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Questions and answers with the lawmaker who wants your assault weapons

Question number one: how do you propose to come and get all of them? . . .

Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., added a new wrinkle to the gun debate recently with a proposal to force Americans to sell off their so-called assault weapons — or else.

Swalwell says he was inspired to act by the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and the surviving students who have since led a nationwide campaign to tighten gun laws. His plan, which he debuted in a USA Today op-ed, is modeled on Australia, which responded to a 1996 mass shooting by forcing gun owners around the country to sell newly prohibited weapons.

But while Australia comes up often in gun debates, almost no prominent figures have proposed national laws that would demand that gun owners turn in existing weapons en masse. Gun safety groups and leading Democrats have rallied around more modest bipartisan measures like expanded background checks and mostly tiptoed around ideas that Second Amendment activists could label “gun confiscation.”


Phil Murphy ‘names and shames’ states that send N.J. illegal guns

Is there anyone in Pennsylvania, Georgia or North Carolina who feels the slightest bit of shame? . . .

New Jersey has long been a net importer of such guns, meaning the vast majority of firearms recovered by police investigating serious crimes are found to have originated outside state borders.

But now Murphy’s administration is publishing monthly reports through a program known as NJGUNStat, through which law enforcement officials release charts showing the number of shootings in the state or the amount of guns recovered in cities and counties each month as well as quarterly reports on their origins.

In the first three months of 2018, police successfully traced the source state of 542 “crime guns” recovered in New Jersey, the first such report shows. Pennsylvania was the single largest source, with 83 weapons traced back to the state, followed by 59 from Georgia and 58 from North Carolina.


Swiss Diehards Defy Rifle Reform as Trump Pushes Gun Remedy

The Swiss don’t want the French and Germans dictating gun control policy . . .

Swiss gun-rights activists, whose logo is a muscular William Tell clutching a crossbow, are taking aim at European Union firearm reform, just as Donald Trump says armed Parisians could have stopped terror attacks in 2015.

Seven hundred years after Switzerland’s defiant hero was forced by Habsburg oppressors to shoot an apple off his son’s head, a gun-advocacy group plans to trigger a referendum to block the implementation of tighter EU restrictions on semi-automatic firearms like the AR-15 assault rifle used by Nikolas Cruz in February to kill 17 classmates at his Florida high school. Protell and its supporters in the nationalist Swiss People’s Party bridle at Brussels laying down laws they say are unnecessary in Switzerland, where gun crime is rare.

courtesy and Reuters

How Do ‘Both Sides’ Realistically Talk About Guns in 2018?

When the goal of one side is to deprive the other of a constitutionally guaranteed right, they don’t…not to each other . . .

Gun-control activists have aggressively challenged the idea that the NRA is fighting “the good fight” in recent months, and 2018 may mark a turning point for the organization. This year’s convention highlighted the anxiety that NRA members face at a time when mass shootings have made their hardline opposition to gun control increasingly toxic.

Nevertheless, last Friday, scores of attendees sauntered under gigantic banners in Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center featuring LaPierre, NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch and gun lobbyist Chris Cox. They came to Dallas to celebrate the almighty gun.


Chinese business owners, fearful of being robbed, are turning to guns for protection

The Second Amendment applies to everyone . . .

Dozens of Chinese business owners in the Triangle say they have felt targeted by thieves for so long that they have turned to firearms, including AR-15 assault-style rifles, to defend their livelihoods and their families. About 100 small-business owners have banned together to form the North Carolina Chinese Hunting Club to train in shooting techniques.

“They’re changing their mentality,” said John Wang, a local business owner who translated into English for four other Chinese business owners. “Now, they’re going to start shooting back.”

courtesy and Facebook

‘Get your guns if you try to impeach President Trump’: Southern Maryland sign causes controversy

A sign of the times . . .

The sign, which reads “Hey liberals, better get your guns if you try to impeach Trump. From all of your deplorables in Calvert County,” was erected near the intersection of Route 4, or Solomons Island Road, and Bowie Shop Road near Huntingtown in Calvert County, and has likely been there for a couple of weeks, according to Captain Dave Payne.

