Jerry Lewis Personal Arsenal Huge Gun Stash
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JERRY LEWIS GUNATHON!! Massive Personal Arsenal for Sale

We never did think he was funny. But this gets him a posthumous check on the credit side of his life ledger . . .

Did you know … Jerry Lewis had enough guns in his private collection to arm an entire militia?!

It’s true … and now his entire arsenal — from pump action shotguns to civil war pistols — are all hitting the auction block.

73 firearms in total … with some of the weapons starting in the 5-figure range at the Julian’s Auction event in Vegas on June 22.

Among the highlights … multiple 12 gauge riot shotguns, a Beretta semi automatic pistol, a whole bunch of mini-revolvers, a Glock 17 semi automatic and a Ruger Blackhawk revolver .44 mag.

Gun Control Activists Laid Down For ‘Die-In’ — Group Trolls Them with Epic Reminder of 2nd Amendment


While pro-gun control activists where hosting a “die-in” in front of the U.S. Capitol building and Senate Republican offices, other activists held local “die-ins” to demand strict gun control legislation be passed and signed into law.

At some locations, there were pro-Second Amendment supporters hosting counter-rallies.

During the rally in Nashville, members of Freedom Rights decided to place pocket Constitutions on the people who lay down . . .

Micrstamping Ballistic Imprint Crime Guns

Microstamping technology will spur added trust in law enforcement

The Washington Post owes us a new keyboard…we read that headline with a mouth full of coffee . . .

Currently, ballistic technology relies on the unintentional tool marks left on a cartridge. These marks must be matched to a recovered firearm to begin the tracing process. If no firearm is recovered, a definitive match is not possible.

Microstamping creates microscopic alphanumeric and geometric engravings on a cartridge as the gun is fired that identify the weapon’s serial number. This enables law enforcement to use an expended cartridge case to trace a firearm without physically recovering the gun.

By allowing law enforcement to solve more firearm homicides in communities of color, microstamping could help police officers demonstrate a commitment to assisting these communities and gain community trust as a result.

Want to buy a gun? Town officials just made that nearly impossible here

This same anti-gun strategy didn’t fly in Chicago. We’ll have to see if the same holds true in New Jersey . . .

The all-Democratic governing body in Piscataway has unanimously approved an ordinance targeting weapons retailers — a move apparently without precedent in N.J.

In a 7-0 vote Thursday night, the Piscataway council signed off on the new zoning restriction, even though no such businesses currently operate in the township.

It will prohibit gun shops from opening within 1,000 feet of schools, parks, houses of worship, university campuses — the Rutgers University football field is in Piscataway — medical facilities, bars and other locations.

Facebook Firearms Accessories Ad Policy Under 18

Facebook updates ad policies for ‘weapons,’ will restrict content for ‘accessories’ to users 18 and older

Because kids can’t manage to find them on Google . . .

Facebook announced an update to its advertising policies on Friday, which will place age limitations on promotions for a broad range of “weapons accessories.”

Facebook already prohibits ads for the direct sale of potentially lethal weapons, ammunition, and explosives. But a representative for the social media giant told the Washingotn ExaminerFriday that advertisers will now be required to manually restrict audiences to users over the age of 18 for promotions of the following items:

Mounted flashlights for firearms
Scopes and sights for firearms
Hunting, self-defense, and military clothing and gear such as shooting targets and clay throwers
Holsters and belt accessories
Gun safes, mounts (including bipods), gun cases, and slings
Equipment and protective clothing (including vests)
Paint, coatings or wraps for weapons and magazines

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  1. I thought the micro-stamping post would be about cops not being able to plant evidence as easily if there was micro-stamping. Nope… It was about not finding the gun yet still prosecuting a person because of some casing. Not even DNA is absolute in a court case.

    Facebook doesn’t want the youth getting into airsoft. Most kids who get into airsoft are nerds for gear; they like to replicate specific military units. It’s a gateway into actual firearm ownership, joining the military or becoming a cop. They don’t want the younger generation becoming fanboys of the 2nd Amendment.

