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World Cup fans can buy machine guns ‘no question asked’ in Russian shops if over 18

That’s almost enough to turn us into soccer fans . . .

Pop into this Moscow shopping centre and you can leave with a machine gun in your carrier bag.

If you are over 18, you can snap up a powerful Draganov sniper rifle or AK47, no questions asked.

The gun store is sandwiched between mobile phone and toy shops.

It flogs military weapons that have been de-activated – but the owner said you could get them working again.

Guns, including Kalashnikovs, and Tommy guns, go for around £1,500 each.

Days after signing gun laws, Gov. Murphy faces city reeling from arts festival shooting

It’s almost as if all those gun control laws infringing on the rights of law-abiding gun owners don’t really do anything at all to stop violent criminals from breaking those laws . . .

Murphy – who signed some of the strictest gun laws in the nation just four days before the violent shooting – reminded Trentonians during the service that through faith and community, “we can rise above this.”

“It’s yet another reminder of the senseless gun violence, even having signed six stringent gun laws last week,” Murphy said at a press conference following the service. “We know we’re getting stronger and better but we’re a long way from getting rid of this senselessness.”

Parkland students make political point in Naperville: ‘Tweeting isn’t enough’

No, you have to lie down in grocery store aisles, too . . .

After attending St. Sabina’s annual end-of-the-school-year peace march and rally Friday, the town hall discussion Saturday at the DuPage Unitarian Universalist Church was the first stop in mobilizing young people to get gun control measures passed. Naperville was chosen because of the NRA’s influence in the area, Grady said.

The goal of the bus tour is twofold: get everyone registered to vote and have in-person conversations about the need for gun control.

Cliven Bundy Second Amendment Tyrannical Government

A big theme of Saturday’s rally was fighting overreach by the federal government. During his talk, Bundy referred to the U.S. government as tyrannical, and called the federal officials he had encountered “goons.” “Where do I begin?” he said, of the government.

“The founding fathers didn’t want central government,” Bundy said. “And what do we have today? We have a central government with unlimited power–at least thinks they do,” Bundy said. “And then we have a society that turns to the government for everything, cradle to death.”

The rancher also waxed about the importance of having a militia that could resist the government if need be. Bundy also alleged that it was a goal of the government to discourage or get rid of militias in the U.S. “They are trying so hard to whip this militia,” he said.

Texas Campus Carry Teachers 200 Districts Armed

More than 200 Texas districts let school staff carry guns

Not a bad start, but there are 1,023 school districts in the state . . .

That number stood at 172 districts in February, the same month a gunman killed 17 people at a school in Parkland, Florida.

(The Texas Association of School Boards’ Dan) Gonzlez says the number “may continue to grow as districts continue to revise policies” in the aftermath of the May 18 shooting at Santa Fe High School near Houston that left 10 dead.

An oldie but a goodie:

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  1. Yes parkland was in Naperville because the NRA is so strong there. Right they’re in Naperville because is a safe white bread community one of the richest communities in the chicagoland area.

  2. So we have an ex communist dictatorship that allows people over 18 to purchase fully auto weapons and then we have the Communists and Socialists of this Country trying to destroy our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms and you have to ask yourself why? It is plain and simple. Tyrannical control of the masses leaving them with no way to fight back. Even the darn ex-commies realized what gun control was.

        • Fairly easily. But why bother? If you know the right guys, you can get a crate of factory fresh AK-74s delivered right to your door with a few cases of ammo. The RPG-7s might take some work, but still doable. Russia is the ultimate capitalist country these days, everything has a price. Given the choice of them of the UK… I’d pick Russia. At least they fun places to drink.

        • The country may technically be communist, but they have one of the biggest gangster economies in the world, and a thriving black market. And since a black market by its very nature falls outside of government restrictions, it’s pure capitalism

        • “Russia is not communist. Technically or otherwise.”


          Tell that to a bunch of journalists who dared to call out Putin for what he really is.

