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“These trends mark significant changes. What we don’t understand yet is what’s causing these numbers to move downward.” – Professor Geoff Alpert in Fatal police shootings of unarmed people have significantly declined, experts say [via]

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  1. “Unarmed” doesn’t necessarily mean non-threatening. The media certainly likes to move the goalposts rather freely when defining “armed”, don’t they?

    • +1

      Do we even need to go into how many outright lies the leftists have pushed to perpetuate the “police brutality” myth? “Hands up, don’t shoot”, anyone?

      • Always remember these are the only.people outside of the military that can ve trusted with weapons of war and full semi-automatic guns

      • Brutality, excessive use of force or unjustified use of force?

        Seems on average current cops do brutalize. They are trained to do that to effect an arrest or compliance. Cops don’t see anything wrong with “police brutality” because they are taught that is how you get someone to put their hands behind their back. That kind of mentality leads to excessive and unjustified use of force when there isn’t proper training and/or leadership.

        Unfortunately America doesn’t have a high standard for their police therefore there will continue to be too many incidents of improper policing. Also, diversity requirements for police departments leads to unqualified people put in situations that will have an outcome the public doesn’t want.

    • Just being a big man is threatening. You don’t need to have a negative demeanor to intimidate people (including cops).

      Being threatening isn’t a justification for lethal force. If you weren’t a cop and you killed someone because they were threatening, you will go to prison for murder. If you shot and killed someone because they punched you, you will go to prison.

      Certain circumstances can justify lethal force of an unarmed person. For instance, when a person/s continue to beat someone who can no longer defend themselves from great bodily harm or death and they strike that person in the head with foot stomps, blunt objects, fists or slamming the victim’s head on the hard ground. Even the UFC has restrictions on what kind of strikes you can use when someone is on the ground.

  2. “Experts say”
    Who are these “experts”‘ and why do they deserve this title?

    • “Who are these “experts”‘ and why do they deserve this title?”

      (I’m going into a little role-playing here, acting as a Leftist)

      Who the fvck are you to question how we self-identify?

      (Leftist mode /off)

      This is our number one problem – They are completely and totally shutting down the discussion, and taking the moral high ground while doing it.

      Check out this comment to an article yesterday in the New York Times. It is notable for one thing, it is the #1 comment in “NYT picks” of comments :

      (The article itself is *very* good and should be read, link below. It’s worth it.)

      “I question the value in the opposing opinion. It is not always worthy of consideration. A simple reality rejected by those apparently oblivious to human history is this: people will not always agree.

      That is not a challenge. It is a fact. I am very liberal but I seek consensus. Unfortunately, I am not willing to negotiate on human rights. I am similarly unwilling to embrace any role for someone else’s religion in my life, and how politely they ask will have no persuasive power over me.

      There is plenty of room for debate on many subjects. There is no room at the table for the ideologies masquerading as “conversations” in these circles. These bigots lost their seat at the adults’ table long ago. To invite them back with their notions of racial supremacy and their desire for theocracy is a bridge or twenty too far.

      At what point do we stop appeasing this regressive movement and call it by its name? The internet has spawned an echo chamber of trolls as warped by hatred and prejudice as any group in history. They are organized, and they are dangerous. Ambivalence about their cause can only be attributed to ignorance of their true nature–which they will loudly advertise if you listen.

      We do not owe them a seat at the table. We do not owe them soft language. We do not owe them acceptance. It is time for liberals to recognize that these are bad people with bad ideas. They cannot be saved from themselves. And they should not be spared from our censure.”

      This is what we are up against – If we don’t get a handle on it, this country is coming apart.

      Please read that NYT article. There are others equally worried as we are…

    • Research shows that 73% of all people who use the term “research shows” are just making shit up.

  3. > what we don’t understand yet

    Maybe because people are starting to notice that cops feel entitled to randomly shoot anybody to make their quotas, and cops need to be a little more circumspect about their murders?

  4. Maybe certain small groups of hostiles do not feel as “empowered” to confront the police as when Obama was egging them on with his racist anti-police rhetoric…it’s amazing how many bad decisions people can make when a sly devil is whispering nonsense in their ears.

  5. Because 3 years of stats isn’t enough to establish a pattern to anyone not pushing a narrative?

  6. Ferguson Effect, anyone? Police are shooting fewer unarmed (but usually dangerous) people because theyre now ACTIVELY AVOIDING patrolling certain areas/neighborhoods. Which ones? The one where the criminals live. Great for the cons, bad for everyone else who has to live there.

    • +1….. “self initiated police activity” i.e. taking on the drug dealers and gang bangers, traffic stops, getting out of the patrol car and talking to people, etc. has gone down about 80%. Most police shootings happen when a cop sees someone doing something suspicious, goes to investigate, and then it degenerates in to a deadly force encounter…..Since Ferguson, cops don’t want to deal with that mess, so they just look the other way rather than take a chance at stopping a bad guy and getting convicted in the court of public opinion if things go sideways.

      • Wasn’t there a story/study recently that indicated that police tend to escalate situations rather than deescalate?

        Maybe now they are more calm and are unwilling to escalate to the gun. If they are not that type of person then maybe they just stay in the car instead of trying to play the role of hero. Although, some cops feel the need to pull out their gun when they see someone put mentos in their pocket.

  7. Surely this is obviously the Ferguson Effect in action.

    Anyone care to overlay the police unarmed shootings graph, over a violent crimes graph? How many unarmed people have been shot by thugs and gangs this year, vs by police?

    • Yep, this data might be good, but it might indicate real trouble which we already see in the murder trends in the large Democrat run cities. Additionally, how many of these unarmed shootings were of drug addled junkies, and how is that trending? How about emotionally disturbed persons? Looking at a single trend in the absence of other relevant and likely influencing data is at best a waste of time, and at worst, a tool of the propagandist.

  8. I think the number is trending down as 2015 was the peak of the BLM movement with a little bump in 2017. Now, BLM and that whole movement have been made a joke. Plus, Police have learned to be more careful and not engage like before.

  9. 1 Obummer, the great race baiter and destabilizer GONE.
    2 Lowest unemployment for minorities on recent history (idle hands are the devils playthings).
    3 Tougher stance on illegal migration and gangs.

    Thank you President Trump!

  10. Lies. Damn lies. And liberals running out of things with which to bash Trump.

    • There is a lot of things to bash Trump with, but the Democrats love him for those things.

      The Leftists are just using Trump as a boogieman in order to rile up their followers. If Trump was better at delivering a message it would be much harder for people to demonize him. The way Trump does things now makes it very easy for extremists to rally their hordes and send them off to fight.

  11. Let me guess, the end of the Obama administration. They protected BlackLivesMatter, a group connected to many cop killings.

  12. “What we don’t understand yet is what’s causing these numbers to move downward.”

    Maybe the whole “All of America is starting to demand that police get better training so they stop stop shooting innocent people” thing is starting to work.

    Also helps that it is basic knowledge at this point that if you see a police officer you get your phone out and start recording him so when he does something illegal he goes to jail for it. Funny how people act better when they know they are on camera.

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