    • So picking up spent cases at a range and planting them as evidence will now be a thing, I guess. And brass catchers will sell like crazy. Smh.

      • Why bother? What ties a gun to a crime is the bullet which does the damage matching the barrel of the gun. Proving that a certain case came from a certain gun means exactly jack shit. Anyway, I don’t recall seeing that gun any time in the past 15 years, why do you ask?

    • 30yrs from now we will learn that DNA “evidence” is as useless/BS as a lobotomy. The idiot layman believes the cop/DA because it “science”. No it’s a test carried out and interpreted by a government drone employee or by a low bid contractor.

      • DNA evidence can only prove presence of a specific DNA at a scene.

        It cannot prove that a crime was perpetrated by the person whose DNA was found.
        The lack of a person’s DNA being found at a crime scene does not mean they were not at the scene, unless every molecule of DNA at the crime scene has been tested.
        It cannot prove evidence was not planted.
        It cannot prove innocence or guilt.
        It is really quite worthless.

  2. So revolvers will come back into vogue for criminals…no cases left behind…or they will find ways to remove the microstamping…or pay a premium for pre-microstamp firearms…
    As for a “massive” arsenal…I have nearly that many guns and don’t have the millions of dollars Lewis had…LOL

    • Files don’t cost very much. One could render “microstamping technology” useless with one or two swipes with a $5 tool available at any hardware store. Just sayin’

        • Or how about the ones you truly need to worry about (terrorists and spree shooters) are not really going to care that you found out who they are or where they bought their ammo from? Dead men don’t worry about prosecution.

      • Don’t forget that you could just grind it against a side walk and probably get a pretty similar result too. Less bucks as well.

        That said I’m pretty much in agreement about the amusement of a handful or two of range brass at crime scenes.

        Regardless though, 100% skeptical there’d be any difference. Look at MD’s shell casing database and how many crimes it solved to the cost. It was almost none.

        • Hey’! MD’s data base solved just as many crime s as the NYC database (or was in NYS?)!!! And it WASN’T almost none!

          (Ahem…it was actually none.)

      • One danger if microstamping I’ve heard about is that the stamp will naturally wear out/become illegable after a relativel short period of time (few hundred to at most thousand rds). But if microstamping is mandated then it will become a felony to “deface” the stamp like it is a serial number. Since most civilian gun owners will shoot their gun enough to wear/efface the stamp over time that will make most of them de-facto unknowing felons walking around if you ever get in trouble with the law, they confiscate your gats and inspect the firing pin.

        • They had something like that for years in NY ,every firearm had to be fired by police and a casing kept ,after spending millions and not helping solve one , repeat not one crime it was done away with

        • Everybody is already a fellon and doesn’t know it. If you deny it, then you are simply living in denial….. the reason you aren’t already in prison, is because our benevolent overlords haven’t seen fit to arrest you for your crimes against the crown.

    • Firing pins would have to be serialized parts that require a 4473 for this to be in any way effective, otherwise you’d just need to replace the firing pin. And that’s ignoring the fact that most criminals use stolen guns that have no paper trail leading to them.

      • I was just having this discussion with a couple earlier this evening at the store: explaining to them the time required to complete a “gun trace” from the manufacturer, to the distributor, to my store, then to dig through my files dating back many years, and finally to find a name to whom the gun was sold long ago but was stolen from their unlocked truck two years ago.
        “That,” I explained to them, “is why the police in real life almost never bother to ‘trace’ a gun -they know it will be a waste of time, will not help in the prosecution of the suspect, and will take a hell of a lot longer than the span of a commercial break like it does on TV.”

      • You have to be at least as old as me to remember Jerry Lewis doing anything other than his “make fun of the handicapped” thing. As I recall he did a lot of physical comedy that just wasn’t funny at all.

      • “Because he was never ever funny in any sense of the word?”

        Even my parents never found Lewis particularly funny, and they are his vintage.