Payne said the sign is owned by a local man, who has been asked to remove the message. Payne did not identify the man, but said Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans has been in communication with the sign’s owner, who is away on a trip and is expected to return home later this week to change or alter the sign. …

“There’s two groups that are offended. We’ve received messages that say it’s offensive that it’s up,” he said, while others say “it’s offensive that he’s being pressured to take it down. We can’t win. We’re in the middle.”

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  1. “their hardline opposition to gun control increasingly toxic.”

    Oh bullshit. Just like Trump’s “toxic” poll numbers caused Hitlery to win the election? Forgive me for simply belching when someone brings up the latest poll or public opinion sentiment.

    • Hopefully he knows that a modern Civil War won’t involve large armies marching across the field at each other. More likely, he and other vermin like him will wake up to a patriot boot kicking down his door in the middle of the night ready to make him answer fir his crimes on the spot. That’s the reality of modern warfare. All the drones and tanks in the world won’t protect you from a heavily armed resistance movement with a cell structure ready to send a message.

      • It might work in California, the state he represents, since gun owners have been whittled down so far over the years … and where there is a registry.

        Some ideas out of California have proven to be highly scalable to the rest of the nation, and the world. This one … maybe not so much.

        • There have been millions of guns going into Cali for many years that are on no registry along with millions of rounds of ammo. It doesn’t take much imagination to gift guns from family members or friends and the black market is alive and well. Just because there is a law….wait, no illegal recreational drugs, opioids, or such ever cross the border into Cali because it is against the law….right? No trucks ever bring diesel into Cali that isn’t taxed, right? Gosh, they should pass another law.

        • Do I really need to point out, Einstein, that such laws only burden and damage the law-abiding? Isn’t that kind of a given by now?

        • Yeah… it’s not like I personally know at least three people who were transferred to CA over the years from free states who took their entire gun collections with them.

      • Anyone who kicks in the door of a civilian or government official to make a point about guns is not a patriot; using force and intimidation for political ends is called TERRORISM and makes that group kicking in the door legitimate targets with no due process needed. STOP ADVOCATING TERRORISM UNLESS YOU WANT MARTIAL LAW! Stick to expressing your opinions at the ballot box.

        • Sorry kiddo. A civil war is a total war, by definition. In a total war, there is no such thing as a “civilian”. He’s advocating the judicial murder of people whose rights he doesn’t respect. What goes around, comes around. We both know our side is unlikely to fire the first shot.

        • When it gets to that point we wont be at a civil civil war it will be total war….. You can only push a certain segment of America so far….

        • Pwrserge is correct, the 2nd Amendment supporters won’t fire the first shots, but after it happens I wouldn’t bet a plugged nickel on the life or health of any politician that voted for it. In colonial times they tarred and feathered stamp act agents.

        • Using force for achieve a political end is called terrorism? So every single war fought by anyone ever is now terrorism? War is a political process. Terrorism, which can be loosely defined to fit whatever you want, is more accurately described as, “party one uses violence against party 3, because they are unable to do violence on party 2.” So let’s take Al Queda for an example. They blew up innocent children and civilians. Why? Because they couldn’t really do anything to the organized military forces they opposed, so they attacked innocents associated with their opposition.

        • “..Anyone who kicks in the door of a civilian or government official to make a point about guns is not a patriot;”

          The guys that tossed the tea overboard way back when in Boston…. To us they are Patriots, to the English they were Terrorists.

          Patriot and Terrorist are definitions that can only truly be defined by the Winner of the exchange.

        • You seem to not be familiar with the founding of this great country. Did they go to the ballot boxes?

        • Sometimes it’s called one people dissolving the political bands which have connected them with another.

        • Your comment ignores that the first skirmishes were already lost at the ballot box. If a total ban and turn-in becomes the law, then those rights are not going to be re-won at the ballot box. At that sad time, non-compliance and direct action will likely become necessary.

          Whether it’s “terrorism” sort of depends on your definition. If you were sitting in London reading the newspaper about the latest happenings in Concord and Lexington in 1775, you may very well be commenting about those cheeky colonial terrorists. If you were in America, that band of colonists who risked all to resist the taking of their arms were patriots.

          Which side do you happen to fall on?

        • One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. There are no rules in war. Anyone who thinks that’s how things are done is going to have a very rude awakening. If you value something, you defend it. These “progressives” do not value freedom or life, so how can they expect to keep either if they stir the pot? Some people are just a waste of oxygen.

