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Semi-automatic shotgun (courtesy

“Internal police documents seen by UK Shooting News have revealed that police firearms licensing employees want to ban: .22 semi-autos; magazine-fed shotguns; all 50-cals; section 2 certificates; free 1-for-1 variations; old spec deactivated firearms; antique firearms; and appeals to courts against police decisions. UK Shooting News’ author assures readers that this is all real, and not some feverish nightmare.” An assurance that should resonate here in The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, in the sense that . . .

anyone who thinks that “common sense” gun control isn’t the proverbial “camel’s nose in the tent” is oblivious to history, both in the UK and, say, California. New Jersey. Hawaii. And every other U.S. state where gun control legislation found purchase. Not to mention federally.

The info obtained by Shooting News is a blueprint; the proposals have not been formerly introduced. What are the odds? Excellent! After banning handguns for personal defense and instituting draconian purchasing, licensing and inspection provisions for all remaining civilian-held firearms, the UK authorities would now like to ban . . .

Semi-auto firearms and shotguns. The police rhetoric from a year ago, demonising the licensed firearms community and repeatedly stating that we as a whole were ignoring the law by not keeping our firearms securely stored, has continued. “Domestic extremism” is a good enough reason for police figures to demand all semi-autos, firearms and shotguns alike be banned. Realising this may not get through, the police employee writes: “Consideration should be given to amending S5(21)(ab) to read “other than one which is chambered for rimfire cartridges not exceeding .22”. . . .

.50 calibre rifles. In a worrying development the police appear to have started a new campaign to ban .50 calibre rifles for no readily apparent reason. Under the heading “material destruction rifles”, the police employee writes: “If someone were to use such a firearm in a firearm related major incident scenario, the results could be devastating. Consideration should be given to making these firearms prohibited weapons.”

Airguns. Despite the police officially rejecting the Scottish Nationalist proposal to make airguns licensable – which since passed – the author of this document appears to have lost touch with his comrades, blandly stating that “further restrictions should be placed on such weapons.”

Old-spec de-acts. The police want to make all pre-1995 de-activated firearms illegal by making the 1995 standard mandatory. This would be hugely costly and criminalise tens of thousands of people across the country for absolutely no good reason – although it would produce a rich seam of arrestable people, who otherwise did no wrong, that could be mined for years to come.

Antiques. As previously discussed on UKSN, the police want to bring in licensing of antiques through the back door by forcing antiques dealers to keep records of customers and making them sign declarations.

And institute . . .

Magazine capacity restrictions. Hitherto, Britain has not fallen for the American virus of arbitrarily restricting magazine capacities or targeting firearms for bans based on their form rather than function. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. “Consider further limits on the magazine capacity of multi shot shotguns”, writes the police author, “and the introduction of a magazine capacity on semi-automatic rifles.” .  .

Shotgun cartridges, currently not licensed, should be licensed, say the police.

Leading to . . .

New powers of entry without warrant. Chief constables, says the police author, should be able to suspend a certificate pending investigation. This, if you knew nothing about how the licensing system operates, appears reasonable. “Such a suspension should carry a power of entry without warrant in order to seize the certificates and any firearms held by virtue of them,” writes the police employee, who brazenly goes on to state that the suspension should be for a fixed term of six months renewable for another six months through an internal police self-authorisation process. In effect this would be a revocation by another name, evading the statutory controls placed on police to ensure they only exercise the power of revocation in a lawful and accountable manner.

Abolishing court appeals is one of the more offensive suggestions on the list. While both police and public know that the cost of a court appeal starts from five figures and increases exponentially, it looks as if they are not only fishing for hugely intrusive and disruptive powers to target the licensed firearms community but they also want to pull the ladder up to ensure that courts which make binding decisions on the law which the police are forced to obey no longer play a part in firearms licensing.

And there you have it: the Land of Hope and Glory sliding down the slippery slope to complete civilian disarmament. For those who say “Bravo! look at the comparative firearms-related homicide rates in the UK and the US,” I remind you that Americans’ right to keep and bear arms is subject neither to arguments of social utility or the democratic – or bureaucratic – process. At least in theory. [h/t JA]

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  1. I almost blew Starbucks all over the 3000 dollar Mac in front of me in the middle of class when I read the words ‘American virus’ written by a Brit in reference to American gun law in relation to their own.

