces Congress to repeal the bipartisan Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). This move would expose firearm and ammunition manufacturers and sellers to an avalanche of frivolous lawsuits by activist trial lawyers and gun control groups backed by their stable of big “white shoe” corporate law firms.

Joe Biden fist fight punch
(AP Photo/Mary Schwalm)

The real intent is to bankrupt the industry or, due to mounting legal fees, forced it to throw in the towel and enter settlement agreements for court-imposed gun control measures. Repealing the bipartisan PLCAA would turn the ring into a no-holds-barred, no-rules, anything-goes cage match.

President Biden isn’t proposing holding criminals accountable for their horrific crimes but wants to allow special interest groups to exploit them to land body blows against the firearm industry. It lines lawyers’ pockets and crushes businesses and jobs. This move does nothing to protect the public.

President Biden is blame-shifting. He’s shifting accountability for criminal actions away from the individual who committed a crime and putting it on manufacturers and retailers. To mix metaphors, it’s like suing Ford for the wrongful deaths caused by drunk drivers. The car maker didn’t cause the criminal to commit a crime that tragically took a life. The same with firearm manufacturers and retailers. Criminals must be held accountable.

President Biden isn’t concerned about accountability. He’s looking to hit hard and if it means changing the rules to get his way, he’s not above landing some kidney punches.

Joe Biden fist fight punch
(AP Photo/Mary Schwalm)

This fight is a rematch, however. The PLCAA was passed with broad bipartisan support in 2005 as a direct result of a wave of lawsuits filed by several dozen big city mayors in cahoots with the Brady Center and greedy trial lawyers looking for a payday.

This is the fight the firearm industry is facing. It is not a fair fight or one based on truth. It’s going to be dirty. It’s going to be emotional and it’s going to be drawn out. It is, after all, the fight for the firearm industry’s very existence.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Hide’n Beijing Biden is a coward who couldn’t punch his way out of a paper bag. Good luck there creepy Joe & Beto O’Wrong.

  2. so nothing has happened and we should remain concerned about the same things that might.
    thanks, pally.

    • So you didn’t even bother to read the article. Not even a month into office, this pretender is out to destroy the industry first, so that lawful gun owners won’t even have access to buy firearms, supplies, and ammunition. That way they can’t say the violated the 2nd Ammendment. It’s people like you that are ignorant that don’t help the cause.

      • However, we’ve been in this fight with Creepy Joe and his sycophants since the AWB, this is not news that he’s coming after the gun industry.

        There is a long history here dating back to NFA 68. Heck, there was time when NCIC wasn’t the law of the land.

        Everyone knows what Creepy Joe is about.

  3. Granted, Biden likely isn’t doing any of this on his own. He’s merely reciting and doing what he’s told by his Progressive handlers. If they’re successful the end result will likely be to again send businesses and job overseas. As American gun manufacturers continue going bankrupt only to be bought up by foreign interests the pattern seems set so the Progressive strategy will quite likely fail in its objective.

  4. I agree that dishonest Biden is intent on destroying the means of production because he can they say he did nothing to directly take down the 2nd amendment.
    My question though is why did no firearms manufacturer sue their banks and the Fed along with the US government for purposely abusing their power to undermine a legal business engaged in Commerce in this country? A corporation is legally defined as a person so the financial institution is not to discriminate against any persons in relation to providing credit. I would like to know why the large manufacturers didn’t sue. My suspicion is that they had no trouble getting credit so in effect it was the little guys who were intended to be effected.

    WAR IS COMING PEOPLE!! It is 50% of the country going up against the other 50% along with the Democrat party. If like in the Revolutionary War only 3% of the population were directly engaged in the fighting then so be it. I suspect the same ratios would apply here. We need to start organizing and getting prepared so as to not be caught flat footed. The governments of the communist states will start attacking individual Gun owners in order to not raise the ire of the larger disorganized group. So when they come for you there will be no one left to help you!! Wake up and speak truth to thes problems!!

    • The danger is the legal doctrine of precedent. Once the precedent has been established, it will be extended to other industries. Notably automotive, tobacco, brewers and distilleries, and everyone else in the chain from the manufacturer to the end user.

