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Giant California teacher pension system targets gun sellers

Left coast teachers flex their anti-gun muscles . . .

The world’s largest teacher-only pension fund voted Wednesday to use its financial might to pressure gun retailers across the country to stop selling military-style assault weapons and accessories like rapid-fire “bump stocks” used at the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting.

The $222.5 billion California State Teachers’ Retirement System said it will try to unseat board members at companies that resist and could dump its stock in those retailers if they still refuse to conform to laws already in effect in California.


In One Year, 57,375 Years of Life Were Lost to Police Violence

A, uh, unique way to look at “police violence” . . .

People killed by police in 2015 and 2016 had a median age of 35, and they still had an average of about 50 years left to live when they died. It’s this metric—the gap between how long someone lives and how long they were expected to live—that’s the focus of a new study by Anthony Bui, Matthew Coates, and Ellicott Matthay in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

To find the true toll of police violence, the authors focused on years of life lost. They used data from “The Counted” a Guardian database of people killed by police, to find the races and ages of everyone who died at the hands of police in the United States, then compared them to the average life expectancy for those groups.


TSA: Hot pink gun still doesn’t fly

Thanks, we’d been wondering . . .

Loaded handguns — even the “cute” colorful ones, still don’t belong in your carry-on, as a Virginia woman learned Monday.

The unidentified woman, carrying a hot-pink gun loaded with eight pink-tipped bullets, was arrested at Richmond International Airport. She was intercepted by airport security when she tried to bring the loaded semi-automatic onto a New York-bound plane, the Transportation Security Administration said. Authorities said the Hopewell, Va. woman had 9 mm inside a carry-on bag; one bullet was in the chamber.  …

In addition to criminal charges, passengers caught with weapons at TSA checkpoints are subject to civil penalties of up to $13,000.

More Proof The Left Really Does Want To Abolish Legal Gun Ownership

Supporters of increased gun control claim they want “common sense gun laws.” Yet, the left’s goal is and always has been the abolition of legal gun ownership by civilians.

The left knows that they cannot ban civilian firearms ownership directly. The U.S. Supreme Court put an end to that fantasy with the D.C. v. Heller decision in 2008. That ruling acknowledged that the Second Amendment was an individual right. It struck down the District of Columbia’s handgun ban. But that did not put an end to the left’s desire to abolish civilian gun ownership.

The left and gun control advocates usually hide behind the rhetoric of “common sense gun laws.” Take this statement from the Hollywood-backed “No Rifle Association.” We apologize in advance for any sudden drop in IQ points it may cause.


Here’s what Trump doesn’t know about knives, guns and murder

He’d rather be stabbed than shot . . .

Despite the inference that the substitution of knives for guns yields the same result in human destruction, though, one thing Trump doesn’t know — and the NRA will not admit — is that this is not true.

As criminologists and medical professionals know, the weapon used to inflict harm on a human being matters — a great deal. The “weapon instrumentality effect” refers to the well-understood fact that the instrument used to inflict harm bears directly on the outcome, and that no weapon of interpersonal violence is more effective, or easier to use, than a gun. As the criminologist Philip Cook wrote, “Guns intensify violence.”

Plainly stated, one would rather face attack with a knife than a gun, not only because the reach of a knife extends only to the length of an attacker’s arm, but because the likelihood of surviving a knife attack is far greater than surviving a gunshot wound. According to one British trauma surgeon, gunshot wounds are “at least twice as lethal as knife injuries and more difficult to repair.”

Of course she is. And we’re sure her hoplophobic parents had nothing to do with her decision.

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  1. I don’t give a tinker’s damn what some 9 year old kid thinks.

    I don’t really read dead tree gun magazines any more but now I’m tempted to go buy one of each. Just to piss off the munchkin.


    • It’s not the little mumchins fault. She only knows what her parents teach/ tell her.
      She’s too young to have formed opinions logically on her own and resist her parental influences

      Remember brainwash them early and brain wash them often for best results.

