Portland crime scene
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“One thing that we can do is vote for the candidates who are talking about this issue and who are committed to ending this epidemic in this country and who are committed to supporting the kind of programs and policies that matter,” [Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions co-director Josh] Horwitz said.

More funding for gun violence research is crucial for better understanding the root causes and best interventions, [the American Academy of Family Physicians Dr. Tochi] Iroku-Malize said.

“I can’t emphasize enough the importance of funding for gun violence research,” she said. “At the end of the day, we need more research to examine the root causes of firearms violence — that’s why it’s critical that Congress fund appropriate gun violence research to prevent injuries and deaths.” …

“What most people don’t realize is that, especially at the state level, individualized contact with state legislators can pay huge dividends,” Horwitz said. “If you care about gun violence prevention, make a call, send a personalized email and look for opportunities to have face-to-face meetings with legislators.” 


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  1. What’s to research ?????
    Everyone knows that criminals ignore laws.
    Use that research money to build more jails, have cash bounties, and impose longer sentences for violent behavior.

    • Can’t do that. Violent crime is overwhelmingly committed by Democrat core constituencies. In the eyes of Democrats, stigmatizing the law-abiding gun owner is far more politically palatable than holding the usual suspects to account.

    • The reason for the criminal misuse of firearms is the same reason for the criminal misuse of bricks, bats, knives, fists, feet, vehicles, etc. In other words
      madeline holcombe you Gun Control airhead, Violence is Violence.

  2. “ ‘I can’t emphasize enough the importance of funding for gun violence research,’ she said. ‘At the end of the day, we need more research to examine the root causes of firearms violence — that’s why it’s critical that Congress fund appropriate gun violence research to prevent injuries and deaths.’ ” …

    Translation: “I can’t emphasize enough the importance of funding for gun violence research so we can be paid more to take away an inherent unalienable right from honest law abiding people.”

    • Yep, keep the gravy train alive, those researchers need to eat! They will be happy to study the question for millions and billions of dollars with nothing to show for it, research doesn’t even equal any changes (whether you agree or not), so after all that money is spent the best you will have is some liberal talking points they can use for more fundraising which is needed to then elect people to implement the changes.

      We would be better off literally setting the money on fire.

    • Gun violence researchers claim that funding gun violence research is vital. The surprise plot twist that nobody saw coming.

  3. Stopping crime is pretty easy. Lock up criminals in prison and make them serve their full sentences. Most adult males criminals are violent between 16 to 40 years of age, so long sentences, literally age them out of this period. Second, target high crime areas just like you would in a counter insurgency environment; locate the areas using GIS Software to drill down into the problem neighborhoods and catalog all the player, both major and minor. Offer rewards and relocation for those cooperating with authorities. Lastly, pour money into these communities and offer jobs to those that live their to clean the streets, repair homes and promote/foster home ownership. This requires money, but less than we are sending to Ukraine. To make a huge dent in crime, we only need to immediately target 10 counties in the United States. Policing, prosecution and incarceration would be a Federal effort to bypass all the corrupt George “Nazi War Criminal” Soros’ prosecutors and mayors.

    • You forgot the third leg needed to break the cycle. Education. Without an actual factual education the young men are unemployable and will continue the thug/drug/screw and scram lifestyle they currently engage in.
      The current mess didn’t appear over night. It has been the results of decades of poor decisions at both personal and public/political levels. The promotion of destructive policies in the education system, the promotion of policies and programs that destroy the nuclear/2 parent/traditional family. Idiotic socialist/Marxist/progressive soft hearted/emotionally based lack of accountability for criminal acts.
      So, the real world, workable solutions will never be popular in the Dementiacrat/Socialist/Progressive controlled cities.
      And the real world solutions are simple enough.
      1. Identify and arrest, prosecute, and remove/jail those committing the persons committing the violent crimes with long, uncomfortable sentences. There is a difference between 10 years of air conditioned well fed, hang out with the fellow gangsta’s prison and 10 years of hard labor on a farm or making big rocks into little rocks. Not demanding slave labor or a return to the old style chain gangs, but those living in state or federal custody should have to earn their keep if able to do so.
      2. Start holding parents and overly lenient prosecutors and judges accountable for the minor/teen criminals that get a slap on the wrist and released to parents who fail to supervise their offspring. And, yes, if the kid commits an adult level violent crime, they need to face adult level punishment. Up to and including capital punishment if warranted.
      3 Start pushing old fashioned education and enforce discipline in the schools. Drop the warm fuzzies and feelz crap and actually teach kids to read etc. And hold teachers and school admins responsible with possible loss of employment or loss of pay for failing students. Pay based upon performance and success of students.
      Encourage property owners to clean up and maintain their properties. Aid and encourage home ownership.
      While such will not eliminate crime, nothing will do that, doing these things will help encourage people to take pride in themselves, help keep young people out of the drug/thug lifestyle and help people move out of poverty with the hope of a better life for themselves and their children.

