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Video Shows Florida Homeowner Open Fire on 4 Home Invaders With a Semi-Auto Rifle

Escambia County home invasion video
Courtesy wtvy.com
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Safety tip: don’t mess with an armed Florida Man. Video captured aspiring criminals knocking on a homeowner’s door in Escambia County, Florida last week. When he opened the door, two of them pushed him back inside while a third pulled a gun. As he was being pushed, the homeowner dropped a handgun he was holding when he opened the door and one of the attackers picked it up.

That’s when the homeowner grabbed a rifle.

From wtvy.com . . .

“The homeowner went and got an AK-47 style gun and he started shooting for his own protection to get them out of his house and to protect himself,” explained Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons.

Here’s video captured by a Ring doorbell camera that Sheriff Simmons released . . .

Faced with a determined defender, the home invaders made a hasty retreat into the night.

Investigators are still trying to figure out who one of the guys is (they have him circled in the Ring cam). Three others have been identified:

Arrested is 20-year-old Da’Torrance Hackworth for use/display of a firearm during a felony, possession of a firearm by a felon, larceny, grand theft of a firearm, and robbery/home invasion with a firearm.

Antonio Dewayne Dean Jr., 19, is wanted for use/display of a firearm during a felony, possession of a firearm by a felon, larceny, grand theft of a firearm, and robbery/home invasion with a firearm.

Joseph Roman Sanders is wanted for home invasion with a firearm.

As for the defender firing at his attackers, Sheriff Simmons made it clear that the armed self defense situation in question happened in a home in Florida’s panhandle, not in a New York City bodega.

“So those of you who might ask the question — is the homeowner going to be charged for shooting at these people? — Absolutely not. The homeowner is protecting himself and in Florida — in Escambia County — you can protect yourself,” said Sheriff Simmons.


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      • Dan, you should do a story on this “wild” exchange.

        Lots of lessons to be learned (plus 1 for the 300 Blk chambering);

        I think he may have been shooting his own car.

      • As a professional athlete, a billionaire, a pro-china sycophant, a member of the NBA, a friend of both Barak Obama and Jayz, and most importantly, a democrat, you should very much desire his elite opinion.

        King James can enlighten ya’ll with his deep wisdom.

      • I can’t even guess what word(s) earned the coveted “Your comment is awaiting moderation” sentence?

        • Relax, miner, it doesn’t mean you’re special or something. I just had a post held for moderation because I compared gun grabbers to rabid zombie chihuahuas, and included a link to a Larson panel showing what happens to annoying chihuahuas. Pablum stuff that everybody knows is true, and it still got zapped. Random.

        • Oops. I didn’t misspell it enough. I got moderated too. Let me try this again.

          The forbidden word is Jaee z / Jaee-Z

  1. There’s an easy solution to finding the other guy. Create a law that tacks on mandatory additional years of jail time for the perps not identifying the other suspect(s).

      • That probably would violate the 5th amendment. However there are already some excellent laws on the books in many states, Florida being one of them, that if one their homeboys get waxed in the process, they get charged his murder.

        • Not much different than giving a criminal less time for cooperating with authorities on any other stuff, which happens all the time. Don’t see anything in the 5th amendment about why this would protect the guys caught.

      • Nope. That Fkfth ARticle only deals with testifying against one’s self. Not upon anyone else.
        COvering someone else’s crime can be considered a separate offense, it can also trigger RICO statutes, and conspiracy/enablement charges.

        There is considerable merit to the idea.

    • Various states have tried that over the years and it gets slapped down hard by the courts. You may not like it but it was the right decision by the courts because you cannot compel testimony but you can coerce testimony via the carrot and the stick approach.

      • It feels kind of stupid replying to my own post but one way you can compel testimony is by giving the person you are wanting to testify limited or complete immunity and then you can punish them for not rolling over.

    • The prosecution attorney simply needs to tell the public defender no deals till somebody squeals.
      Hey, That rhymes!

      • As a prosecutor that would be shooting yourself in the foot because the easiest conviction to get is one where someone pleads guilty without a trial. If you hold their feet to the fire they may demand a trial which adds expense and there’s always the possibility of losing. Defendants do have rights and you cannot hold them indefinitely and most states have laws regarding speedy trial.

        • Yessssssssssssssssssssssssss, “Hold their feet to the fire, yes, I can picture it” But question for OB, ‘But, How can they ‘demand’ anything when they don’t have a tongue?” Chalk board? Etch-A-Sketch? Charades?

          Jus’ sayin’

    • I dont know as of I’d wanna go to jail or be set free an account of ratting out my comrades. Word gets around to the wrong/ right people that might mess up your day.
      Kinda like the guy I seen in jail with a big N(narc) carved in his forehead.

    • Many years ago, in the Fort Apache days in the Bronx, if they didn’t reveal the other perp, an officer who served in Vietnam, would go into the cell, not lay a hand on the prisoner. He would tell him what they used to do the Viet Cong if they didn’t talk. Had a very good record for getting the information.

