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What I'm Carrying Now
Dan Z. for TTAG

We’ve talked to a large number of gun owners in recent days about what they’re carrying now. Some have changed their EDC gun and gear based on an increased level of perceived risk. Some are sticking with the tried and true. Others have confided that they are now carrying a firearm for the first time in their lives.

We’re going to start a new series of posts called What I’m Carrying Now in light of the new conditions in which we all find ourselves. With tens of millions of Americans staying in and around their homes for the foreseeable future, with very few exceptions it’s legal to carry a firearm on your own property and elsewhere if you live in a concealed carry state (be sure to check your state and local laws).

Me? That’s what I’m carrying these days, above. The handgun is a Springfield Hellcat with the 13-round magazine toted in a Crossbreed Reckoning holster.

I’ve taken to making sure that I carry the extra 11-round flush magazine every day now, too. I used to rationalize leaving it behind, but not any more. The knife is a Buck 112 Slim Pro. The ammo is Federal Premium Hydra-Shok Deep if you’re interested.

We want to know what you’re carrying now. Send us a pic (just one) and let us know what gun, holster and blade you’re toting these days. Also include whether it’s something that’s stepped up given recent events or your usual EDC gear.

Send it to us at [email protected] with WICN (What I’m Carrying Now) in the subject field. Also let us know how you’d like to be identified (or not) when we post it.


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      • congratulations you my friend get idiot of the week award.. if a drunk driver kills a person, who gets blamed? The car or is it maybe the alcohol?

      • The paperweight on my desk is a rock. One of mankind’s earliest lethal weapons when used as a club or hammer, it could also be flintknapped to produce several different useful edged tools that also could be used as weapons. As an inanimate object, I do not ascribe any mystical properties to the rock. It is not evil. It is not good. It just is. Aside from using its surface friction and mass to apply gravity to a stack of paper, it requires action by me to become a weapon or tool.

        I could state the same thing if I used a pistol as a paperweight, except for the flintknapping into an edged tool.

        • The very first murder was committed with a rock.
          I don’t think it was serialized or registered or blamed.

      • Fortunately, some of us get the joke.

        We all know, people don’t kill people, progressives kill people.

        They starve the poor with AGCC.

        They leave the average citizen defenseless.

        They free the criminals roam.

        They protect their rejects (did everyone here know that Obama allowed 1000 IS citizens to die, including children, before he declared an emergency with H1N1? No, that’s because he was protected!).

        They try to make medicine a government supplied privilege, guaranteeing that only the elites get it and all others compete to stay alive.

        They regulate to the point of prevent new drugs, new discoveries, and new business to better humankind.

        And they generally are dumb as rocks when confronted by any of these truths.

        • (did everyone here know that Obama allowed 1000 IS citizens to die, including children, before he declared an emergency with H1N1? No, that’s because he was protected!).?

          ACTUALLY, it was a FEW more than 1000…

          On April 26, 2009, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services declared Swine Flu a public health emergency. On October 24, 2009, President Barack Obama declared Swine Flu a national emergency in the United States. On November 12, 2009, the CDC reported an estimated 22 million Americans had been infected with 2009 A H1N1 and 4,000 Americans have died. On December 10, 2009, the CDC reported an estimated 50 million Americans or 1 in 6 people had been infected with the 2009 A H1N1 Virus and 10,000 Americans had died.

      • Mad Max,

        I can see both approaches being valuable.

        On the one hand, an adversary could decide that you are unarmed and succumb to you when you surprise him/her with your everyday-carry firearm.

        On the other hand, an adversary could know that you are armed, and choose to leave you alone.

    • All of you great Americans sound like the kind of Patriots who understand the need for common sense gun safety reform! Nobody needs a gun when I can protect you!
      I’ve fought my way out of a wet paper bag so I know how to handle myself! Remember to vote Eric Swalwell 2020!

      • I think the time for using that name as a relevant joke is behind us now. Choose something else, Scooby Doo.

    • I lost all of my guns when my boat sank in the deepest part of the lake, 175′ down. If you believe that, I have some ocean front property in Wyoming I can sell you.

      • Me too. But I can’t remember which lake I was on or the name of the boat, or how deep the water was. But trust me, it was a very very deep lake. I think I saw some sharks trying to eat one of the guns.

      • I had too much ammo on the boat, it sunk with everything, I was in the Bermuda Triangle when it all went down.

    • Same here, see one day I went small mouth bass fishing and you all know the rest of the horrid story.

    • I lost all of my guns….are you ready for it…IN A TRAGIC BOATING ACCIDENT.


    • Mine were all on the Edmund Fitzgerald for some strange reason.

      Gordon could have at least put in a line for my Colt Detective Special…

      • If you know how many guns you have, you don’t have nearly enough. If your wife knows how many guns you have, you are in trouble…..unless you have that rare keeper. If your wife’s attorney knows how many guns you have, that’s how many guns your ex-wife will have. If your government knows how many guns you have, you are a dumb ass. Moral of the story, never, never let anyone, including your self, know how many guns you have.

        • Excellent advice. I have been asking myself why I don’t know how many I have, like it was some kind of personality defect or something. Now I am very glad to find out it is perfectly acceptable. Does that also apply to ammo stash?

        • All principles to live by! Just looking through the ad I recognized a couple I lost when the boat sank.

  1. Not carrying anything right now, I’m sitting on the couch. I do however have my .44 magnum Blackhawk sitting here with me though.

