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Remember when Piers Morgan (then of CNN) declared that no one needed an “assault rifle” for self-defense, and none was ever used for same? On Monday afternoon, a young man in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma grabbed his dad’s AR when a trio of ne’er-do-wells knocked on his front door. Things didn’t go well for the uninvited guests. KTUL has the story:

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. (KTUL) — One person is in custody after three suspects in a Wagoner County home invasion were shot to death Monday afternoon by one of the residents.

The trio broke through a glass door in the rear of the home. Fresh out of Girl Scout Cookies to sell, they brought a knife and brass knuckles. They also dressed for the occasion, wearing mask and gloves. (They must have cut class on the day burglary school taught the lesson about bringing a knife and brass knuckles to a gunfight.)

When the smoke had cleared, two of the masked thugs lay dead in the home’s kitchen, while the third ran outside and assumed ambient temperature on the lawn.

Investigators haven’t released the names of anyone involved but say the deceased suspects are between 16 and 18 years old.

The getaway driver, 21-year-old Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez, left the scene in her car.

According to the Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office, the suspects’ getaway driver has been arrested. The 21-year-old woman, Elizabeth Marie Rodriguez turned herself in at the Broken Arrow Police Department hours after the shooting, saying she had information.

Wagoner County investigators interviewed her at the police department and subsequently arrested her on complaints of three counts of first-degree murder and three counts of first-degree burglary.

Her co-conspirators left the scene in stylish black body bags, never to victimize good people again. The two residents home during the invasion survived the incident without injury.

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    • Interesting that we aren’t told the ethnicity of these perpetrators. Shall we guess? Last name of driver is Rodriguez, state is Oklahoma, HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Maybe they lost their jobs at Taco Bell when the minimum wage went to $15/hr!

      • The initial articles didn’t mention the ethnicity of the perps *becaue it is absolutely irrelevant.*

        There was no manhunt. There was no threat to public safety. The perps weren’t on the run, or armed and dangerous. They were dead.

        We’re all the same when we’re dead. We’re not white or black or brown, Christian or Hindu or Muslim. We’re just dead.

        But sadly, attitudes like yours have become more and more common here at TTAG. And that makes me sad for several reasons. This used to be a pretty cool place.

        1. You assume that juvenile felons in Oklahoma must be Latino, and you’re dead wrong: the perps’ names are Max Cook, 19, Jacob Redfearn, 17, and Jake Woodruff, 16.

        2. You make racist jokes about Latino surnames and the minimum wage and Taco Bell, and then you wonder why minorities don’t feel welcomed in the shooting sports. Keep shooting your mouth off with ignorant and disgusting bigotry like this, and see how many non-white, non-ignorant rednecks will stand with you to defend the 2nd Amendment in twenty years.

        Rural rednecks do not have demographics on their side, and they’re going to need all the suburban, minority and (gasp) even Democrats on their side that they can find.

        Good luck with that.

        3. Would you really have felt happier if the dead teenagers were Latino? Or black? Or Asian? Are you sad because all three of them are white? I sincerely hope not.

        I was a TTAG writer. If you’ve been a reader here for more than 3 years, you’ve probably read a lot of my articles.

        My articles here have been read 5 or 10 million times; I lost track at 2 million and that was 4 ysars ago.

        And attitudes like yours are the reason I don’t write for TTAG any more, because I can hardly even stand to visit.

        • Thanks for your common sense reply in the face of such ignorance. If the shooter was indeed a teenager he’ll have some serious emotional issues to deal with in the aftermath. We should be issuing condolences rather than congratulations. He did end three human lives.

        • While I agree with your post in general, I disagree that race is “absolutely” irrelevant.

          The media so often reports the race of suspects, victims, and officers in their reporting. Some times to an absurd degree, such as a “White Hispanic.” With racial tensions being what they are recently, race has become an important factor in news reporting. Interracial crime can have vast consequences beyond the incident itself. People care, and that’s what makes it newsworthy.

          The media generally reports race when it furthers a liberal agenda and don’t report it when it hurts their agenda. This leads people to assume facts not reported.

