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LA residents line up to buy, yes, guns. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)
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These are dark days for Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop generators at The Trace. Sure, there’s that whole global pandemic thing, with cities, states, businesses and entire industries shutting down and people getting sick and dying.

But what’s really worrying those plucky content creators at @teamtrace isn’t the death or the economic devastation. It’s the fact that when the President declared a national emergency and it actually dawned on Americans that this nation is in for some seriously tough times, tens (hundreds?) of thousands of them — many of whom never bought a firearm before — made a bee line for their local gun store.

I texted with a friend yesterday who reported this:

That is not an isolated incident. The same thing is being repeated in every city and state. People who never previously considered and would have proudly told you they wouldn’t be caught dead owning a firearm have decided that despite all of the spin, propagandizing, and condemnation by Shannon Watts, Kris Brown, and Gabby Giffords, they want to be able to protect themselves and their children.

Worse still for The Trace, once we’re past this — and we will get past it — those thousands and thousands of new gun owners are going to be a lot less receptive to their never-ending push for gun rights restrictions and civilian disarmament.

So keep a good thought for The Trace’s poor ink-stained wretches. They’ve got it really rough right now.

“Firearms are increasingly marketed as the most rational solution to our sense of fear and insecurity,” [Harvard professor Caroline Light] told me. “And this epidemic, to me, seems like the perfect storm for convincing a whole variety of different consumers, who may or may not have been gun consumers in the past, to look at guns as a way to make themselves feel more secure.”

“That was a massive triumph of advertising by the manufacturers,” says Light. The National Rifle Association has echoed those appeals to anxiety in its own messaging. Light is careful to note that the gun industry and the gun lobby did not create the underlying conditions that have left Americans balkanized and jittery — i.e., the way the social safety net “was pretty much destroyed and obliterated by the end of the 20th century.” But they did aggressively exploit them. “The gun industry was very much a powerful player in taking advantage of these circumstances and shifts in our economic and political systems,” she says. “There’s so much money to be made in making the population fearful of its individual security.”

– James Burnett in Trust in Guns During Crises Is a Triumph of Marketing

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  1. “…the way the social safety net “was pretty much destroyed and obliterated by the end of the 20th century.”

    Damn, harsh on Ol’ Bill there. Weird how he was so celebrated by the Dems for so long but is actually the one who finally slew the welfare beast.

    Or maybe The Trace is just full of shit.

    • Yeah, had to wrap my head around that one for a minute. So… apparently since the welfare reform of the 1990s… everyone is getting off welfare and buying guns.

      And this is a bad thing?

    • The American public has VOTED, once again, with the only thing that really matters, THEIR WALLETS. And Firearms are the primary winners. Ammunition second.

      Self defense, self protection, and self determination will win every time.

  2. Hmmmm. Maybe I just haven’t been observant, but have the gun manufacturers really stepped up their advertising? I can’t recall seeing any increased or virus-targeted advertising. Seems to me this crisis has simply reminded people they need to accept responsibility to protect themselves and loved ones, without an increased nudge from the manufacturers.

    • What advertising are they on about? When was the last time you saw a commercial on the msm for a gun? Newspapers?

      If you’re a first time buyer you have to actively seek out any gun ‘advertising’.

      • You are completely right. I worked in consumer packaged goods and the firearms industry. The latter’s ads (with rare exceptions, such as Palmetto State Armory in the SC market) have to be sought out.

    • “Maybe I just haven’t been observant, but have the gun manufacturers really stepped up their advertising? I can’t recall seeing any increased or virus-targeted advertising.”

      Really? The advertising medium is the ‘news’ they have been blaring in our faces as to how this is the end of the world, and it’s all Trump’s fault.

      Methinks they are being bitten in the ass by their own salesmanship, and they don’t quite realize it yet.

      Does anyone know in any of these ‘lockdowns’ are they closing the liquor stores yet? (I know in California, the hard stuff is sold in grocery stores, so they can still buy.) Because that would be a potential ‘flashpoint’…

      • Illinois is now closed, but I just read the governor’s Executive Order. Most retail is closed down, but one of a few exemptions is “firearm and ammunition suppliers and retailers for purposes of safety and security”. (Section 12 part n).