          Wait – That’s gonna be kinda tough, because most of them died under very suspicious circumstances…

        • Which has nothing to do with communism. Besides, based on the behavior of “journalists” on this side on the pond… is he wrong?

        • Very doable as the frames are usually intact and that is what you need. Most/Many of the parts are as well. The barrel might be plugged and some of the internals might be gutted/altered but the frames will work.

          “But why bother”. Two big reasons. 1. Cost is usually going to be (much) higher for black market arms. 2. You have to deal with Russian gangsters in order to get said arms. Those are some of the most unsavory characters alive. If there was no other way I would say “go for it” but there are other ways.

        • 1. “much” higher than $2k per rifle? Um… nope.
          2. Most Russian “gangsters” aren’t the sort of street level lowlives you find in America. The core of Russian organized crime is a bunch of old KGB guys who decided to embrace capitalism. As organized crime groups go… I’d rather deal with the Russians than the Mexicans.

        • ““Russia is not communist. Technically or otherwise.”
          Tell that to a bunch of journalists who dared to call out Putin for what he really is.”

          Putin is not the leader of a communist state. What he is, is a “strongman leader” in that he is a man who is a powerful, influential political figure who exercises leadership and control by force. While that sort of man is necessary to lead a communist state, he doesn’t need a communist state to be that kind of a leader. Such men, by their very nature, do not like others to contradict him, and they detest those who would criticize them, because they (rather obviously) strongly believe they are the only ones who have the right to criticize anyone (that criticism often taking the form of physical injury or death; Uncle Joe Stalin is a very good example of this).

    • Those are demilled. They are just pieces of wood and steel. Not even sure why you have to be 18.

      Wait… can’t…. stop… the… troll…. “kurpdurp this is why Ruissa is full of nazis that luv their citizens to have access to machine gunz!!!11!!!”

      • “Demilled” is the term we use in America to turn a gun in to not-a-gun per ATF guidelines. Since Russia doesn’t have an American ATF and doesn’t have to follow American ATF guidlines, rhe term “demilled” doesn’t mean anything there….. maybe they just put a bright orange wax plug in the tip of the barrel and removed the firing pin and viola! Russian not-a-gun!

  3. If I thought for one minute that I could go and bring one back, successfully, I would. ALAS! Not going to happen.

  4. A *painful* late addition to the ‘Digest’ –

    “Report: Woman shoots husband in testicles after he tries to take her air conditioner”

    “A Columbia County woman is back in jail after she failed to show up in court for an aggravated battery charge.

    In October of last year, Kimberly Dunn, 35, shot her ex-husband in the testicles after he tried to take an AC unit, according to an arrest report.”

    • If someone tried to take my AC unit, I’d shoot them too. Summer is miserable without AC, even at night. Add in that sleep is next to impossible in anything but a cot in hot weather, and you get sleep deprived real quick.

  5. Authorities said Wells was carrying a handgun with an extended magazine — a gun that’s illegal to possess in New Jersey. It was one of several guns recovered at the scene.

    Wells was sentenced in 2004 to 18 years in state prison after pleading guilty to aggravated manslaughter in the fatal shooting of 22-year-old Robert McNair during a dispute over who should drive a car Wells had driven from a local bar. Wells was 17 at the time of his killing, authorities said.

    Cops and other gang members be running NJ’s streets. Thanks government for your fine service making the state safer…

    • Tell you what, if my state ever limits mag size (doubtful, I live in Utah), then I’m gonna build me a .458 Socom and if the state wants to complain about my 30 round magazines, they can eat a dick. Same mags hold 8 rounds of .458 and that’s what they all are.

  6. Not really seeing the big deal here about the deactivated guns. Many countries around the world will allow you to buy deactivated military arms.
    Could you make them function again? Sure if you feel like rebuilding the whole thing from almost scratch. Just like you can build a full auto smg from scrap steel. So what?
    If you want a full auto AK, taking one of the widely availabe semi-only ones and converting it back to select fire would be a hell of a lot easier and cheaper than making one of these function again.
    And for what? To have a gun that will never leave whatever place you end up hiding it for fear of going to prison?
    The reason we don’t have a bunch of converted MGs flooding the market isn’t because they are hard to make. It’s because most people don’t feel like going to prison over it when a perfectly legal semi-only rifle will get the job done just as well.