          If race is completely irrelevant, then why are people making such a big deal out of it all the time?

          Should it be irrelevant? 99% of the time, yes. Is it? No. Whose fault is that? I blame liberals and the media mostly.

        • Do not care about their race. DO Care if they were here illegally.

          If here illegally, they would probably be alive if the last couple of presidents had done their jobs.

  1. Maybe I’m turning into a bleeding heart liberal, but I just can’t see the three counts of first degree murder sticking for the getaway driver if the deaths are ruled justifiable homicides. But yea, give her a couple years for the burglary charges.

    • I think Oklahoma is like Texas, any death at all during the commission of a crime you are committing even if you didn’t do the killing is an automatic murder charge. They seem to stick too, she might even get the needle. So make that 4 idiots out of the gene pool. It wasn’t a man that I heard about in the story though, TV said it was a teenager that did the shootin”.

      • Always easy to give the young ones proper firearms training also. Outstanding job young man !!!

      • “They seem to stick too, she might even get the needle.”

        She turned herself in.

        The prosecution may well be open to life without parole.

        That will be far cheaper in the long run for the good taxpayers of Oklahoma…

        • I’m with Anonymous. The DA is probably just overcharging to get the public defender to advise her to plea a deal. Probably one count of first degree burglary (robbery would actually be the word for what they did, though perhaps not under OK law). I really don’t get the 3 counts of burglary either, What, did they rob 2 other houses just before their timely demise? Were there 3 people in the house? Seems like one count with 4 perpetrators.

        • Governor,

          I really don’t get the 3 counts of burglary either … Were there 3 people in the house?

          Yes, three burglars / home invaders entered the home. Since she was an accomplice to all three, the prosecutor is charging her with three counts of burglary / armed robbery / home invasion as far as I can tell … just like the prosecutor is charging her with three counts of murder.

        • Still don’t get it, u_s. It’s like nabbing a random rioter at Ferguson and charging him with 2000 counts of vandalism. Why would it matter if she had 1 accomplice or 5? I get charging her with murder if the burglars kill one of the victims, but the only way the charges make sense is if the DA is pushing for a plea bargain (i.e. bluffing).

      • American Idiot is correct (although he should quit quoting the POS canadians “Green Day”). She’ll likely get the full stroke up front. The POS parole board is on notice. The juveniles are not of-age and so haven’t been named or posted on tv, but they better not be (DTJsAWD) dreamers.
        They came through theback glass door. Those are neary as glass windows on cars.
        4 down
        n = ____ ? To go.
        Same as yesterday.

        Sleep easy

        • No, they’ve lost their U.S. privileges, their dumba_ _ mf sh_t’s gonna get deported. And anyone who writes their stupid protest songs. F Trump? F U and your tour bus, you’re not even paying attention enough to protest this President, especially if you were silent on the last mf. F em all in the goat a_ _.

      • Shooter was 24 years old.

        It’s true that in Texas if you’re an accessory to a crime in which there is a death, any death, caused by the felonious activities you can and likely will be charged with murder.

        I think there are 50 state prisons in Texas. And, that doesn’t include municipal and county jails or federal facilities or the prison hospitals. Texas has the largest prison population of any state in the Union. Correspondingly, we have the largest number of convicted criminals on death row.

        I don’t recall the exact wording of a hand painted sign I once saw on returning from Louisiana and just on the Texas side of the Sabine River Bridge. But it welcomed visitors, boasted about the high number of prisons, prisoners and death row inmates. Then it said that Texans like gunfights due to historical habits and that if you kill here you’ll be killed.

        Finally, it boasted that we even recently put to death a mentally disabled killer. And, it ended with:

        So, not even stupid is an excuse.
        Enjoy you Stay

        • Mentally disabled folks can be just a vicious as the geniuses.
          Why warehouse someone for 70 years unless they are going to work hard every day and pay off some of the cost of their incarceration ?
          The planet is already horribly overpopulated, culling of murderous redundants is a good thing.

    • Criminals know the risk of felony murder charges going into criminal activity (and if they don’t, ignorance of the law is no excuse).

