Warne bipod
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Warne, known for their excellent scope mounts, has been busily cranking away on a new bipod design. Jeremy first reported on it last year. We got a look at the latest prototype in Dallas and Warne tells us the finished product is due to hit stores in September.

The rigid design features easy, independent, one-handed five-way adjustment of each leg as well as lockable cant and pan.

Warne bipod

The bipod will have a standard QD Picatinny mount or an Arca-Swiss-style clamp. We don’t have a weight for it yet, but it felt comparable to an Atlas.

We were impressed with the extremely solid build quality. Warne’s expecting the bipod to be priced at about $275

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    • +10. If the Magpul $109 bipod (which will likely have a street price less than half of the Warne) works as advertised, it will upend the market for all but the cheapest bipods.

      Sure, serious F-Class competitors and people who obsess over reducing their groups from 1/2 MOA to 1/4 MOA will keep buying high-end bipods, for the same reason they buy the highest-end glass, Hart barrels, Jewel triggers, etc. But I’ll predict that owners of RPRs or comparable entry-level precision rifles who want something better than a Harris or a Chi-com Atlas clone (but don’t want to drop over $300 on a real Atlas) will buy the Magpul bipods like crazy.

      We’ll see . . . but given their proven ability to read the market and provide what people want at an attractive price, I suspect Magpul’s done their research and may have another winner.

  1. When I first looked at that top picture my brain for some reason saw a tacticool bolt-action revolver rifle, and just about short-circuited.

  2. People love their overpriced bioods. $300 give me a break. Most people won’t break a $70 Harris but think they need a heavy $300 model.

  3. that one looks good and seems somewhat cheaper than the atlas. have used harris that did not have tilt and pan and did not like it hence wanting a good one with tilt and pan


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