        Look, I liked David Letterman’s humor in 1980. Then he went full Leftist…

        • You’ll be happy to know that Creedmoor week ended last night and you’ll have 51 week before it’s back.

        • That was my last creedmoor joke. Till next year. Unless some more asinine articles come along…

        • No…. the ghost of 6.5 Creedmore will haunt the comments section forever. The Genie will never be put back in the bottle. “6.5 Creedmore” jokes will become the “Jerry Lewis humor” of TTAG.

  3. Good thing that there’s absolutely no way to replace a firing pin. Whew!

    Or will replacing a pin be its own separate crime?

    • “Or will replacing a pin be its own separate crime?”

      Expect to get a law worded something like “Defeating microstamping marks” being a felony crime…

  4. Do tech companies do this shit because they themselves have no idea how the internet works or because they assume their users have no idea how the internet works? I can overlook this sort of stupidity from grandparents and politicians but Facebook should know better. Oh, that’s right, Facebooks user base today is more grandparents than anything so I guess it fits. Age verification, any verification, online is a farce. Hell, I’m an octogenarian obese woman twelve year old afro-cauca-native-asian with seven doctorates and a 17″ penis on my forehead. Verified.

  5. It’s all the same, only the names will change
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    Another place, where the faces are so cold
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    I’m a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride
    I’m wanted, dead or alive

    Sometimes I sleep, sometimes it’s not for days
    The people I meet, always go their separate ways

    Sometimes you can tell the day, by the cartridge that you shoot
    Sometimes when you’re alone, all you do is group

    I’m a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride
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    I walk these streets, a loaded Creedmoor on my back
    I play for keeps, ’cause I might not make it back

    I’ve been everywhere, and I’m standing tall
    I’ve seen a million targets, and I’ve shot them all

    ‘Cause I’m a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride
    I’m wanted, dead or alive

    • Creedmore shooter why don’t you calculate your distance
      You’ve been out ranging senses for so long now
      Oh your a long one but I know you got your reasons
      That recoil you’re lacking can hurt you somehow

      • I live my life like there’s no tomorrow
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        Yes I’m livin’ at a pace that kills

        Oooh yeah
        Runnin’ with the Creedmoor!

    • I am Creedmoor hear me roar
      In numbers too big to ignore
      And I shoot to well to go back and pretend

      ‘Cause I’ve heard it all before
      And I’ve been down there on the floor
      And noone’s ever going to keep me down again

      Oh yes I am wise
      But it’s wisdom born of pain
      Yes I’ve paid the price
      But look how much I’ve gained

      If I have to I can do anything
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      I am Creedmoor!

    • Prefer this one…. Bon Jovi lacks testicular prowess.

      “Crushing all deceivers

      Mashing non-believers
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  6. Editorializing against Jerry Lewis?!? He seemed to be quite a jerk( the Nutty Professor was no stretch). My favorite JL flick. Hilarious…for a micro-stamping second I thought they killed the die-in idiots! Good times😄

    • “Editorializing against Jerry Lewis?!?”

      Check this out about Lewis –

      “Ban gun registration & trigger lock law in Washington DC.
      Lewis co-sponsored banning gun registration & trigger lock law in Washington DC”

      “Voted YES on prohibiting product misuse lawsuits on gun manufacturers.
      A bill to prohibit civil liability actions from being brought or continued against manufacturers, distributors, dealers, or importers of firearms or ammunition for damages, injunctive or other relief resulting from the misuse of their products by others.”

      “Voted YES on prohibiting suing gunmakers & sellers for gun misuse.
      Vote to pass a bill that would prohibit liability lawsuits from being brought against gun manufacturers and dealers based on the criminal misuse of firearms. The bill would also block these actions from being brought up against gun trade organizations and against ammunition makers and sellers.”

      Lewis was strong on gun rights…

  7. By allowing law enforcement to solve more firearm homicides

    Because of all the crimes being committed in poor communities of color using lawfully owned, duly registered firearms?

