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Holocaust survivors helped create this Public Service Announcement? My father would have a thing or two to say about that. Since the man who lost his parents – my grandparents – to the Nazi slaughter has shuffled off this mortal coil, I’ll say something in his stead: never again. Never again will intelligent Jews allow the government to disarm them, lest they face the threat of government sponsored mass murder. Couldn’t happen here? Ask Native Americans whose ancestors survived the Trail of Tears how that whole disarmament thing worked out for them. We should thank our Founding Fathers . . .

for realizing that government is the greatest threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The Second Amendment protections enshrined in America’s Constitution is not without its costs. But those who refuse to weigh the downsides against the protections it affords are sowing the seeds of their own destruction. And ours. As I said above, never again. How easy is that?

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  1. Explain where Dianne Feinstein is coming from then? And all the pro liberal Jewish people in the media and involved in Hollywood Have they not learned anything from their past? I only ask this Because I’m pro-choice Pro 2nd amendment NRA member

    • I for one cant.
      My cousins are all well know producers and directors in Hollywood. Their father my 1st cousin I guess. Was a bigshot with Google. All are as anti gun as the come. Yet make their living producing some of the most violent TV shows there are on CBS. I guess they have all forgotten what Uncle Jack their father used to warn me about as a kid.

    • The American gun culture descends primarily from hunting and the new world expansion, where guns were the only tools that could keep Americans alive. Jews have no gun culture. They cannot hunt because they can’t eat any meat that isn’t slaughtered in the ritual way, and they cannot shoot an animal for sport. Catholics, who comprise by far the largest, most powerful and dangerous hoplophobes, likewise have no gun culture.

      And so we have Malloy, McCarthy, Cuomo, O’Malley, Jerry Brown, Biden, Brady, Pelosi, Pfleger, the Pope, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops — there’s an endless list of Catholic gungrabbers.

      But Jews are learning, and have made more of a pro-gun impact than almost anyone else. Alan Gura (an Israeli-born Jew) and Robert Levy, and American Jew and lawyer for the Cato Foundation, led the legal team that won Heller and McDonald. We’d be up schitt’s creek without them, and there are plenty of others.

      • Catholics, who comprise by far the largest, most powerful and dangerous hoplophobes, likewise have no gun culture.
        I can think of quite a few Catholics out here in the Mid West and the South who would say you are full of crap.
        Never been in German Catholic communities have you?
        Even out in the Mid-West and the South, the Irish Catholics are pro-gun.
        The BosWash corridor and the urban environments are your ghetto Catholic toilet.
        I am not a Catholic.
        I have Irish Catholic ancestry, but we are now Far and Away Irishmen and are Protestant, we do not live in a ghetto in Boston.

        • Sure, not all Catholics are anti-gun. Maybe not even most. But the Church itself and almost every Catholic Democrat politician (which is redundant) is anti-gun, and that’s a fact.

        • According to the previous Presidential election, most of Catholic votes went to the Democrats. I forgot the exact percentage, but it wasn’t obviously the Black or Hispanic vote, but it was over 50 percent.

      • ……………………Well aren’t you just the brightest crayon in the box(prob grey) you can’t just marginalize people like that, my whole family is Catholic, and we have A LOT of guns and ammo. c’mon man.

    • david, this is David. I don’t know why you chose to mention that you’re pro choice and pro 2A. But since you did I want to ask how you can hold those two diametrically opposed views? Pro 2A is for freedom, the right to defend yourself, and ultimately, the right to life. And pro choice means you are willing for people to kill other people who are completely defenseless. What crime did a baby in the womb ever commit that he/she would deserve to be killed? And often in a gruesome fashion (dismemberment). No matter how the baby was conceived it doesn’t deserve death. Adoption is a choice if the mother doesn’t want to keep him/her. I would hope that you would reconsider your stance on this matter and do some research on the processes that keep a baby alive in the womb as a separate but dependent individual. Thank you.



      • Violent crime, today, is at an all time low because of abortion. Most abortions are poor black and hispanic mothers. Most violent crime is perpetrated by black and hispanics. We have 50,000,000 or more less black and hispanics today because of legalized abortion. The holoCOST is a myth, Hitler wanted jews gone because they were such a degenerative force in German society, as they are in Western society to this day. Hitler did not want to exterminate the jews, he just wanted them gone. The only reason jews died in German labor camps is because the allies bombed German supply lines, and the jew prisoners could not be properly cared for. Never forget that history is written by the victors, and one of the biggest victors of jew instigated WWII was communist jew controlled Russia.

