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As was pre-ordained, the House Judiciary Committee passed HR 1808 on to the full House of Representatives yesterday. The bill moved on after a party-line vote which was preceded by some of the most entertaining debate and testimony in recent memory. And by entertaining, we mean in a facepalmingly sardonic, end-of-the-empire kinda way.

As was noted yesterday in a piece by the Outdoor Wire’s Jim Shepherd, this is all an exercise in election year kabuki. Democrats don’t really want to run on $5-a-gallon gas, 9% inflation, and scarce baby food this November. They know damn well that, particularly after passing the Cornyn-Murphy gun control bill, the Senate has zero appetite for diving in for more gun control four months before an election.

That’s why the hearings on this new bill, as well as their attempt to kill the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, are doomed legislatively. As Politico reports, Nancy Pelosi is having trouble wrangling all of her own troops to vote for this thing so close to November. But they’re trying because the bill would give them something “positive” to run on with their hard core anti-gun base as the midterms draw closer.

So committee Dems, under the able leadership of noted firearms expert Chairman Jerry Nadler, took the opportunity yesterday to rail against individual firearm ownership and the horrors that rain down upon a society that allows civilians to own “weapons of war” while tossing out sound bites and scoring some rhetorical points…or so they thought.

What the committee’s Dems actually did was display a jaw-dropping level of stupidity, ignorance, misinformation, and outright lies that was nothing if not revealing.

Take, for instance, Chairman Nadler explaining to Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie — an avid gun owner who has an engineering degree from MIT — why the “assault weapons” ban bill they’ve written would outlaw .223/5.56 AR-15 rifles, but not the .30-06 M1 or the 7.62mm SKS You know…actual weapons of war.

(Please be sure to swallow anything you may be drinking before watching the video…you have been warned.)

For more adventures misinformation dissemination, it was hard to beat Rhode Island’s David Cicilline.

You have to feel for Rep. Massie, whose head must have been ready to explode listening to the lava flow of red hot idiocy that was spewing from his distinguished colleagues from across the aisle. Massie pointed out to Cicilline that a pistol brace is noting whatsoever like a bump stock. The only thing that accomplished was to provoke this . . .

Riding right behind Cicilline on the Nitwit Express was self-taught pathologist and ballistic aficionado Rep. Lucy McBath (D-Bloomberg). She helped to educate her fellow committee members on the devastating effects of AR-15 ammunition on the human body.

We would have suggested that Rep. Massie point out that at least “assault rifle” ammunition doesn’t “blow the lungs out of the human body” like 9mm ammo, but he’d already done admirable work. Besides, in the words of one of the nation’s smartest women, what difference at this point does it make?

Besides, the committee didn’t just rely on their own accumulated expertise. They also brought in highly trained subject matter experts like Dr. Kyleanne Hunter.

Okay, she’s just a Phd, not an actual doctor, but she used to fly helicopters for the Marines and “her research focuses on the intersection of social integration and military effectiveness, with a focus on gender and unconventional warfare.” Who knows more about rifles and ammo than a gender studies devotee?

The range of expertise the committee assembled was really quite impressive. When it was time to address the efficacy of semi-automatic rifles as personal defense weapons, who better to turn to than California’s own compromised Rep. Eric Swalwell?

Rep. Swalwell’s incontrovertible comments did the committee a service by clearing up what might otherwise have bogged the proceedings down over a heated point of contention.

Finally, yesterday’s hearing was punctuated by contributions from the visitors gallery when a Parkland “survivor” contributed the product of his feelings based on his own lived experience. Ivy League student and inveterate attention whore David Hogg simply couldn’t let the opportunity to speak up pass him by.

So there you have it. In a day that featured example after example of conspicuous imbecility, face-palming fatuousness, appalling grandstanding and a ghastly lack of self-awareness, these were the best examples we found.

Keep in mind, however, that these are the very people who voters, in their infinite wisdom, return to Washington, term after term, to apply their bottomless supplies of venal stupidity and blinding ignorance to writing and voting on the laws that govern the lives of us all. I don’t know about you, but I could use a drink.

