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When the Texas Senate attached a variety of non-germane amendments to the constitutional carry bill it passed earlier this month, prospects for final passage became…complicated. But both the House and Senate appointed slates of pro-gun members to the conference committee that was tasked with ironing out the differences.

Today the conferees reached agreement on the final language of the bill. The House and Senate will now have to vote to approve the conference committee report.

As Texas Gun Owners of America reports . . .

Although this does not mean that the bill has finally passed, it practically assures its timely passage before the end of session.

The Legislature now has to prepare the correct paperwork to support the agreed-on language. We will share that with you when it is available. You can also track the progress on the TLO bill page.

Then, the report will be distributed to the House and Senate members. After a 24-hour waiting period, the members will vote to approve the conference committee report. Then the bill goes to Governor Abbott’s desk.

Governor Abbot has already promised to sign the bill into law.

Nothing in the legislative process is ever done until it’s done…but it appears that Texas is about to become the 21st and by far the largest permitless carry state in the nation.




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  1. Looks like some folks were hearing footsteps . . . . bravo!

    I’d still like to discover who was behind the “poison pill” amendments in the Senate.

    • Cautious congrats, LKB.

      You were rather pessimistic this might happen…

        • “Pope down joke, adults are talking.”

          Oh, the delicious irony!

          You don’t tell me what to do, I tell you what you will do, and you will do it.

          Dance, little troll, I order you to fail at attempting to mock me…

          *snicker* 🙂

      • Having watched Texas legislative politics for over 40 years (including working for the Texas Senate while in college), this Senate play had all the hallmarks of a setup (this kind of thing happens every session).

        So what changed? I suspect that more than a few people also recognized this and started calling BS, and that had some folks looking over their shoulder.

        But most likely our “Mr. Weathervane” Lt. Gov. did some polling and realized that there’s no way he’s ever gonna be elected governor if Constitutional Carry was killed and the Texas PotG figured out his prints were on the murder weapon.

        • If “by any means necessary” is a legitimate Leftist political tactic, than it’s ours as well.

          The rotting corpse of Saul Alinsky would agree… 🙂

          “4 – Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

        • Update: this just in . . . .

          “According to Lt. Gov. Patrick, the bill will become eligible for a final vote early next week.

          ‘Those who said HB 1927 would never pass and who perpetuated stories of a ‘poison pill’ and other conspiracies willfully misled many Second Amendment supporters in Texas,’ said Patrick. ‘They also underestimated how hard members of the House and Senate were working to pass this bill.’”

          (Source: https://www.klif.com/2021/05/21/the-texas-legislature-reaches-an-agreement-on-constitutional-carry/)

          Methinks the Lt. Gov. doth protesteth too much . . . adding a BS amendment (DPS website on gun safety) was a tactic that anyone with any experience knew would be non-germane under House rules and would therefore be a poison pill. Looks like he got called out for it, and now he’s trying to play defense.

    • I read that one of the original parts of the bill addressed the issue of people with previous convictions of illegally carrying a handgun would have these convictions expunged from their records. The cops didn’t like this part. Was also told that Dan Patrick was against the bill . I was continually contacting my Representative and Senator about the passage of this bill and let them know that I would spend every dollar and every waking moment finding and supporting someone to primary everyone in the legislature including the governor. I hope we find out who the trouble makers were so we can ” carry out the trash ” next election.

      • My sentiments EXACTLY.

        Folks have to learn to watch something; there’s politicians that openly state they support the 2nd. Amendment and go on to brag about their support of the NRA by virtue of their voting record and so forth. For a lot of voters this appears to be convincing. Other voters have learned that very simply what is overt is never necessarily the same in private and covert. This is how RINO(s) do their often irreparable damage.

        These politicians are NOT elected nor voted on by me so they can “vote their conscience”, but are trusted to be my voice and vote in legislative sessions. Unfortunately a lot of them thinks this applies only while campaigning and very seldom if at all thereafter. And don’t be fooled; the main reason this got this far is the timing of this legislative session that’s also close to 2022 elections.

    • I agree. In reality those of us that knows politics these days knows some way the right people got paid in order for this to happen, IF INDEED IT ACTUALLY DOES.

  2. Lookin’ good!! This might throw a wrench in the ATF proposed ‘Ghost Gun’ rule published on Regulations.gov today.

    • I sincerely wish but I doubt it. Too hard to connect the two IMHO.

      Regardless … it ain’t over until the fat Democrat and/or RINO lady sings so I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • Keep your fingers crossed. I don’t hear no fat ladies swallowing and clearing their throat … YET.

    • Yes, you do. You said Texas would be May Issue before Constitional Carry was passed.
      You said “F k the ” Republicans” I’m moving to Arizona.”
      Bye Felicia.

        • 768 hours ago, Dan Patrick was happily reporting that he didn’t have the votes in the Senate. I’m pretty sure my assessment of the situation was legitimate.

      • Ahhh, thanks for showing how much you care.

        (Care to stalk me)

        Oh, and Texas “Republicans” in the state legislature have sold out real Republicans in this state for decades. Documented fact, sports fan.

        • 1. It ain’t over until the fat leftist woman sings. Interesting they left early for the weekend at the end of the session.

          2. It appears pulling a Pelosi has carried over to Texas and we aren’t going to be told what’s in the bill until they sign it.

          3. What was the compromise WE THE PEOPLE did not want and did not agree upon? If they didn’t sell out in one way or the other I’ll believe it when I see it.

  3. Pass it now before some sht4brains criminally misues and it goes down the tube like it did with cans. Don’t think the Rat Party isn’t praying to satan for help.

    • “Everyone should believe in something, and I believe I’ll have another drink.”

      (W.C. Fields?)

  4. I hate to rain on parades, maybe just a little spotty drizzle, an afternoon shower, but do we know what the conference committee agreement actually is? What the actual new agreed on language is? Did they restore the house version and eliminate the 3 BS amendments the senate added? Did they agree to keep them? Did they keep them but modify them in some way? I do not find that information in any of the material linked in the article or the comments.

  5. “Texas Legislature Conference Committee Reaches Agreement on Constitutional Carry Bill”

    “The Legislature now has to prepare the correct paperwork to support the agreed-on language.”

    How about, “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” ?

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