        • Studies have been done. The estimate I have seen, is that about half of would-be perps ARE rationally deterred by death penalties and the like.

          I agree with the Gov. though. 1st degree murder? 2nd degree perhaps, because this event was not what they had intended.

        • I would like to see those studies because everything I’ve ever seen indicates the opposite, that criminals don’t get deterred in that way; most think they will never get caught.

          Of course it’s hard to ever really study the question.

        • Hannibal, a study back in the late 80s showed that criminals were significantly deterred by the presence of certain stickers on the window of a prospective piece of property, those being Marine Corps. NRA, and Fraternal Order of Police (in that order, as I recall), so some criminals at least do think ahead and are deterred.

          Of course what they’re mostly deterred to is other targets or different forms of crime, so it may be a bit of a wash.

        • I have a 100 lb. intact, male, German Shepherd, funny signs evoking death by dog on the fences, and a sign my wife made me put up on the front lawn with an American Bald Eagle image in the back ground with foreground text that goes like this:

          “I’m the gun owning American the Government warned you About.

          Above that fly the U.S. Colors and the Eagle Globe and Anchor.

          No trouble so far. And, we have a back door that has a glass insert too.

    • That is the law everywhere. You participate in a crime where someone dies it’s murder 1 even if it was your partner who bought the farm.

      • Perhaps, but then the law is wrong. Charge people for the crimes they actually commit and see to it they serve a sentence that fits the crime. First degree murder is supposed to require premeditation and intent – to kill, not to rob. Manslaughter charges, maybe. Murder 1 is just stupid.

        • I agree that the law may be wrong. 1st degree is premeditated murder. Charge people for their actual crimes.

          I could see throwing three counts of manslaughter at her, but first degree murder (for killing her accomplices) when she was just the getaway driver is absurd.

          I also wanted to make note of the fact that rifles are rifles, and handguns are handguns. Robbers shot with pistols usually go to the hospital and then jail. Robbers shot with rifles or shotguns tend to go to the cemetery.

        • I could see the manslaughter charges. Maybe plead down to one since she turned herself in. Along with the burglary (robbery) charge. Give her at least 10 years to think about the consequences of her actions. Assuming no priors.

          To elaborate on the gap between handgun and ri fle, I was thinking of getting a hand cannon with a scope so I started looking at the Ru ger Super Redhawk in .454 Casull, but I came to the conclusion that a .454 Casull with a 7-1/2″ barrel is essentially about as powerful as my .30-30 with an 18″ barrel. Now I’m actually a bit of a .30-30 fan, but I have no delusions as to where the .30-30 ranks in power among rifles (a couple steps up from 5.56).

          That said, I read someplace that the survival rate for singular handgun shot wounds was around 70% whereas the survival rate from multiple handgun shot wounds was more like 30%. People are a lot easier to kill than to stop.

        • Sure first degree murder requires intent, but she isn’t being charged with simple murder 1, she is being charged with murder 1 under the felony murder rule, where the ‘intent’ required is simply to commit an inherently dangerous crime.

        • Yea, yea, I get the rule. But the crime she committed then was negligent homicide not first degree premeditated murder. Not arguing she shouldn’t go to jail, just that the charges should reflect the crimes she actually committed and that she should be sentenced appropriately.

      • They busted into the house armed. I can see how a rational human might come to the conclusion that they were intending to murder someone. Charging her with the murders… I see that as perfectly acceptable. She should get the needle, and it should be media blitzed. Let the hoodlums know that this scenario will not end favorably for them.

      • If it had been my home I doubt she would have been around to give herself up.

        • In which case you would be behind bars, and rightly so, because you would have had to exit your property and assail her while on public property.

        • So you would have fired from your property out into the street, at a person who posed no imminent threat of death or great bodily harm to you? Ya good luck with that with the local DA and jury.

    • It’s what is known as the “felony murder rule”. it takes a few different forms depending on the locale, if you are an ‘evil doer’ and someone dies as a result of your ‘evil doing’ you are on the hook for the death. Here in Maine, you can get hit with manslaughter charges (so not really “felony murder rule” but it’s the same idea). I don’t know about Oklahoma, but we can surmise that they have the more proper form where you are on the hook for murder.