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  1. ….what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  2. The effects of a .223 round from an AR15, according to Lucy McBath (not an exaggeration; she literally said it):

    • Thank you for clearing up the confusion. I thought that was a covert recording made inside a vax clinic demonstrating the safety and effectiveness of a safe and effective vax that is so safe and effective that babies with absolutely no danger of contracting dah covid are asked to take – right before choosing their forever gender, courtesy of la admirante levine.

  3. Let’s apply perjury (or “false official statement” like the UCMJ) laws to Congressional debate. Differences of opinion are great. Falsification of objective, easily-verifiable material facts is not.

  4. A sick Gun Control clown show. It’s right along the lines of wearing brown shirts and sheets while figuring out what to do with Blacks and Jews.

    • Whoa, maybe dial it back a little there Kemosabe.

      No one has started lynching gun owners, and no one has been rounding us up and sending us to death camps.

      • NO ONE? You just wake up from a nap Mr. VanWinkle? Listen to some “mainstream” progs before you start throwing around “noones”

      • Hey karen…If you were not a history illiterate you’d know Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is Rooted in racism and genocide.

        Furthermore…The reason Gun Owners are not rounded up and put on trains to concentration camps or plantations is because unlike unarmed Jews and Blacks of days gone by millions of American Gun Owners have means of self defense.

        If you cannot smell the rot inherent with Gun Control going on in the US House then karen you need to take up knitting.

        • Good thing I’m white and have nothing to worry about then…
          I was worried there for a minute.

  5. Like always, they’re playin to their moronic base, tryin to look righteous and justifiably angry on their behalf!! Very entertaining, and scary at the same time.

  6. Good thing I don’t lean towards alcoholism. I’d be inside one liquor bottle trying to jump into the next one after suffering through that idiocy on display!

  7. First they’ve got to get rid of the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.
    Because it’s all about We The People having weapons of war.
    It ain’t about hunting.

    • All it takes is for people in positions of power to ignore the 2A and render it meaningless.

      Look at us here in CA. We have to ask permission to bear arms, and whatever arms you buy must be chosen from a pre-selected (and ever shrinking) list of gunns TPTB have decided you may possess. But of course, they exempt themselves from those restrictions.

  8. Seriously, everything is fine, everything always has been fine and everything will always be fine. Simply embrace every demand of our not demented government that our not demonic elected ( rather than selected ) representatives demand and everything will continue to be just fine til the end of time. Trust me. I’ve been vaxt 4 times so far and everything is, was and will be fine.

  9. Demonstrating their ignorance and correcting their errors is hate speech.
    You’re disrespecting their “truth” and their “feelings.”

    Ask any doctor, engineer or pilot. It’s feelings and personal truths that land planes, build bridges and set broken bones.

  10. After watching these clips, I’m appalled that anyone with any iota of intelligence could vote into office any of these morons. I use that word in the true Webster definition of it. And these are the people in government running our country? God help us, literally!

    • 1) Low information voters. Check out Mark Dice’s very humorous & sobering “man on the street” interviews with passersby on the beaches of San Diego, asking simple questions such as “From which country did the U.S. declare independence?”. The ignorance of the masses is astonishing.

      2) In many areas – such as CA – the election cheating is baked into the cake. Literally codified into law.

      • Plus, they just vote Democrat because Republicans are the meanies. As intelligent as Elon Musk is, he recently said that he used to vote Democrat because they were the nice party. In other news, propaganda still works.

  11. It makes me wonder whether Democrat politicians are this ignorant about guns, or this ignorant about _everything_, and we have the knowledge of guns to see how stupid the things they say are. There are probably threads like this in forums about every topic they try to legislate on.

  12. At what point before midterms will the democrats playbl their other cards? DACA, welfare, No border policy? I mean they’ve been going hard on 2A for a while. It’s getting boring…

  13. “9% inflation” NO Fedgov claims, thru their manipulated data, that the 9% Consumer Price Index increased in June at an annual rate of by 9.1%. If you are out participating in the economy, few Americans would claim that inflation over the last months is anything less than 20%.

    In my industry most products have increased in wholesale price by 25% over the last 9m. Price increases have mostly stabilized (temporarily) over the last 3m.

  14. But they’re trying because the bill would give them something “positive” to run on with their hard core anti-gun base as the midterms draw closer.

    Their hard core base isn’t who they need to impress. Those votes were already in the bag.

    And they’re doing a wonderful job of pissing off the rest of the country.
    Keep up the good work, DNC.