    • Rusty, we had a similar situation here. I’m about 170 miles east of Escambia/Pensacola. Two bad guys force entry. Two more wait in the car. Victim responded with an AK derivative. Aftermath; one bad guy DRT, one bad guy suffering multiple GSW (he’s in the hospital, but we’re hopeful he won’t walk out), two getaway drivers incarcerated. 😃

    • … or maybe he is moving around a lot trying not to get shot as are the bad guys and that makes it a lot more difficult to hit the bad guys even for “trained” people some times.

      …or maybe he was trying desperately to not actually shoot them untill absolutely necessary if they did not show signs of leaving which they did.

      But yeah, a couple of hits on the bad guys would have been acceptable.

      Its actually not like it in the movies.

  2. Safety Tip: Don’t open the door at night, if you aren’t expecting guests, don’t open the door. If you don’t know who is knocking on the door don’t open. That door camera is there for a reason, ask through the mic who they are, when they start talking shit just say, “I’ll call the police so they cam help you.” And as always people, “Be armed”, the more you know…

    • Don’t open the door and don’t drop your pistol, though I assume there was a scuffle so that may not have been possible. But props for having a loaded AK ready to go as backup, or he would be dead for sure.

    • People who insist on opening the door to get a better look at whoever is out there should use a safety chain at least. And, I don’t mean a cheap $3 chain affixed to the finish wood work with some little bitty screws. I mean at least as heavy as the chain you would fasten a pit bull or mastiff with, and bolts through the frame. Of course, I would opt for a genuine log chain, because I have logging chains on hand.

      I like to imagine the fool who waits for the door to crack open, then hits the door with his shoulder. That should ache for a few days.

      • “People who insist on opening the door to get a better look at whoever is out there should use a safety chain at least.”

        The ‘security chain’ on most front doors is a *joke*.

        Myself, I would not open my front door at night to someone I didn’t know. And if I did open the door, my CZ would be in my back pocket…

        • My CZ is the smaller 2075 RAMI, it won’t conceal in my rear pocket, but will ride there comfortably…

        • I would open the door withmyleft hand, body canted at nuogh angle to hide what my right hand has, just behind my hip. Nor would I open that door without a positive ID on the folks disturbing my peace.

      • Security gate is far more effective. Lots of us seniors get them. I would think that the mere presence of the gate would deter any home invasion robbery.

        • Similar solution: a storm door.

          I can open my security door and my storm door is still closed. And since my storm door opens outward, you can’t just thrust your shoulder into it or kick it inwards.

          Now, you could attempt to break the glass in my storm door to gain entry. That is fraught with peril. First of all, the glass does not break easy and it takes time to breach the glass. That gives me plenty of time to draw and start shooting. Second, that glass is likely to break extremely unevenly and pose a massive slicing hazard to anyone attempting to go through it.

        • “Security gate is far more effective.”

          Not so fast –

          The security gate on the outside of the door can be torn off with a rope tied to a vehicle’s bumper…

    • ANNNND RING is releasing video to cops n DA’s without permission. True story bro. I’ll never get a RING…

      • Only by police request if it meets an imminent danger threshold. It’s happened 11 times this year. I think you can relax.

        • Local city Police have programs, you sign up and it gives the Police access to your outdoor Ring devices. They link footage together to find porch pirates, where suspects fled too/from, and audio to determine when certain events took place. Definitely a catch 22. In the end if you don’t want all that you can not sign up on a Ring subscription or disconnect your wifi time to time.

      • I’m not 100% certain on the legalities involving ring per say, but I assume any camera footage recording a crime can legally be taken by law enforcement. Maybe not on the spot but likely with a subpoena. For example I have cameras all around my property. Should an incident occur I assumed all my camera footage could be taken by LE and this would be backed up by a judge. Not that I’d argue because I’d want them to see it. The cameras are there for my benefit to prove what they did.

        • According to my LEO sources; Ring cams, dashcams, smartphone videos, etc… are all considered intellectual property of the device owner/videographer. It would take a judge and a warrant to force the release of the images or recordings.

          Not my words, just passing along the information I received.

      • Dude, never get ANYTHING that relies on the cloud. Most of the security cameras on the market won’t work, unless you hook it up to a cloud service. That sucks diseased donkey testes.

  3. That terrible man, I’m sure they just needed to use a phone to call a ride. It’s not like those fine young men wanted to rape his wife and daughter and steal everything they could find. I’m sure they all have day jobs I know I’m always out knocking on doors in the middle of the night

  4. This would have been a perfect opportunity to try President Joey’s advice on blasting through your front door with a double-barrel shotgun (odds are that Joey doesn’t remember making that statement).