    Also I’m pretty sure a Russian gun dealer will tell these stupid tourists whatever they want to hear to make a sale. Not like he’s ever gonna see them again.

    The author of that piece is acting like he found some new secret loophole or something. Guess what? You can convert pretty much anything into a firearm if you really want to. Doesn’t mean anyone is going to waste their time doing it when you can just go and buy one like a normal person.

  7. “It’s yet another reminder of the senseless gun violence, even having signed six stringent gun laws last week,” Murphy said at a press conference following the service. “We know we’re getting stronger and better but we’re a long way from getting rid of this senselessness.”

    ‘Common-sense’ gun laws don’t work to prevent senseless violence? If only someone had pointed that out.

    • If a (D) tyrant surrounds himself with (D) tyrants, then the sensibilities they share are common. When your values, rights, and security are compromised by tyranical consensus, its refered to as a “common sense compromise”.

  8. So you dipsh#t Floriduh children think you’ll change hearts and minds in Naperville?!? Even DuPage Co. is seeing an uptick in crime. I doubt they’ll give up their guns for you idiots. So WHO is footing the bill for these Parkland punks??? BTW I see “deactivated” guns on FB. One guy in Holland(?) has dozens…why bother?

  9. Stricter gun laws attract shootings — it’s basically the same Murphy’s Law that attracts tornadoes to mobile homes.

  10. “”how to create a gun-free america in 5 easy steps””

    1: Start an organization
    2: Call it a gun rights organization
    3: Take every opportunity to support gun laws, slowly banning the most common types of firearm and increasingly large percentages of the population
    4: Deflect from criticism by claiming without you they wouldn’t have any guns
    5: Profit.

  11. Murphy is why you don’t give the gun-grabbers a damn thing. They just come back, literally days later, saying the same dumb shit and demanding more from you.

  12. Ban guns because it worked SO well with alcohol and illegal drugs….right????

  13. I have become absolutely convinced that no liberal possesses critical thinking skills beyond that of a 2 year old. Time and time again throughout history it has been illustrated for them that bans DO NOT work on anything. Alcohol, drugs, gun parts, and anything else ever banned was still accessible to the person wanting it bad enough. Their response when their latest and greatest ban fails? Oh it’s cause we didn’t ban this too. No dipshit it failed because enough people wanted the banned object that someone saw profit in manufacturing it, smuggling it, or stealing it that they’ve set up a small black market selling said object. That 13 round magazine was probably stolen (along with the gun) and resold as a result of your dumbass bans. Your laws fail not because they didn’t go far enough but because the criminals you’re trying to outlaw are always willing to go farther. Bans only affect the law abiding. Criminals, don’t give a shit they’re already breaking the law so what does one more charge matter? They know they’ll get a plea bargain anyway and in that bargain your DA will drop those weapons charges faster than your “secretary” drops her panties.

    • I’m reminded of an old saying. Republicans and Conservatives think Liberals and Democrats are stupid. But Liberals and Democrats think Republicans and Conservatives are evil. If I told you that I got to travel back in time and kick Hitler in the nuts, I’d be applauded. You can do anything you want to someone who’s evil. It’s why liberal “comedians” can call Ivanka a C*** and make incest jokes over the offense of Ivanka posting a picture of her holding her son and the next day get awards. Ivanka is the daughter of an evil man and she doesn’t disavow him. You can do anything you want to someone who’s evil. No need for reason or common sense.

      You can hear it in their counter arguments. If I point out that a particular gun control law makes no difference, the response is “at least we’re trying something”. The accusation in their response is that I don’t care about even trying to save lives. Or if a black person votes Republican, they get called Uncle Tom or a traitor.

      Liberals have no need to actually discuss their failed policies. They can just dismiss all criticism as coming from evil people and there’s no need for facts.

