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“If I want a new shotgun for duck season, I’m shopping for that months in advance. (I)f someone in a fit of rage can walk in and buy a weapons (sic), that’s probably a bad idea.” – “Avid hunter” Illinois GOP Rep. Grant Wehrli in Bipartisan work yields gun bills, fate rests with Rauner [via]

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  1. If someone being chased by someone in a fit of rage can walk in and buy a weapon, that’s probably a good idea.

      • But when your constituents are FUDDs this logic plays well. They hate scary black guns and semi-automatic pistols. Winner!


      • Even if it was about hunting, no one has ever gone on a hunt and had their firearm lost in travels or it broke and they need to buy a new one? Never?

        That’s what I thought.

        Screw waiting periods.

        • I understand waiting periods and background checks. What I don’t understand is why i have to do this every time I purchase a gun.

          I bought a handgun for myself in June. Got it after 10 days, went straight to the range with my kids and they discovered they loved shooting. My 11 year old decided he wanted a Ruger 10/22 for his birthday in July, a week after I picked up my handgun, less than 20 days after I purchased said handgun, I had to undergo another background check and another waiting period.

          Either the government does not keep records or this is just all another scheme to make more money at the expense of us citizens.

          How come if I take something I did not work for it is called theft. When the government does it, it is called taxation.

        • I really have no problem with the “instant background check” the way it’s done in PA. It’s done every time because the information is supposed to be DELETED after 30(?) days. I would rather see that than the data being kept permanently.
          As to a waiting period, MD has one. They have had one since about 1970. It’s definitely INCONVENIENT, but other than having to wait for my first target pistol, I really haven’t had any problem. It was pushed through the legislature as a “cooling-off” period just so an upset spouse couldn’t go into the gun shop and buy a gun to knock-off the other spouse while still angry. That law is now redundant because the State requires a permit/license [Handgun Qualification License] to buy a handgun. That requires a day of training, shooting a gun [the “gee, gun go ‘bang'” clause], and more waiting for the license to be issued by the State Police. MORE money, MORE waiting, and MORE horse s**t. … The criminals don’t have to do any of this.

    • No, I don’t need the gun “right away….” When I was running the Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge at Bot Scout camp and 2 of my shotguns “went down,” I had to stop in to the nearest gun shop and buy a new Mossberg 500. …… I didn’t need that gun “right away.” ….. I could have simply shut down the Merit Badge program for a week or two and deprived those kids of earning their badge ’til next year.

      • might make more people be like the “doomsday” preppers with multiple backups of all their firearms 🙂 IMHO that could be a good thing if it did that

  2. Votes have consequences, Rep. Wehrli. So does running your mouth in the media.

    I suspect Rep. Wehrli’s campaign just got a little more exciting and expensive.


    • Sadly, no. The Illinois primary season is over and giving the commies more seats in the legislature is cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  3. There is some truth to that statement. Instant gratification to be a gun owner might not be such a great idea for Homer Simpson, but if you already own firearms (or need protection from a threat), this is just a silly reason to keep you from new firearms.

    Will they be doing that with ammo, also? We do not always have the ammo on hand to fire out C&R firearms, so that could ruin an late planned outing to the range and also ruin it for those of us that are thrifty and buy on sale.

    • They were already setting this up in California with the whole ammo license thing. Pay money, apply for license, wait for license, then buy ammo.

      • It is actually the ammo seller that has to be licensed. Not the buyer. And ammo purchases have to be face to face. And in 2019 they will start requiring a background check on ammo purchases. I can’t wait to get out of this God-forsaken state.

        • And none of that is actually about ‘safety, security, or just one child, etc’.

          It is about adding barriers and costs in order to discourage current gun owners from shooting, and discouraging new potential gun owners from participating in their rights.

          Again, adding to the de-normalization of firearms, playing toward the end-goal of “The Narrative”.

        • Also to add to state coffers.