    • You gonna die. You don’t have clipazines and flashy light thingies and the shoulder stock that goes up.

      If you do touch off that .44 indoors the muzzle flash will sterilize the beer virus all around you.

    • Yeah, whenever we go out I call up a police escort and armed security in big black SUVs – it’s the only way to be sure you know. Especially nice when the outriders on motorcycles stop cross traffic so my driver doesn’t even have to slow down! Oh, wait, that’s what FANTASY me who imagines he’s a big-time movie star, politician, or billionaire does…real me is responsible for his own safety.

  2. double stack nine
    extra mag
    just added 1 oz hand sanitizer to edc
    gloves mask sanitizer wipes in car
    getting ready to sleep with 10.5 ar pistol next to bed at night with it at the ready all day long

    • Toting an RPG here but I must warn you, the muzzle flash and back blast is a MoFo especially from the den through the kitchen.

      • Unless you are carrying a very rare German Panzerschreck, your RPG does not produce a back blast OR an exhaust at launch…. The early German edition had a huge plate attached to protect the operator, newer versions are pretty much a disposable tube with a “dumb” shape charge…

        • Yeah, it’s got a back blast. Gotta get it out of the tube before the rocket motor ignites and when it does, in the house, theRe is quite the flash. Come on over and I’ll show ya.

          • That’s okay, I’ve been on both sides of an RPG (not in the house) impact is more of a concern than any backblast (not really “backblast” so much as propellant ignition)…. My Zippo makes quite a flash, flash is not backblast.. Stand behind a LAW or an old Bazooka, you will quickly understand the difference..

  3. I tote my Glock 42 in .380 with an extra mag. I have a really, really, bad back and it’s very sensitive to weight. I can feel a lot more pain with even just a few more ounces. If it wasn’t for my back problem, I’d be carrying either my Ruger LC9s or my Glock 43X.

  4. Always have my P225 (with spare mag) and Model 649 on me (except while sleeping when they are right next to me on the nite stand with the loaded AR and 2 spare Pmag30’s nearby).

  5. Around the property? Suppressed .300 BLK ghost pistol, with Red dot, laser, and weapon light.

  6. .41 mag Blackhawk and a Ka Bar Tanto. Really an XDe in a Tuff IWB holster with a Gerber folder.

  7. I’m just a regular Law-Abiding Citizen from Maryland,,, here unless you have a “Good and Substantial Reason” (or own a Business) you don’t have the privilege of carrying a firearm, PERIOD. Even to purchase a Handgun requires a training course, fingerprinting, (all of which the applicant must provide at their expense) and 7 day wait after approval,, and they call us the “Free State”. So outside of my home and small lot it would be illegal to be armed.

    • WOW ! That’s a pretty strict state you live in ! Here in Alabama we can buy, sell, carry, etc., without too many restricting laws. We can walk in buy a pistol, etc., and can be out of there in about 5-10 min. We even have an “open carry” law where we can openly carry without even having to have a permit. To carry concealed though, we do have to have a permit….which is very easy to get provided you’ve not been in trouble with the law before. Take care and stay safe my friend !

  8. I have not changed my daily routine at all. I go to work and come home at the end of my shift. I work on Camp Lejeune so I don’t on base. My EDC is the same now as its always been. When I do carry, its a full sized PX4 in a alien gear IWB

    • My routine changed abruptly yesterday, as my employer is not considered one of the “essential businesses” in CA and was forced to shut down until the third week of April. My, how life can unexpectedly change within a mere 24 hours. But this is why we prep, no?

      My EDC is now the G26. No bells or whistles. Just the G26. It goes bang when I pull the trigger and puts the bullet where I aim it.

      • +1. Same EDC as always . . . G26 in a DeSantis Superfly in strong side pocket; G17 mag in weak side pocket, Kershaw Leek strong side hip pocket (or knife pocket).

        If SHTF (hasn’t, and likely won’t), then G17 in Serpa drop leg rig, but that would be backup to the rifle I’d be carrying.

        • Exactly my preps, too. EDC is simple G26 with a factory 10-rd mag, but a full G17 mag extra in my back pocket if necessary.

          Then a kitted G17 with a thigh drop holster + extra mag to augment an AR loadout.

      • Sounds like a great opportunity to go camp in the desert with a few of your *LOUD* ‘little friends’.

        They would love the exercise…

    • Another PX4 carrier here. Stealth Gear holster. Because these are weird times, I also have a Steyr AUG in a very nondescript bag stashed behind the passenger seat when I’m driving, which has still been every weekday for me. My employers can make a pretty strong case that our work is critical to emergency response, so I don’t anticipate being out of a job even if my state shuts down.

  9. If we go anywhere near “town”, I carry the old stand by G19 chuck full of good stuff. Wife favors her SandW 642, only 5 rounds but she usually can put em where they need to be. With things as they are, there is always something close to hand around home. Like I keep sayin, these things bring out the best in good people and bring out the absolute worst in everyone else.

  10. I live in an area where the risk of needing to use my weapon is generally very low. The chance that it would be needed against a group of threats has been extremely low. I feel things have changed enough that those risk levels are no longer valid. I had been carrying a primary and a bug for quite some time already. Now I’m carrying extra mags for each also.

  11. Same stuff I’ve carried for the last decade, except now added more mags when out and about.

  12. the gun shops here all say the NICS system went down yesterday morning , nationwide . it seems strange that I don’t hear any comments about this .