      • Nope. The government bailed out GM when they was going broke and theres to much tax revenue lost on not selling addictive substances .

        • That was a previous administration who was concerned with the economy and tax revenue. The current administration has no such concerns beyond virtue signaling and if they need more money they will print it. The latter worked well for the German Weimar Republic in the 1920s. I have some examples in my stamp collection.

    • No war, just honest political discussion.

      Of course, many on the right are conducting a war against America but their time on the streets is short, they are too foolish to be effective and will end up in prison.

      The proud boys and the oath keepers will be first:

      “Private text and audio messages show that multiple members of the group claimed to be acting on then-President Donald Trump’s cues, interpreting his call for a “wild” protest on Jan. 6 as an invitation to come stop the certification of Joe Biden’s victory.

      “Trump said It’s gonna be wild!!!!!!! It’s gonna be wild!!!!!!!” Kelly Meggs, 52, a leader of Florida’s Oath Keepers, told a Facebook contact in a private message, according to the indictment. “He wants us to make it WILD that’s what he’s saying. He called us all to the Capitol and wants us to make it wild!!! Sir Yes Sir!!! Gentlemen we are heading to DC pack your shit!!”

      • Meanwhile Aunt tifa can burn loot and murder all she wants and blue mayors and governors won’t do a damn thing to protect decent people or their property but clearly encourage the communist anti white race riots. And scum like you think that is just fine. GTFO communist troll.

      • Oh look who has a super secret maga decoder ring that reveals all the evil secret Trump messages. Say why didn’t you get that entered into evidence at the last “impeachment” trial? How do you ever sleep with all the voices in your head?

      • What do you say about the proven fact that *I* say it was Joe and the Hoe who instigated the riots and conspired with the media to blame Trump? You are a MORON! Show me a video of Trump doing any such thing or STFU, you are repeating pure lies, and you know it.

      • Wow, you better change your shorts, you have a huge load in there! President Trump had nothing to do with the January 6th protest, something the idiots on the left can’t seem to understand…

  5. It’s not Biden, in and of himself, that worries me.

    Of course, he’ll sign any “progressive” document that comes across his desk so… we’ll see what happens I guess.

    It’s interesting to note how deftly 2020 was played. The civil war in the Democratic Party was actually effectively won by the parasites and it’s the GOP that fractured as a result. Fucking fascinating.

  6. Stop advertising this a Slojoe’s plan, he cant even plan lunch! We all know where this bulls**t is coming from!!

  7. Stop selling firearms and ammunition to the government, right now, at all levels.

    This is a war, one where the loser is the one starts shooting. We need to change our approach when it comes to politics and outside of politics. One could start by stop doing business with the enemy.

    • “Stop selling firearms and ammunition to the government, right now, at all levels.”

      Not gonna happen, especially since the government regulates firearms and ammunition manufacturing.

      And then there’s invoking the ‘War Powers Act’, just as soon as ‘Joe and the Ho’ get around to declaring us terrorists…

  8. Sadly, this should not be a surprise if you have been keeping abreast of the Democrat Party.

    The overwhelming majority of Democrats do not have any significant ethics-based nor faith-based constraints on their actions. That means that pretty much everything is on the table.

    What we are seeing isn’t even the Democrats’ opening act. Rather, this is just warming up before the real “show” begins.

    • True. One of the major shortfalls of “the Right”/GOP/whatever is that they don’t tend to ever examine how their competition/enemy/whatever does or how they think.

      You’re not going to win if you can’t even begin to think like your adversary and the thing about Conservatives isn’t that they “can’t”, as some certainly can “think like a Lefty”. However, the “grassroots Right” doesn’t even try and, in fact, abhors the idea of thinking in such a manner.

      You’re not ever going to win a knife fight if you refuse to pick up a knife. You’re going to get cut to ribbons.

      • “You’re not going to win if you can’t even begin to think like your adversary and the thing about Conservatives isn’t that they “can’t”, as some certainly can “think like a Lefty”. However, the “grassroots Right” doesn’t even try and, in fact, abhors the idea of thinking in such a manner.”

        We have over 100,000 folks in flyover country retired out from ground combat since 2001. Folks proven not to be squeamish in ‘getting their hands dirty’, so to speak.