      • Yeah, that’s going to go a long way, right? Adding more and more law enforcement to neighborhoods “of color” so’s to earn points for protecting them po’ folk. I’m sure they’ll love that.

  8. You’d think that someone who wanted to promote firearms safety would be promoting gun safes, not restricting knowledge about them.

  9. The micro-stamping thing isn’t about anything more than making your RTKABA a too big a pain in the ass, and it’s only because enough of their side haven’r been fucked up with extreme prejudice for it. So we play the stupid game until we do.

    F em all.

    • In California, it has nothing to do with solving crime. Instead, it is an excellent way to prevent new and improved models of semi-automatic handguns from being (legally) sold here. If you can’t ban them, limit the number that can be sold.

  10. So one could , in theory, pick up a bucket of brass at the range and then effectively commit any crime they wished and, by leaving found brass at the crime scene, frame any number of people for crimes they had nothing to do with. What a bunch of shit.

    • Not actually all that bad, no one will be subject to mistaken arrest or prosecution because the whole idea is useless and will never be used, just paid for over and over, both by shooters and by taxpayers. Just try to imagine how any usable evidence of any kind could possibly ever be generated. It’s a joke.

  11. An entire militia?!? Let’s see, we’ve got Jerry, Barney, Gomer, Darrell, and his other brother Darrell. Yep, we’re all set. That ought to be enough guns… barely.

  12. I would drop a copy of the 2A on those “die-in” snowflakes.
    But I’d have it engraved on a 2″ thick piece of AR500 plate.

  13. Journalists show us every day why kids should be strongly encouraged to not pay huge money for a liberal arts degree.

    As has been pointed out, a file will take that micro-stamping off a firing pin very quickly. But when you’ve known gun controllers as long as I have, you know what they’ll require next: An examination of the firing pin on every legit transfer to insure it still has the microstamping relief on the nose of the pin.

    Not to worry, folks: a small benchtop lathe, some high speed tooling, some drill rod stock, a propane torch and a cup of oil and you can crank out brand new firing pins for many guns like they were hotcakes. You swap in the replacement pin when you want, and when you want to sell the gun, you swap back in the original pin. Poof, all the gun control fantasies go up in smoke. If you want to get really crude (but effective) results, you could use a power drill, a hand file and a hacksaw and made new firing pins. A little practice will make perfect – or close enough.

    And the Washington Post is so cute with their fantasies of how microstamped firing pins somehow increasing trust in law enforcement – what a hoot. This, even as the FBI is being shown to be corrupt from top to bottom, requires a suspension of disbelief on par with believing that the moon is made of blue cheese. It’s as if the clowns at the Washington Post don’t even read their own newspaper…

    • “FBI is being shown to be corrupt from top to bottom,…”

      Oh, yeah.

      I think that report of “No political bias” recently released was deliberately thinly-veiled. Kinda like how Hillary was gutted and spread out to dry by Comey for her illegal server with illegal classified documents on it… and then not prosecuted.

      It’s purpose was really to neutralize the upcoming Mueller report. As it sits right now, it just provided the excuse for republicans to not convict Trump for impeachment. It cast enough of a doubt that they will never get the necessary 75 percent vote for impeachment.

      So, it will be like ‘Slick Willie’ Clinton. A nice headline, but he stays in office.

      Goose, meet Gander…

    • “… believing that the moon is made of blue cheese.”
      Everyone knows the moon is actually made of green (“greene”) cheese.

  14. gotta love that ‘microstamping story”

    read the last line

    “””The writer is executive director of the
    Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.”””

    Do tell!
    So chicken shit can’t even take credit for this BS!

  15. Business segregation is returning to America. Its 1950 again. And Libertarians Liberals and the Left, support it.

    But the difference now is you can’t get a gun and ammunition delivered to your home like black people did, because white owned gun stores refused to sell to blacks. Blacks used mail order catalogs to get arms.

    Check out Negroes and the gun the black tradition of Arms by author Nicholas Johnson 2014.

  16. No one has commented on PAINT being a restricted substance now? Seriously? That’s the hill they wanna die on?


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