      • at her age i was using my pocket money to buy all the gun mags i could (much to my parents displeasure) and i picked out the ones that had actual information in them and not just hunting stories but real information on ballistics, reloading, repair etc etc. my dad shot but to a large degree he never saw guns as any more than a needed tool on the farm. even as a kid of that age i already saw it as what the founding fathers viewed it as though i would have had trouble putting that into words at that age. by age 15 though i could well put it into words and always was quite vocal about it even debating it with the local coppers (who are largely more anti-gun here in australia) in the cop shop itself. used to leave them not knowing what to say and in the end they would hide in the back when they saw me coming. also used to frequent the local gun shop a lot who had some very knowledgeable guys running it. at 16 i did one of the first firearms safety courses run in australia that the gun shop organised which was run over 4 full weekends and the test was about half multiple choice and half short answer…. there was 400 questions and we were marked on our time at the range as well. i scored 97%

        • … and then you bought a gun from the free market, which was later “bought
          back” by Her Majesty’s government. Then you went back to the coffee shop where the beknighted “enforcers of the relm” laughed at you for thinking yourself a free man rather than a mere subject.

          • personally i never handed in anything. i refused to comply. it was family when i had to leave them with them that got rid of what i had. now to do the sport at all and train in any way i am forced to do so because i dont hang with criminals…. though there are some crims that have higher standards than some “law abiding” and there are a good few “law abiding” who both i and out ancestors on both my side and your side of the pond would consider criminals most vile

    • (No criticism meant)

      I find it… interesting… how the word graphic is used, the meaning of graphic is clear, vivid, detailed, it has no relation to something that may up set someone, a modern camera takes very graphic photos/videos. Gruesome is much more accurate, gruesome is the correct word to use with the content you linked, you linked to a graphic photo of something that is gruesome and unsettling (to some, the photo doesn’t bother me). People associate graphic with something unsettling when it is things that are gruesome that are unsettling, not things that are graphic.

      End of my rambling.

      • ‘Grisly’ is also a good word, unless you’re talking about bears–although when a Grizzly attacks, things DO tend to get rather grisly. Not to mention gruesome.

  2. How many years of life lost by victims of crimes? How many years of life lost by gang on gang violence? There is a good chance that they types of people getting shot by police (regardless of race because it is usually a larger number of whites anyway) would have likely not lived 50 years due to their “dangerous jobs.” Car jacking, home invasion, drug overdose, fighting other criminals, disease, substance abuse, etc etc, they might have only lasted days or weeks longer if left to their own devices. I sure wouldn’t want 57,000 years of fear and destruction at the majority of their hands, that is 57,000 years of hell.

    • How many years of life lost by gun banning, left wing, status governments…. billions of years?

      • By those methods, Planned Parenthood stamped out 330,000 abortions * 85 life expectancy = 28 million years of life.

        Sounds a lot worse.

        • Exactly.

          “Years of life” is common way to look at public policy in health n safety. That drug that keeps most people alive, but kills a few … why prescribe it? Net, more years of life. Guard rails. Air bags. Surgeries. Air travel. Vaccines.

          /The Long Form
          We should be OK to have the debate on those terms, too. It’s a(nother) winner. Years of life gained *is* the utility argument for citizens with arms. Yes, lots of other benefits. Yes, human rights. Yes, citizens not subjects. BUT aguing social utility, n population wide years gained hits them right in their Volk social utility — right where social architects “for the good” live. Right in every argument they make. The data is easy to get, n more tobust than crappy surveys, or cooked “studied.”

          How many “years of life” are gained by 2.5 million DGUs a year? How many years gained by things that don’t get started because a gun was there?

          Years of life is the killer counter to “You are more likely to get killed…” Armed citizens get about a butt load more years of life per million vs unarmed. And their quality of life is higher, they say. Why do you want to take away that passle of lifetimes from those people?

          “You want more people to die!”
          “I want more people to live. Years more life … lifetimes more life, that’s the point, yes?”

          “Guns kill…” only works if you accept their flip. We wanna be able to stop a whack job with a truck (or in a school), to get more life. The point is all those tomorrows people have, that the whack job was about to take. If armed citizens or arms protecting school warn off the whack job, even better. He gets tomorrows too. This is “The Life-Giving Sword.”

          So, yeah, bring the social utility life years argument. We want citizens to be able to.protect themselves for all the lifetimes of years they’ll get to keep. Why do you want to take those lifetimes away … ?murderer?