        • I have heard them on the radio here rather recently, FN, if memory serves, on AM right-wing radio. No specific model, just hyping the brand…

      • Liqour stores are still open here in CA. I was out and about this morning. newsoms lock down order appears to be without much affect.

        • ETOH kills viruses, I suppose.

          That justifies keeping an elevated average blood alcohol in my book… 🙂

        • Twosome Newsom just activated the National Guard, you will follow his orders if you like it or not. Hate to say it but the fun is just beginning for you.

          On a side note at the end of this Trace article he says there will be more deaths if there are more guns. The majority of these will be criminals and Democrats. I really see no downside to be honest.

        • Liquor stores have been ruled as “essential retail” by both New Jersey and New York state,
          but all gun stores have been shut down by His Majesty Phil Murphy (Governor of New Jersey).
          That’s bass-ackwards!

      • Hi Geoff – yes, there is definitely a ton of hype, and the news media are trying to whip us up into a frenzy because “Orange Man Bad” and it’s the end of the world as we know it.

        But my point is that I don’t see the actual gun manufacturers seeking out and marketing to the gun-haters.

        Light, the author of the article, says, ““That was a massive triumph of advertising by the manufacturers,” but I haven’t noticed Ruger, for example, blasting out paranoid and dire warnings in the mainstream media in an effort to sell more guns.

      • You and JWM have got it knocked. There has been no “virus fear” advertising except for the “news” media, and certainly not by the gun industry. If people who have never bought a gun are buying Glocks, it is because it is one of the most recognized brands in America, even if it only advertises in gun mags.

  3. Glad we are all doing our part to make story tellers at the trace piss themselves.
    Now how many of these first time crisis buyers will remember this a few years down the road? Only time will tell. I’m hoping the majority.

    • The Government can’t even protect us from a virus that a few milliliters of alcohol will destroy. They could even manage to come up with a testing program to keep it at bay. An yet they keep telling us we will all be safer if they are the only ones with guns. If we give them up, they will protect us. I’m not impressed with their record over the years.

  4. As the saying goes in times like these “The sh!t sells itself.”

    Contrary to the Trace’s, Brady’s and Bloomberg’s BS people are catching the clue they need to be ready to handle their own security.

  5. And lots of people got to experience first-hand how difficult it is to actually buy a gun, especially in the slave states like CA and IL. Not quite as easy as some lying politicians would have you believe, eh?

    I’m the immortal words of John McClain, welcome to the party pal.

    • The Trace’s report is questionable. The California LGS on my way to work closed Thursday morning before the Governor said “shelter in place” because no one is buying guns. The store parking lot stayed empty since they sold out of 9mm and .45 ammo 2 weeks ago.

      • nice spin. why would there be cars in the lot of a closed store?
        give him a call. i’m sure he’ll open by appointment.

        • I reported an observation without spin.
          My opinion: gunowners stocked up on ammo but new people were discouraged by the bureaucratic hurdles to buying a gun and there was no business once the ammo sold out.
          Yes, I know the owner will still sell guns because he posted his phone number on the door.

      • Lots of reports of Kommiefornicators calling gun stores all over the country seeking to buy handguns and ammo for shipment to them. The “internet sales” thing the progs have been yapping about for years. They are shocked that this can’t happen under existing law. ( and to be told to go F themselves and their POS state).

      • nice spin. so no one is buying guns but the numbers on the door for those who want to buy guns. got it, sample size.

    • “I’m the immortal words of John McClain, welcome to the party pal.”

      More like the words of Axl Rose and the junkies of GnR : 😉

    • I would LOVE to know how many Internet gun purchases were in the process of being completed right up until the site said, “OK, pick an FFL for us to ship this to” and everything came to a dead stop.

      • LOL… I did that a few decades ago at the beginning of my journey as a gun guy. Trying to figure out what an FFL was and why a gun needed to be sent to one was the start of my education.

  6. Priorities in this crisis are hand sanitizer, masks, toilet paper, dry food, etc. Guns do not sanitize anything or clean your butt.
    The money spent on a gun is better spent on higher priories. The gun fills a purely psychological need unless society becomes violent when it a gun becomes a survival necessity. Many people clearly expect society to become violent.

    • Two weeks from now when totally unprepared people are out of food what do you think will happen? they’ve no job, probably no money, the stores are cleaned out or closed, and they are desperate.

      Firearms are right up there with water.