    • It must be back up now as my local was selling this morning with no issues. There is the possibility it’s still down though as in my state if you have a CWP license you don’t have to have a check run when you purchase.

      • Sam – more accurate to say that you don’t have to get yet another background/NICS (how many of those are ‘enough’ for the universal background check crowd?) check run if you have a CWP – does NOT necessarily apply in all states.You still gotta fill out the 4473 which the FFL has to retain in his files………..

  13. I would never consider illegally having a readily accessible gun in my car. It’s illegal

      • Ask my state legislators that question. I do not have a permission slip from the government. I don’t plan on killing anyone.

    • In Indiana I can carry anything in my vehicle legally. We are not a communist state like Illinois, California, or New York.

      • Not yet.
        The major reason this is so is because Indiana isn’t an economic haven for Libtards and mouthbreathing socialists outside the larger urban and suburban areas. I grew up in a small town with like 6k people in the whole county and graduated with about 150 people in my class. I knew the names of practically everyone in my whole high school. Nothing but farms for 30-40 mile in every direction.
        I miss that.
        Now I can’t even go five minutes outside my own house to work at 6AM without angry dipsh*t trying to insert themselves up my tailpipe. The demographics are changing for the worse. Dipsh*ts “thank you for your service” here but they will never own up to owning a gun and wearing a pair of combat boots.

        Take care.

  14. Normally, S&W 3913, compact 9mm.
    Carry two extra magazines because it is single stack.

    In unavoidable situations where I perceive an elevated threat but a rifle or shotgun can not be available, I carry a Desert Eagle in .50 AE.

      • The State of Oregon created a corrupt bureaucracy that has entered into a criminal conspiracy with the Oregon Marijunna Mafia to appropriate the private property of innocent landlords for the commission of Federal Felonies. (Google “Oregon House Bill 3200”) The US Justice Department will eagerly invoke civil forefeiture to confiscate the landlord’s property without proof of complicity much less a conviction. It is the past and lingering policy of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program to issue address specific grow site licenses for massive operations and even licenses to perform Butane hash oil extraction without the knowledge or consent of the land owner. This corrupt, kleptobureacracy in context with Oregon’s residential tenancy laws constitute an unconstitutional taking of property without just compensation.

        My tenant retaliated for efforts to evict by firing two rounds from a 12 gauge shotgun, probably loaded with slugs, at my children. He missed by only about 10 feet from a range of about 100 yards. Unimpressive marksmanship, but to be expected from someone who took diversion after being arrested for DUII when he crashed his pickup. This criminal’s wife lamented, “we’re old, we don’t have time to shoot at children.”

        We had the misfortune of having the eviction case heard by Judge Ladd Wiles concurrently with the proceedings by the Oregon Bar Association against Amanda Marshall for committing perjury. (Google “US Attorney Amanda Marshall”).

  15. No changes to my EDC during Corona panicdemic.

    — Glock 43 with 2 magazine extender.
    — Spare mag (also 2)
    — Kershaw Blur
    — Stream light ProTac2 L-X
    — Leatherman Wave
    — Samsung Note 9
    — Keys, wallet, a note with my address and telephone number pinned to my lapel.

    At night, both the G43 and Ruger LCP 2 (7 1) are on the nightstand. The Ruger fits nicely in my pajama pocket when insomnia prompts me to patrol the house.

    Be supplied, aware, and in good humor.

  16. Springfield XDm, Kimber Custom Shop CDPIII 45ACP in regular rotation. Pocket backup is AMT Stainless also 45ACP. Custom holsters made for me by WhiteTiger Leatherworks for the rare times that I open carry. Other wise CrossBreed concealed.

  17. Usually a G2C, but this week it’s been a 19X. I always have 2 spare mags with my laptop…

    • “Ma Deuce:” I wonder how many here even know what that is? (“Puff the Magic Dragon,” Spooky, ’69-70.)

  18. .38 Super Lightweight Commander loaded with 147 gr Gold Dots. Same heater for the last 24 years.

    Truck gun is a EAA P Match in .38 Super (19 rd capacity).

  19. .40 Springfield XD Mod2 with extended magazine. Can carry concealed in KS without a license. FREEDOM!

  20. that sigma goes when I carry a purse instead of wearing a belt. Standard for several years now. No changes as this seems to work well for me. Have always tried to be aware of my surroundings. 🙂

  21. SIG P228, when out and about, and sometimes around the house. SIG P238 around the house usually.

  22. P320 .45 Sub/Carry frame with X-Ray3 sights, two spare magazines, G-Code INCOG, CRKT Ken Onion Swindle, Bic, Czech pipe tool, Fenix PD-32.

    But since I’m social distancing in my own home, other hardware will be positioned more accessibly if the threat level warrants it.

  23. Out and about…
    Primary – SiG 1911 RCS, 3mags 165gr Federal HST reduced recoil…
    Secondary – Taurus Tracker 692 3″ SS, 158gr Hornady XTP HP, and 2 587 speedloaders with same…

    Sitting at home…
    Taurus Tracker 692 with 158gr Hornady XTP HP…

    Same shit, different day…

  24. Ruger LCP. I’ve valued ease and convenience over firepower mostly. Better to have ANY gun than none when you need one. The threat level here in exuburbia is – or at least has been – pretty low, we don’t go to places with known reputations for being particularly hazardous, and I don’t partake of any behaviors that increase the likelihood of encountering violence. But, with the current situation being so fluid, the little Ruger might not be sufficient.