        • ^ Oh hey lookie there we have an anti-gun plant trying to make us look bad undoubtedly.

          Or someone who is just ignorant I guess.

            The mythical “Six Million” figure has intriguing origins indeed. Jews have staunchly emphasized the 6,000,000 figure in atrocity propaganda from the years 1890 through 1945. World War II ended in 1945, and since that time the cabalistic 6,000,000 figure has now reached sacrosanct status. This was achieved through a sleazy and deceptive campaign of repetitive HoloHoax swindlespeak in the news and entertainment media, centered in Jewish Hollywood. As the Jewish-Communist mass murderer, Vladimir Lenin, once said: “a lie told often enough becomes the truth.” This campaign of Jewish deceit has steadily intensified over the years. When Jews sense an increase in awareness of their treachery and global crimes against humanity amongst the Gentile public (a natural reaction of which is resentment and hostility), the louder they begin to wail about their invented holocaust in the octopus of media organs they control. That’s why they are always gauging the pulse of public opinion.

        • I am as pro gun as anybody could possibly be. Whenever somebody disagrees with what you are saying, they will say “cite your sources”, google it and figure it out for yourselve’s. If you are not smart enough to do a google search I can provide you with specific links. Most of you don’t believe anything unless it comes from jew controlled main stream media anyway.

        • Try reading “Freakonomics”, by a serious genius in Econ, one chapter serves to prove this point (about America, doesn’t address WWII). Rather definitively, unless you keep your eyes closed while you read.

        • @Troy: “The holoCOST is a myth”. This statement alone shows that you are not working with a full deck of cards. So anything before and after that statement can and should now be ignored. Next.

          • There is no credible evidence for a jew genocide. The jew communists are responsible for 100 million plus dead Christian people. This an irrefutable fact that has been suppressed by the jew controlled media. Show me the credible evidence that the jew Hitler ( he was a jew ) wanted to exterminate the jew race. There is no proof, just jew communist propaganda.

        • Hey Troy, as a son and grandson of survivors of the holocaust and a Jew that will never be disarmed … Go f$&k yourself. Those like you, the deniers, live in the a land of so out of touch with reality they can’t tell their own head from their arse. NEVER AGAIN!

          • Believe what you want, there are millions of “holocost survivors” drawing survivor pensions, yet I am supposed to believe that there were 6 million killed? What about the Holodomor? That is a confirmed 7 million dead at the hands of jew commies. Which is a spit in the bucket of jew atrocities against White Christians…prove me wrong.

        • There were 9 million Jews living in Europe at the start of World War 2. At the end of the war, there were 3 million. If there was no Holocaust, what happened to the unaccounted 6 million Jews?

      • Pro 2A is about freedom, David, as you state. Pro choice is also about freedom. The freedom of a woman to make up her own mind about what to do about things which only matter to her, within her own body. If you are convinced your anti choice position is correct, feel free to attempt to convince her, not me. As a man, my opinion can never be important. Are you a man? One woman at a at a time, convince them. Or have your invisible friend in the clouds convince all at once! But under no circumstances do you have the authority to demand that police forces, paid for with my taxes, force her to do your misogynistic bidding at the point of a gun. If you wish to outlaw abortion, feel free, the amendment procedure awaits you. Guess why it has not even been attempted since Roe v. Wade? Because it would not even get started before it was finished, at a cost of millions. Because you are part of a tiny minority of fanatics minding everybody’s business except your own.

        • “As a man, my opinion can never be important.”

          As a person who was at one time not born I do feel my opinion is relavent.

        • Your mother’s opinion was relevant. The fact that once upon a time you were not born gives you the right to decide that you will not have an abortion. Period. It does not make you a god whose opinions must be enforced upon others, especially the millions you have never met or cared anything about, otherwise.

      • The common link is the belief that the Government should stay out of individual’s lives – period. While I personally oppose abortion, I oppose even more the Government (or you) imposing their (your) belief set on others. The less the Government interjects into individual’s lives the better. Your view that you should make decisions for others on one subject is no better than the gun grabbers view toward your right to keep and bear arms.