      • This just the beginning boys and girls. Expect to start seeing this in all the major cities and eventually in smaller towns. Once it starts taking out law enforcement. The next choice will be Martial law and the military. Then all bets are off. Keep Your Powder Dry.
        152 Detroit cops in coronavirus quarantine, 5 test positive | Fox News

        • There aren’t enough cops/guard/military to lock down more than a few cities nationwide.

          Everybody else will be on their own. Which is why so many folks that didn’t think they needed a gun are shitting themselves right now.

        • 60%-80% of people who get this are asymptomatic, the average age of AMERICAN death cases is 80, and the mortality rate for AMERICANS over 80 is 15%. Despite being 10x more deadly than the common flu, it means that the survival rate is 99.9%. That means (on average) in a county with a 1000 cops/deputies 999 are going to be at work and will be just fine. Of the 1000 people who work at the power plant, sewage treatment plant, water management, etc. 999 are going to be at work. Of the 1000 truck drivers who are bringing toilet paper to Walmart 999 of them will be just fine…. “Oh no! Bob in upper management died! He had Covid 19!! Well I guess we have to shut everything down and send everybody home!”…. no…. we’ll be fine. Bear in mind: the “infected” number is people who are tested when they have to go to the hospital or who have a lot of money and pay to get tested. The vast majority of people who get this will never be tested….

        • Richard you don’t know diddly. You 1st heard about the chicom flu on CNN Mar 1. Open source info available out of chicomland since mid Jan clearly indicated what was happening there and was coming HERE. Stop listening to the MSM (CDC). They are still talking about “typical” small impact virus and in doing so conveniently ignore 1918/19. Shaping up as similar to the Spanish Flu of 1918/19. Most of what CDC says is about calming the panic of the sheeple.

          1. There is NO evidence that young are less (or not effected) relative to aged. Only good data (EVERYTHING out of chicom CCP is BS) is on the Japan deathship where under 20 and over 80 were same rate. A high roller Orient cruise ship is loaded up with rich old farts not teenagers. The chicom flu got loose in a nursing home in Wa – what demographic lives in nursing homes? – they caught it and died.

          2. 20% of the infected will need a hospital INTENSIVE CARE UNIT (just as a heart attack or gut shot). It is NOT what you’re thinking where these are folks with a booboo a little bit worse than the other 80%. THEY are fighting to take the next breath. Many of the 80% “less effected” are going to have the worst illness in their life but the won’t want to go to the death chamber (local hospital). Of the 20% going to ICU the first few will get a bed and go on O2 therapy etc and in a couple WEEKS will be released. 1/4 of the 20% will need a VENTILATOR so don’t slowly suffocate (a hell of a way to die) and HALF of them will die.

          What do want to use for an infection rate? 60% or EVERYONE over what time period? The Feds expect this to peak approx. JUNE and last for 18m. So lets assume EVERYONE gets it with most in the next 6m

          20% of everyone is 70,000,000 need ICU (if that was possible/see Italy and chicomland) over some period of week/months. 25% of that is 17,500,000 will need a ventilator for 2-4WEEKS. 1/2 of them will die. Draw a bell curve and chose your odds of early/late getting it.

          How does that sound to you “just the flu bro”? See why the lying chicoms SHUT DOWN THEIR ENTIRE COUNTRY? In the Spanish Flu the US got off easy at 650000dead (a bit under 1% dead) but it remade the US economy more that WWI.

          Also no evidence yet of herd immunity or acquired immunity by having/recovering. And at least 2 strains are believed to be at work.

          And YES I believe it got loose from the chicom Level 4 Bio lab in WUHAN! I know the SOBs hide it for weeks and are responsible for everything going on in the world. The bastards need to pay for it. The Weimar Rep should look good to the chicoms. Bankrupt, ruin, salt the soil pay for it. Take every cent/asset they have and every title or possession they have more than 6″ from their highwater line.

      • Read Selco Begovic’s book. SHTF survival info. He survived the Balkan War. First they come for your TV, i-phone, jewelry. In a few weeks they come for your food. No one who stayed alone in their house survived.

        • Which is why staying in place with 10000 rounds of ammo is actually a bad idea. One needs to move when things get dire.

    • guns prevent more violence than they create, boondoggler.
      and if you have suppressor height sights you can clean uranus.