    • IN the mark u til you start promoting federal involvement. BAD IDEA. If you want something REALLY messed up, get FedGov involved. Repeal many of the Fed lvel laws that have ways of manufacturing criminals. Far too many Fed felo ies that should be misdemeanour charges at local level.

      IF the government of a specific community refuse to deal with the crime and violence issues, let them be held accountale to those who live there and elected them. WHY should I get MY knickers in a ttwist when NYC is overrun with violence? My solution: just don’t go there. I used to spend a lot of time in seattle and Portland. No more, I avoid those hellholes like the dangerous plague tey are.
      NOT a federal issue at any level.

  4. Now you’re talking. Great scenario. Only wish some other people in Congress could read your comment. Well written. Real-life thoughts.

  5. “Madeline Holcombe in Gun Violence Is an Epidemic in THE US.”


    In the early 1990s, death by guns was *double* what it is today.

    If we change nothing, that trend will continue…

    • Can’t harass law abiding Americans or trample on civil liberties with that approach. Also if it works less money for those research programs (as well as others).

  6. So people who make their living off of taxpayers researching ‘gun violence’ insist that more funding for ‘gun violence’ research is really important. Got it.

    • Gov – likely the closest thing to perpetual motion – .gov sponsored ‘research’ proving more .gov research is needed…………………

      The reality is that the cause’ of crime is (what for it)


  7. We already have all the research we need. It’s all been documented and looked at.

    “Gun Violence” is a meaningless phrase. What is needed more than anything else is to put criminals behind bars and keep them there.

  8. The “perfect” response to violent crime is to put violent criminals in prison for LONG sentences.

  9. While you’re at it Madeline how about voting for candidates committed to closing the border and ending the fucking fentanyl menace that’s killing 100,000 people a year (THREE times the number of gun related deaths), getting effective prosecutors more interested in doing their job than pandering to a bunch of minorities, properly funding police depts and letting them do THEIR jobs, and how about those folks that want to unfuck our economy and get oil flowing again… Your priorities are way misguided there Madeline…

    • Actually, a well placed Nuke can be an effective way to take the fight out of a group of violent criminals. Wonder what the IDF is considering. Right now.

  10. They don’t want to solve “gun violence ” or any other violence. They need that gravy train to continue.

    Here is a solution, the mist heinous and violent offenders, hang or shoot them. The ones who could possibly be redeemed, make them serve punishment and earn their keep and restitution the victims. If they reoffend, off them.

    • FP – ‘perhaps’ a bit harsh (maybe) BUT there is one incontrovertible truth about capital punishment: there are no repeat offenders.
      As to ‘redemption’ – no one has yet figured out how to determine those who ‘might’ be salvageable. But another ‘truth’ as well – while they are locked up they are not a threat to society in general.

      • I actually have become nicer in my old age. I had believed all who murdered without justication should be hung.

  11. For sure ,agree absolutely 100per cent, no make that dollars.
    I called up my Dictator and told them for sure them grifters need more funding. Stuff is getting expensive under the reduced theBiden inflation, so yeah, everyone needs more money, well that is except the people that actually need more money, like struggling families with children to feed and house payments and what not. But yeah for sure government Bill of Rights stiflers need more funding.

  12. hillary was right. We need a deprogramming system in America.

    She just had the wrong folks as targets.

  13. One thing that several of these people who call for more “Gun Violence” research seem to either not comprehend or willfully ignore is that gun violence is not, actually, the massive problem they say it is. Roughly half of the violent crime involving guns in this country occurs in just 2 or 3% of the counties. Given that, people who live in the other 97-98% of the space, don’t have much of a problem to speak of (by way of proof, go outside, go to work, go to a store, go to a restaurant, if you don’t get shot you are probably fine). So, the premise that “Gun Violence is an Epidemic” is just not true and, as such, conclusions reached from this premise are inherently flawed (and people, at least some, innately know this to be true because they do regularly go about their days without getting shot). The premise should be: “Despite Widespread Gun Ownership and Use, Violence is Concentrated in a Small Minority of Locales.” Using *that* premise, one might be able to develop some meaningful solutions that don’t negatively impact the vast majority of the country and the overwhelming majority of gun owners who neither experience or are involved in “gun violence.”