          They should just admit it was never about safety but MONEY!

    • I was going to do a bang-up Barbecue on Memorial Day. My wife made out the shopping list, and I fetched.
      Next day I started grilling. Had to use the gas grill ’cause she forgot the charcoal. Got the grill nice and hot, threw on the steaks, went in to get the basting brush and sauce. Dammit, sauce wasn’t on the list. Had to make my own on the spot. Went back out, chased away a nosey racoon, flipped the steaks, and the gas cut off. Went to get the extra tank. Got back, racoons hat taken all the uncooked meat. Went in to get my rifle Can’t find it because my wife loaned it to her brother to get rid of (get this) racoons! I went after the varments with a baseball bat and a bucket of rocks (Not School Issue, but the real thing) Extra tank? Empty. Gas leaked out while I was “Bat-Batteling” racoons.
      Back in the house, boiled hot dogs, drank beer, passed out.
      I shoulda planned this months ago.

  4. Did these people get a different copy of the Bill of Rights than I did? They keep bringing up hunting, which I never saw in there anywhere.

    • Have you ever noticed how these traitor politicians want to pass laws ” for our own good ” ? I think that ” for our own good ” these crooks should be recalled for breaking the oath that they swore to upon taking their position. Someone should tattoo the words SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED on their foreheads.

      • Make sure that tattoo is backwards so they can read it every time they look in the mirror.

        • you assume they can read or will be bothered to actually read the words. No politician actually knows what the hell is in any law they pass. They just throw words together to make it sound all official and then ram it through on a popularity contest.

      • They, of course, know excactly what they are doing. They only try to hide their intentions from the moron masses, who can’t discern their right hand from their left. The moron masses that believe scumbag leftist politicians are “just trying to make us safe”
        But, you knew all of that already. You read TTAG, which makes you not part of the moron masses.

      • Better yet a branding iron with same sentence , burned into their thick fore ” heads ” remember what our forefathers fought for !!

    • They don’t care. That’s just some stupid old taboo from a bygone era that all the backward unenlightened rednecks keep bringing up and it gets in the way of their plans to make everything nice.

  5. I’m still waiting to hear about the FIRST anecdotal case where someone bought their first and only gun and committed violence, murder or mayhem the very same day.

    Has that ever actually happened?

    • I’m sure someone has bought a gun and gone on a rampage the first day. Probably a self entitled POS totalitarian (D) who couldn’t understand why the world didn’t bow before them.

      I’m also confident many other people have bought a gun and used it successfully to protect themselves or their family on the first day they bought it.

      I won’t support any laws limiting what new gun owners can or cannot buy or making them wait for it. I will support licensed gun store owners recommending the proper training in care and operation. I will support gun stores choice in refusing to make a sale if someone is clearly agitated or some other non-discriminatory reason.

    • I worked in a Level I psych hospital for 21 years. A patient was discharged; the day after they lied on the 4473, bought a revolver and went and shot five people.

      • Very clearly a HUGE FU by the folks who released this violent murderer from the hospital. Those hospital folks should have also been charged as accessories in those killings. The gun did not do the killing. The mental patient did with the assistance of his “doctor”. Obvious malpractice.

    • One of the Columbine victims’ moms walked into a gun store about a year or so after, still devastated with grief. She asked to see a revolver, loaded it with ammo from the shelf, then committed suicide right then and there. Freaky story, but these things do happen. None of that justifies firearm waiting periods, though.

  6. If I’ve always wanted to go duck hunting but never got around to it, and I get invited to go tomorrow by a good friend and avid hunter, I want to be able to have my own shotgun.

    Also, the Second Amendment has fuck all to do with hunting.

    Your move, dickhead.

  7. Right of THE PEOPLE…not the militia…to keep and bear arms…
    shall not be infringed- ONLY right that clearly states this…hmmmm
    Yes…have an age limit (like voting)
    Yes…there are some limits (like speech)
    Anyone not allowed to have a gun maybe also should not be allowed to vote, drive or have children either…right? Depending on why they are restricted from a gun, of course.