  15. Let them keep making their idiotic mistake. Don’t interrupt them! Their “base” is evaporating by the day, as inflation gets worse, the stock market is nearing an inevitable crash, and gas prices continue to be insane. Don’t be surprised that if in their desperation, they will start blaming more things on anybody they can (Russia, Republicans, Nazis, Darth Vader, Emperor Nero…).

    Seriously though, this crap just shows how very desperate they are and they know they have already lost the war. Let them pass every ban known to man. The more egregious, the faster it will get slapped down (I’m looking at you California).

    • President Biden is getting the price of gas down to $4 a gallon, thank goodness , the last president we had gas was up to,,,,,,errr wait a minute.
      President Biden is getting the price of gas down, that’s all we have to know.
      And btw I also heard he’s pushing to free the incarcerated on marijuana convictions. Now if they can just remember who it was that freed them I’m sure he’s got their votes.

      • Biden is not getting the price of gas down. Oil is down because of the fear of a Recession and less people driving a car.Oil is a Futures Market based on what people bidding on it thinks will happen. Economics 101

  16. I wonder if I can talk them into trading my SW sporter for the ancient m1? I would much rather have an m1, can reach out 1k yards with a bigger heavier bullet. No bullet liquifies organs, bombs do that. I have never done brain surgery, reckon I can regulate it? After watching this, I’m surely going to get 4 jabs and 1 every year.

  17. Politicians lie, its really their only job.

    The sad thing is, we all used to know and understand that. Now we only believe that the other side lies.

    To quote Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, “They lie. We know they lie. They know we know they lie. And they just keep lying.”

  18. Well, since this isn’t Facebook, I can safely say that someone should’ve whipped out a tazer and applied some shock therapy treatment to Mr. Hogg.

    (yup, FB zucked me because I said a criminal should’ve been tazed)

  19. What would they say about my AR-15 50 Beowulf with a 400gr bullet? I guess it is not as dangerous as it only holds 10 rounds.

    • But what about the mushroom cloud that is emitted full of radioactive fallout everytime you fire your planet destroyer ! It’s a weapon designed by Clingons that want to destroy our planet ! Wait, let me take my meds. ( sarc).

  20. The Draconian creeps aren’t as stupid as you think. Under Obama they legalized some things that violated existing law so that they could change their mind later and bust a ton of people. Seriously it’s a trap and it’s as obvious as suckering everybody into communicating online then shutting down their communications

    Nobody stood up to fight after the rigged election, so guess what? Now they’re changing their minds.

    • Some people stood up, one woman even got killed doing it.
      The rest are just getting thrown in prison.

      • More than one protestor got killed. The guys on our side were peaceful… and yes they’re rotting in the slammer in perpetuity.

        But the left did choose to meet a peaceful protest with violence. And the peaceful protestors who showed up were told up front to leave all weapons at home.

        If an unarmed protest worked, that’s what Antifa would have been doing instead of burning businesses and assaulting people.

        • “The guys on our side were peaceful… “


          Well, you may enjoy watching the January 6 investigative hearing tonight at 7 PM Eastern, there will be lots of video of your peaceful friends enjoying their tour of the United States Capitol.

          Many of them have enjoyed their time interacting with the government so much they’ve been selected for a special, all expenses paid three-year sojourn at Club Fed.

        • “The guys on our side were peaceful… “

          Can’t say that about the Colbert Nine. I wonder if they will be charged? HAHAHA!!!

          Capitol Police Release Damning Facts, Slam DOJ Decision to Not Charge the ‘Colbert Nine’

          In one of the most expected, predictable moves imaginable, the Department of Justice announced on Monday that it would not charge the so-called “Colbert Nine” after they illegally entered the US Capitol Building last June.

          Nine members of far-left TV host Stephen Colbert’s production team were arrested on June 16th after refusing to leave the premises. They had previously been told they must have an escort and that their entry wasn’t permitted. In its decision to not prosecute, the DOJ presented the situation as one big misunderstanding, noting that the Colbert team members had been invited by congressional members, including Rep. Adam Schiff.

          What the DOJ didn’t do in its whitewash was provide all the damning information that should have led to charges being filed. Now, the USCP is doing that for them, responding to an inquiry by laying out the timeline and painting a far different picture.