  3. 1. Teacher’s Union’s the groups responsible for the “Parkland Teacher’s Union March…!” For Carl Marx, Elimination of U.S. Bill of Rights, and Teachers contracts….

    2. Not interested in BLMs politcal retorts…Police issues are separate from that group….

    3. TSA needs to be Abolished…

    4. Alyssa Milano is a has-been TV show actress who obviously suffering from some kind of Mental Illness like, Bi-polar/Schizophrenic/Liberalism…She’s obviously Bat Shit crazy…And is representing a group with similar Mental Healthcare Issues…And Her and her NoRA and THEIR groups Manifesto, touted as The Gun Safety Bill of Rights…Is nothing more than a platform to usurp the Rights of others…Her group is a bunch of fruitcake and deserves no attention at all…Except a prepaid trip to a Mental Healthcare facility for broken DemoCRAP constituents…

    5. Doctor heal thy-self…..If you want to practice politics…Then run for office…Keep it out of a patients healthcare…Also, please provide survey on medical 🚑 malpratice and deaths from your medical facilities…Thank you…Thank you and your Fired….

    6. Attention whore parents… Indoctrination of THEIR kids into left-wing politics…Because It’s a popular ME-Thing for social media..Which has traditionally leaned into Nutty Liberalism/ Marxist groups….Should be BANNED…Along with there Douche-Bag parents….

    • Also, add the book burning mentality to that list…The Nazi and Communist regimes all started with collaborators…It rates up there with sci-fi dystopian future of ” Fahrenheit 451, and the past with the Nazi party’s book-burning Adventures…” And NOT forgetting “1984.”

    • Take the word “gun” out of their The Gun Safety Bill of Rights and it makes more sense. But we already have laws to prevent violence and they prove to be ineffective at stopping criminal behaviour. More laws will have zero positive effect anda whole lot of negative effects. For proof, just apply any of the proposed laws to any of the mass shootings or the even more numerous gang related shootings that have already taken place.

  4. ” Common sense gun laws “. What do socialist liberals know about common sense. How about this blast of common sense, ” Shall not be infringed “‘

  5. “Here’s X percent of my wages that should be going towards my pension, be a dear and use it to **** about playing politics while making 6+ figures and abusing expenses. I can work till I’m a 120* if need be.” Said no one ever.

    *If the members and not just a board voted for the move make it 130.

    • San Francisco has its own pension system. Some radical leftist (more radical than normal) got on the S.F. employees’ pension board and did the same thing and reinvested the money in more politically correct stocks….. He lost the pension fund $1 billion dollars (with a “b”). The defunded pension stocks didn’t even bat an eye. He got kicked off the board. This won’t end well for the teachers.

      • As pension funds fall under Federal regulations, their boards are charged with being fiduciarily responsible to their shareholders–meaning that they MUST take into consideration the profitability of any investments made, and the losses that might be incurred by divesting any investments.
        If it is found that the directors caused their pension funds to suffer a loss by getting rid of an investment that did, or could have, made a profit (such as divesting from oil-company stocks just to make an environmental point, or getting rid of profitable gun-company stocks merely to virtue-signal), then the board can be held both civilly and criminally liable for the loss incurred.
        Just IMAGINE the individual board-members, brought into Federal court on misappropriation charges, and sued civilly to make up the losses to members. . .
        Ah, one can dream!

        • You put the correct emphasis on the word “IMAGINE”. The San Francisco guy and the teacher’s pension board people are a protected species in California because they practice “right think”. The Thought Police and the Ministry of Pleanty won’t pursue them…. at least not in California.

  6. London has more murders than NYC, from stabbings! Also, murders in the UK went UP after handguns were banned.

    Secondly, people stabbed are usually stabbed dozens of times. A knife may be arms length range, but it essentially has unlimited ammunition. Even if you survive, your permanent injuries may be worse than death.

    Lastly, much larger mass murders can be committed with arson, bombs, or even trucks/vans.

    • Also, I don’t care what some limey brit surgeon tells me. All he needs to do is watch some Cold Steel proof videos on Youtube. All we are is a giant piece of meat with some skin and bone. If it can cut a pig, or a hunk of meat on a hook, it can cut you!