    • What I find most interesting is the claim that 1 in 20 kids has brought a gun to school. This means that kids are relatively safe with those guns. I mean non of them are doing so with any supervision, yet the number of school shootings is very small compared to the number of armed students. Appearantly if these ( likely liars) are to be believed armed school children are about as likely as CCW holders to shoot people.

    • Its because they have made a deal with the Devil. They sold out their personal faith, community , religion, past, and Israel for their political party. These are democrats, not devout people of faith. No such thing as “faith, family, friends” rather its political party, self, and faith probably doesn’t make the cut

  2. Since almost all of us lost someone from our tribe back in WWII to the Nastiz. In my case most of my grandfathers side of the family. His little brother who survived and came here with him. Are all involved in the Hollywood business big time too.
    I will never understand all of these Liberal retarded Jews here in AMERICA who are so danged antigun.
    It makes me ill some days. Im ashamed to be of the same tribe some times. Especially my own immediate family.

  3. I have to call BS on that one in twenty. Maybe in the worst gang infested school in the worst cities, they might come up with a number like that.
    Just because I read it doesn’t make it so.

    However, as far as the video, the kid wanted an orange flavored drink. That’s the button he pushed and instead he gets a firearm. I’d be like…..HEY, wait just a dog gone minute, I can’t drink this thing!

      • Maybe it is supposed to be like religion. It doesn’t make sense and is wholly retarded, but we are supposed to accept it, don’t question, just obey.

      • Back in the ’80s, about 50 miles outside a major metro, we took guns to school all the time. Just like the kids 20 miles out.

        We took our guns (unloaded) on the school bus and deposited them in the principal’s office till the day was over. Then we often got on a different bus than the one we came on, and rode over to a friend’s place to go shooting or hunting. Every male carried a folding knife, just like you could on planes when the world was more sane.

        All the kids old enough to drive parked their trucks with full gun racks in the school lot. Those guns were all loaded. Generally the windows were down and the doors unlocked.

        In the ’70s (smackdab in a major metro) we’d dress up in period-correct militaria, and go trick-or-treating with real rifles and sidearms. Never a problem. The pansies that seem to have rational folks over a barrel these days would have had their heads explode.

  4. Read your Old Testament. This behavior predates Moses, and look at how disgusted he became with the tribes of Israel. Would you have smashed the word of the Lord out of anger? Now look at us today, ready to make a deal with the devil that could possibly doom Israel. Such naivete doesn’t come from Judaeo-Christian teachings; it is born of a false social and political ideology that others try to superimpose of these religions.

  5. But how many of those 1/20 brought a gun to school by accident ie. Left a rifle in the back from a hunting trip, or left their trap gun in the back, or perhaps drove dad’s car and he left a carry piece in the center console.

    On a more serious note: where can I find one of these vending machines?

  6. 1 in 20? Maybe at a high school that has a shooting team. More BS propaganda that the screaming me-me’s will repeat until they get someone to believe it.

  7. If you’re gonna spend that kind of money to tell a lie, you might as well tell a bunch of lies all at the same time. Leftists lie, it is the only way they can hope to succeed.

  8. Yeah, the Trail of Tears” was so tearful that the Cherokee Nation had to console themselves with a trip to the New Orleans slave markets. The Cherokee out their in Indian Territory joined the Confederate States of America.

    • A lot of Cherokees on the Trail of Tears quit the program and wandered off and lived like white European style folk. One of my wife’s ancestors did just that and had a small tobacco plantation in Kentucky complete with 5 to 7 Negro slaves.
      Well, white people did want native americans to be just like white people, so what is the problem?
      I was surprised that her Cherokee family ancestor served in the Federal Kentucky Cavalry during the Civil War.

  9. What’s up with the 1 in 20 high school students have brought a gun to school statistic??? I highly doubt 1 in 20 of the people I went to high scho with even owned a gun. Even if that statistic was true that would mean 745,000 high schoolers are carrying with only a minuscule amount of violence.

    • 1/20 may be illegal themselves, but I need a bunch of proof that 5% of high school students have brought guns to school. Maybe if you including finger guns, pop tart guns, bubble guns and NRA shirts,.