          If you read the entire statement, it’s abundantly clear that this was not just a misunderstanding brought about by a group of people who weren’t aware of the rules. They were informed multiple times over multiple days via multiple incidents that they could not be in any of the Capitol buildings without a credentialed escort. Earlier on June 16th, they had been escorted out of the Capitol Rotunda and told the rules. Their intent to ignore the law in order to harass GOP members isn’t in doubt.

          It’s also untrue that they were invited into the building on June 16th, which is the primary excuse given by the DOJ for not pressing charges. Their scheduled meetings were on June 15th. Further, contrary to the idea of them being unwitting, the group was specifically denied the credentials they requested for that next day and chose to illegally enter anyway. Ironically, it was a Democrat staffer who called the police on Colbert’s team because he was terrified by all the screaming and yelling going on.

          The idea that there wasn’t enough evidence for the DOJ to at least charge them with misdemeanors is farcical. If this were a group of Republicans illegally entering the Capitol Building multiple times to harass Democrat congressional members, they’d still be in solitary confinement right now. Everyone knows it because everyone knows our justice system is a two-tiered joke. Being of the left in Washington, DC, is essentially a get-out-of-jail-free card.

          Lastly, doesn’t it sort of feel like the USCP is realizing it’s been played by Democrats over the last year and a half for political gain? Capitol Police have gone from being hailed as heroes of January 6th to having Democrat members openly defy them and accuse them of insurrection. The tone of that letter detailing the “Colbert Nine” incident is certainly forceful and very interesting.

        • Okay fake Miner, it’s funny when you kind of mock the real Miner but it does not help your cause when you make him sound like a sensible, reasonable human being… Just sayin’.

          OBTW: If this were a group of Republicans illegally entering the Capitol Building multiple times to harass Democrat congressional members, they’d still be in solitary confinement right now… They ARE

        • @ ‘fake’ Maxx

          You know that 2nd Miner comment was a story from ripping the DOJ for their bias and injustice and only charging people based on their political ideology?

          The link to the story was even included.

          It was a condemnation of the left.

          You should have followed the link. Looks like the nuance went right over your head.

        • I am absolutely aware that the post is a rip on Braindeads DOJ AND I also know that the REAL Miner would never have posted anything detrimental to his Komrads. As I stated the fake Miner is giving himself away by posting something the REAL Miner would not have posted. Perhaps you need help with YOUR comprehension and context recognition issues.

  21. Bodies no longer exist? You mean like ‘vaporized’ or ‘atomized’ or ‘incinerated’? That sounds kinda cool. I can run around evening scores with all the people who have ever offended me, and there’s no body left! They can’t convict me of murder, because they have no victim! Where do I get one of these Buck Rogers guns from?

    OK, that’s mostly sarcasm, but maybe not entirely. Bodies no longer exist. I don’t even need a backhoe to cover the evidence!

    • Think “pink mist” from young Kyle Rittenhouse’s well placed arm shot on a pervert…😎🙃🙄

      • I thought the arm shot was the other one, instead of the pervert. Oops, I guess all of the three shot were pervy and number two kept running when he felt the near miss.

    • “Abstract

      The wounding effects of 5.56 and 7.62 mm calibre bullets, hitting on soft tissues of 130 dogs at various velocities ranging from 513 to 933 m/s have been studied. The injury caused by 5.56 mm bullet was more severe than that caused by 7.62 mm bullet. This is due to the difference in ballistic behavior between the two types of bullets. The wound caused by 5.56 mm bullet was characterized by a trumpet-shaped channel with large defect. The skin around the exit was torn away and its shape was irregular, which, however, occurred only when the tumbling and the breaking of the bullet existed. High-speed X-ray photograph demonstrated that in 5.56 mm bullet group, temporary cavity was much larger and lasted longer. Splashing phenomenon could be seen at the exist and the fragments of the bullet could be found somewhere. Based on the comparisons the amount of absorbed energy, the volume of wound channel, the frequency of developing complex wound and the ratio of dimensions between the entrance and the exit, it proved that the injury caused by 5.56 mm bullet was several to dozens of time as severe as that caused by 7.62 mm bullet. Nevertheless, wound extents by both types of bullet would be similar if the inflicting bullet did not show any significant tumbling, breaking or deformation.“

      • This was way back when and why 5.56 got the derisive name poodle shooter.