    • and the Militia IS THE PEOPLE. it is not the state run home guard or national guard in the US. it is also most certainly not the military that is run by the federal govt. the militia is and always has been the people prepared to stand up against corrupt govt no matter what the level of govt be it local state or federal

      • actually could be defined as the armed populace coming together for the common defense…saw that happen once…reassuring when the cops are unavailable….

        • yep exactly. there was at least one case in australian history where that happened too. was against a couple moslems who decided to try to wage jihad in the early days of australia. as usual the cops were nowhere to be found

    • California’s waiting period was never justified–until quite recently in a lawsuit–as a “cooling off” period. Instead it was all about the time it took to run the background check.

      But any logic inherent in cooling off periods fails for anyone who already owns at least one firearm.

  8. This is really hard to argue against I keep finding myself tearing apart my own argument, but there is one that I cannot tear apart. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED and the fact that no where in the original Bill of Rights is hunting listed as a basic right. Bearing un-infringed arms in a well regulated militia and even outside of that militia is but hunting not so much. So I’m guessing our founding fathers probably figured hunting was just the way you fed your family and any man wanting to outlaw that would be insane so they thought it best not to really codify that. My main argument against any waiting period is they just don’t work… They don’t prevent a damn thing, never has anyone waited that 10 days and then not murdered who they were planning to murder in the first place.

    • ‘Who are the Militia? They consist now of the whole people, except for a few public officers.’ – George Mason

      • My dad worded that much more simply.
        The militia is anyone who can lift so much as a rock in defense of this great nation. Politicians don’t count because all the can lift is your wallet, an intern’s skirt, or a glass of whiskey. He still isn’t even sure they qualify as people either.


      That boat sailed long ago; not coming back. No means in law to enforce. There are no enumerated or other constitutionally protected rights that are absolute under the law. “Fixing” things would require an entirely new national government framework.

      • “…“Fixing” things would require an entirely new national government framework.”

        I’m good with that. Maybe we can do a better job putting together America 2.0

        • “I’m good with that. Maybe we can do a better job putting together America 2.0”

          Understandable thought, which should lead to a sobering analysis of the state of militia at the first and second revolutions.

    • It’s easy to argue against.

      1: You don’t need a new shotgun for duck season

      Day before, you go through your gear like a good hunter, making sure everything is ready to go, but it is not. *vital part* of your duck gun is broken. What do? Should I have to miss duck season because some criminal, who doesn’t use duck guns, might hurt someone? This would be intolerable with any potentially criminally used item that isn’t protected by constitutional rights. Why is it ok with this constitutional right? How does this address mass shootings?

      Of course this is Illinois, the state where rights are considered a minor inconvenience to state power, and ignored as necessary.

  9. He’s utterly wrong. Mass shooters don’t act on impulse. They carefully plan for their attacks. A few days waiting for the gun won’t stop them. Another useful idiot.

  10. if i’m in a fit of rage… getting to the lgs would be a cooling off period.
    on top of that i’d have such a good time there that i wouldn’t be upset anymore.

  11. I wonder how this “avid hunter” got into hunting. Did his buddy offer to take him, did his dad offer, or was it grampa? I’m willing to bet at the time of the offer he didn’t have a gun and either had to borrow one or go out and buy one on short notice. Perhaps he isn’t really an “avid hunter” perhaps he is instead an imposter, saying he hunts and shops for months and this is just his way to pare down the number of hunters in Illinois.

  12. I am fine with the extra waiting period, just apply it as well to drivers licenses, voting rights, buying other products that might be use violently such as cars, gas, fertilizer, baseball bats, kitchen knives, etc…

    Let be honest, most of the common sense gun control is simply adding an annoyance factor so they can say they did something, no matter if it is totally insignificant.

