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TTAG’s most popular content has always been our gun reviews. But while our objective opinions on rifles, pistols and shotguns may draw the most readers over time, breaking news tends to get a lot of attention here, too.

Looking back at 2019, a few posts drew — by far — the most eyeballs and attention of our readers. Here are the stories that grabbed your attention most last year, in ascending order . . .

[VIDEO] Home Owner Opening Fire on 4 Home Invaders Caught on Camera


A Kentucky sheriff’s office has released video of a home invasion where the homeowner and one of the intruders exchanged gunfire.

Warren County deputies responded to a home on Louisville Road Wednesday night after receiving a call about shots being fired. When they arrived, they found the homeowner had a gunshot wound to his right hand.

[VIDEO] Antifa Member Shot To Death After Drawing Down on Eugene, OR Cops in School

Police believe the radical Antifa activist showed up at his daughter’s school on January 11 intending to pick her up. Cascade Middle School administrators, however, knew that he had recently lost custody of his child and called police to remove him from school property. What they didn’t know was Charlie had a gun on his hip along with a backpack full of loaded magazines and more 9mm ammunition.

Anti-Gun Chicago Alderman Ed Burke Charged With Extortion, Had 23 Guns in His Office

Chicago Alderman Ed Burke, one of the most powerful City Council members in Chicago history has been charged Thursday, Jan. 3, 2019, in a federal criminal complaint with attempted extortion for “corruptly soliciting business” for his private law firm. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green, File)

Ed Burke, Chicago’s longest-serving alderman and one if its most powerful, was charged with extortion in federal court on Thursday. The chairman of the city’s finance committee, who’s been in office for fifty years after succeeding his father, knows a thing or two about money.

According to federal investigators, the former city cop used his power to tie up the business licensing process for a southwest Chicago Burger King restaurant to force the owners to steer their legal business to his firm. …

But in an almost Leland Yee-like twist, when the feds raided the allegedly corrupt alderman’s offices, they found the long-time gun control proponent was armed to the teeth.

Alaska Bureaucrat Picks Wrong Gun Owner to Bully, Gets 15-Day Unpaid Leave

Facebook image courtesy Brenton Linegar. Used with permission.

Marti Buscaglia, the executive director of the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights, spotted a “Black Rifles Matter” sticker on Linegar’s commercial pickup truck parked in the building’s parking lot. That little sticker proved a big deal to the state-employed social justice warrior.

She snapped a photo and promptly posted it on the official Alaska State Commission for Human Rights website with the caption, “In what world is this okay?”  She did this on state computers, on state time on an official state of Alaska social media page. As though her position allows her to regulate Alaskans’ free speech rights.

And the biggest TTAG gun story in 2019 — the most-read by a very wide margin — was this one . . .

Video Shows Armed Fort Worth Church Security Take Down Hooded Shooter

Don’t look now, but this is a textbook version of a good guy with a gun taking down a bad guy with a shotgun. Even though we’ve been told by all the smartest people that the whole good guy thing is a myth.

Two people have reportedly been killed, in addition to the shooter. But had the church not had armed individuals in the congregation ready to respond, this could have been a far worse situation than it already was.

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  1. The Supreme Court granting cert. to the ‘NY Pistol’ case didn’t rank high enough for the top 5?

  2. Not surprised that defensive gun use videos were at the top. (The OR story is technically a defensive gun use by the police)

  3. Alderman Burke easily wins! Now if the feds go after rest of Chiraq’s muckity muck😅Personally my favorite is me getting my AR up & running with some semblane of expertise!

  4. Jesus fuck, that second video is almost too perfect; he’s wearing “problem” glasses, a beanie and a shirt that says, “smash the patriarchy and chill”. If I hadn’t of seen it my self, I’d think it was parody.

    • “…glasses, a beanie and a shirt that says, “smash the patriarchy and chill”.”

      Leftists have done an excellent job in indoctrinating them. They actually believe the US must at all costs be ‘cut down to size’ to be no better than the worst (literal) shit-hole on the planet. That the founding fathers were illegitimate in creating this country and that the US ‘owes’ them massive ‘reparations’ paid for by the people in the US that show up for work every day to provide for their families.

      It is a real, tangible mental illness that is hell-bent in destroying this country by whatever means possible, even if it means collapsing the economy to do so.

      It’s a damn shame Australia can’t handle an influx of 100 million Leftists…

      • Send them to Australia to fight the wild fires with no water, if guns can’t stop violence water won’t put out a fire.

  5. You’re gonna love this addition to the “Know thy enemy” file :

    “Seattle-Area Councilman: Hosing Poop-Covered Sidewalks Might Be Racially Insensitive”

    And here’s another for the ‘Better late than never’ file for your consideration :

    “Hallmark holiday movies are fascist propaganda”

    “None of this should be a surprise, because Hallmark movies, as cloying and saccharine as they are, constitute the platonic ideal of fascist propaganda.”

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