      An idiot with a degree in medicine is still an idiot. His confirmation bias is showing.

      • Yes! Cold Steel is great! I have a couple! And Knives, Swords, Dirks, Daggers, Seax, Short Swords, Hangers, Cutless, Etc…Have been around since the American Revolution…There were used as basic tools, utility, and for the common defense….These items are Constitutional Protected under the US Bill of Rights….See 2nd Amendment for clarification…

        • …Also , The Monarchy/The UK Government, its Mouthpieces, its royalty, its Medical Associates and Drs., hold no sway here! We kicked out the British…A long time ago !!!

  7. American liberals aren’t “the left” no matter how hard you try to make it so. They’re still a bunch of milquetoast capitalists, just like American conservatives. There’s not really a difference when you get down to brass tacks. Actual leftists, like myself, tend to be pretty pro gun because we know the revolution will not come about through picket signs and bake sales.

    • Unfortunately, were seeing a cold civil war at the moment…These people are a clear and present danger to Freedom and Liberty 🗽 in our country…And represent a violent mentality deranged mob…Along with THEIR political inserts occupying offices in GOVERNMENT that are attempting to eliminate our Bill of Rights…Maybe it’s time you made a stand against those in your political spectrum that have gone way too far…Over the edge….

    • Yeah… not really interested in hearing from somebody roleplaying as one of the worst mass murderers in world history. Fortunately, the real Trotsky got exactly what he deserved. An icepick to the back of the head.

      • “Fortunately, the real Trotsky got exactly what he deserved. An icepick to the back of the head.”

        “A mountaineering ice axe, often wrongly referred to as an “ice pick”,[13] was used in the assassination of Leon Trotsky by Ramón Mercader in Mexico City in 1940.”

        More brutal-looking than a common, garden-variety icepick, indeed :

        Anyways, a good commie is a *DEAD* commie… 🙂

    • What do progressives call 100+ million deaths from Communism in the last century?

      A start.

  8. Yet another reason to ban public sector unions. Sorry kiddos, you don’t get to rig elections to pick who’s going to be across the negotiating table from you.

    • SCOTUS is about to hear a case on mandatory union membership that could gut public sector unions.

  9. “The “weapon instrumentality effect” refers to the well-understood fact that the instrument used to inflict harm bears directly on the outcome, and that no weapon of interpersonal violence is more effective, or easier to use, than a gun.”

    Well of course the weapon used bears on the outcome, you moron, which is why people – including cops – carry guns.

    Also, let’s clarify our terms. If some skel comes at me with evil intent, and I shoot him to defend myself, that is not “interpersonal violence”. It might be violent, I admit, at least for the moron who picked the wrong guy for a target. It may or may not even be fatal. It may even cross the line into evolution-in-action. But it is damn sure not “interpersonal violence” on my part.

  10. You know, someone should tell those anti gunners we don’t want people with a violent history to have guns either. The problem is that the liberal judges keep turning them loose!

  11. A trauma surgeon is telling me that guns do more harm than knives. Welp, I guess that settles it. I will defend myself with a gun rather than a knife, based on this expert opinion. Cheers!

  12. One thing I have to wonder is if this divestment from gun mfgs is really a great idea. The reason I say that is there would almost certainly be an osmosis effect wouldn’t there? The big gun makers would end up having people progressively more 2A supporting back them but in turn those people would see a higher portion of profits from within the gun industry its self.

  13. My father was shot multiple times with a .30-06. Some years later he was stabbed in the back with a 4″ switchblade. He told me the stabbing (with a relatively tiny knife) was much, much worse than being shot (multiple times with an actual large caliber round, requiring multiple surgeries to recover). I’m gonna trust the word of a man who experienced both over some pantywaist British surgeon.

  14. I wonder…

    How many firearms were destroyed and melted down by police and antigun morons? If the number of millions of rounds a gun will go through before it reaches the end of it’s life is _x_ and the average age of the firearms when they are prematurely destroyed is _y_, what would be the average cost to the nation in wasted resources as a result of a still useful product being destroyed?