  13. A well regulated hunting club, being necessary for deer and hog population control, the government-controlled privilege of the people to purchase arms after a waiting period, background check, and in the absence of any GVROs, shall be considered.

    It’s right there, fellas. We’ve been misreading it for centuries.

    • Wait a minute, maybe they mean we can hunt libtards, keep that population down. Do I need a license, is there a bag limit? Any restrictions on weapon type or size? Is there a season?

  14. Illinois is the land of stupid (D)1<ks, all of them, especially their rino reps who are a bunch of fucking liars when it comes to their motivations. None of this shit is for “safety”. It’s all about making obtaining guns a PITA in order to eradicate them, and it won’t stop until it’s open season on these fuckers. History has already spoken.

  15. Guns are for killing every swinging dick in your government, that won’t go home quietly after you tell them ti uner the 2nd Paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. There’s no guarantee they’ll give you a half-seconds notice that you might need ti do this. In fact the power usurping (D)bagsat the FBI have proven that they’ll hide the reasons you need to kick them out and send their stupid asses packing as long as they possibly can. The Declaration of Indepence says that decency owes them a prior explanation for their ouster. I’s send an email.

    This GOP rep needs to go home.
    F em all.

  16. I believe he’s just concerned that a few of his angry 😠 constituents might pay him a visit…Should the USA be plunged into another American Civil war… You know that Damned Liberty Tree…You know the one that keeps getting uprooted or mixed up Full Of Weeds…

  17. We, in Utah, have no waiting periods. You purchase your new firearm, they do a state background check and if you have your CCW permit there is no charge for it, then you walk out of the store with your weapon. Haven’t heard of any mass shootings here, Can you imagine that?

    • I have lived in other states with the no waiting periods to purchase firearms also without any mass shootings. But, living in Illinois crazy state with the Chicago Democrats controlling what goes on in the state has been disturbing. Chicago Democrats are just pushing more of the Democratic gun control agenda that has been proposed in other states. A lot of their legislation is the same in these states also with the DNC helping propose and pushing similar worded bills through each state. One the most disturbing Democratic copy bills submitted in Illinois and many other states so far has been proposals to make it illegal to purchase parts to repair and build firearms. No more purchasing 80% lowers, slides, trigger groups, lowers, stock kits, handguards, barrels, BCGs, charging handles, and many more items if this legislation passes in any state. It will basically strangle us from making any repairs or upgrades to our firearms and choke the firearm business out of existence.

      In the November, Illinois will fall victim again to the Chicago Democrats and a new Democratic governor , if Republican Gov. Rauner does not win reelection. Chicago Democrats will be able to push any gun control agenda they want in Illinois without any impediments. The Chicago Democrats will repeal the Illinois preemption law on firearms and the state will be really messed up more than is is now. We do not want the DNC messed up gun control and disarmament agenda being pushed in Illinois and nation wide right now. Time to look for a pro-2nd Amendment state to live and work if you live in Illinois.

      • J, absolutely time to find a place to move. I was able to escape from Kalifornia immediately after I retired. Had I stayed, I’d of become and instant felon, many times over because they made several of the guns I owned illegal unless they were registered with the state DOJ, which I refused to do.

        I haven’t regretted one bit the move out of Kalifornia. I loved my new found freedoms in Utah, the hunting, fishing and shooting as little of that was available in SO Kal. They say there are now more jobs available than people to fill them. Maybe it won’t be so difficult. I wish you the best of luck in your search.

  18. Maybe we should apply that to alcohol too. You buy beer ahead of when you plan to drink it. Of course you can’t open the beer in the car before driving home. And if your woman, dog dies, job lost , you don’t want to let some one get drunk right away. They need a 10 day cooling off period.

    I bet that would not be a popular proposal from the nanny state.

  19. I’ll bet the people of Missouri were thankful there state didn’t have a waiting period when the St. Louis riots occurred with little warning. Oh, and why would anybody need a 30 round clipazine, amirite?

