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The Trace is former New York City Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop machine. Despite the website’s please for donations, it depends entirely on the anti-ballistic billionaire’s largesse. So it’s no surprise that you won’t find a single word spoken against any gun control bill at The Trace’s Manhattan HQ. Until now . . .

A Delaware bill intended to prevent the mentally ill from getting guns could stigmatize psychiatric care the bolded headline on their email blast proclaims. Wait. What?

Lawmakers in Delaware have proposed legislation that would tackle the supposed connection between mental illness and gun violence often proffered in the wake of mass shootings. But some mental health providers are worried the legislation could scare people away from seeking the care they need.

Let’s be clear . . .

The Trace isn’t saying that any licensed mental health professional in Delaware shouldn’t be required to report patients who pose a threat to themselves or public safety — as they are in The Trace’s home state of New York.

Nor are Bloomberg’s minions against the police confiscating a reported patient’s firearms and ammunition without giving the patient a heads-up or a chance to oppose the confiscation prior to “that knock” on their door — as the cops do in The Trace’s home state of New York.

Alex Yablon and his crew are complaining because House Bill 285 . . .

. . . would set a much lower bar for confiscating weapons than many other civil proceedings like gun violence restraining orders, which can typically be made only after specific threats or misuse of guns.

Psychologists and psychiatrists often push back against the contention offered by President Donald Trump and others that the mentally ill are a risk to society. Those with diagnoses are rarely implicated in violent crime, and heavy-handed policy responses can stigmatize treatment if they result in the loss of rights.

“Suggesting that [mass shootings are] what people who have mental illnesses do likely means that if I’m someone with mental illness, I’m less likely to reach out and seek help,” said Arthur Evans Jr., the head of the American Psychological Association, last November.

Did you catch the slam against President Trump? Sadly enough, this firearms confiscation bill is sponsored by Delaware Republican State Senator Anthony Delcollo (above) — a fact that The Trace neglects to mention.

There are none so blind as knee-jerk liberals. Willfully so, in this case.

Anyway, right answer! Let’s hope that The Trace applies more common sense to their previous and ongoing support for every other gun control law known to man. And that a pro-gun billionaire adopts TTAG.

[NOTE: The Trace’s email blasts contains links with user-tracking software. We have removed that code and reinserted the links.]

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    • Two mentally ill candidates ran against each other for president and one of them won…

      • Only one of the mentally ill candidates worried me and thank God she isn’t in the White House.

    • Great question. “Mental illness” is an incredibly nuanced subject that few people understand. Trying to do anything about/to “crazy people” is almost literally insane, simply because “crazy” isn’t exactly a scientific term with clearly defined limitations, and the field of psychiatry is closer to shamanism than science (it’s absolutely a legitimate field, but it’s far too subjective to try to legislate policy based on). Mental illness also encompasses everything from mild ADHD to paranoid schizophrenia. All that being said, given the increasingly visible insanity coming from the Democrats, I’m quickly getting to the point of genuinely believing that their perception of objective reality is so skewed as to indicate legitimate psychosis.

    • Look closely and you’ll see more hypocrisy from the gun bigots! Or not so closely, actually it was pretty darned in-your-face…
      The vast majority of mentally ill people do not commit violent crimes. True.
      A large number of mass shooters/violent criminals do have mental health problems. Also true.
      So here’s the disconnect: the majority of violent crimes are NOT committed with guns but the bigots tell us they are.
      The majority of gun owners are NOT criminals, but the bigots tell us we are.

      • And their idea of ‘common sense gun safety’ is that very few people should have guns in the first place, since so few are mentally stable enough to own them. And they would *love* to pass that law and ensure SCOTUS is packed with justices that will rule the 2A is too dangerous for a modern, ‘progressive’ society.

        Be very careful with that line of thought…

        • That line of thought comes from this: they know they have anger management issues, whether they come from a mental issue, or lust a lack of self control on their part. So, if they have this problem, and are likely to shoot someone because of it, what chance do the rest of us have in not using a gun dangerously?
          I think the medical term is projection.

  1. Just as many Catholics use birth control, there are many Democrats that own and shoot as well as carry firearms. This divisiveness is the problem in our United States. These hot button issues need to be put on the back burner for a while. Maybe democrat gun owners should start a letter writing campaign, especially in states where guns are favored. Living on Ca, makes it impossible for me to write any elected official about gun rights or immigration, but those of you in other states could.

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