    • This ^^^. I carry a glock 23 on my batman belt with all the other “less lethal,” radio and a tourniquet. So I carry a bare minimum (P32) and do not go places I shouldn’t. Not if things pick up i will definitely carry something more substantial.

  25. S&W 1911 SCE commander length in 45 ACP. Two extra mags all with Remington Golden Sabres. As for the Corona pandemic – no issues, I drink Guinness.

      • New Holland. Dragon’s Milk.
        For people who won’t drink pre-mixed extract brews made for peasants.. It’s even better when it’s a gift and someone else paid for it.
        In gunspeak, it’s the difference between a Benelli and … well, something much cheaper that’s still functional.

  26. Diamondback DB9 or LCP with hollow points in a pocket holster.
    Switchblade for backup.
    Used to sometimes leave the house without a gun in my pocket, but I don’t these days.

    • Oh a Diamondback? In what other ways do you tell the world you’ve given up on your hopes and dreams?

      • One sure way to announce you’ve given up your hopes and dreams is to troll people under a variety of names.

        • Hopefully they are as good as their Ar’s now. People need to give this company another chance.

  27. I’ve got an S-prefix S&W Model 58 that I’ve brought out for this “special occasion”.
    She is quiet & sits beside me all lovely like…
    If she stands up & barks though, you just have to plant flowers where the skell falls…because all that’s left is a gooey puddle.

  28. Prepare to heap scorn on me.

    I’m carrying a Charter Bulldog .44 Special, Black Nitride, with Crimson Trace laser grips in a custom Side Guard IWB holster. Plus knife, flashlight, etc. SR9c is on night stand duty for now.

    Was on the fence about buying this gun for years, knowing full well the QC issues. Finally scratched the itch a couple of months ago. I had to file the front and back sights to get it to shot POA. Also had to add hammer shims myself to get the DA to fire 100% of the time. Goes bang every time now and makes satisfying big holes in things.

    I know…a five shot revolver. And a Charter, no less. I’ll probably get eaten by Coronazombies.

    • The Coronazombies won’t know the difference if it was a .44 from a Charter Arms or from a Desert Eagle, or if it came out of an AR14.

    • That Charter isn’t particular about the brand or type of ammo, neither is my Ruger s p 101 in 357 mag.

    • always wanted one of those in pug. but it’s alot to figger out early, charco and later, maybe more. who knows.

    • I’ve got my Pitbull 45 Nitride today, it’s my “small” edc. Like all companies there are good ones and not so good ones. Any brand you can think of has QC horror stories on the web.

    • Nothing wrong with the Charter Arms .44 Spl. I’ve got two. Big, heavy, slow bullet. Recoil is more a shove than a jump or snap. I like mine and they live in the bedroom.

  29. Almost always carry a G27 and a G23 mag as a spare. That and a Kershaw lock blade, small 200 lumen light and a tactical pen. About half the time, I also carry an LCP II as a bug.
    Recently, I have started carrying my G22 with a 15 rd spare (who says the 40 is dead?), as well as my Kimber K6S on my support side. Also, whenever I’m home, which is often nowadays, I keep my AK in the room. Loaded with two 30 mags connected side x side.

  30. Have not changed what I carry in nearly ten years. There’s a Keltec P3AT in a pocket holster. When I do open carry, I add a Ruger SR9 in a DeSantis thumb break paddle holster on my right side and two spare magazines on my left side.

    I did add a Ruger PC carbine to the vehicle I normally drive, with the other nine SR9 magazines I own.

  31. Springfield XD-E 9mm in a right side belt holster, S&W 642 b.u.g. in the left hand pocket — both loaded with Hornady Critical Defense — iPhone, black assisted opening S&W knife and a wallet with actual green money in it. Oh, and a sturdy belt so I don’t end up pantsed, ’cause that’s a lot of extra weight to hold up.

  32. G30S 10 +1 +P 230 gn HST in AIWB, couple of G21 mags stuffed with CorBon goodness. SOG Aegis, 200 lumen penlight. SOP. Ordering med kit and TQ shortly with QuickClot and handheld Ham radio.

    • Same Glock I have carried for the past 3 years, G 30S with 10+1 230 grain Ranger T+P, 2 G 21 Mags with the same loads, S&W PL10 LED Light and an Original Leatherman.

      Updated items: Gent Select 3” Ferrum Forge Pocket Knife and a Luke4 Machined Brass Pen with Field Note Pad all in a leather pocket organizer.

  33. At this exact moment, 642 loaded with Hornady +P and Leatherman Wingman. Being at home (teacher) means quick access to other options, too.

  34. Based on the advice of a smart man named Eric “Swallow” Swalwel, I upgraded my EDC to a 10 Megaton Thermonuclear self protection weapon…carried in either a waistband or a tactical dolly! Sarc off

    • Purchased because of the “Gun show Loophole”…at least it’s not one of those icky “Assault Weapons” that can fire “full semi-automatic”..If it saves just ONE life, it’s worth it…and it was “easier to purchase than a book or computer”…

    • You don’t carry mutated anthrax for “duck hunting”. (Futurama cartoon for those who didn’t see it)

  35. I carry everyday, not just now, a full size USP .45.
    .. and tucked into the small of my back a full size Delta Elite 10mm…..
    Also, I carry a Gerber 06 automatic knife….
    I usually carry loose magazines for each in my small canvas cooler….. 😉

    • I carry full size because if God forbid I need to use my pistols, I want to maximize my accuracy….I don’t care about the extra weight….