  14. I like to call gun free zones “ unarmed victim zones”
    As others have said, prohibition of alcohol was a failure
    Drug war has bred a failure
    Prohibition in general has a poor success rate

  15. The government is essentially a bunch of goons. Some local governments more than others. We know this already, Bundy. After all, why would they take our money, only to squander it on “Beautification Projects” while doing nothing to fix the damned potholes littering the city?

  16. ““We know we’re getting stronger and better but we’re a long way from getting rid of this senselessness.””
    And we will continue to remove your rights until only criminals have rights.

    “The goal of the bus tour is twofold: get everyone registered to vote and have in-person conversations about the need for gun control.”
    That’s a lie. They don’t want conversations, they want to give lectures. Which is, by some strange coincidence, what they actually do.

  17. Unlikely as he may be Cliven Bundy, along with his family members, are national heroes: the Bundy Ranch siege was a modern day Concord Bridge. The back story on just why the Bundy Ranch confrontation happened is convoluted but in essence what you had there was BLM politics involving a land swap called “mitigation” which would permit a Chinese owned solar energy farm to be erected on federal land. There was much skulduggery going on involving Harry Reid (ex. senator), his son who stood to make millions in the deal, a “sue-and-settle” environmental group ostensibly out to save turtle habitat (and tacitly support the land swap deal . . .).

    It was a typical DC sweetheart deal where a powerful politician and his son stood to make millions. But the Bundy’s and their ranch were simply in the way and the ranch patriarch, Cliven Bundy, was a stiff-necked, mean SOB who wasn’t about to be intimidated by the government.

    His ranch surrounded, his family members intimidated and assaulted, his cattle and property being destroyed by armed BLM cops and contractors, Bundy did the unthinkable—he publicly asked for help and America responded. What happened next was a perfect example of what our founder’s intended when they created the 2nd Amendment. Very soon a militia of armed American citizens showed up to confront the BLM thugs. History will show that what could have very well turned out to be another Ruby Ridge or Waco was narrowly avoided by the presence of armed citizens who banded together to oppose governmental tyranny.

    • He is also the guy who for years refused to pay grazing fees on federal land under the cockamamie theory that the federal government didn’t really own the land where his cattle foraged and therefore had no right to charge him, only the county did, a theory expressly rejected twice on appeal. There is a rather large monetary judgment against him for unpaid range fees that he refuses to pay. And why is he the hero when it is not his land and the federal government can do anything it damn well pleases (subject to environmental laws of course) with the land?

      • ” . . . refused to pay grazing fees on federal land under the cockamamie theory that the federal government didn’t really own the land . . .”

        Thank you for this. Nothing more need be said . . . except for the fact that the federal case against him was dropped and, of course, Bundy Ranch still stands.

        • hmmmm i seem to recall that the only land granted to the fed was 10 square miles of washington DC and anything else had to be leased from the states… eg military bases, who could remove their goodwill at pretty much any time. most of the land grabs including national parks set up by the fed have from what i have come across been overreaches of their power

  18. I have a coworker going to Russia for the games in a couple weeks. I should have him pick me up one of everything. That potato digger in particular would look great in my man cave!

  19. The is not a utopian Libertarian world.
    The COMMUNIST government in China has a capitalist economy. They have no civilian gun ownership. The communist Chinese government is persecuting Christians. They can’t have guns.

    The Russian economy is CAPITALIST. The Russian government is authoritarian. The Russians can have guns. The authoritarian government in Russia is not persecuting Christians. They can have guns.
    Its the gay issue that motivates the Russia/Putin haters in america.

    I would not recommend anyone try and bring a gun, especially a machine gun back into your home country!!!

    There is always more freedom in a former communist country like Poland, Hungary, Russia, etc., than a communist country like Cuba, China, or North Korea.

    However none of these countries have Liberty. Only the USA does, and maybe the Swiss. No Liberty in the UK, France, Germany.

  20. calls to mind what happened after grenada…officers who tried to sneak in captured AK’s got a slap on the wrist….grunts got leavenworth…

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