      It generally applies only when the death is a foreseeable consequence of your ‘evil doing’, that is, it’s “inherently dangerous”. If one of the perps had died as the result of a heart attack, instead of perforations, it’s not likely she would have been charged, but since she was a party to the crime, and it’s inherently dangerous to break into a persons home in this country, the ventilation work her compatriots received is legally hr problem.

      They also clearly intended to do harm to someone, perhaps even kill them as they came equipped with weapons, so the rule of transferred intent may also apply. It’s a similar idea. If you intend to hurt or kill someone and someone else is hurt or killed unintentionally, its still the same crime.

      At least that’s the idea. We can imagine it serves to dissuade potential ‘evil doers’ from ‘doing evil’ since they may be on the hook for murder even if it’s one of them that gets killed by their intended victim. Of course that theory means that they have to have two rain cells to rub together, but either way, it does me no concern to see her fry under the felony murder rule, even though I agree she will plead down, at least if her lawyer has any sense, otherwise she is going to go down for three murders and a side of burgling.

      • I’d get manslaughter charges because you could argue that she was at least partially responsible for their deaths. But there is supposed to be a difference between committing manslaughter and committing murder. This blurs the lines to the point of making the distinction irrelevant.

        If you won’t be dissuaded by the possibility of being shot dead you won’t be dissuaded by the prospect of going to prison.

    • It’s called the felony murder rule, and it’s controversial. Any death in the course of a violent felony automatically is upgraded to murder, even if the death is the result of self defense, and chargeable to any accomplices. The theory is that you contributed to the conspiracy, you helped set the wheels in motion, so you reap all the consequences of whatever happens.

      It’s strict, no doubt, and can lead to some disproportionate outcomes. Still, don’t get involved in that crap and you won’t have a problem.

      • It can also lead to jury nullification IF the defense can portray her as a sympathetic character, which in her case is probably a long shot. It’s not uncommon for guilty defendants to walk when prosecutors overcharge, particularly in jurisdictions where the jury doesn’t have the option of convicting on lesser charges.

    • It’s called “felony murder” she was an active participant in the chain of criminal actions which led to the deaths.

      She was the getaway driver. Were they going to take the bus instead?

      • If they had parked the car down the street and committed the robbery without a getaway driver would they be any less dead?

        • Governor,

          We don’t know what the trio might have decided to do if she refused to participate. We don’t know if they had their own transportation, or whether they had the guts to perpetrate such a crime without a quick getaway plan in case things went sideways.

          What we know is that she had a choice. She could have said, “Listen guys, what you propose to do is morally wrong, it’s a felony and might get you killed. I’ll have no part of it.”

          But no. She said, “I’ll drive!”

          Choices, consequences. Games, prizes.

          • A few years ago in Berks County PA 3 juveniles skipped school to pursue their taste for adventure by robbing people. They were on a real roll & thought that this line of work was way better than getting an education & actually working for a living. Long story short, their next victim was prepared; an older gentleman just out for a mountain ride in a park. They jumped him & he responded with appropriate action leaving one dead, one injured & one took off but was captured. The county Sherriff praised his action & stated that these morons had chosen their outcome. Some mention was made about the kid’s family suing, they were told to forget it; stand your applied with no recourse for civil action. Bad choices = bad outcomes. If this trio had not been stopped they would undoubtedly become hardened criminals with no remorse: robbery becomes less of a thrill & you need to continually ramp up the thrill factor.

    • The felony murder rule is older than the U.S. and comes from the common law, so some version of it is found almost everywhere in the U.S. The common law definition of murder is the unlawful killing of another human being with malice aforethought. There are several ways to get to “malice aforethought.” Felony murder is one of them.

      Felony murder is murder when someone dies in the commission of a felony. There are several different curlicues attached in different jurisdictions. Some list specific felonies. Others simply say something like inherently dangerous felonies. Some say if a death is foreseeable and only care if the death was caused by the felony. In those jurisdictions, if you startle someone while burgling them, and they have a heart attack, then felony murder.