    • I almost forgot….I also carry a Fenix PD35 …. excellent high powered light….

  36. I carry the same thing I always carried. Handgun (which one depends on how I’m dressed, but always the largest caliber I can up to .45 ACP. Unless on the farm. Then .44 mag.) Reload. Spyderco (again which one depends. Fixed blade Randall if I’m on the farm.) Surefire light. Cell phone. Funny. I was ridiculed many times on this site for the reload and Surefire. At least the reload seems to have become more popular. It’s a mystery to me. Apologies to Fleetwood Mac.

  37. I am carrying a Kimber Super Carry Pro in 45 ACP in a Bianchi IWB holster with two Wilson Combat 8-round backup mags in a Bianchi OWB mag carrier as primary EDC. Backup is an HK P2000SK in 357 Sig.

  38. Since the threat level really hasn’t changed why do you think you need to change your carry gun?

    • “Since the threat level really hasn’t changed why do you think you need to change your carry gun?”

      I will give you, if they were prepared before the same gun should be enough now but, saying the threat level hasn’t really changed is ignoring the facts. A month ago most of the population was nonchalantly going about their day with their biggest concern being what to have for dinner. That is no longer the case, most of the population is stressed, confused, and fells threatened physically and financially by forces out side their control.
      Frightened animals are the ones that bite.
      Prior to the CODID-19 virus threat, the threat level was mostly from criminals and the random idiot having a bad day. Now everyone is having a bad day (every day).

      • The grocery stores are still full. Nothing has changed to make normal people crazy. Besides I am social distancing. The only reason for me to carry outside right now are four legged critters. The beats will be waking up soon.

        • As for grocery stores, I wouldn’t have a clue. I haven’t been off my property other than for work (at night) in about 10 days. But with cases more than doubling every 2 days (jumped from 16 to 29 over night in Washtenaw county) It won’t be but a few more days before they put out a stay at home order in the state (Michigan). I live in a college town with a disproportionate number of 20 something, left leaning (possibly radicalized), soon to be out of work people, who I am more than certain are not prepared AT ALL. We’ve already had one shooting death over arguments over COVID-19 in town. It is only going to get much worse than most expect.

          • Ah, Ann Arbor. Sorry to hear the case numbers are rising so quickly but I’m not surprised. The young haven’t learned they aren’t invincible. They will.

        • Oh, and I failed to mention those 20 something folk for the most part don’t much give a rats ass if they get the virus or if give it to anyone else for that matter.

          • You mean those punk ass bitches that are calling it the “boomer groomer” that’s gonna get rid of all the old folks for them? HAAAAAAA-HAAAAA-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA,,, Well guess what, latest numbers indicate 54% of infections occur in the 24-46 age group, suck on that smart asses…

    • Well, the threat level has changed and will continue to increase as state and local governments empty jails and prisons plus continue (or accelerate) to “defer” arresting what they consider “non-dangerous “ offenders.

  39. 709 Slim. In a Nemesis or in my coat pocket today. It’s freakin’cold! 29°. Happy Spring…almost thought about needing my gat today. A-hole following me asking me if I wanted to fix my car(got a dent). Or if I wanted to sell it…

  40. Nothing has changed, daily carry is still my Sig P229 Elite .40 w/rosewood grips loaded with Hornady Critical Duty® carried appendix in a Sticky Holster®.
    I can carry any weapon I want (OK not the Cabot Gun’s Big Bang pistol set) but in my view I can’t beat perfection. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! I

  41. My EDC is S & W M & P 45 Shield in a DeSantis OWB holster
    7-round extra magazine with Remington Golden Saber HP’s

      • Same here but the 9 in a desanti pocket holster with magazine extension that pushes it up to 9 and 1 in the chamber. It’s nice to have 10 rounds in the shield.

  42. I was raised in a Northwest gun culture, and I was a junior member of the NRA. But I lived for 40 years in NYC and worked in a job that often required me to leave for home after midnight in Midtown, using public transportation. I could not legally own or carry a hand weapon. I was threatened only once and bluffed my way out of it.

  43. On my Hip right now is my New Sig P365 (12+1) BUT, when I Go Out I Carry Either a S&W Shield (8+1) OR My Walther PPS-M2 LE (8+1) !

  44. Anything I can fit in an Altoids can, and a backpack filled with assorted goodies like biohazzard suits, cockroach canister to tell when things get nasty, boomerang just because, blowgun with poison darts, gas masks for me and my pet turtle named rusty shacklefurd. PSA 10” 9mm on the counter, Mossberg in the back when around the house. P30 when out in public with a gun free zone 50’/360 degrees sign around my neck and my backpack to ward off any potential bad guys. Two flu shots on each arm at the ready to be injected directly into the heart at a moments notice, ref. The Rock.

    • Sounds like you and rusty are ready for anything….. but what’s up with the cockroach canister?

      • Don’t you remember The Rock? Those cockroaches started blowing up when the scientists got the nasty surprise from the terrorist. Always better to be safe than sorry. Kind of like my improvised canaries in the mineshaft.

  45. I carry the same weapons that I have been carrying for years, a kimber 1911 in 45acp , a Rock Island 1911 in 10 mm, and a yugoslavian ak in 7.62×39 ,and 10 loaded mags for each. -Except when I leave the house, then I arm my self with real firepower.

