home invasion shooting home owner
Courtesy WKYT
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From wkyt.com:

A Kentucky sheriff’s office has released video of a home invasion where the homeowner and one of the intruders exchanged gunfire.

Warren County deputies responded to a home on Louisville Road Wednesday night after receiving a call about shots being fired. When they arrived, they found the homeowner had a gunshot wound to his right hand.

Watch the video:

Investigators reviewed home security video showing that someone kicked the door in, and four intruders entered the home. You can see the gunfire being exchanged when the lead intruder enters the doorway where the victim was.

Remember, as we’ve been confidently told by dozens of knowledgeable politicians personal defense experts, no one needs more than ten rounds of ammunition in a magazine.

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    • Focus should be on the fact some one broke in ,
      Windows are even more vulnerable and just as common an access .
      There is no knowing how many are breaking in, so it is all the more important that your magazine is capable of much more.
      Even trained cops use several mags during a fire fight and some not even hit the criminal once.

      • @ Arleigh Boyd Crisman
        “…Even trained cops use several mags during a fire fight and some not even hit the criminal once.”

        MOST cops (61%) don’t even hit the criminal once.

        • On might think that Police need to be better trained in the use of deadly force? How about mandatory monthly or bi-monthly qualifications and situation shooting twice a year. You have to be proficient with the tools of your trade.

    • #1: they got what they deserved.
      #2: don’t ever tell me how many rounds I need or don’t need… I will use whatever it takes to get the job done. End of conversation

    • Yeah, it didn’t look to much like a grab-and-go op. The lead “suspect” was in low-ready.

  1. Way cool trick to get one more kick out of mobile home doors, replace the little brass 3/4 inch screws that hold the strikerplate and hinges with 3″ deck screws.

    One more kick is enough time to grab your GLOCK with its day glo PUNISHER backplate!

    • Or you can actually upgrade the door properly and completely prevent a kick in. So many options these days to fortify your door such that you are an ass hat if you don’t. My door is battering ram proof. They would have to cut a hole in the side of my house to get in. Windows fortified as well. Then there is Sam. He’s my 130 lb. Rottweiler who has a bad attitude towards strangers.

      • Was just about to respond with that point, too. Easy Armor door reinforcement kit: about $100 bucks at Home Depot. Essentially it’s a 48″ strike plate with the 3″ deck screws you describe, which you screw into the stud, not the door trim, at four or five points.

        The kit comes with hinge reinforcers, too. No need to remove the door to install these parts, just the original strike plate. If you’re marginally handy around the house, this is about a thirty minute project. If you’re completely inept, then maybe an hour+, but you will be able to do it.

        I have this on my own home’s external doors. Tried it out on a rental property of ours first and I could not kick the door open. Obviously, you need a solid door. Something with a glass inlay isn’t going to help much. Neither would a flimsy door like between the garage and utility room, if they came in through the garage door (easy to do, youtube it and see.)

        • You can reinforce the door that connects the garage to the inside of the house as well in the same manner. Same procedure as mine had a deadbolt. I used the Armor Concepts brand. I also keep On Gard door brace behind it as well for double layer. My front porch door actually has three layers: exterior security door, Armor concepts on main door, and On Gard brace behind door. I live in a typical neighborhood with average crime levels. I just don’t like to deal with bullshit so I go above and beyond on my security.

        • Per the Building Code, doors between the garage and home living area are required to be 1-hour fire resistant. That means solid wood core or a steel door. Should not be flimsy by any definition.

        • I know it isn’t as ‘decorative’ as typical wooden doors… but I installed STEEL door frames on my front door and basement door, with solid wood doors with metal ‘skins’… The front door is still a traditional ‘6-panel’ design, but the steel casement is sort of ‘plain’… But it fits around the double 2×4 frame studs and header. So, with the 1″+ Dead-bolt and keyed door handle locking into a steel frame, and the 2 1/2″ screws into the studs for the door frame and hinges, you will have to tear the wall apart to get thru the doorway. I also have 1/2″ plexiglass on the inside of all of my basement windows, ans screwed to the stud framing. Again… not ‘armor plating’ … but it will definitely slow them down, and make noise as they try to penetrate it.
          Of course, MOST criminals don’t think about how thin most walls are and how easy it is to just hatchet thru them… but that makes noise and takes time, even though it is out of sight of the neighbors.

      • My teensy King Charles would say “Bow-Wow!”, then squeal and run away, just perfectly in time for me to protect her with the AR-10. I’m not risking my puppy for the likes of these asswipes.

        • I have never expected any of my dog-friends to fight my battles.
          Dogs can detect trouble before I can. (That is why I will never scold a dog for barking.)
          They bark, which alerts me, and might frighten the hoodlum. I take it from there.
          Of course, if my dog-friends WANT TO bite the hoodlum, that is their prerogative …

        • A friend of mine sells windows in shoreline Florida. He says their Hurricane proof windows are laminated tempered glass and are essentially burglar proof.

