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Mexico’s Autodefensas are armed civilian militias seeking to protect the populace from drug thugs, corrupt police and the equally corrupt and murderous Mexican military (who operate with impunity within the country). As we’ve reported, the cartels, cops and government have all targeted the autodefensas for murder. Fourteen months ago, the mexican government imprisoned their leader Dr. Manuel Mireles. There he sits, without trial. While the Obama Administration continues to arm bad actors in the Middle East in the name of peace and stability, it hasn’t said word one about Dr. Mireles or the autodefensa movement. Go figure. Meanwhile, Dr. Mireles’ words continue to resonate amongst besieged Mexicans. has the story . . .

“I am a prisoner in the Cereso Hermosillo, Sonora, for 14 months and still my legal status is not defined…. I am a political prisoner,” said Jose Manuel Mireles Valverde, leader and founder of the Autodefensa Movement (self-defense) of Tierra Caliente (Michoacán)  on an audio which was broadcast on social networks.

His well-known voice is easily recognized in the audio, however it is a voice that resonates weak, and weary.

In the recording that lasts nine minutes, the coastal autodefensa leader  detained since his arrest last June 27, 2014, in La Mira, Lazaro Cardenas, recalled that is imprisoned for defending his people, and mourns  the recent killings of  several autodefensa coordinators in the region.

“Now I no longer refer to it as organized crime, it is now authorized crime, because it is a disgrace that there are still people without anyone to defend them,” he charged, noting that although there are federal and military elements in communities, they do nothing to defend people.”

He said;   if he thought his detention would stop the violence in the region, he would be  willing to sacrifice. He asserts that the prosecutors have been playing games with his case for 14 months.  He charges continual delays occur when a prosecutor or “expert” fails to be present at hearings, a ploy to extend his time in prison.

He reiterated that  the autodefensas have waited three years for justice to be conducted in the state, but only received incarceration or execution of its  leaders.

He mentioned the autodefensa  leaders of Aquila, Cemeí Verdía Zepeda, imprisoned for a month, (released then immediately arrested for murder) and  in Yurécuaro, Enrique Hernández, murdered in May.

And the leaders of Churumuco, Huetamo and Nueva Italia, also executed during  last month, “it is sad that they are killing leaders who only took up arms to defend themselves.”

The audio comes to an abrupt end it the middle of his speaking.

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  1. What do you want Obama to say about it? He gave the cartels their guns to kill the leaders with. Through his fast and furious b******* Bs!

    • He’ll say nothing, of course. He would never stand on the side of people against an authoritarian government. He will side with criminals against local police, but his goal there will always be strict central government control.

      • Exactly. Statists will advocate “helping” nations and people that don’t fight back for themselves but if he said anything positive about the autodefensas, it would only encourage people in the US to be more independent and willing to stand up to tyranny. Liberals especially don’t want independent thinking people.

  2. The ghosts of Operation Fast & Furious live on, I see.

    Buckle up, folks. It’s only going to worse from here as Mexico continues to slip further from being simply a failed state to a possible civil war if shit doesn’t change — and soon. You think illegal immigration is bad now? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

    Watch this space indeed.

    • I think the Mexican government fears the people more than it fears the cartels, and the government’s biggest fear is a full-on uprising.

      For the cartels, military, and police, it is in their best interests to maintain the status quo, and to do this via traditional means.

      I see Mexico becoming another Syria with a decade. And it is already well on the way to failed-state status.

      • This is the reason they arrest these guys. Theres a risk they could start a revolution as has happened many times in Mexico. Indeed you’re right the cartels want to maintain the status quo as they are only interested in the money. The autodefensas are concerned about the people, if the are armed and feel the government isn’t doing its job then revolution is the only option.

        • The last US border war with Mexico “ended” approximately 107 years ago. However, the war’s not over til both sides say it is and the no hablo englaise crowd has been f-ing us Ghandi style ever since with the help of the (D)emocrats, the catholic church, and the (D)bag National Chamber of Commerce pricks.
          Mexico abuses their own so they can get refugee status here by the metric ton. What we are left with is early 1980’s S. Africa style pre-“stop apartheid” bs coming from the UN and the rest of the world. Then we’ll have the “one-settler one bullet” marches in our streets. Then we’ll have our gov’t taken over, our farms and winery’s confiscated by murder, our national treasuries raided…
          Read your recent history books for the rest kids.
          Just make sure you get your cut when they divvy, and make at least as much mischief for THE F ING POS LIBERAL (D)BAG A-HOLES that are selling it to you now like its a good and noble thing.

      • I had the same thought. And, similar to Syria, hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of Mexicans will try to stream across the border as war refugees.

        And now it all makes sense. Progressives want that to happen so they can welcome the refugees with open arms and secure another few million voters … and ensure that they win all future federal elections (at least for President anyway) and win the governorship and legislatures of many states who will ride on the coattails of the Progressive candidate for President.

        We really need a President to win the next election who will appoint justices to the Supreme Court who support our uninfringed right to keep and bear arms. If it doesn’t happen in the next election, I fear it will never happen.

      • Not Syria – there won’t be two Super-Powers fighting a proxy war in Mexico. The people there really are on their own.