        • “when and why 5.56 got the derisive name poodle shooter”

          And who can forget the cow killers and zombie zapper calibers, good times!

          “The tests were conducted at the Nelson Morris Company Union Stock Yards in Chicago, Illinois, using both live cattle outside a local slaughterhouse, as well as some human cadavers. To consider different combinations of factors, several different calibers were used during the tests: 7.65×21mm Parabellum (.30 Luger), 9×19mm Parabellum (Germany), .38 Long Colt, .38 ACP, blunt and hollow-point .45 Colt (US), .476 Eley (UK), and the “cupped” .455 Webley (UK).“

  22. The Democrats are admitting that they know people are about ready to rise up and fix things… I still believe they are going to sneak an assault weapons ban through before the election to touch off major civil strife…The Democrats are tipping their hat that the next election will be stolen, even more in your face than the last one….

  23. For those of you who found themselves suffering through McBath’s comments, please know that not only was she wrong about firearms and wounding characteristics, but also about the color tag system.

    A black tag does not mean “don’t bother working on someone.” In fact, we teach people that it specifically does not mean “don’t bother working on someone.”

    It means that patient is a lower priority than other patients you are more likely to help. I know several people alive today who were coded black/expectant. I’ve black tagged people who are alive today.

    • Poisons ain’t what they used to be. ,,,,,? Oh Black Tagged not Black Flagged, I was thinking about roaches.

  24. Controlling rate of fire, effective range, accuracy, ease of use, and ammo capacity & design to preclude civilian ownership and use has always been the true objective of Democrats since the end of WWI. These characteristics are dangerous to the ruling class; not in the hands criminals because criminals are not a threat to the government, they are allies. But in the hands of Free people who would object to being reduced under absolute Despotism.

  25. The Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 (Assault Weapons Ban of 1994) had no supporting evidence and Rinos went along with the commiecrats that pushed these false narratives with pressure from ex-presidents on congressional members in the House and the Senate to do this. The House vote in 1994 was 216-to-214 with 177 Democrats, 38 Republicans and 1 independent voting for the ban and in the Senate was a 56 to 43 vote. This involved a big crime omnibus bill in 1994. This will happen the same way with these House members, but as we saw a few weeks ago Rinos were and are willing to vote for gun control several times and will vote to pass a ban again when it reaches the House floor this 2022. This committee show is lip stick on the pig that is hiding the problems of crime in our cities in the U.S. that the commiecrats will not address. The more gun control laws the commiecrats pass means more restrictions placed on us, while providing less restrictions on the criminals in the long run.

    How Representatives Voted On Bill to Ban Assault Guns

    • More to the point, if ARs are “weapons of war”, with no defensive purposes, why does the ban specific exempt police from its provisions? Do the proponents of the ban have specific people they wish to use the police to make war upon, or this is more of a just in case kind of thing? Because you never know when you need to have the police go to war, you know?

      • “Do the proponents of the ban have specific people they wish to use the police to make war upon,…”

        Law Enforcement personnel are always at war with criminals, doancha know? LE might face multiple, heavily armed gang members, thus the need for equivalent firepower. The private citizen is not LE, therefore has no need for the same, if any, firepower of LE.

        But, I wouldn’t even go there with anti-gunners. Make it plain that the Second Amendment was a clear announcement that the public is the last defense against tyranny, and weapons of war were exactly the category of firearms envisioned by the founders.

        • Law Enforcement personnel are always at war with criminals, doancha know?
          And if this dumb shit becomes law there will be a lot more “criminals” for them to go to war with, however I will still be adequately armed. How exactly does banning the sale of NEW AR/AKs solve the problem of the 20 plus million known ARs in circulation currently? My “old” ARs and AKs will kill just as efficiently as any new one AND I can keep my 30/40 round magazines? This whole thing makes absolutely no sense at all. No matter, IF this should squeak through both houses (highly doubtful) and Braindead signs it into law it will immediately be challenged a stay will be issued and SCOTUS will shove it up Nonads ass. This thing was sponsored by damn near every Democrat in the House.


    • How much did Everytown pay you to post this? Were you paid in money or drugs? Looks like you don’t know how to type in upper and lower case. Must be short on meds today.