      • I never said guns cause violence. I just simply made an observation that people expect violence if they are buying guns despite guns being far down the list of priorities.

        • @SURFGW
          Hey you got your priorities we have ours.
          Prolly don’t even surf .. Townie

        • ” I just simply made an observation that people expect violence if they are buying guns despite guns being far down the list of priorities.”

          I buy car insurance not because I’m planning a wreck, and I’ve bought a fire extinguisher not ‘expecting’ to have a house fire. (When my place burned in ’99, I wasn’t even home. The Halon bottle on the wall by the kitchen was ruined by the heat. Pissed me off, that did. Can’t get Halon anymore… )

        • People are not expecting violence. They’ve just had the revelation that .gov may not be there in a crisis and they may have to be their own protection.

        • NO you are misreading surfgw – he/she says gun purchaser are EXPECTING violence where they will want/need a gun to defend themselves. And he/she is correct.

          This could easily degenerate to mob riot in cities. A serious interruption of food stocks resupply due to sick drivers/warehouse workers, the electric grid goes down due to sick operators. The chicoms (or others) take advantage of the situation while our military force is distracted/sick.

    • We have two groups of people fanning the flames of fear and panic. The major media and the political left. Even though much of this is psychological, too many people are being played and don’t know it.

      The issue isn’t gun buying, it’s panicked gun buying. This is not the time to buy guns. This is the time to only take news in small doses.

      • Two years ago, in early 2018, one of my non-gun-owning friends was curious about P80 Glocks. I told him I was about to build a couple more, and assisted him in getting a frame for him properly serialized to comply with our CA law requiring it (as of July 2018, any new builds must now be registered with CADOJ, but existing guns are grandfathered as long as they were already serialized privately).

        He was happy about the frame, but soon afterward had “better things to do” and not only didn’t finish the frame (we were going to build ours together), he never even bought the parts to complete the gun. Yesterday he was frantically asking me for advice on how to buy the necessary parts online so “we” could finish his project and provide him with the gun he now-so-desperately-needs. He made the purchase, was prepared to sit back and relax, and was dumbfounded to see the fine print from the store that due to California’s recent COVID-19 stay-at-home order, they had just closed for business that day and would not be re-opening until mid-April.” My friend was a day late and a dollar short.

        And that’s just the gun. He never bought any ammo, either.

        • This is what’s known as committing a critical f*ckup by procrastination.
          Let’s hope he gets a chance to learn his lesson and get a second opportunity.

        • Drove by the Army/Navy store 90 minutes ago. The line to get in wrapped around the front and east side of the building. I doubt they are waiting to purchase camo t-shirts and thermal mugs.

      • yes Prndll – just the flu bro. You didn’t plan ahead so sad – wipe with your left hand and eat with the right.

        “Panic” “hoarder” are deliberate insults in the same vein as Nigger. or if that get PCize Ni…ER

    • and why discount the psychological benefit? many folks are calmed knowing the dispensaries deliver.
      i’m trying to figure out why the big ketel was cheaper than the big tito.

      • Tito’s tequila? Not bad. Or Ketel 1, for that matter

        Once I tried Patron (when I imbibed, late 90s) there was no comparison. Smooooooothhhhh……………… 🙂

        I kept the bottles for stashing my Skittles on the coffee table, although I could fill one with .22lr, I suppose…

        • tito is cornhole vodka, but distilled four times it has no hog trails.
          ketel is second to greygoose, but no frogstuf for me.
          burnett is the best cheapo (along w/ kirkland, but i don’t costco).
          patron is ~too~ damn smoogy. and spendy. i get it, the farmer’s socks crap can put you off cactus juice.
          the best price points are with the barrel aged rums. but don’t tell anybody.

      • “many folks are calmed knowing the dispensaries deliver.”

        In Illinois, are the package stores a state-run racket, like they are in New Jersey? And are they considered ‘critical’? Because if they cut off an alkie from his hootch, they may discover what ‘critical’ really means… 🙂

        • don’t really know, but i saw an article that many were glad they are making deliveries. definitely state run.

    • The paycheck to paycheck crowd are on week two of no paycheck. Civil unrest is just around the corner. Try and apply for foodstamps now. The government can’t protect the idiots

    • The probability of needing a gun is almost 0%….. Until you abso-friggin-lutly need a gun and the probability is 100%. Keep in mind that 99% of the time when you “abso-friggin-lutly need a gun” is at a time and place (and in circumstances) not of you chosing. I.O.W. you don’t get to decide when you need a gun. You either have one or you don’t.