    • Looking at it objectively, Obama’s policy toward Mexico and Latin America has been singularly focused on destabilization, which we see now is intended to stampede millions across our borders. The obvious purpose a short-sighted deal to guarantee Democrat hegemony, but true to Obama form, will in reality only generate untold civil strife not seen since the Potato Famine.

  3. They shouldn’t have had guns. Nothing good can come of it, and the fact that they’re in jail (or dead) proves it. If they’d had more faith in their government, none of this would have happened.

    • That’s why the .gov fans the flames, instead of putting out the fire. Both sides of the aisle want them here, just for different reasons.

  4. Dictators gotta dic together

    FUAGAIN everyone that voted for the O-hole in chief, your lame sh_t is broken, indefensible, and unforgiveable.

  5. Gun control doesn’t work? It results in government sponsored corruption and murder for those who fail to conform to the statist narrative?

    There’s nothing for Obama to say here, especially when he keeps pushing for his “Hope and Change” plan to put more of our freedoms under the whims of government control.

    • From now on when I meet an Anti, I’m going to use the Autodefensas and their treatment as the argument for why civilians should never be stripped of their 2A rights.

      Of course their argument will be that it’s because of 2A that the Cartels run rampant in the first place. That’s why liberalism is a mental disorder.

  6. Mexico used to be a very cool place. Totally corrupt of course, from top to bottom, but the people were really nice and mostly peaceful. Oh, well, I guess that the same could be said about the US.

    • The average Jose in Mexico is still a very friendly person on the whole. Unfortunately the nation is being run by some extremely unfriendly people.

  7. Only martyrs and murderers down there. Time to come north friends. Leave the cartel and government thugs behind. Ours are just as corrupt but, so far, less violent.

    • Only martyrs and murderers down there. Time to come north friends

      Uhh no, unless you want the same thing here. They can stay there and fight to take their own country back. Or they can come here and we will fight them to take our country back.

      Look what people fleeing California did to Colorado. Do you honestly think that illegals flooding across the border will magically make America better?

      Ask Texas in 5 years because by then it will be a liberal cesspool due to the massive influx of illegals and California transplants. That is if the cartels don’t turn it in a 3rd world hell hole first.

    • No, ours aren’t just as corrupt, in fact there is a marked difference between the normal American corruption and the corruption in cities that are heavily Hispanic immigrant. In those areas it is much more blatant and similar to that in Mexico.

      Anyone who comes here has an obligation to assimilate culturally and it’s racist to disagree (hey, it works for progressives) and this is why.

      So if you are in Mexico and come north, forget your heritage because your heritage is killing your countrymen. Your loyalty must be to your new home because nothing else works. We cannot afford to let you bring with you that which you flee.

      If you are fleeing it, why would you bring it with you anyway?

  8. This is just another reason there needs to be a wall built on the southern border. While I feel bad for what’s happened in Mexico, I can’t defend accepting anymore refugees from other parts of the world, even with a nation that shares a border with the US.

    Besides the wall, I’d like to see the US do something to eliminate the drug cartels, unfortunately, there likelihood is that the US is behind them. I would also like to see regime change in Mexico and a toppling of the federale government. The destabilization of Mexico has led to the immigration crises in the US and is harming our economy. This is a greater threat than any WMD’s Iraq allegedly had and is reason enough to use military action.

    And I’m not trolling or joking. The best way to help the Mexican people isn’t to give them a free pass into the US, but to fundamentally transform Mexico.

    I don’t expect Barry from Chicago to understand that type of fundamental transformation tho.

    • @TruthTellers: Don’t know how Mexico can ever be reformed as long at there is such a massive demand for drugs from our country. Someone will always step up to fill that demand and the large profits will always fuel the corruption. Unless something is done to change that then nothing will change.

      • You reform Mexico with guns and bullets in the hands of the people, remove all the figures in the current gov’t, wipe out the drug cartels, and limits the terms of all gov’t officials to just one two year term.

        Pipe dream, I know. But if it were to ever happen, Mexico stops being a third world nation.

  9. Someone should bring this to Donald Trump’s attention. His comments are replayed everywhere so if he started talking about it, this could further his idea of building a wall, bring their plight to the forefront, and be the only one talking about it…again. God help them all.

  10. America’s illegal immigration problem, like Western Europe’s, probably will continue to be out of control in the foreseeable future in large part because of the failed-state nature of Mexico and other janky countries in the Southern Hemisphere. But don’t expect our status quo politicians of either party to effectively deal with the situation–they and their corporate masters love that illegal, cheap labor.

  11. I have some sympathy for Mexicans who flee here illegally, but not respect. I have enormous respect for people like Dr. Mireles.

  12. If it wasn’t for these company owners wanting cheap labor, then the immigration problem wouldnt be so bad. Not every mexican is a drug dealer, the vast majority of them are here to take our jobs. These greedy bastards that run the companies don’t wanna pay Americans so they hire wet backs for reduced wages and no benefits.And all the while our government turned a blind eye because WHITE business owners worked the illegals. Now the fuckers damn near out number us and we did it all to our selves. The blame for this crap starts way before Obama, like with the early 80’s late 70’s presidents and those who followed.

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