    • I am a combat veteran too, I served 21 years, was combat arms, led soldiers into battle, and I disagree with your opinion.

      These are the very weapons the Founders expected us to have. The regular Army of the day used muskets, volley fire techniques and where limited in range. Civilians and militia owned
      rifles, more accurate, longer ranged weapons. Not to mention canons, mortars and gun ships were owned by civilians and militia as well.

      Stop with the join the military tripe, you make veterans of all time periods look bad.

    • Psst! NTEXAS I have News for you the M-16 rifle is not the AR-15 which is sold to civilians. they look the same but are VASTLY difference. Nice try!

  27. The Dims have the votes, already. Those publicly showing hesitation are playing games with their voters. The reluctant Dims have to balance retaliation from Nancy, against the likelihood of defeat at the polls. They know that if they win election, they will have to face Pelosi after. Pelosi has the power to reduce rogue Dims to oblivion when it comes to power appointments. Then, what do the punished have to offer future voters?

  28. In response to Dr. Hunter’s ignorant ramblings/lies – the reason that the military switched from 7.62×63 (30.06) and 7.62×51 (.308) in the ’60s was for two reasons: 1) the ammo was lighter so that a serviceman could then carry more of it into battle, and 2) the smaller diameter and lighter projectile (.223 Rem./5.56×45) was designed to wound its targets rather than to kill them. If your enemy is wounded, he needs to be removed from the battlefield. This requires one or two of your enemy’s troops to accomplish, thus removing two or three enemy combatants from the battlefield.

  29. If an AR15 is not a defense weapon and a weapon of war as china lover says, what weapon does the military issue for defense positions? I used the same issue weapon for both missions, someone must have screwed up and not brought out this unidentified defense weapon.

    • “…what weapon does the military issue for defense positions…”

      Tripod-mounted, belt-fed machine guns!

      • So what you are saying it is the way the weapon is deployed that determines its use. Tripods are carried with belt feds like the ’60 and the 240’s on offense and defense. All part of the MTOE.

        I knew swallow with his sparrow school girl was lying.

    “How exactly does banning the sale of NEW AR/AKs solve the problem of the 20 plus million known ARs in circulation currently?”

    You really need to get out more, old bean; the answer is simple…”If it saves only one”. This, combined with a complete weapons ban (only a new piece of legislation away), will assuredly save at least one.

    However, to remove any confusion, or misinformation, if an armed citizen “saves only one”, that does not support the idea of armed citizens being of value to the public. Such incidents prove that there are insufficient numbers of gun control laws on the books.

    • IF there is another piece of legislation coming. This particular bill only bans sales of NEW firearms… It goes far beyond AR/AKs to include certain pistols, shotguns and other semi-automatic weapons with at least one item from a long list of certain characteristics… and high-capacity magazines, it does not ban any firearm or magazine currently legally possessed so unless they are working on a new definition of the word “legally” then it leaves tens of millions of “banned” firearms and probably hundreds of millions of high-capacity magazines running wild out in the world to wreak havoc on the next unsuspecting gun free zone. Any complete ban attempt will come when Braindead sells us out to the U.N. small arms treaty (which still requires a 60 vote Senate affirmation) it will be unconstitutional and there will be armed resistance but hopefully SCOTUS will act before the bloodshed starts. OBTW: I get out plenty often enough “old bean”.

      • “OBTW: I get out plenty often enough “old bean”.”

        I think you missed the entire point of my comment. Speed reading isn’t always appropriate.

        Don’t overthink stuff; sit back, light up a Camel, and open a Dos Equis. Enjoy the moment.

  31. Massey is one cool headed dude. I might have given long thought to rolling a frag across the floor to the fcks.

    “I quit smoking 13 years ago but a cold one does sound like a good idea.”

    Good on ya’, mate, for both.

  33. Well, credit where credit is due: Half is what Ms. Hunter said is accurate, and relatively esoteric (and that accuracy rate of claims is several orders of magnitudes higher than that of any other D’s in this hearing). She is correct that the 5.56 M855 was specifically designed to penetrate a Soviet helmet at 500 yards when fired from a full length M16, but everything after that is so objectively wrong it’s on par with “shoulder thing that goes up” or “30 caliber magazine clip in half a second”. With few exceptions, terminal ballistics and armor penetration exist at opposite ends of a spectrum, where increasing one generally means decreasing the other.