    • That mental midget doesn’t understand that the resisters would be more than happy to just go after him.

      • I’d say he just turned himself in to an A list target, if the shooting ever starts. The irony is that he moved the needle closer to the shooting starting. I doubt he sees it that way, but nobody ever accused him of being a rocket surgeon.

  2. “Chinese business owners… turning to guns.” I could be wrong, but they’re living in America and own businesses in America. Sounds like American business owners to me.

    • That would sound like American to me. I hate that hyphenated crap. If you are here legally, are a citizen, and contribute to the nation then you are an American.

      • +1

        “American” is an idea, and an agreement. The US is a covenant, not a slice of turf or genetics. The people who choose that covenant, and have to work to get here — Americans by choice — are the best of us.

        • I’ve heard that sentiment and like it a lot. I wish every child learned it this way. “American” is still a nationality, though, and it’s important we remember that. I get a mite pissed when anyone refers to me or my kids as Chinese. I prize my heritage, but if we ever went to war with China, there’s no question what flag would be on our shoulders.

    • As an American of Asian descent, I can assure you that we are treated to a level of respect lower than what is afforded your average Black or Latino. If I had to guess I would assume it’s because we don’t really like raising much of a fuss, we follow the law, we educate our young, pay our taxes and we DON’T vote as a block. That is why America has long ago learned that it is relatively “safe” to marginalize the Asians.
      So yes, they are best described as Chinese businessmen because America sure don’t treat us equally or with due respect. But don’t worry. We won’t make too big a fuss about this, either. 😉

      • I am not labeling anybody but I work for a company owned by a Chinese couple from China that own a self made successful business in Pennsylvania . I only met one of them and was hired to run and take care of business in Florida for them . After 15 years of employment I was rear ended by someone texting while at a red light .
        They told me to buy a new truck and they would pay the balance . I was forced to retire but I won’t forget that. I was paid a good wage and their word was always good as gold.

      • Phil, proud Chinese-American here (and I don’t mind the hyphen at all). Politically, I think you’re right, but assimilating has paid dividends for our prospering and contributing to the American Experiment in all the ways you mention. At least no one’s gonna Kanye us. My ancestors left the plantation decades ago.

        • Sorry, I don’t buy it.
          Have Chinese-Americans ever been in the plantation? My gramps was Chinese and I have a bunch of other blood types (generally in that continent haha) but I always thought that while you could put shackles on a “chinaman”, you could never enslave them. I say that with grudging… respect 😉

      • I would say you are likely dead on correct with everything you said. There is a sliver lining however-not continually needing a crutch to advance(sustain laziness) yourselves which would only hurt in the long run (affirmative action, etc). It has paid dividends on educational levels and career successes. You have had, and will continue to have, the last laugh.

      • I’m throwing a B.S. flag on Phil.

        America can hold (and WILL WELCOME) an INFINITE amount of

        A M E R I C A N S

        From whatever part of this blue-green rock GOD decided to have the stork drop them off on.

        We’re all clawing for what we need. None of us feel like we’re treated perfectly.

        Hold yourself out as the “equal” that you are, AND IF I FIND IT WORTHY, for myself, I WILL TRY TO MAKE MYSELF EQUAL TO-IT. Don’t “ask for equality” as it can neither be given or granted to you. [loosely paraphrased – J.M. Thomas R., TERMS, 2012].

        A N D


        • Joe, you seem to have missed my point entirely. My family, my people (and perhaps people of Asian descent in general) are never in the habit of demanding “equality”. If we did there would a be a HECKOFALOT more noise every year at Ivy League come acceptance time.
          Just not our style. We study, we work, we raise families, we pay taxes but we don’t vote as a block. We appreciate what America has done and continues to do for us. But does that mean we see our people treated with the same level of (political and cultural) respect as blacks and latinos? The reality on the ground is – nope.
          Like I said, we don’t plan to make a big fuss about it either. If I had to guess why I’d guess it’s because we’re too busy… 😊

  3. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif
    “I’m more focused on ideas that get the most guns out of the hands of anyone who could do harm to a community”.
    I see sir, so let’s take the guns, ahem…assault weapons from the law abiding citizens.