  20. In other words:

    Since the waiting periods we subject you to haven’t done anybody one bit of good, the obvious solution is to subject you to even bigger waiting periods.

    If a little of something doesn’t help, it’s obvious that what we need is a lot of the same something.

    My question is, how hard is it to get Naperville voters to dump a RINO enemy of civil rights?

  21. If someone really wanted to kill someone else, do these people really think a waiting period would help? A gun, a car, a truck, a bomb, or even a sharp stick, it doesn’t matter. People will, in a fit of rage, or when pushed past the breaking point, use whatever is available. I remember when I was bullied by an older scout on a boy scout trip. I took all I could before beating his face bloody with a seatbelt buckle. Perhaps instead of making life even more miserable, legislators should look at why people snap or go on killing sprees in the first place.

  22. “If I want a new shotgun for duck season, I’m shopping for that months in advance.
    Well, duck hunting is what the 2a is all about.

  23. Nobody walks into a gun store “in a fit of rage” and legally buys a gun to use that afternoon.

    It’s not a real thing.

  24. Now wait a minute. Every other day I hear these gun grabbers, regardless what flavor of political party, claim that gun ownership per capita is on the decline and has been for years. The only people continuing to buy new guns is an ever dwindling core of bitter clinger types amassing ever larger arsenals. Well.

    If that’s the case, then what good does extending purchase waiting periods, or even having purchase waiting periods, do when the overwhelmingly likely purchaser is going to be some old fat white guy who *already* has a cache of weapons at home? What are you preventing with this delayed purchase that cannot be accomplished firearms already owned?

    I know, I know, never mind averages, probabilities, most likely this or that. We’re talking about one, single, solitary, hypothetical non-gun owner who might do this some time in the future. So let’s impose a nationwide inconvenience on a hundred million gun owners because “if it saves just one life…..” it’s worth it. Good grief.

  25. Along with the policy and legal silly, Rep Doesn’t-Understand-Rights-Aren’t-Grant-ed, there doesn’t get:

    — The point of government, even legislatures is not making laws. The point is quality of life for the people who’ve contracted the govt to do some things for us. Sometimes, perhaps often, less laws make better QoL. (Slavery and Jim Crow were the law. Drug prohibition. The idiotic national speed limit.)

    – The point isn’t that some law is not much of a burden on some people. The point is what good it does. What good does this one do? (For the people governed, in their own terms. Sorry to spell it out, but we’re dealing with a state rep here, so I have to go remedial.)

    – Can we do better some other way? Restricting what otherwise lawful people do ought to be the *last* choice of solution, not the first.

    I don’t hear a case for why this is the best and only way to do whatever good it’s supposed to do. It is the best way to further encumber citizens who want to own guns, so if that’s the point, well done.

  26. Yeah, it works so well in commie kalifornia. Think YouTube campus. Before computerized records, we had 3 day waits. Now 10 day waits and one gun a month. NOT ABOUT SAFETY, CRIME, NUT JOBS! ITS ABOUT “CONTROL” OF THE SERFS.

  27. Any and every US jurisdiction can completely outlaw hunting, by gun, bow and arrow, and any and every method with a 50.1% elected executive and a 50.1% elected legislative body.

    Surveys show 90% to 85% of gun owners never hunt with firearms.

    This entire “hunting” narrative is a colossal red herring.

  28. If you have a CCW then there should not be any waiting period for you to buy a gun. Period.

    As for duck hunting, the only ones I’d shoot at have to be sitting first.

  29. If you have a concealed carry permit like me, you already have had a background check what waiting period?
    Seriously longer waiting periods!! Give me a break!! Makes no sense!! Duck hunter wants a shotgun has a longer waiting period NONSENSE!! Deer and Elk hunter wants to buy a new rifle before the season or during the season for his kid or himself, longer wait period more NONSENSE!!
    The crap they come up with!!


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