  46. Shield 9mm (w/TLR6) or G19 (w/PL-Mini)
    Last Line Of Defense AIWB Holster
    Spare mag
    20 rounds of Critical Defense Ammo
    Streamlight 2X-L
    Leatherman Signal
    LG G6, has Kuna app (alerts me if a perimeter camera detects motion)

  47. I have two firearms (S&WSD9VE & S&W .380 EZ) that I use for EDC, home defense (with defense rounds& extra magazines) and times at the range. Also, I use these firearms when taking my self-defense shooting classes, which mostly consist of double-taps, rapid fire behind barriers, off-hand shooting, speed reloads and tactical reloads.

    The remaining firearms (.22’s, 9mm & TCM22) I normally use for the range.
    Since all my kids are grown & out of the house, the 9VE and.380, are always under load (with 1 in the chamber& full magazines) at convenient locations. When the Kids and Gkids come over, all firearms/ammo are stored in our safe.

    • Which holster are you using for you SD9? I’m considering using my SD40 as my EDC and would like to hear from folks who already carry a S&W SD-VE.

  48. Never saw so many screw ball anti gun comments on this website before.To the anti gunners commenting here it’s your choice to not have or carry a gun.So don’t disparage us that decide to carry for protection.I personally carry a Glock-19 with an extra magazine.My alternative is a Smith & Wesson Shield with an extra magazine.

    CARRY LOADED 1.75″ S&W 38 STUB NOSE …..

  50. My EDC is a Ruger LC9 and two spare mags all loaded with 124 grain Speer Gold Dots. Kershaw 3.5″ folder. Old Gerber Multi Tool, Steamlight ProTac 1L-1AA. Seem to do what I need them to do, for the last three years.

  51. I drive around in a ontos loaded with 106mm, & my belly belt I alternate between a Para Ordinance P-12 Loaded with hard ball 45’s & a Star Megastar 13 round double stack with 9mm Hydroshocks. I’m set for the road trip.

  52. During warm weather, a SIG P365 with a 10 round magazine and two 12 round spare magazines, all loaded with Hornady Critical Duty 135gr 9mm +P. During cold bulky coat weather, a Walther PPQ M2 .40 S&W and three 13 round magazines all loaded with Hornady Critical Duty 175gr .40 S&W.
    Knives are a CRKT M16 and a KaBar Police Tactical.
    Changed one of my EDC pistols about 2 years ago from a Walther PPK/S in .380 to the SIG, mainly because the sights on the Walther were hard to use in low light conditions.

  53. The same as before. Full size .45 USP, spare mag, Golden Saber ammo, Microtech Ultratech DE and Surefire Titan Plus.

  54. I am shocked at some of the replies people are giving! One guy keeps a .380 and lc9
    On his night stand at the same time. Others are mentioning several sub par guns. I
    Understand not everybody can afford a decent personal protection pistol. I have a friend just like a lot of these folks, several guns that anybody in their right mind wouldn’t trust their lives with. He has probably 10 to 12 guns and I wouldn’t wipe my crack with any of them. Gentlemen sell your 6 keltecs and your 3 hi points and freaking buy 1 or 2 guns that cost over $250!!!!!! That friend of mine bought his wife a hi point because there was a stalker in the neighborhood. Mister 2 pistols on the night stand at the same time use your head and sell both and purchase one handgun with decent capacity. Where do these idiots come from?

  55. Buy the way I carry either a 19x or my Ruger American .45, a benchmade and any flash light I happen to grab.

  56. M9, but I’m overseas right now and don’t get to choose. At home it’d be a Glock 19 or 43, depending on the weather.

    • Huh I thought they did away with 92’s and were carrying Sig 320’s. I call bull shit. Sounds like a basement boy!

        • JWM
          Exactly no army gets rid of gear quickly. Australia still had reserve units using FAL in 7.62 almost 5 years after the switch to Styers started.

        • Former marine you loser! Maybe it’s changed but in the early 80’s they made sure that we were equipped with the up to date weapons before we went on any expedition. You know how I know you were not in the military? We had the old saying about assuming, and I don’t think two years is quickly!

        • In the late 80’s we had the most garbage shot out 1911’s. We were trained on the M9 but it was never issued to me.

      • Your joking right? The drill Sargent unit in 2002 in the joint armory had M16-A1 with 3 prong flash hiders, lots of m60’s and Vietnam ers M113’s their too. Front line units will deploy with the new gear, rear echelon none combat MOS’s will get the older stuff.

        • Just because it was in the armory doesn’t mean that they would issue one before deployment. Does anybody know what they are talking about or just making it up as we go.

        • Pariah, I never once said they deployed with that gear. I clearly said it was simply in the arms room to make a point that there was old gear. The particular unit I was associated with turned in their M-16A2’s in Fort Bragg prior to deployment for M4’s and got the M16-A2’s back afterwards on the demobilization out processing.

          Another Civilian security outfit I work for got 2 M-14’s with early 1960 production with the auto switch disabled for DMR work. In addition they had some early overstamp M16 A1 lowers with a A2. Old gear is everywhere .