    • The evil POS (D) can’t do tyrannical communistic globalism while you can still say FU with fire-power.

      It’s hard to convince the rest of a population to “go quietly” when the shooting starts.

      Maybe all of CA should shut him up and shut him down before we bring sanctions against them for his tyrannical ass.

  4. I’ve said so before: there are NOT enough personnel working for the government (military, police, Feds,) that are trained and willing to do any sort of national gun confiscation. And it would be impossible to do it on a large enough scale that it would be effective and not be noticed/reported to rest of the country.

    …but if they want to send in these spineless libs to try, I’ll grab a lawn chair, 12 pack of Sam Adams and some popcorn to watch that shit show. And of course keep Ol’ Painless nearby just in case.

    • The law is made by the majority which would cheer SWAT teams raiding gun owners to take guns off the streets of many blue states. With that attitude, you may wake up with your windows being broken with grenade canisters while the SWAT team blows the back door off the hinges at 3 am.
      Keep violent comments to between your own ears. Focus on the ballot box!

      • While I agree that violence should be kept as the absolute last resort your idea that the SWAT team is a serious threat is a joke.

        Let’s, really quite generously, assume a 33% compliance rate with this idiot’s confiscation scheme.

        Poking around through estimates we find a lot of stupid and a lot of old numbers. Because I like to be kinda conservative on these the estimate I’d pick comes in at a minimum of ~23 million semi-auto rifles (excluding .22’s) owned in the US at this point. Now a bunch are going to be “hunting rifles” so, considering we want not just AR’s but all the scary “assault weapons” let’s say that 40% of those rifles fall under this moron’s AWB. 23,000,000x.4 = 9,200,000.

        So we have a minimum 9,200,000 guns to get rid of. Based on how things have gone with this at the state level let’s assume, again quite generously, 1/3rd compliance right off the bat. 9,200,000x.66 = 6,072,000.

        6,072,000 firearms to forcefully confiscate. Now, ignoring the fact that we don’t actually know where they are or who has them and hence have no idea which doors to kick in and neither do the cops… let’s assume that the cops somehow know where 100% of those guns are.

        Now, the best numbers I can find say that 80% of towns over 25K in population have a SWAT team and that currently there are 1290 cities in the US with such a population. 1290 x.8 = 1032.

        I’m sure some cities have more than one SWAT team and I’m feeling generous and I like round numbers.
        So fuck it, 2000 (!!!) SWAT teams to work with.

        So, now let’s assume that for a SWAT team to find, assess, plan and execute a raid against a gun owner takes 1 hour. So it’s going to take 6,072,000 hours to gather up all these guns. 6,072,000/2000 = 3036. 3036 hours. /24 = 126.5 days.

        So, if we make all these super generous assumptions it would still take every single SWAT team in the country, working 24 hours per day, meeting zero resistance and hitting one gun owner an hour 126.5 uninterrupted whole days to hit every MSR owner.

        Considering the constraints actual reality places on life, that’s unpossible. Especially when a percentage of owners will shoot back making it take far longer than an hour and causing you to lose, over time, whole teams worth of SWAT guys.

        • You missed the obvious, Strych.

          (The following is strictly hypothetical)

          After the first SWAT raid, social media and instant messaging is going to *explode* with reports on where the SWAT teams are.

          After SWAT comes out of the house with the gun in hand, fire from every direction will take out the SWAT teams before they can re-mount their MRAP.

          The *only* way they could do it would be to take down the entire US internet. But even that won’t help them, the ‘preppers’ have plenty of ham gear to get the message through…

        • Just to be safe they had better get those hunting (ie sniper) rifles too… now the math gets really interesting.

        • It’s public record who is on a particular department’s SWAT team.

          For the ones who actually agree to raid and shoot gun owners, well, it’s not hard to find their home address, is it?

      • SurfGW, we are concentrating on the ballot box. Resistance will only start when it is obvious that the ballot box is useless. When the leftist politicians decide that they can use totalitarian laws without fear of consequences. Until then, I do not see any serious attempts at eliminating the legally ordained way to change government.
        It is best to concentrate on the ballot box over the ammo box; however I do not see any serious attempts on the conservative side to start a shooting war.

    • They said it would be impossible for the Nazi’s to take on two of the world’s biggest empires in 1940 but they beat the French and set the British back for years.