    With rifles OR handguns, maximizing damage to soft tissue means the bullet typically has to destabilize and deform in some way, but to maximize armor penetration you need a bullet that’s specifically resistant to deformation on impact.

    (Yes, i’m aware it’s not quite that simple or linear, but that’s the rough concept I’d use to bottom line the topic to a non gun person who thinks this moron is telling the truth)

  34. Every one of these claims is easily and thoroughly disprovable. I have to imagine there’s a shooting range within a few miles of the Capitol, why didn’t anyone suggest a field trip? Imagine the footage we could get when Ciccilline has to stand there and try as HARD as he can to make a braced pistol bump fire better than a non-braced pistol. We could set up a thawed turkey and have McBath explain why the exit wounds on the thawed turkey aren’t 1′ in diameter. We could even get some carcuses and shoot them with an 30.06, a 7.62×39 and an 5.56 and have firearms expert Nadler explain why the wounds from the 30.06 and the 7.62×39 are even larger than those of the 5.56. This was such a wasted opportunity. We have to stop electing empty suits who do fuck all to fight for us.

  35. Something else to ask the idiots making the claims about the super lethality of the 5.56mm round. If the weapon is so powerful and so lethal, why do many states not allow it to be used to hunt animals like white tail deer that weigh in around the same size as a human? If it is not capable of making a clean kill on deer, how does it become this super deadly and over powered killing cartridge on the human body? Are humans made of something other than muscle and bone? Or have deer become something akin to superman and become bullet proof?

    • They dont let you use a 5.56 because of wanton waste.
      It’s hard to even find a leg to put the tag on after blasting a deer with one.
      Parts scattered to hell who knows where.

  36. “Okay, she’s just a Phd, not an actual doctor“

    Two things: 1) a PhD is a real doctorate. I know its value has been lessened in recent years by SJW nutjobs who’ve earned theirs in kiddie “studies” disciplines, but the PhD has been a doctoral degree since the middle ages, and those who hold a PhD have been able to use the title “doctor” for centuries.

    2) In fact, the PhD was actually first. The MD came about much later. The word “doctor” is derived from the Latin for “teacher” and had nothing to do with medical practice for a long, long time.

    It bugs me when my peeps (conservatives, gun owners) go for cheap shots that are easily refuted by actual history. Kind of like calling a pistol brace a bump stock…

    • A PhD certainly originated as a real doctorate, and can still be one today.

      A PhD in “gender and unconventional warfare” is – as you put it – an “SJW nutjob”, and the author’s statement that she is not a real doctor was entirely correct.

    • Okay “she’s just a PHD not a real “MEDICAL” doctor” and obviously FAR from a “highly trained subject matter expert”. Which became immediately obvious to ANYONE with any knowledge of ballistics or at least having shot SOMETHING besides a paper target. So how does that work for you.

      OBTW: She holds a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service from Georgetown University’s Walsh School of Foreign Service, and a Master of Arts and a Doctorate from University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies. She flew a Cobra? Hell yeah, those mini guns WOULD shred a body and if she carried Maverick air to ground rockets that would definitely vaporize a human body, but that does not make her a “MATERIAL EXPERT” in the effects of small arms with her doctorate in “Social Studies”.. AND I am A Marine Veteran.

    • A new record? Two consecutive posts “awaiting moderation”? WTF, if you don’t want dissent don’t post bullshit like that. There is NOTHING in that post that requires “moderation” if the “ALGORITHM” is that fucking sensitive perhaps IT needs adjusting.

    • “It bugs me when my peeps (conservatives, gun owners) go for cheap shots that are easily refuted by actual history.”

      Shouldn’t “bug” you at all. The intention of the continued use of “Doctor” for the Jill person is to confuse the matter, and leave the public with the impression the person is a medical doctor, a scientist, a trusted source for information and opinion; i.e. a fraud.

      Once worked with a guy, known to us as Jim, or James. He obtained a PhD in engineering. From that day forward, he would not acknowledge any address other than “Doctor”. As if any of us were actually impressed and amazed. The result was he became a pariah in the office.

      Seem to remember that British English sorts things out by calling medical doctors “physician”, leaving “Doctor” to the dons of Cambridge and Oxford.

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