      “As of August 2008, 46 states in the United States have a felony murder rule, under which felony murder is generally first-degree murder. In 24 of those states, it is a capital offense.” -wikipedia. The article further says that the 8A only allows for the death penalty if you basically meet another one of the ways to get to “malice aforethought.”

  2. Sounds like they were either hit by illegals and/or possibly anchor baby punk gangbangers. Proud of the shooter for doing such a good job. This kind of stuff just makes my evening as I always love such a happy ending.

    • Yes, the names Max Cook, Jacob Redfearn, and Jake Woodruff definitely sound like a trio of hardcore Los Zetas cartel thugs.

      It’s freakin’ Wagoner county, Oklahoma, not East L.A… You can probably fit all the Hispanics in town in a minivan, with room for the two Asian guys as well.

    • “AK-47, The very best there is! When you absolutely, positively got to kill every M&$@F&$#ker in the room, accept no substitutes!” Samuel Jackson in “Jackie Brown”

    • If you dig deeper you will find he used a full-length 20″ Colt HBAR Sporter with A2 upper and A2 stock. A bit more “sporty” than most people would choose for home defense, especially in the age of tacticool pinned <16" barrels and collapsible stocks (even on AKs).

    • The more egregious error was failure to determine if the residence was occupied at the time.

      Always get your intelligence straight before going into possible combat.

      • It seems like that it doesn’t matter anymore. Here in NY we have a lot of daytime home invasions. The caveat is that in OK it is far more likely to find armed homeowners than in parts of NY.

  3. Here in Austin this was actually covered in a positive light on Kxan, the local NBC affiliate.

    Miracles never cease.

    Good shooting under pressure.

  4. To paraphrase Ramon Rojo, “When some men with a a knife and brass knuckles meet a man with a rifle, the men with the knife and brass knuckles will be dead men. That’s an old Mexican Proverb…and it’s true.” ~A Fistful of Dollars

    • Of course they’re shocked. Over in Jolly Olde, the Queen’s subjects are expected to quietly submit to the savage beating and stabbing these troubled youths were planning to inflict. “Close your eyes and think of England”, don’t you know…

    • It seems like they just recited some of the facts. I didn’t really get a negative or positive tone from it.

      This part did annoy me though:

      “‘This may be a case of ‘stand-your-ground,’ however, it’s still too early to say for sure, and we’re still looking into all aspects of this,’ Mr Mahoney told local media.” The way people use the terms stand-your-ground and castle doctrine annoy me. They basically insert it into any self defense situation in which the shooter was acting lawfully. The worst offenders are the media and then legislatures in that order.

      People talk about Texas’ castle doctrine. Texas doesn’t have a castle doctrine law. It has a thing the legislature calls the castle doctrine. The castle doctrine is an exception to the duty to retreat. Texas doesn’t have a duty to retreat, so Texas cannot have the castle doctrine.

  5. Meanwhile, over at

    Someone commenting on the news story who claims to be acquainted with the now deceased trio described them as “nice people” and one specifically as “a good Christian.”

    Whooda thunk?

    I’ll let the investigators examine to totality of the circumstances. In any case, without these three morons in the dataset, I think the average I.Q. of the broken arrow community has just increased a few points.

    • “Someone commenting on the news story … described … one specifically as ‘a good Christian’.”

      In the voice of Inigo Montoya, “You keep using those words. I do not think those words mean what you think they mean.”

  6. Piers Morgan??? I had forgotten all about that clown. I’m now trying to forget Hillarys face and cackle.
    May they both trip over the same flaming rock in hell.

    • It’s Pierced Organ…FIFU. One wonders what these young thugs were looking for. Play stupid games…

  7. Lhstr, hell if you go into a place to do harm, uninvited, well you can regret your thoughts about being a dumbass. They got what they deserve. 5.56!! Now the female can spend the rest of her life in prison or gas her up!.

  8. Meh, just another one of those “dozens of hundreds of daily mass shootings,” we have here in the U.S. Why all the media coverage? ?