      They said it would be impossible for Donald Trump to be nominated or elected, yet he won both.

      They said the Soviet Union would never collapse.

      They said it would be impossible for outright socialists to take over this country yet they now control our media, academic, and government apparatuses that have dumbed down most of our population ranging from apathy to outright communists.

      They also said our government would never spy on us.

      You know what they say about making assumptions, right??

      • Both the British and the French empires were effectively destroyed by Hitler – but Roosevelt hammered the final nail in the coffin when he demanded the very last ounce of gold from the British (transferred from South Africa in 1940) before Lend-Lease kicked in. After the war the empires could no longer be effectively be financed from the home countries, and American opposition to the retention of empire expressed through the United Nations, as well as local opposition, spelled the end of empire. These days a resurgent Commonwealth is the only sign that it ever happened, after Britain treacherously cosied up to the European Economic Community in 1972, and the Commonwealth nations which had fed Britain during the war were abandoned as trading partners. In New Zealand our standard of living went from First World to Third World within a decade, with grievous social upheavals that have still not been resolved. Our present government promised a 20% pay rise for the poorest NZers, but they only gave 1%. So much for political honesty.

  5. “542 “crime guns” recovered in New Jersey, the first such report shows. Pennsylvania was the single largest source, with 83 weapons traced back to the state, followed by 59 from Georgia and 58 from North Carolina.” So that leaves 342 guns and since it was not mentioned were they came from it was probably New Jersey. That does not translate to a vast majority coming from out of state if fact, not a majority.

    • One assumes that many guns simply are not traceable (too many unrecorded transactions, too old, etc).
      But that’s really not the point. Given how hard it is for anyone to buy a firearm in NJ, is it any surprise that many are smuggled in from out or state? (Just because the governor does not mean anything other that that he must not be too bright.)

      • From a previous story about NJ was going about this, age, unregistered and number of transactions would have little to no influence. Based on what I have previously read firearms were going to traced back to original purchaser post distributor, meaning 1st retail store.
        Having worked at a firearms retailer for 5 years back in the 70s every firearm we purchased were cataloged by the serial number on the invoice we received from the distributor. These records had to be kept by us, distributor and were to be kept as permanent records. We had 7, 4 stack filing cabinets with the firearm invoices. Could have looked up what we received from day 1 if I had ever been that bored
        This goes for manufacturers, also. So you know make, model and serial number. Contact manufacturer, they give you distributor, which can give you the state of 1st firearm retailer. is where NJ was going to consider this to were firearm came. It does not matter that the firearm came with the owner when the fool moved to NJ.
        Manufacturers and distributors go out of business but the records still are required to archived somewhere.
        With modern technics of recovering serial numbers, it is nearly impossible to remove a serial number sufficiently w/o damage to the firearm.
        Not saying they’re wasting this much time and money, but that is what the article said about this NJ plan.

        • You might be surprised.
          I was going to post just a few simple examples; Suffice it to say that if one wants to make an untraceable firearm out of a factory-made one, it only takes some VERY common tools.
          Modern criminals have gotten a lot smarter than their forebears, who only thought to file off serial numbers; They have figured out the Wonders of the Drill Press, the Miracle of the MIG Welder, and the Magic of Non-Fitted Barrels–not to mention the more imaginative ones who also think highly of 80% frames. They KNOW about acid regeneration of stampings, and how to use MagnaFlux to restore numbers insufficiently removed by amateurs. All of that’s passe’.
          Look at your Glock, and visualize just how easy removing any trace of a serial number might be, without damaging the gun in any meaningful way. Or your AR.
          This factor, among many others, makes the whole idea of ‘tracing’ guns to solve crimes ludicrous.


      Look it up MFrs.









      I say we bulldoze NJ over the mouth of the Hudson to flood out NYC.

      Boom, problem (mostly) solved.

  6. Just curious, but how exactly does one track a crime gun, put a tracking collar on it then let it go free?

  7. Indiana isn’t “shamed” by Chicago whining about crime guns. Neither is Pennsylvania…good on those Chinese folk. Even in Chiraq I’ve seen a huge uptick of folks legally protecting themselves. And positive reporting…

  8. How do “both sides” realistically talk about guns in 2018? The answer is simple—you don’t. When gun controllers say they want to have “reasonable” discussions about guns that usually means that they want us to listen and then agree with their demands for ever more restrictive gun-control. They do this because they are convinced that they have a moral right to their views and so all “reasonable” discussions always have one conclusion: People Of The Gun are expected to agree with them.