        • Before we switched over to M4s there were a couple of very well worn, green furniture, open flash hider A1s in mobility storage – I did inventory back then and counted them more than once. When the CATM guys finally got around to inspecting the mobility weapons they down checked and pulled those A1s for disposal – completely worn out I guess. Wish I knew how old they were…

      • I carried an M16 A1 carbine in Iraq. That’s right, not an A2 carbine or an M4 or a GAU/GUU but a reworked A1 with a shorter 14.5” 1/12 barrel with a birdcage flash hider and a standard rifle butt. How that oddball thing ended up in our “expeditionary” armory (a set of 40’ shipping containers with high security locks)I have no idea but since I was the NCOIC I claimed it. If my boss would’ve let me I’d have deployed with my steel pot too but he put his foot down and made me take a PASGT.

        Our intel officer deployed to the Gulf War with a S&W M15 revolver though we did issue him the 138 grain high velocity rounds. The Army armorer at his forward location took it away from him and issued an M16 for the duration 🙂

        • Maybe that m9 was reworked also! Come on guys give me a break on this crap maybe someone out there gets where I’m coming from!

        • Deployed to Panama. M-16 A1 for us. The plan was for a reissue of the A-2 if the balloon went up in Europe. In Panama we made do.

  57. I carry a Springfield Armory XDS (45 acp) in a Gunfighter’s, Inc. Ronin OWB holster, with the extended magazine, a spare 7 round magazine (15 rounds total) and a AA flashlight on my belt, keys, a Cold Steel 4 inch folding Voyager tanto point knife (pocket), a Smith and Wesson 6 inch boot dagger (in my boot), cash, change, ear plugs, butane lighter and scan proof wallet.
    If I can’t charge, buy, burn, cut or blind my way out, I guess I’ll have to blast ’em…

    • Love the P365XL. Mines in a Vedder belt / holster combo, with the new Holosun red-dot on order with an unknown ETA.

  58. Ruger LCP 10th anniversary with Crimson trace laser. Loaded with Underwood 380+P xtreme penetrators, 2x 7rd magazine (plus one in chamber) CRKT M1601S pocket knife, Olight 600 lumen 3/4″ diameter pocket light, Olight 90lumen keychain light, Mace triple defense spray, compact folding multi tool, P38 can opener, tac pen with glass breaker.

    Total weight 2.2lbs, whole ensemble fits comfortably in a pair of jeans with no belt or pouches.

  59. Casual, off shift concealed carry? One of a rotation of Makarovs (I have a few) , suitably resprung with the Wolff Gunsprings heavier recoil springs (my preferred loading is on the warm side),two to spare magazines (and yes I do it with carpenters pants and an untucked Luau shirt)a good folding knife,a flashlight and my sharp wit.
    Other times I go up to a Sig 2022,a CZ75B or even a Ruger American 9 (some consider it slightly better than a Hi Point Yeet Cannon but I like mine and shoot it well)…or down to a P64 (with the same recoil spring source as the Makarovs and the trigger/hammer kit to get the DA pull down to where I like it…
    If that is insufficient, I can throw a carbine or a braced AK pistol into the mix… but I would rather just leave the car windows open and share my musical taste with the world…it tends to keep them a suitable distance from me.
    Rammstein – Ausländer (Official Video) – YouTube
    🎥 Rammstein – Stalingrad – Ohne Dich – YouTube

  60. Original Walther PPS in a K.L Null’s shoulder rig. If I’m relaxing around the house I have a misc. revolver in most every room somewhere.

    *All theoretical BTW since I lost all my guns in a freak kayaking incident. 😉

  61. For some time my EDC has been open carry M2 on my jeep.

    Recently I have been thinking about taking my 105 but the last time I did that I ran over two Miatas and a VW Bug with my six by so I have to be careful abut that now. Still thinking about it. Six by has an M2 on the ring mount.

    Anybody have other suggestions?


      • My, MY, such anger.

        Forget to take your meds today?

        PTSD from listening to the media 24/7? That would drive anyone mad.

        • Never got to fire an M2 but standing by while the Army guys in our convoy function checked theirs out into the desert was a f-ing hoot! You can feel the shockwave when the fire in your chest – so awesome.

  62. I love my S&W 327 PC loaded with 158 grain 357 from Underwood and the back up when out is a Glock 43 on the ankle. My blade is Spyderco PM2 with s110v. I carry a speed strip reload with .38+p’s and an Olight I3tos along with a leatherman rebar. This setup works so well for me.

  63. Before the “boating incident of 2019” my EDC was a Glock G29 with G20 mags… In todays environment I WOULD continue to carry the same piece but would add a compact 9mm backup (if I still had one) in an ankle carry with spare mag, arthritis and self induced back problems makes a knife for self defense pretty much useless, but I am kind of proud that I managed to live long enough to have that problem…

  64. I lost my carry gun in the same unfortunate boating accident where I lost all my long guns and ammo.

  65. HK P7, IWB holster. Fast, flat, accurate. And approaching worth more than it’s weight in gold, so I reckon I can always barter with it if I have to.

    • Yes!!!….. P7…….Some day I’ll have one too 😉
      Can’t decide which first thought…. mark 23 or P7….
      My USP .45 full size is a great, but LARGE pistol…

  66. From the comments I’ve seen above it is not mandatory firearms safety classes we need in this country.

    It’s mandatory boating safety classes.

    • I hear that, I’m still trying to figure out which one of them caused my incident (through no fault of my own), it was a moonless night and the dastardly coward(s) took off without saying a word…. (yeah you know who you are, lurking out there in the shadows)…

  67. I carry 1911’s I own 2 of them both national match. at 79 I can still put 50 rounds at 25 yards into a 2″ group right and left handed. I also carry a 357 when hunting as a side arm.
    I usually carry 2 extra mags for the 45’s Have shot and carried 45’s for over 50 yrs and they have never failed me yet.