  2. Sadly England continues to march towards the welfare states end goal of complete subjection, dependence and fear. Orwell’s predictions are coming to fruition. Next time you go to the DMV remember that our healthcare will someday resemble it. Thanks Obamacare. A man can’t even defend himself in His own home in England. A sad state of affairs for the country that gave us the English common law system.

    • The Brits are only inches away from ‘realising’ this…

      Just like in Fahrenheit 451 the average lunkhead is quite happy with their media walls and their ‘participation’ in “reality” tv pablum. They feel like they ‘know’ the Kart-trashians or Princess Di, or whatever smoke is blown up their colon.

      The scary part is the NSA is even closer to ‘TIA’ and is spending billions every year to drill down on it.

    • In California, we are technically allowed to use deadly force, defensively. But, If two perps crash your home, and proceed to rape your wife and daughter, and you grab your gun shooting one of them, three things will happen: 1. The police will confiscate your guns – all of them. 2. You will be arrested. 3. You will be tried.
      You will need to prove that you were in REASONABLE fear of death or great bodily harm. Note Well, the remaining perp, will not be required to testify, and need not prove his innocence. You, on the other hand must prove FEAR. This means, effectively, that you are presumed guilty.

  3. This is why I laugh when anti gunners say, with a straight face, that slippery slope arguments are not valid. This is the very definition of a slippery slope.

    That the police now want to enter people’s homes without a warrant is disgraceful. It appears an Englishman’s home is no longer his castle.

    • Always make them quantify their “common sense solutions.” Don’t get caught up in arguing magazine limits or universal background checks.

      I always try to start with the approach of, “Okay, UBC’s, mag limits and “assault weapons” are banned. Tomorrow, another Colombine, Navy Yard, or Isla Vista happens. What restrictions will you ask for then?”

      If they are the hardcore grabber, they won’t know where to go except to start name calling. If they are just someone that has bought into the media bullshit, you can have the actual discussion that these proposed “solutions” don’t even address the problem.

      • I say “Is there a point at which you’ll say this is enough gun control, and actively oppose any further restrictions?”

        There never is.

    • Firearms legislation in the US (and elsewhere) has almost always been a slippery slope.

      Look at our history:

      NFA 1934
      Various restrictions in the late 1930s
      GCA 1968
      Hughes Amendment in 1986
      AWB 1994 (thankfully rescinded)

      Each one was a step towards further restrictions.

      If you analyze the UK and Australian models, it’s a more draconian version of what I just sketched.

  4. And not is how it ends very badly for gun owners In the UK.And this is how it starts in this country The United States of America With the progressive liberals crying we don’t want your hunting Firearms we just want those nasty black rifles whatever! It all ends in the same No Second Amendment rights And at tyrannous type government will were no longer citizens were subjects Subject to be put through any amount of crap the government wants us to. I claim a big BS on that one And we need to take note of what they’re doing in the UK And vote correctly come this November!

  5. I should point out that for decades, ‘air rifles’ have had less than 12 pounds-feet of muzzle energy.

    Anything over 12 ft-lb is known as a FAC air rifle because you have to put it on your Firearms Acquisition Certificate, because it’s a ‘firearm’ in limey land.

  6. Anyone want to wager that the brit police will NEVER search a muslims house without a warrant?

    Wonder how long it will be before your average law abiding brit starts buying one of those AKMs being brought over from Bosnia.

  7. “demonising the licensed firearms community and repeatedly stating that we as a whole were ignoring the law by not keeping our firearms securely stored, has continued.”

    And this is why we oppose safe storage laws.

      • Progressivism is a death cult. It embraces every belief and takes every step to destroy itself.

        Just look at how they describe the human race as a plague on the planet, a disease that needs to be eradicated.

        So they are taking their own advice.

  8. FU-uk

    Yor lame asses can’t wait 100 years before you try another batch of stupid.
    ISIS is gonna feed you di<k at both ends, and your f-ing POS A-hole neighbors needing jobs (your d-bag gov't) have once again bent you over too it. Once the sun never set on you, soon the sun won't rise on you.

  9. People of England rise up and take back your country. Get rid of these National Socialists (aka Nazis). Have you no backbone ? Seriously, get rid of these idiots and vote in some Conservatives that might be able to get your country back on the right track. These Liberals are ruining your country and your rights are going up in smoke. Don’t let this happen to you and your country.

  10. We get accused of being paranoid, selfish, uncaring, unreasonable, hysterical, obtuse, bitterly-clinging. That’s just a tactic. Once the principle is conceded, or I should say as more points of principle are conceded, it just gets worse, gives the antis more angles of attack and gun people less of a leg to stand on.