      • Unfortunately, this is 0% true until it happens to you, then it’s 100% accurate.

        Always be ready. After all, the prepping world was ready two weeks ago as the house of cards around us started to tremble. Now nobody’s laughing.

    • Now they are buying up all the gas cans. Think about all the people living in apartments with 5 gallon plastic gas cans filled with gasoline, what could go wrong with that.

    • “Many people expect society to become violent.” No, actually we expect it to continue to be so.

  7. “There’s so much money to be made in making the population fearful of its individual security.”

    You mean someone else is using the legacy media’s playbook? We’ve endured the sky is falling stories from them for the past 3.5 years.

  8. “There’s so much money to be made in making the population fearful of its individual security.”

    You mean like the legacy media? We’ve endured the sky is falling stories for the past 3.5 years. If you don’t call them out, then you’re just another hypocrite.

    • No kidding!

      “There’s so much money to be made in making the population fearful of its individual security.”

      I would replace “fearful of” with “responsible for”.

    • The legacy media was really selling the fear narrative after Hurricane Katrina also. I remember one asshole reporter lamenting how after a few days people stranded in N.O. were resorting to cannibalism! Anyone reporting some wildly false and sensational crap like that should be horsewhipped until they pass out.

  9. ‘…[Harvard professor Caroline Light] told me.’

    That’s a good indication you’re about to hear a big helping of word salad.

  10. Golly my south suburban Cook County hood was going to chit BEFORE the plague. And now my obese billionaire gov’ner has pretty much closed ILL down…my wife went to WallyWorld this morning. She had a gun in her fanny pack-quite illegally. Never done before. We’re on our own Trace azzhole!

  11. News reports that they are emptying the jails and ignoring crimes gets people worried. And memories of hurricane areas after everything was rattled are clear in people’s minds.

    When you see it happening someplace else on TV it’s someone else’s problem.

  12. the new eaa 1911sc ad with all the goofy scooby dogs convinced me.
    but you won’t see any in time magazine or on pbs.
    mores the pity. goal posts and whatnot.
    i remember being delighted the first time the sunday trib had a cabela’s insert with prominent gun ads. that was huge.
    any firearm savvy marketing is sought out in appropriate venues.

  13. “Light is careful to note that the gun industry and the gun lobby did not create the underlying conditions that have left Americans balkanized and jittery — i.e., the way the social safety net “was pretty much destroyed and obliterated by the end of the 20th century.”

    The “Left” created the underlying conditions that left Americans Balkanized, james. Now the chickens have come home to roost.

    I bet James bought a gun and a box of ammo already.

  14. At first I thought Vince McMahon released the virus to boost XFL ratings then the XFL season got cancelled like all the other sports. I should have known the real culprit was the NRA.

      • The precursor to a Logan’s Run society in the future?

        A couple of years ago, I was reading a blog site (similar to this one) in which someone posited the theory of a pandemic decreasing the elderly population, and to my dismay most of the comments agreed that anyone over the age of 50 is a drain on resources and isn’t necessary anymore.

    • And in 2 weeks, half of them.

      Man, that ain’t good, good thing the chief advised people to tool-up a few years back…

    • Cops are (almost) all going to get this. Probably quick. Pretty much true for all first responders. This should not be a surprised for anyone.

  15. Incredible blatant lies by these guys! People are ACTIVELY seeking sources to buy their guns and their greatest frustration in many states and localities are the so-called laws to protect them from “gun violence” that violate their 2A right and rightfully appear to put them in more danger from gun violence since they can’t protect themselves. I don’t even know what to say about the CA ammo laws…geez!

  16. When somebody lives too long in the world of marketing and propaganda, I think it must do something to their brain. They no longer seem to understand there’s an objective reality, put there beyond the hype of competing messages. You saw this with the people behind the Fyre Festival, or Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos. Some people spend so long spinning for the Water-Is-Not-Wet campaign that, when the rubber hits the road and nobody believes them, they can only conclude there must be a Water-Is-Wet campaign somewhere out there with better messaging and marketing.