        They know more than enough to train small unit tactics to their friends families, and neighbors where they live now. They are a powerful ‘force multiplier’ if need be…

  9. If you put shampoo smell the picture of a 4 year old creepy Joe will forget all about the gun thing.

  10. How many Fudds and self-righteous gun owners will lovingly turn in their neighbor, friend or family member when millions refuse to comply cause they think hi-cap firearms, semi-autos or AR-15s aren’t necessary, but still own revolvers or 1911’s and believe thats enough for anyone? Probably the same amount that feel the righteous power to tell people to wear a mask with perceived absolute moral authority. The comparison is not without merit, its simple psychology and human nature. Will you be that guy or gal?

    So, how many? I would expect more than most of us think.

    Pressure your state reps now to pass 2A sanctuary protections, not just counties, (a good start) but your entire state, we cant wait until after Xiden and Obarry term 3.0 do their worst.

    Quit complying with your own slavery folks. It only stops when we come together, refuse to comply and upend their system of control through peaceful, non-violence. Quit being a product for social media financial benefit (dump fakebook, tweeter, etc…), pay cash, quit using credit, leave your cellphone at home, get rid of cable, grow your own food as much as possible, educate your kids at home, quit giving into the info op they are running on us with news, just stop watching. Refuse to use their system as much as possible. Shop only in stores that are not woke, globalist or chicom big box stores, and for petes sake quit using amazon. Convenience is ruing us and enslaving us. This whole plan is slowly penning in the hog, on fence at a time, and their fixing to shut the gate on us soon.

    At some point if we refused to shop, go to work and overall participate for just a week, this would likely stop. It is us showing them who is in charge, instead of acquiescing daily to their control. And this operant conditioning they got everyone into now goes for wearing the damn mask unless your sick.

  11. I don’t disagree that these are the strategies. But let’s not kid ourselves by calling it “Joe Biden’s plan.” Biden is nothing more than a meat-puppet. If he makes it through the day without shitting himself, that’s a win.
    There are much larger forces at work here.

  12. Complacent Cowardess or Courageous Sacrifice. You Will Fit In One Of These Categories. Regardless of Any Hyperbole Spewed Here.

  13. If he wants to throw out a few political “feeler punches”, then now is the time to ring that fucker’s bell so he doesn’t get too cocky. At least that’s what my old karate coach in high school would say. We need to legally get one of his eyes to start swelling shut so that the debate – and there should be one – stays somewhat respectful. It’s the only way a Missouri mule can learn.

  14. Everyone says don’t comply with the new gun laws that will come to pass and make legal gun owners felons,, but are the same people who want felons to comply with gun laws that prohibit them from owing guns to protect there family… all gun laws should be dismantled.. the more people who own guns the better..


  16. This could very easily backfire on SloJo. The Fair Access rule wasn’t done for the benefit of the firearms industry — they were just collateral beneficiaries. The real player is Oil & Gas, and as long as they are in the fight, the firearms has an unintended ally, and a powerful one at that. So, this ain’t over yet.

    As far as liability protection goes, I imagine anyone involved in manufacturing anything is keeping a close eye on this. There could be some distasteful precedents coming out of this if it is played badly (it’s gubmint — do they ever play it any other way?) that could affect everyone, not just the gun industry. So, this ain’t over yet either.

    The firearms industry may have a lot more friends in the room than SolJo realizes.

  17. I’ve long said that repealing the PLCAA could lead to the Courts bringing back Prohibition without the legitimacy of a Congressional act and constitutional amendment process.

  18. If Xiden does what he does and if all production of arms and ammo cease to exist in the US. Then the military and police small arms ammunition will be non existence, open borders will be more than reality.

  19. to -Joseph Biden and affiliates.
    I suport you(if you love America) and would /will/ have
    / died for America ,
    and now you, and your session are fucking it up. Please dont turn against me.
    Uphold the Constitution

    • Always was. That video of him raging at the worker who asked about his gun policies couldn’t be clearer. Guy has anger management issues, at a minimum.

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  21. Its just so odd. CCP did not want President Trump Reelected. CCP wanted Joe who was given 1.5 billion for some strange reason.. fist 3 days in office was to back stab working class. He will crash our economy if not removed from office.

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