    The utilitarian case for guns, sound as it is, is risky. It can convert fence-sitters but it can be overrun, like by Bloomberg funded research, folk hysteria, maybe protesters if they get their numbers up. Then it becomes dead weight; a tacit agreement that the issue can be looked at in utilitarian terms. Heck, I won’t feel justice is done ’till we get new-production automatic* firearms back.

    *that is to say fully automatic, if you prefer.

  11. The UK disarming itself will come back to bite them as soon as some youthful jihadis there smuggle a few AK’s into the country and decide to start shootin fish in a barrel.

  12. Have fun with the flood of muslims-wanna’ bet a few Isis boys and girls are mixed in ? Just hit ’em with a cricket bat. 451/Brave New World/V for Vendetta and the anti-CHRIST all rolled into one island…

    • A cricket bat would hurt. I sometimes need a cane because of a knee that gives out, so I carry a field hockey stick. It’ll break any bone a big man has.

  13. You’d think people would WANT to keep the upper hand rather than relinquish power to the criminals. How does one not miss this simple reality?

  14. Lets not forget that the mall massacre in Kenya was a warm up for the main event…. Wiping out all children of the wealthy children in London, many of whom are Jewish. The fact the elite in the UK ( remember, one half of their congress is based on heredity) is hell bent on complete disarmament makes me sick. So much of who we knew as our closest allies will be lost to the blind violence to come. If a bunch of drunk anarchists can burn down neighborhood after neighborhood what will armed jihadists be able to destroy?

    • Seriously? America has serious issues because we have so many idiots making claims that that the live TV killings, Newtown, 9-11 and every other crazy crime was faked like a cheap made-for-TV movie, for delivering to the ignorant masses. Every time people make such claims of faking deaths, false flag, and other events just makes the anti-gunners so much more inclined to restrict guns. Come clean, if you really think Newtown was faked, you are nuts. Anyone that thinks all these national tragedies are faked, needs to seek mental health care. Yep, no one died in 9-11, no one died at Sandy Hook, no one died when Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK or Abe Lincoln or they were all inside jobs. How many tens of thousands of witnesses does it take to convince you?

    • The only “false flag operation” here is JR, on the Bloomberg/Soros payroll to post lunatic shit that makes gun owners look like a pack of mentally deficient sociopaths. The fancy name for folks like JR is “agent provocateur.”

  15. Every society in history has collapsed from it’s own brand of Paris Hiltons, Kartrashians, blood sports, public parasites and baby killers.

    Societies, like individuals , get born, have a vigorous, virile and vital youth and middle age and then a slow decline into decrepitude and finally death.

    The west is seeing it’s decrepitude, death is still a head.

  16. And Her Loyal Subjects don’t even have a clue how abusive this is, because they’ve complied readily to disarmament schemes stretching back through a thousand years of monarchy.

  17. Well. We had to bail them out of that particular insanity once when they wanted to kill NAZIs with guns they didn’t have, and we gave up a few hundred thousand of our personal weapons to Brits to use. So now, when they decide they need to fight the Muslim invaders and drive them out, they will ask us to help again. We should let them fight the jihadis with garden and kitchen tools this time. Maybe them they will appreciate their freedom enough to demand citizens own guns.

    • Yes, Americans aided the communists and their butt-kissers, the All-Lies, to torment the Nationalists of Germany who were trying and succeeding at recovering from international usury and meddling. Thereby, Americans inherited the sheenie curse of speech crimes and weapons confiscations.

  18. UK claims to be a democracy, but still has a “royal family” jewing you out of billions of dollars and making sure you “don’t insult refugees”. Are you surprised at ANY tyrannical act that happens there?

  19. “”After banning handguns for personal defense and instituting draconian purchasing, licensing and inspection provisions for all remaining civilian-held firearms, the UK authorities would now like to ban”

    Totally bogus claim to start with. The 1997 firearms reform act, which you are surely referring to, did not ban handguns for personal self defence, it banned handguns.

    It’s also a myth that we are not allowed to defend ourselves, we just can’t go around shooting dead people we consider a threat.

    As to accusations that somehow we Brits are slaves due to lack of guns, you might like to consider that US citizens are the wholly owned tax income generating property of the USA no matter where in the world they go. With the exception of the wholly owned tax raising property of the African dictatorship of Eritrea, Americans are unique in that they will be tracked and punished for attempting to leave the USA. Americans are slaves.

    Doubt me? Go on, ask me about it. 😉


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