    The idea that this phenomenon requires more research, on a broad scale and typically focused on gun control approaches, is foolish. A simple data point that can dispel this myth is that over 100 million people own over 400 million guns and less than 99.9% percent of either are involved in violent crime. Studying those people and those guns more would tell you nothing about “gun violence” because in those cases, there is none to study. Wanna understand gun violence? Go study the small percentage of the population that is violent.

    Notably, this article is sourced from CNN which makes it pretty likely that the author works or lives or does both in a part of that 2 or 3% of the country. Perhaps she should work on putting her own house in order before she prescribes “solutions” for everyone else.

    • That should read either “greater than 99.9% are not involved” or “less than 0.1% are involved” My bad.

  14. “First, it’s important to recognize that gun violence is a public health epidemic,” said Dr. Tochi Iroku-Malize, president of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

    “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)(non-functional link) describes an epidemic as an unexpected increase in the number of disease cases in a specific geographical area. Yellow fever, smallpox, measles, and polio are prime examples of epidemics. An epidemic disease doesn’t necessarily have to be contagious. West Nile fever and the rapid increase in obesity rates are also considered epidemics. Epidemics can refer to a disease or other specific health-related behavior (e.g., smoking) with rates that are clearly above the expected occurrence in a community or region.”

    Absent a pathogen, doctor, what is the specific health-related behavior?
    Is it the behavior of criminals?
    What is the expected occurrence of murder?
    What do you think would be a potentially effective “vaccine” against being murdered?

  15. Always more money. Blind montra.

    Execute with zero tolerance for the 2nd infraction.

    Even toddlers learn limits if there are limits.

  16. Criminal control works, gun control doesn’t.

    Libs don’t want to solve the problem, they want an issue.

  17. What do they expect to discover with more gun violence research? Maybe that criminals commit 100% of the violence?

  18. “Johns Hopkins” – bought and paid for by M. Bloomberg. It must be great to be rich enough to make a “donation” to an outfit with a reputable name, that then turns out ‘studies’ that support your position.

  19. I was a victim of real gun violence just the other day. I was shooting rapid fire with my neighbor’s semi-auto 12 gauge (akm type) w/3″ high brass #2 shot and my cheek got of the weld a bit on the 3rd shot. Put a bruise on the cheek and loosened a couple teeth. Now that’s “gun violence” but damn it was fun!

  20. If honest research is done, they will discover that anywhere from 65-90% of all murder “victims” are criminals. A study lethality of 9mm & .45 caliber in Boston, discovered 90% people killed by these two popular calibers averaged over 11 arraignments each. Thus it can be determined average law abiding Americans gun owners aren’t being murdered. And more likely the victims were murdered because of their criminal lifestyle. Or as a retired Chicago PD SGT said, today’s killers are tomorrow’s victims.

  21. Hello there! I researched a lot about the perspectives on the intersection of gun control, crime, and public health. At college, I am working on the project about the debate around framing gun violence in the terms of a public health issue. I read here https://edubirdie.com/examples/gun-violence/ that the concerns about having guns and individual rights itself should be the core issue of crime. It is interesting to see the different viewpoints presented in the comments. It’s crucial to have open conversations to understand the nuances of this issue.

    • Well, little lady, first of all there is no such thing as “gun violence.” You see as a gun is an inanimate object it is incapable to commiting any action without a human being. The real “public health issue” is what your college ninnies have been avoiding for eons. Criminals. We have a crime problem because the courts and Corrections are coddling the criminals. You see, there is no such thing either as rehabilitation. The only way a criminal is “rehabilitiated” is if HE/SHE decides to make the changes necessary. No program in Corrections is ever going to rehabilitate a convict.

      Under the US Constitution, whether you Lefties like it or not we have certain inalinable rights. Speech, associaiton, press, and the right to own a firearm. 99.99999999% of firearms owners never commit a crime with their firearm. Can your Leftist Masters account for that?

      Further, the idea of “gun control” is not about guns at all. It is about control over the populace in an effort to make them docile and complacient. If you think differently, you are in for a very rude awakening one day. There is one very suscinct fact that the “gun control industry” suffers from. Fear of firearms. People have a tendency to fear what they do not know or understand.

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