    Three or four unknown persons knocking in the middle of the night do not warrant me opening my door. My Nest camera has a sensitive microphone and it is easy and quick to use. The app loads in seconds…”Whadda you boys want?”

  5. “Felon in possession of a firearm” Damn criminals criminaling! Dude needs to train. Three of them should have been transported by the coroner.

  6. If the thief is found breaking in, and he is struck so that he dies, there shall be no guilt for his bloodshed. Exodus 22:2

  7. Boy was he lucky that the perps were even more incompetnent than he was. Any competent ‘perp’ would have shot him at once when he saw his handgun. As for allowing him to rush off and get his AK lock and load and open fire – they look to me like bloody kids trying it on If they had been serious hoods he’d have been as dead as the Dodo.
    As for Mr Rambo. he had three incompetent idiots within feet and missed the lot with an AK I fulking ask you.

    If this is meant to be an example of why everybody should be armed it’s a bloody farcial.

    On top of the equally farcial video of those utterly hoiples cops at Uvale is it any wonder that the USA and it’s gun culture is fast becoming a source, albiet horrified, amusement. A good’ole boy nwho cant hit three guys from no more than 20 ft or so with an AK and cops with balistic shields taking up the rear but not before using a wall mounted hand sanitiser. Like something from Leslie Neilsen films

    • @Albert

      At first, on the subject of real world self-defense, you were simply not getting it. But now I realize that not only do you not get it you are completely ignorant.

    • Albert, please regale us with your stories of being a Royal Air Force Armorer..I mean we all love those stories! It’s really edge if your seat stuff. You can cut the excitement with a butter knife! Who is more qualified to speak on tactics than an Armorer from the bloody elfin Royal Air Force ( you see how I snuck that ” bloody elfin” in for you?)…

    • Albert we see you have never been in a gun fight during your elite years of Her Majesties Service.

  8. This is one of the most important reasons to have 2A rights, tools and accessories. Tyrants and criminals prefer a monopoly on violence. I say we give them some competition!


  9. What state of mind makes home invasion sound like a plan?
    If all goes well you steal maybe $25000 and split that what, 4 ways??
    Then maybe you accomplish the rapes that seem to go with these. OR, the homeowner blows out your lungs Or you get caught and do 5 years. Home invasion is done by people out of their minds.
    Kill them quickly as logically they are unreasonable / whacko.

  10. WTF is an “AK-47 style” gun? Does that mean it looked like an AK-47? Or maybe it didn’t look like an AK-47 but operated like one? Both? Neither? Or did the phrase mean that the cop had no clue?

    I have a middle finger style digit I’d like to show anyone who calls a rifle an “AR style” or “AK style.”

    • @Ralph

      “WTF is an “AK-47 style” gun?”

      It means its a gun that’s an AK-47 semi-auto but with different “cosmetics” looks than the traditional AK-47 look.

  11. I’ll still never understand why someone would open the door, after dark, for people that they don’t know.

    • Not to mention it was a group of young men. At least one of them had a face tat. How many warning signs do you need?

  12. They remind me of a Clackamas County Sheriff’s Deputy who lost bowl control as well as bladder control on my back porch before bravely running away after I told him to “get the f### off my property, now!”

    The oil stain on my half mile long gravel driveway attested to the fact that he took out his oil pan then his engine in his haste to eacape.

    The expression on his face reminded me of Brave, Brave Sir Robin’s encounter with the three headed giant.

    The punch line is that I did not have a gun and I certainly did not need one.

  13. Dan,

    Thanks for the vid and the report.

    But I have a suggestion for home owners who have their own property.

    Put up an iron fence. At a minimum, put the fence / gate at your front door and hang the door bell actuator out on that fence.

    In addition, place a surveillance camera THAT ALSO RECORDS SOUND on the front door stoop so you have a complete video record of your attempt to innocently inquire of the door ringer’s intended business with you.

    Then never under any circumstances open your door unless you’re comfortable with the door ringer, with his associates on scene and if you know them or not.

    Lastly, display a Marine Corps standard on the wall near that door. It’s not illegal to honor the Marines commitment and sacrifices to this country. And, very few criminals want to prey upon a Marine when there’s a less threatening destination perhaps immediately next door.



  14. I’m probably odd man out here, but my experience says these scumbags hit THAT house for a particular reason. And that homeowner pretty much expects a home invasion. I’m not saying drugs or anything. But probably drugs.

    • It could be… but the majority of home invasions that happen where they walk up to the door and knock is because the victims have something of “value” like guns or valuable jewelry or money.

      Theyve caught some of them here who hung out watching gun stores and gun ranges… they would see who has a gun then follow them home to get the address. Later they would come back, and knock on the door trying to get some one to open it.

    • oh they would never NEED a mortician. They can be dumped into a hole without such services. Perhaps his fambl, if he has one still, would be the one to “need” the undertaker to make him look a little less bad than he really is. But let THEM pay for the service, not the tax payer.

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