Cuomo to the Mattresses, Hysteria in Floriduh and FOID Follies — TTAG Daily Digest

Cuomo Ups Anti In Taking Legal Fight To NRA Governor Soprano goes to the mattresses . . . Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced Friday that the state will highlight the National Rifle Association’s pledge to spend $1 million to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court in papers related to the state’s motion to dismiss the NRA‘s lawsuit. The […]

Microstamping’s Problems Aren’t Bugs, They’re Features! – Quote of the Day

“Because of California’s law requiring new gun models to use microstamping, no gun manufacturer has introduced a new handgun model to our state since 2013. That means handguns with the latest and most reliable technology are not available to California’s law-abiding gun owners. “That is exactly what anti-gun legislators wanted when they passed the law. […]

Should We Fingerprint Guns?

The Holy Grail of gun forensics: a method to definitively match a bullet and/or spent cartridge to a specific firearm. It’s also the centerpiece of any number of anti-gun advocates fondest dreams. There’s as much incentive for finding the solution to gun “fingerprinting” as there is to finding a miracle drug cure for cancer or […]