  68. I’m going to get a lobotomy joe midday special, an AR14 with a 100 round clipzine with full autoassault! Get yours now thru the gun show loophole or overnight hand loaded delivery!

  69. HiPoint year cannon. With one round in the chamber and none in the magazine to save weight.
    If I miss with my first shot I can throw it at them or use it as a club.

    I also carry a number 2 pencil Cause I have seen John wick 1-3 and I know how to operate.

    Same with my heavy duty field notes book that I can crush throats with and log useful info.

    I have 1 match from a matchbook but no book to strike. I use my fly like all tactical warriors train to do. It is perfect for one candle power as it keeps my eye trained in the dark but gives me the illumination I need.

    Carry on

  70. I carry a FNX-45 with a 15 Round Magazine and one in the Chamber! I always have 2 Extra Magazines and more if I feel that the Threat is Greater

  71. If guns kill people…..
    Pencils cause misspellings….
    Spoons cause obesity….
    Cars cause drunk driving.

  72. S&W 642 Airweight, .38spec, Liberty Civil Defense +P., extra loading strip. Boker Kalashnikov Automatic, … Streamlight Pro pen light. I like to travel light.

  73. Anybody that’s changing gear do to some “new/worse” precieved threat potential: wasn’t properly prepared before that “Change-up”! The BG threat has not changed only the probably of encountering it have increased with economic/social/supply decay.

    Weren’t folks prepared for multiple Threats, home invasion, violent flash Mobs and Riots?

    I can understand putting more “tools” into a state of Readiness incase of a Home Seige but you personal and vehicle load ups should be maxed as SOP.

  74. EDC consists of P365 w/12 rd mag and 12 rd spare in bellyband, CAT TQ, CIA “letter-opener’’ and Streamlight Polytac X. I’ve since added my P320 w/spare mag in a Crossbreed IWB holster (365 now my bug) and my Gerber Combat Folder (built like a spring-loaded, folding K-Bar). I’ve kept my headrest mounted trauma kit (HEDR) from dark angel medical easily accessible, but added several additional mags for both weapons…have not yet augmented the truck with a 5.56 PDW…yet. Local Academy still had plenty of ammunition for sale, but limited to 3 boxes per customer. Plenty of people buying shiny new firearms.

  75. Decided to transition from my relatively new Hellcat to the larger frame CZ PCR (almost same capacity but sometimes bigger is better). However, I was giving another cleaning to my 20 year old P226.

  76. Back February I Purchased a Springfield Armory Hellcat With The RMSC, Unfortunately The Sight Failed After Just 90rds Through The Gun. The Gun Itself Shoots Beautifully…

  77. I carry rolls of TP, they usually go for $20 a piece. I am loving this virus crisis right now.

  78. At moment nothing, My current state has to many illegal gun laws attacking law abiding citizens and to much red tape to get a permit to even own a hand gun.

  79. I like nice things, H&K P7M8 (EDC) and a Springfield M14 Socom in my vehicle (SUV). I keep my range gear in the vehicle, if ever stopped, ” I’m driving to the range”. At night, a Ruger 38 spl on the nightstand and a Browning BPS 12 ga Upland special (short barrel and English stock, quick handling shotgun) leaning on the nightstand.
    My Border Collie that seems to stay up at night, she is better than any alarm system. Great dog, really smart, just completed her addition and subtraction training and starts multiplication tables next month. She is smarter than any kids her age. So I am set.


  81. I don’t carry because the few places I go I’m not allowed to carry. I do carry a couple of knives because they’ll permit me that. At home I have several choices available to me, all of which will put big holes in whatever I shoot at (except for the .22lr semiautomatic squirrel gun I got for my daughter when she was 10).

  82. I’m old school (and old), so my EDC is one of the revolvers that I own, and I always have a loaded speedloader with me as well. And since I don’t go into government buildings, I conceal carry everywhere I go, regardless of any signs prohibiting such action.

  83. My usual EDC- S&W Compact Gen I 9mm and an assisted folder knife.

    My personal risk is near zero since I’m rarely leaving the house. Other than the grocery there’s no where to go.

  84. Remember the rule, Two is one and one is none. I carry a Sig 1911 with one in the tube, a full 8 round mag and a spare mag. My other piece is a S&W Airlight with (5)158 grain .357 mag rounds with a spare speedloader. I carry an Emerson folding Karambit, and have trained to use it. I also carry my cell phone just in case I need more ammo.

  85. Switched to my G23 instead of the G26. 2 spare mags instead of 1. Extra mags in vehicle too. Knife is the same

  86. Springfield XD 45 4″ w extra mag(13rd) as my back up, and the same XD 45 w extra mag as my EDC

  87. I have no guns, but if I did…

    A 1911 Kimber pro carry, for around the property… first round snake shot.

    A 1911 SW at the bedside, and a pump shotgun under it.

    G19 by the desk.

    G43 for going to the store.

    Saiga-12 (922’ed) for evening noises outside.

    AR-50 for answering the door when ATF is lined up outside. (Lined up… get it?)

    Suppressed 22s for when you don’t want to say you’re sorry.

    Suppressed 300blk when you don’t want to say you’re sorry, and mean it.

    These are just the firearms that would have handy… if I had any at all.

    But I don’t… I just wish I had an assault caliber clip gun to shoot high capacity rounds.

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