  17. Pernicious leftist running out to buy a gun
    Will turn around in six months and claim,
    “I’m a gun owner and I support x,y,z gun control”.
    Never trust a leftist Bolshevik, ever.

    No Malarkey!

  18. I live in Arlington, VA, right next to the capital which has a higher property crime rate than the country average. It’s also considered a nice, expensive area to live. In the past year, my wife and I have witnessed more crime than in the past 20 years of living all over the country.

    What has happened in the past week. A dude was stabbed and killed at the Pentagon Metro station. My wife watched a dude running with a gun and a fat cop chasing him (always entertaining). She got the heck out of the area, but when she rounded a corner the police had four more dudes laying on their stomachs.

    This is why I will continue to carry and any laws, or bureaucracy that prevent or create barriers to carrying are disgusting affront to the rights of the people to defend themselves. The Trace propaganda outfit is a cheerleader to make people helpless.

    • You have a lot of dudes in Arlington. I thought we had the market cornered here in SoCal.

  19. My LGS here ran out of firearms to sell over a seven day period. Moreover, the LGS sold over 70K rounds of ammo in various calibers. In times of confusion and chaos personal safety and security starts at home. Bloomberg and his minions be damned. Perhaps “The Trace” should conduct an internal poll regarding recent firearm purchases.

    • Some po-lie-ticians have Helped sell firearms by closing the prisons and jails, plus they turned them all looooose… No longer arrest any Criminals either…what could go wrong?

  20. If the Trace wants to see some savvy marketing, it can look at China, which has convinced all the Democrats and lamestream media that calling out the Chicoms for the WuFlu, or Kung Flu, or China Flu is racist.

    More marketing? How about the Dems and MSM who are convinced that locking up Americans for leaving their homes is a good thing but locking up foreigners for entering our home illegally is a bad thing.

    The world has always been a little insane, which is why we needed guns. Now that the world had gone totally insane, we need TP, food, whisky . . . and guns.

  21. Another lamebrain mealy mouth gun control line of crap from the trace. Another reason why I am “socialist distancing.”

  22. This increase in gun ownership across all political ideologies is the ONLY glimmer of hope I see for Lady Liberty through all this asinine hores$h1t!
    We don’t act this way over the flu, about which the CDC says:”CDC estimates that so far this season there have been at least 38 million flu illnesses, 390,000 hospitalizations and 23,000 deaths from flu.” Even if the “Flu season” is 6 months long, it kills as many Americans monthly as the Wuhan Bat Flu has killed yet in Italy. This government clamp down on gatherings is about stopping all of those 2A rallies. Looks like it may have backfired on them, now that even the lefties realize the GOV is NOT here to protect them.

  23. Walmart sure was smart to stop selling that evil fodder for self righteous civilians! And if you just figured out you may need it now, your a lemming happy landing!



    • Fortunately in my state. As long as the shoot is ruled justified. A person can’t be sued for damages in civil court. Regardless if the perp lives or dies.

    • After this little bruhaha is done and the dust of the “AfterMath” has settled there will be a whole NEW crop of folks in Congress and it will be time to OVERTHROW the GCA-68, 1938 and EVERY anti-gun law back to1902’s Dick Act, with an eye towards making George Washington’s First Annual Address to Congress, 1/8/1790, come TRUE. Para. 4 reads…
      “A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined; to which end a Uniform and well-digested plan is requisite; and their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as tend to render them independent of others for essential, particularly military, supplies.”
      It is unconstitutional to deny American CITIZENS right to own the arms and munitions of their choosing. An ARMED society is a polite society, or soon will be!

      • Dunno about that.

        The 1934 NFA was enacted as a response to the “emergency” of bank robberies and gangster mafia shooting sprees.

        The 1968 GCA was enacted as a response to the “emergency” of the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King.

        The 1993 Brady Act was enacted, named after James Brady, who was shot by John Hinckley, Jr. during an attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981. It paved the way for the unconstitutional NICS system.

        The 1994 AWB was enacted as the Democrat Party’s response to an alleged increase in crime involving certain firearms. 1934 NFA redux. Fortunately, this piece of legislative trash expired after ten years.

        The future of gun legislation can go either way when this pandemic is over. November’s elections will determine that.