    • Why the media coverage?

      I think it’s that this is one of the few instances of absolute victory of a homeowner acting within his rights and standing his ground against high odds. Also, it’s one of the few instances where an AR-15 was used in self-defense, home-defense and did the job well.

  9. Job well done! Me thinks the crime rate for Broken Arrow will go down the rest of the year.

    • I live in broken arrow. I’ve even driven by the house where it happened. A very quiet neighborhood, so it was a surprise to us.

  10. “There was a short exchange of words and then gunfire happened,” he said.

    That’s an interesting way to say “He told them to get the fuck out of his house and then shot their stupid asses.”

    • Since there are no other witnesses to confirm or deny that account, I have to wonder if the home occupant fabricated that exchange in order to further reinforce his self-defense claim. Not that it was legally necessary to say anything when three masked home invaders just broke into your home. It does make him look even better.

  11. Love stories with a good ending.

    Though the guy has my condolences; his ears must still be ringing with having to shoot his rifle indoors.

  12. The kid has got a load on his mind today. But he did right. Sometimes it’s better to go at the problem than run from it, and this was one of those times. I can’t imagine what I would be thinking in his circumstances, but I expect that he will be a better man for it.

  13. So much for the myth that the .223/5.56 round is under-powered and only designed to injure someone. Why won’t that myth die?

    • FlamencoD,

      At something like 30 feet with expanding bullets, .223 Winchester / 5.56 x 45 mm NATO is quite deadly for average human attackers.

      • Especially out of a 20″ barrel.

        There must have been plenty of room to swing it about as it’s so long.

        I prefer to target shoot my AR-15 with the butt stock fully extended (hint, no matter what you think I don’t use NTCH and I have shown time and again that I get better accuracy out of the weapon with the stock extended and the sights as far apart as possible).

        But at home, the rifle sits by my bed (no kids anymore) and the stock is fully collapsed to make it shorter and more maneuverable.

        For me, close in collapsed stock. Longer range, fully extended. The shooter didn’t have the same luxury and did pretty darned well.

        He probably didn’t even bother to line up the sights, though and just put the FSP on their belt line.

  14. What’s the record for dead bad guys in a defensive shooting by a private citizen? Not sure if three is a record, but it’s definitely up there.

  15. No kidding, I’m reading through the comment section on the article and someone actually posted: “TheResistance (resident troll on TTAG) had no comment”

    OK, I lied, I didn’t just read that.

  16. From what I can tell, it sounds like only three shots were fired, with three postive results; further proof of concept for the AR being a good home-defense rifle.

    I feel bad for the guy, but I have a feeling he’ll get over it. His ears will probably ring for far longer.

    “The young man who shot three teenage intruders dead was tonight in disbelief that he had claimed the lives of the three young men who broke into his house.

    He was repeatedly asking officers: ‘Are they going to be alright…are they alright?’

    Zach Peters was said to be ‘frightened’ and in shock after shooting the teenagers who had never been in trouble with the law before.”

    The rest of the article is breathless disbelief, with repeated references to the homeowner’s son being investigated… though with repeated assurances from local law that it was clearly self defense.

    • Shock does strange things to a person. In this case it helped him build a strong legal defense.

      Do we know the load? M193? Soft points?

        • Given the accuracy of the media when reporting such things, it was probably a .30-30 Winchester that they’re calling an “assault rifle”.

    • Why the hell did they identify him? Now the dumbazz gangbangers are going to be looking for revenge, and the dumbazzes will probably figure anyone named Peters is a relative.

  17. For me, that settles the argument about what weapon is best for home defense. It’s the AR15.

    I keep one loaded with doubled 30 round mags next to my bed and 10 more rounds in a short mag in the butt stock (FAB). I’ll take 70 rounds vs. 5 in my 12 gauge or 8 in my .45 any day.

  18. All of the news reports mention stand your ground laws but Oklahoma has Castle Doctrine laws on the books. In no way is this a stand your ground issue. Below are the relevant excerpts from HB1439 that expanded Castle Doctrine and stand your ground in OK. Based on this law it appears old mate is in the clear in regards to criminal charges AND is immune from civil action by the criminal’s families. All round it looks like a good ending to a shit situation.