  9. Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif, FOAD.
    You can’t buy back that which you didn’t sell me.
    And for what it’s worth, all of my guns have a million dollar price tag on each of them.

    Interesting to note, there is no “comment” section on that written interview.

    • We’ll take back California before they take anyone’s guns. In fact, we should probably start THAT right the F now.

      Hopefully the EPA reforms will cause all Californians to die from their overpopulation, global warming, pot-farm wars, illegal immigrant rape-crimes, and Fing themselves with something sharp and heavy with the proper amount of vigor.

    • Tom, earlier today I commented to someone the g.a.y.s will be a target.

      It got flagged for moderation…

    • It’s the Flack off and Dye Tom…but it’s “ok” if they head an article with it😄😎😏

  10. Re: the sign in Maryland – Welcome to 2018, where causing offense by stating facts is a crime…

    • ******** Leave That Maryland Sign UP !

      We don’t hear much about — ” NRA is a Terrorist ” billboards owners being ‘ pressured ‘ to remove them. Is it on private land ?

      • Yes the sign in Calvert is on private property. It’s a few miles from my home. The sign is changed often and the owner, whoever he is, posts some pretty good signs for anyone traveling the main highway through Southern Maryland to see.

  11. One way to tell if your actions are morally correct is to ask yourself “What if eveybody did the same thing that I’m thinking of doing, will things be better?”

    If everybody did what the Swiss did in the 40’s the whole world would be under the Nazi flag today.

  12. Rather than New Jersey worrying about from which states criminals might get their guns, they ought to be concerned about from which states their crooks come from in the first place…

    Our county finally passed a damn bond issue to build a new, state-of-the-art(?) Sheriff’s office/jail/justice center on the 3rd attempt. I’m a supporter and very familiar with the sheriff and have no problems with his service but over the 37 years I’ve lived in the county just west of the state Capital, we’ve transitioned from mostly agriculture to a large network of bedroom communities as people flee the capital county. Everything’s new and growing at a rapid pace.

    We now have a serious crime problem and I believe at the last county Repub Central Committee meeting at which the sheriff spoke he mentioned that the county now employs something like 23 interpreters to handle all the crooks being apprehended. Obvious to me those thugs aren’t coming from within our county. So, I stood up and suggested that rather than put the taxpayers on the hook for all the millions some wanted to spend for the complex, just take all of these cretins not from our county to the Des Moines Greyhound station, buy them a ticket back to where ever the heck it is that they came from, put a 20 dollar bill in their pocket and wait around until the bus leaves. A lot cheaper, and Chicago, Omaha. KC, Houston and a lot of other places can have their exports back. If each city did that down the line, we’d soon not have an illegal alien problem, either. Cheap alternative to something government doesn’t seem to be able to do on its own.

  13. Californians need to go. I suggest, to somewhere out past Pluto. We’ll come get our land back.

    That sign in MD is Fing A right. Many will make due with further threats to impeach Trump.

    If you sat silent through Obama, Clinton, Clinton, Carter, F all y’all, you’ve PERMANENTLY waived your right to bitch.

  14. I will let the government buy back every gun they ever sold to me.

    Let’s see, after a little arithmetic, that number comes to zero. lol

  15. “We can’t win. We’re in the middle.”
    You can be right and you can be wrong, there is no middle.
    All you have to do is respond to those that are offended with: “Isn’t it great that we live in a country where you are free to express your opinions on a sign in your yard?”

  16. “In the first three months of 2018, police successfully traced the source state of 542 “crime guns” recovered in New Jersey, the first such report shows. Pennsylvania was the single largest source, with 83 weapons traced back to the state, followed by 59 from Georgia and 58 from North Carolina.”

    Yes, and?

    When these other states don’t have the gun crime problems that your piss-smelling blue sanctuary does, what does that really say? I mean, of course the guns come from other states. In countries that ban firearms, all the guns come from other countries, and so-on. What are you going to do, build a wall?


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