    See, even I can make absurd correlations. Remember, the young and small ones are precious. Save the subcompacts! Think of the poor little NAA mini revolvers that will grow up without their full size parents, barely able to scrape together enough .22lr rounds to eat…

  15. “Common Sense” gun laws, the Fig Leaf used by the dishonest to try to disarm the honest citizens, and make it easier to control and imprison them. Let’s hear it for Utopia. Or not.

  16. Oh look,how quaint,A 9 year old is against the second amendment so why not also be against the first as well.

    • Becausd her retarded social media attention seeking parents wanted to do something bash. They wanted create a controversy…Drag their kid into left politics…Have their kid scream the these books are offensive in everyway…Ban them, burn them, get rid of them…That’s the ticket…..

      • I see several times in just this one article’s comments about how the parents are responsible for this child’s ideas.
        While I have no doubt they contribute, she (the child) spends many more hours with teachers than with her parents. Especially when you consider the time spent at her home where the parents aren’t actually in close contact with her (homework, play, social media, TV games, etc).
        Given that teachers tend to be more and more politically active, I think that they bear much more responsibility for this young girl’s “activism” than her parents.

    • I have faith that Barnes and Noble will tell her to go back to history class. I got an old Nook tablet as a gift, made an account, then looked up a few gun magazines. They don’t have a lot online, less than the ones pictured, but some nonetheless. Then, for the sake of argument, I looked up, but didn’t buy, Mein Kampf, just to see if they would actually carry it. Turned out they have several editions available online. If they are willing to have actual, genuine Nazi propaganda, then I’m confident they will support the First Amendment, even if they don’t like the Second Amendment.

      As the old saying goes:
      “I may not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it.”

  17. All these years, I’ve been wondering when the lefty anti-gun forces would go after gun books, gun literature and gun magazines, since these usually contain a message against gun control, something the anti-gunners despise and can’t control. I live in liberal Northern VA and I’ve noticed that my supermarket magazine rack has become devoid of gun mags over the past few years, and I’m told it was due to the demands of anti-gun customers who were offended by them. Barnes & Noble remains one of the few brick-and-mortar stores that sell a significant selection of gun mags. So let this 9-year-old and her lefty parents go pound sand. If they get their way, the only way we’ll be able to get gun mags is by subscribing.

    • gun magazines are by and large hard to get at newsagents anywhere in australia, especially if you want the few that have actual information in them and are not just infomercials to sell the latest gadget and throw in a few hunting yarns

      • bullets are expensive….. rope can be reused many times 🙂 only use the bullets when you have to. if you can get them to surrender hang them

  18. They are gun books and magazines being sold by a book and magazine store. Tell Tinkerbell that she doesn’t have to buy them, but other people should be able to. It’s called the First Amendment, sweetheart.

  19. Ah yes, good old police violence. Huuuuge problem. All those poor diddndu nuffins who don’t get to do nuffin no more…
    I can only recommend the Donut Operator YT channel, he analyzes many shootings where bodycam footage is released and also analyzed every fatal police shooting last month.

  20. Here’s what Cook doesn’t know about knives, guns and murder:

    –>Death by knife isn’t any better than death by gun.
    –>Yes, a knife would is probably better than a gun wound.
    –>You aren’t going to get a knife wound anyways, because they will always be able to get guns:

    I can print a 30 round magazine from a desktop 3d printer people:

    In another 10 to 20 years, like the 3d printer 20 year ago, people will be able to laser sinter a whole gun right from their desktop computer at the click of a button. It’s already been done:

    Phillilp Cook and other pro-statist totalitarians are under the illusion they have control over something. They have no control. Over anything.

  21. When criminologists get to determine how we all get to defend ourselves (against our government, or anything else) that’ll be the time to fucking kill all of them.

    F England and the EU with their opinion on our country and our rights. We can’t wait to say ‘no’ when they ask for rescue from their child raping muslim horde.

  22. ” According to one British trauma surgeon, gunshot wounds are “at least twice as lethal as knife injuries and more difficult to repair.””

    This ignores the fact that most gunshot victims coming into trauma centers are wounded once or twice. Many stabbing victims have 20 or more wounds and are delivered directly to the morgue, so I’m not surprised a trauma surgeon has little experience with this.

  23. I guess the TSA needs to celebrate when they actually find a gun in someone’s carry-on instead of missing it

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