    “Section 1289.25
    A. The Legislature hereby recognizes that the citizens of the State of Oklahoma have a right to expect absolute safety within their own homes or places of business.
    B. A person or an owner, manager or employee of a business is presumed to have held a reasonable fear of imminent peril of death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another when using defensive force that is intended or likely to cause death or great bodily harm to another if:
    1. The person against whom the defensive force was used was in the process of unlawfully and forcefully entering, or had unlawfully and forcibly entered, a dwelling, residence, or occupied vehicle, or a place of business, or if that person had removed or was attempting to remove another against the will of that person from the dwelling,
    residence, or occupied vehicle, or place of business; and
    2. The person who uses defensive force knew or had reason to believe that an unlawful and forcible entry or unlawful and forcible act was occurring or had occurred.”
    and the critical part:
    “F. A person who uses force, as permitted pursuant to the provisions of subsections B and D of this section, is justified in using such force and is immune from criminal prosecution and civil action for the use of such force. As used in this subsection, the term “criminal prosecution” includes charging or prosecuting the defendant.”

    • This seems to be a really well written law, especially the part where you are immune from criminal AND civil actions. This should be the rule of the land IMO.

  19. Morgan would still defend his statement. He would have preferred the homeowner to die than 3 criminals.

  20. But I have it on good authority from former VP Joe Biden that you don’t need an AR-15.

    An AR-15 is harder to aim and harder to use than a double-barrelled shotgun.

    • Yea, I find that video moronic, just like the moron that made it. OK, let’s see, 3 armed intruders, 2 shots, what happens during the reload? Also using bird shot is not going to incapacitate the criminal unless the are really close to you; buckshot will. Look up pics of criminals shot with birdshot at a distance, just a bunch of red spots that look like bad case of acne.

  21. If this had happened in my state 1 year ago, I am almost certain the homeowner would face charges. Now with our previous AG in the governor’s mansion, not sure what would happen other than the governor would be pressuring the DA to press charges. OK has a “Make My Day” law which allows a homeowner or resident of home to use deadly force against intruders. Goes beyond Castle Doctrine. Good law!

  22. I’m sorry the young man had to go through that experience. Just a reminder that there is real evil out their and when seconds count police are still minutes away.

  23. When evil comes to your home you kill them. Invaders have no rights. I’m sure these nice atheists were just there to liberate the bibles in the home. Or perhaps they were Christians just wanting to spread the word. Perhaps they were a mixture of the two???
    Death to the invaders and 35 years no parole for the lady get away driver.

  24. The girl/driver is Hispanic. The three boys were dumb white kids.

    The story is slow in coming out but we do know the girl knew someone in the home and believed there would be valuable things to steal….or maybe she had a “problem” with someone there?

    My grand daughter went to school with and knew one of the 17 year old. Said he was not a trouble maker. He certainly will not be now.

    Oklahoma has castle doctrine and stand your ground laws. Unless something else comes up linking shooter to shootees or driver I doubt he will be charged.

  25. Zach you did what any person and good son protecting the home and family would do..SHOULD DO.
    YOU DID WHAT U HAD TO DO AND I KNOW IT SUCKS but you’ll weather the storm. I bid you well i hope you’ve been feeling ok. I’ve kept you in prayers. Along with thousands maybe even millions of other ppl. You have a rights. Good kids do not behave like them. So be it. Gl to you dear one

  26. Someone mentioned that the Shooter will have emotional difficulties because of the stress of taking 3 lives. I do not necessarily agree. The fact is that HE is alive today because they are dead. The fact is that all his friends and family and even the local police will shake his hand and thank him and tell him they are proud of him.
    The difference in having emotional difficulty and not many times comes down to SUPPORT and gratitude.
    Ask and Vietnam vet.

  27. This is dumb three kids with knives he could had shoot one time they would had pissed them self and ran then give the girl driving like 10 years she gets charged cause the three wanna be criminals got killed are system is fucked

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