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Today, Hernando County, Florida, commissioners will consider restoring county workers’ ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights while on the job. A current county policy prevents them from carrying firearms while on the job without fear of disciplinary action.

County Commission chairman Steve Champion has indicated that county workers shouldn’t have to chose between their right to self defense and the potential loss of their job.


“They should have a right to defend,” said Hernando County Commission Chairman Steve Champion.
Champion also owns American Gun and Pawn.

“Hernando County is a pro second amendment county and I’m pro second amendment,” he said.

The county’s current policy prohibits county workers from carrying a weapon while on the job.

“I asked several weeks ago to add this to the agenda to change the policy and allow any concealed weapons holder to carry when appropriate,” said Champion.

At the end of February, Lake County Florida voted to restore the right to bear arms to Lake County employees who had carry permits.


The Lake County Commission voted unanimously on Tuesday to allow county employees with concealed weapon permits to carry their guns while on the job.

Commissioner Josh Blake asked fellow commissioners to consider doing away with the county’s employee policy that prohibits the possession of weapons while on the job. Commissioner Wendy Breeden was hesitant but joined fellow commissioners in the unanimous decision to change the policy.

“I personally believe that the natural right to defend your life does not disappear into thin air when you leave your house in the morning when you go to work. I think that is something we have control over, which we do. It’s our employee handbook. I do think it’s a reasonable thing to allow employees to utilize that right and have the right to self-defense while they are on the job,” Blake said.

The change takes effect immediately and applies to those who have permits. It is illegal to carry a concealed weapon without a permit.

It is currently illegal to carry a firearm in Florida (there are a few exceptions) without a permit. County workers will now be treated the same as any other citizens when it comes to the right to self defense.

This is the continuation of a trend moving across the U.S., restoring rights that were infringed by personnel policies in local and state governments. Just because you’re a government worker, you shouldn’t be required to give up your fundamental constitutional rights.

Bowling Green in Kentucky restored the right to be armed to public employees at work, in January of 2018. Virginia and Georgia counties restored the right in 2016.  Local government employees have regained their rights in Kansas, North Carolina, Michigan, and Texas.

Government workers should have the same rights everyone else. Bureaucrats who have the same rights as ordinary citizens are more likely to uphold those rights because they’ll have “skin in the game”.

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  1. Good for them. Next we need corporate America and their lawyers to stop making all business campuses weapon free. That will be tricky with the leftward leaning, no, full out progressive love fest in most big corporations. They love control too; they aren’t going to want to let their employees carry weapons.

  2. I got the elected officials to institute this in Battlefield MO several years ago when I was their City Administrator. It wasn’t too difficult to convince them, and everybody treated it as no big deal.

  3. Yea!! I live in Florida. Damn shame I had to read it here first. Nothing in the local media and I pay attention. Especially surprised to learn where it’s happening. I consider everything south of Orlando a different state. I was thinking of moving that boundary north to Ocala. Maybe I’ll hold off a minute. Maybe even push it back south a little? One can only hope.

    • Nah dont up the line any further north.
      Here in Southern NY we are doomed eventually. Maybe sooner then later.
      But even if they don’t admit it or vote this way here.
      As soon as the Yankees move here. They cant wait to buy their 1st gun.

    • “..I consider everything south of Orlando a different state.”

      If you aren’t sure then just draw the line a few minutes drive north of Palm Beach County.

      PBC, Broward, and Dade Counties truly are a different state than the rest of Florida. If you look at that political heat map this area is the bluest part of an otherwise red State.

  4. No. No more “rights” for government employees until everyone else has theirs restored.

    • -1.

      Restore all rights. Government workers are just as entitled to their rights as non-gov workers. Some here just irrationally hate all gov workers. That’s a lot of folks to hate. And wasted energy. The people you need to be mad at are those at the top abusing their authority, or those creating agencies and giving them rule making authority, so they don’t have to do their jobs. I’m looking at you CONGRESS.

      It’s not that long ago that we succeeded in forcing businesses to stop banning guns in parking lots, so employees are not defenseless on their way to and from work. We are making progress. I hope this COMMON SENSE GUN REFORM spreads in Florida and the US, including state offices.

      • No, they aren’the. If you are a government employee you should be stripped of most rights enjoyed by citizens. No guns, no vote, no free speech, no petitioning of the government. Government employment should mean 3rd class citizenship.

        • That would be a pretty effective detterent to the expansion of government and gov programs.

          Can’t make an agency bigger if no one applies for the job.

  5. dwb, what they’re talking about IS the same rights that every other CCW holder in Florida enjoys. Let’s take our victories, large and small, where we can get them.

  6. Orange County might have delt Orlando gun shows a blow to sales. Passed a 3 day waiting period for private sales

    • Yeah, Leon too. One of the current commissioners (Nick Maddox) had the gall to ask for our support at a gun club meeting a few years ago. He voted for the county infringements. Leon County is hopelessly leftist.

      • Wood, you’re right. Leon County is extremely liberal. What else can you expect with two universities and a very large community college there. Not to mention all the influence from The People’s Socialist Republic of South Florida. I only go to Tallahassee when I have to. Was there Monday, but only because I had to drive my 89 year old handicapped father to a doctor’s appointment. Got the he’ll out as fast as I could.

  7. Restoring 2a rights, what the fuck, that pisses me off, it’s like “they” can take and give as they please. Ohh joy, “we” are giving you the privilege of exercising a Constitutional right. Getting us to cheer them for letting us have that privilege, huh, no dumb fuck it’s not a driving license, it’s a Right you can’t take that away or give it back. Eat shit puke and die

  8. My employer has a “no guns” policy for its employees.

    I have a “GFY” policy for my employer.

  9. If you want to live off the sweat of productive citizens, your should lose your right to be armed.

    • Chris, you’re right. Lets get rid of government employees. Think of the taxes we could save. All we would need is people to volunteer in their spare time, after finishing their 40 hour a week job, to fill in potholes, maintain the sewers, drive the ambulance and fire truck, etc. What would you like to do? Wait! I know! Next time a hurricane hits my hometown you can jump in the lineman’s truck and get the electricity up and running again. Or, you could volunteer for a couple of shifts at your nearest prison. Just saying, their are a lot of opportunities for someone like you to eliminate government workers.

      • Uhhhmmm you do realize that private contractors exist right? Tax dollars should go towards maintaining infrastructure, but we don’t need permanent employees for it. Just hire a contractor when the job needs to be done.

  10. Yeah! Great idea! Because no contractor ever defrauded the taxpayer, ran over budget, ran overtime, or just screwed it up.

  11. Seriously. Don’t know about where you live, but this is how it works where I live. Potholes in the road where I live. Report it to county road and bridge. 24-48 hours later two guys with shovels and asphalt are filling them in. (I know this because I did it a couple of weeks ago on Cochran Rd. Don’t live there, but drive it daily when checking the farm.) If response is delayed I call my county commissioner. Yes I, and everyone else has her phone number, we even know where she lives. Right there at the intersection of Hwy 12 & 65. Knock on her door if I need too. She chews ass of the director of Road and Bridge. Next day two guys are there with shovels and asphalt waiting for sunrise so they can see to work.

    Now private contractor scenario. Complaint to Road and Bridge. Job is posted on county web site for 30 days. Bids are submitted. One is accepted. Contractor puts it on his list of things to do. Contractor arrives to complete repairs. Calls director of Road and Bridge. Advises director it would be more cost effective to repave entire road.

  12. Government workers are not “The Government” they are us ….. Only if we stand united in our voice and our vote can we bring about change to preserve our “Bill of Rights” and filter those who would dilute them.

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