    • While I cant see the video I can take stab at how it was calculated. I suspect it was calculated by taking the total number of students and dividing it times a firearm was brought into a school. So if one gang member brought a gun to school every day he went the statistic would treat it as if 180 students brought firearms to school. calculated that way it would not take very many students to come up with enough incidents to cover all students.

  10. What a bargain for the UZI! Is that one a pre-ban? Are there more in there?

    Seriously, “Holocaust survivors that know the importance of safety”??? WTF?? That group is not comprised of the brightest candles on the Hanukkiah. Have a fun trip in the boxcars.

    • Fyi, the holiday is Hanukkah or Chanukah, and the thing that holds the candles is called a menorah. Google is your friend.

      Almost a Jew.

      • Vyhrus,

        “Fyi, the holiday is Hanukkah or Chanukah, and the thing that holds the candles is called a menorah.”

        Traditionally, the 7 branched candle holder is a “menorah”; the specialized 9 branched candle holder for Hanukkah is called a “hanukkiah”.

        “Sincerely, Almost a Jew.”

        No hard feelings,
        Actually a Jew

          • The dreidle is the top that has four sides. Each side has a letter (gimel, hay, shin, and nun) which represent the phrase: a great miracle happened here.

        • As someone who actually celebrated Hanukkah and was told by his father and the jewish half of his family that it was a menorah, I can now only say after some research that you are 100% right and my whole life is based on a lie. This revelation has shaken me to the core and will forever change my perception of reality. I apologize for my ignorance humbly seek your forgiveness in this matter.

          • No worries, dude. 8>) I actually didn’t learn that term until I was an adult. My parents always called it a menorah as well. No need to apologize, but I will accept it if it will allow you to sleep better at night.

      • Well, that’s where the disarmed “contaminates of the pure race” went as they had no means to fight against the German soldiers. I sporadically “worked” on a Jew for almost 2 years before he finally admitted that, if he were armed, and soldiers came to his home to take he and his family away, he would fight there instead of being marched onto the train.

        Period writings and diaries suggest that Jews felt that they had to go to the camps and hope that things couldn’t get any worse than “temporary relocation”.

        In hind sight, clearly they got much worse.

        • My comment was merely regarding people being overly sensitive, which has sadly crept into even the formerly very un-PC Chicgaoland.

          Doesn’t matter what “group” you are. Sooner or later it’s entirely possible that some government will deem you to be a problem. There will be empty boxcars they want you to climb into. Everyone needs to keep that somewhere in the very back of their mind.

  11. The 1 in 20 stat comes from the Morbidity and Mortality report from 1991 from a survey in 1990. Basically they’re using 25 year old statistics. About as relevant as my cholesterol from 25 years ago.

    • How in the world does a “morbidity and mortality” report claim to have any knowledge of how many schoolchildren brought a gun to school? And in 1990 nobody cared if a kid brought a gun to school.

  12. John,
    If that is the case, I graduated in 89 and received a Wingmaster Model 572 as a prize from the school for selling the most fruit during our local FFA chapters annual fundraiser. They gave it to me during first period and I carried it all day. Showed it off to all my teachers and principals. No big deal during that time period. Nowadays schools can’t even give kids a water pistol as a prize. My how times have changed!

  13. Holy crap! 1 in 20 high school students has taken a gun to school? Are they talking about the good old days when teens brought their hunting rifle or shotgun with them and went hunting after class, or are they talking about the gang bangers of todays present era? Either way…. how’s that gun free zone thing working?

  14. So 1 in 20 high schoolers are bringing gats to school, but they’re not shooting anybody? Seems like they’re taking it for protection. Those inner city schools the Democrats are in charge of are pretty dangerous, I’d want a gun too.

  15. If there’s anywhere near in the nation that has a vending machine which dispenses firearms for 75 cents, I’m dropping everything and flying there right now. It looks like the video was made with an LA crew, so perhaps I could just drive. That would be a dream for me. For those prices I’d get:

    -Everything Ruger makes
    -Everything Smith and Weeson makes
    -Everything from every manufacturer
    -heck, even Hi-Point’s line up!

    There are places in LA, Lancaster, Chicago and such where a GLOCK with mangled serial numbers can be bought for $150-$300 cash. However, one risks being shot for such a transaction.