  25. I believe that most of the new gun purchaser are probable getting their information from the gun magazines that they are purchasing at the local market. As I stated on an earlier post, I laughed my self silly about all the non gun people who ran down to the local gun shops to buy a firearm during the Rodney King riots. If one is not prepared ahead of time, during a crisis is not the time to decide to try and prepare yourself. Everyone of these first time buyers will need lots of training to not injure themselves or others. If one knows one of these walking accidents waiting to happen, I hope that you will take them aside and give them the full knowledge that you have had time to acquire.

  26. I haven’t seen a single firearms commercial, not even the very late night “Henry Lever” guys. What we all have seen is the the news and talk media referencing the WuFlu 24/7. First Trump is overreacting for a few weeks the a change to Trump isn’t doing enough while the dem politicians that created shit holes cry the loudest.

    A single social media vid of three Aussi women fighting over TOILET PAPER was the root cause of the run on TP. Why? Of WuFlu symptomatic people LESS THAN 2% Report diarrhea! That snoballed and when folks couldn’t find TP, they assumed ALL supplies were going to run out and panic shooping/hording went mainstream everwhere in the U.S. PURE STUPIDITY and again Media fed Panic.

    Now we have the shortages, shutdowns, layoffs and the supply support system is weakened. Now you add the Actual U.S. WuFlu statics that are below annual Flu numbers but preventive measures and warnings its going to get a hell of a lot worse. The recent increased Warning would have been easier on the majority of people if Panic wasn’t force feed by the Media for weeks. And to creat the Perfect Storm of insecurity: Release thousands of inmates early, say LE won’t make arrests or even respond in most cases. It should suprise no one that people rush in great numbers to buy a gun/ammo. No comercials required.

    It also shouldn’t suprise anyone that those politicians with the Emergency Power to shut down Mfrs and retailers jump at that chance. They can’t protect you AND won’t allow you the means to protect yourself and Family. Its just Common Sense [Sarc].

  27. “those thousands and thousands of new gun owners are going to be a lot less receptive to their never-ending push for gun rights restrictions and civilian disarmament.”
    Not likely. 90% will stick their heads back in the sand. They won’t get supplies unless they ran out during this scare. Likewise, they won’t care about their gun unless they need to use it. They’ll lock it up and forget about it when this is over. Their hardship getting the gun means the system works keeping guns away from people who shouldn’t have them. Similarly, many who couldn’t get a gun because of lack of government permission will see it as keeping them from having done something stupid, unless they get into a situation where they would have needed that gun. 9% might learn to use their guns and like it, but be politically uninvolved. Some might go on to get a CCW. 1% might join the cause of gun rights.

    • not a good time to live in a big city…especially in a blue state…the worst of it will happen there…

  28. This reminds me of the story of the Jewish quarterback!

    The coach had put together the perfect team for the Chicago Bears. The only thing that was missing was a good quarterback.

    He had scouted all the colleges and even the Canadian and European Leagues, but he couldn’t find a ringer who could ensure a Super Bowl win.

    Then one night while watching CNN he saw a war-zone scene in the West Bank. In one corner of the background, he spotted a young Israeli soldier with a truly incredible arm. He threw a hand-grenade straight into a 15th story window 100 yards away. KABOOM!

    Then he threw another at a passing car going 90 mph. BULLS-EYE!

    “I’ve got to get this guy!” Coach said to himself. “He has the perfect arm. So, he brings him to the States and teaches him the great game of football.

    And the Bears go on to win the Super Bowl.

    The young man is hailed as the great hero of football, and when the coach asks him what he wants, all the young man wants is to call his mother.

    “Mom,” he says into the phone, “I just won the Super Bowl!”

    “I don’t want to talk to you, the old woman says. “You are not my son!”

    I don’t think you understand, Mother,” the young man pleads. “I’ve won the greatest sporting event in the world”.

    No! Let me tell you!” his mother retorts. “At this very moment, there are gunshots all around us. The neighborhood is a pile of rubble. Your two brothers were beaten last week, and I have to keep your sister in the house so she doesn’t get raped!”

    The old lady pauses, and then tearfully says…

    ”I will never forgive you for making us move to Chicago!!!”

  29. It’s hard to believe that just a marketing plan can influence people regarding this industry. I read a lot about marketing at the source when I was studying the promotion of brands, products, and services. But, for some reason, it seemed to me that completely different marketing is working with guns, that these purchases are made exclusively deliberately. Probably, my opinion is too naive.

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