  16. Never again will intelligent Jews allow the government to disarm them, Oh face facts, Jews as a group love gun control. Yeah, there are some that are pro 2A, but the majority support the antis.

  17. Man, was that stupid. If that was the best the grabbers could come up with, we wouldn’t have to pay them any attention at all, because no one else would.

  18. Seriously Farago,

    This has been bugging me forever.

    Ever ask yourself or amongst your own people, how it is that the wealthiest and most rabid benefactors/financiers of the Human Disarmament Industrial Complex in America are Jews (whom hypocritically and ironically enough are the biggest proponent of arming jews in Israel, even when they’re ‘officially’ anti-gun ‘liberals’ here), along with, paradoxically, some of the most brave and ardent defenders of 2A are also Jews: from Aaron Zelman, RIP, Gottlieb, to Alan Korwin, to the most winningest 2A SCOTUS lawyer Alan Gura??

    Like what thee fucking schizophrenia, American Jews?? You’re killing us! xD

    • The jew oligarchs want total goy disarmament. They need it for the bolshevik rev 2.0. Just ask 10’s of millions of dead White Russian Christians.

      • Troy- One of the first actions of the Lennonist government in Russia was to ban ALL religion. After disarming the populace They systematically killed the educated, the wealthy, the aristocracy, the Jews, the gypsies and the “undesirables”. Actually read some history before saying ” Jewish Communists killed 10 million Christians”..Dumbo. The Bolshevik’s were not nor were they ever Jews. That would be antithetical to Marxism. I’ll bet your a jade helming false flagging 911 denying Info wars reject. P.S. A blog written by a blogger with no sources cited is not a source, but it’s ok because they didn’t teach you about bibliographies in those G.E.D. night classes you failed.

        • Use the blog as a guide to do further research. The bolsheviks certainly were jews, they are not just white people who follow judaism. They are a distinct race of people. Don’t believe everything they taught you in school.

  19. Un-needed proof that satan and his evil liberal army house of blue (D)-heads are shameless.



  20. First;
    This kid walks up to a soda machine, put his money in, and out pops a gun as if that is how guns end up in schools. These people went full retard when they made this video. You never go full retard.

    Where can I find such a machine? I will bring all the quarters I can get my hands on and clean it out. (Just like almost everyone on this thread.) For the children of course 😉

  21. If anyone cares to know the real statistics, here’s the study:

    The format is atrocious, so you’ll need to ctrl+f to navigate. First you’ll want to search for “Carried a Gun”. This should bring up a paragraph talking about how many students said on a survey that they “had carried a gun on at least 1 day during the 30 days before the survey”.

    Now note the title of the preceding paragraph (“Carried a Weapon”) and of the following paragraph (“Carried a Weapon on School Property”). Note also that there is no “Carried a GUN on School Property” paragraph.

    For those who aren’t following what I’m saying (RighteousConversations, I’m looking at you), I’m pointing out that none of these statistics tell us how many students brought a firearm to school. A student should answer affirmative to the “Carried a Weapon/Gun” questions if they had used/held a gun/knife/pointy stick whether outside or inside school. This is why in table 9 you can see that places with high freedom – sorry, firearm ownership – have much higher percentages of students who have carried a gun.

    The only question which asks if the students have carried something to school, asks about a “Weapon” (gun, knife or club are the example in the questionnaire: Free states will generally still have higher rates, likely because knives are generally seen as tools rather than weapons – students may not feel it is wrong to bring something like a Swiss Army knife to school.

    Unsurprisingly, there is no basis for the “1 in 20 students brought a firearm to school” statistic. There IS basis for saying “1 in 20 students claim they brought a knife, gun, club or similar to school in the 30 days prior to the questionnaire”. But then the propaganda would need to be a kid getting a baseball bat out of a vending machine.
    Of course, it’s also very unlikely that sitting students down to an 86 question questionnaire is going to yield accurate results. Only 78 of the 15,503 completed questionnaires were rejected due to “failing quality control”. Does anyone believe that 99.5% of students answered the questionnaire truthfully? I’m sure a handful lied and said they hadn’t carried a weapon when they had, but to me the statistic seems far more likely to simply show the percentage of bored students who think it’s funny or cool to say they have carried a weapon to school.

    • I remember taking stupid surveys like this. Everybody thought it was a joke and just picked the funniest answers they could think of.

  22. So there are a few Holocaust survivors that still don’t get it ? The ad is a joke and the bit at the end about the Holocaust Survivors is in VERY poor taste. What will these insane Anti-gun People think of next ? They are looking more desperate all the time.

  23. Oh my heavens, I wish it were that easy. As opposed to having to order them, have ’em sent to the local FFL who might be a fudd get there during bidness hours, or go to a gun show and deal with the crowds. Or pick from the pedestrian offerings usually in the case *cocking head smugly*.

  24. I find this video very disturbing. That the antis are willing to make claims this ridiculous, this Insane, shows that they have lost touch with any semblance of reality. Even scarier is you know someone in CA, NY, MD, or DC is going to sound the alarm to get gun vending machines out of schools. We are at a place in time I never thought I would see.

  25. “We should thank our Founding Fathers . . .for realizing that government is the greatest threat to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Either they made a very strange decision to then found and implement a government, or you fundamentally misunderstand the founding fathers’ views on government.

  26. Shameless slap in the face to the, what, tens of millions of people who’ve filled out the forms and know darn well they had to fill out the forms

  27. I for one will never understand ANY jew who advocates disarmament. The Jewish people if any should know better than to ever take that position again. The same should go for citizens of America, especially considering the growing threat coming from muslim countries. It is why I am a firearm owner, why I am an NRA member, and why I will ALWAYS vote against any politician uttering nonsense restricting my 2nd Amendment Rights!

  28. A vending machine that dispenses firearms can only be called AWESOME! They should make one for cigarettes too!

  29. MISLEADING TITLE!!!! You can CLEARLY see, that when the kid put in the 75 cents, he received an early model IWI UZI! NOT an AR pistol like the title says, I hope the the one kid out of 20 that will bring a gun to school, will be able to PROPERLY identify it and have the common sense to use a sling! that guns going to get heavy after 8 hours of classes!!!

  30. According to that waste of two minutes “One in Twenty high school students have brought a gun to school.”

    OK…. AND?

    How many High Schools are there across the country? How many high-school students in those schools? How many shootings? Add the one and carry the two and you have….. what? Statistically speaking?

    • I think they pulled that number out of their ass, or are counting pop-tarts, nerfs, and bubble-guns as well.

  31. Lets also not forget that the Trail of Tears happened under the watch of our Founding Fathers. While I believe the collective wisdom in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution was a project that greatly exceeded the sins and limitations of its author’s humanity, that humanity continued to violate its principles after its inception. I point this out, not to undermine your point, but to show that a great document can guide our hands and hearts, but it cannot compel us to act as we should.

    In the end, you have to decide for yourself to do what’s right, or if need be, to take up arms and fight against those that do wrong – neither the document, nor the government will do it for you. That’s the real meaning of being pro 2nd Amendment.

    The Antis, as a group, want/need the government to enforce what they think is right, to protect them, to remove those they feel threatened by. They cannot imagine a world where the government doesn’t hold their interests to heart, or doesn’t agree with their point of view, or where they themselves are responsible for their own safety. And so, they can never understand our mindset, or value the purpose and worth of the 2nd Amendment.

  32. Oh My God, the level of dumb is up to the stratosphere here.

    How can these people remember to keep breathing? And they are allowed to vote? That explains a lot.

    Yes, I want a machine like this (or a 3D printer that can do the same thing) – but a .75 calibre Uzi might be a bit far.

    For the Troys of this world there is no hope – their brains are on a loop in an echo chamber – don’t go in there.

    Nothing that comes out of a vending machine is good for a child. No school should allow them. Saying that, in the natural world, predation is always good for the herd, and the occasional immediate threat might get the fat kids running.

    If the people who made this video are in any way involved with education, they should be permanently barred from infecting any more children with their weird brand of fear crazed lunacy.

    A fail in all respects.

  33. Time to put politicians in jail for violating their oath to DEFEND the Constitution!!!
    2nd Amendment,1st Amendment, Can we say the “Bill of Rights”? Natural rights, God given rights? Good education NOT government brain washing drivel. It is time to think. There are two classes of people, government and slaves. You ask, who is the government? The rich people that buy the elections. No double standards. Thanks for your support and vote. Pass the word.

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