          They are pricy though.

        • @Mark — Like the average homeowner has an extra 11K just laying around. There are far cheaper methods, maybe not as “pretty”, but just as effective. And with all the leftover cash you can buy an AR15 pistol with two 30 rounders and plenty of ammo. I myself don’t care if these miscreants break in, I relish the idea of ridding society of dirtbags – retired “Green Beret”, us old guys still need that adrenaline rush now and then!

          • A couple well-place 4x4s cut to length preclude kicking in my inexpensive doors. I have a stairs case to the 2nd story about 4’ from the front door and a pantry/laundry room wall about 4’ from my back door. The kicks will make a ton of noise and alert me. The 75-lb lab will make even more noise, then hide…

      • Nightlocks (3 total) just came in the mail yesterday, a floor mounted block plate, not willing to depend on the deadbolt striker plate. Next the windows. Should provide a little more precious time.

      • Well, let’s hope you never have a house fire or medical emergency that requires first responders to get thru the door. Because you’ll be screwed.

      • I always laugh at people who think their dogs are going to save them from bad people. Please tell me your dog doesn’t wear a collar because if he does; he will have made his last noise and taken his last breath once I get my hand underneath it and give it a good twist. I won’t stop twisting until he’s dead, and when he is I just might beat you with his lifeless body. I don’t care HOW big he is. And if he doesn’t have a collar? After I break one of his forelegs, I’ll crush his ribcage with my knees. You see, some people are smarter than dogs, and have no fear of them.

        • This assumes I’m standing around watching you do this to my dog while inside my home. Trust me. I won’t be. He’s not there to save me. He’s there to alert me to your presence. And when I see you’re in my house AND accosting my dog I’m hitting you everywhere but under your feet.

        • No my dog is merely meant to wake me up so I can put two rounds in your chest and one in your head with some 5.56 mm NATO. You would not have time to touch my dog let alone hurt him you sick fuck.

      • So you call people names because you know everything about everyone. So glad you are ABLE to live in a fortified home.

  2. They didn’t do nothin wrong. They good boys. Just tryna find some money for school clothes and books is all. They wasn’t gonna hurt no one

  3. Well done to stay in the funnel and not come out to check. This was more than a home invasion robbery though. Those 4 were looking for someone.

    • Agreed. Arming yourself with a self defense side arm, or more, is great. However, in most cases, armed encounters are a product of one’s lifestyle. Usually it means you’re a thug or running with those who are, but there can be other lifestyle circumstances where you’re not the bad guy, yourself.

      First things first, though, don’t be a gangster ass thug doing a bunch of gangster ass shit and your odds of an armed exchange plummet.

      • Unless the thugs without badges are just as careless about addresses as the uniformed thugs are. Let’s face facts, thugs are never the sharpest tools in the shed, whether in uniform, or not.

      • Absolutely. If I was placing a bet on why, it would be a stash house raid. 4 armed guys to go in and look for one guy, and the “victim” knew it was coming.

        However, article says “detectives reviewed the footage”. So maybe dude knew he lived in a bad place and was already armed in the house. (Like everyone should be. No point in trying to run into other rooms and get into a safe while being assaulted/home invaded)

        • The issue, IME, with gangs is that while the people who run them tend to be reasonably intelligent the “foot soldiers” are not. You don’t send your best and brightest out, generally, to go whack some idiot drug pusher who ripped off the gang. Cannon fodder goes off and does the shit that runs serious risks for being lost to prison or the morgue. Smart people are kept in the rear running the things that stack up the cash.

          From the victim’s point of view:

          You don’t have to be doing anything wrong. These assholes can just get the wrong address. I’ve seen that happen a couple of times. Once to a friend of mine and once to a neighbor. The neighbor actually got shot in the chest in the deal. My friend and his girlfriend got tied up in the tub in their apartment with the BGs arguing over whether or not killing them was a good idea or not (obviously they chose not or I couldn’t know this).

          You can also be doing things RIGHT, like the reason they showed up is because you dropped the dime on someone and they’ve shown up to to shut you up. Or they think you talked.

          Then there’s regular robbery. Robbery boys sometimes do roll in groups and figure a pistol and duct-tape are tools of the trade because you left the box for a nice flat-screen TV out at the curb for trash day.

          And then there’s just rep. You dissed someone in public, maybe without even knowing it, and they’re coming back to teach you some “manners”. This can be extended to family as well. Your brother dissed someone and they can’t find your brother so they come after you instead. That is exactly what got Big L killed, a guy who was legit and never involved in street crime, they couldn’t get to his gang-banger brother so they clipped him instead.

          Looking at this video I doubt that this was a stash house rip. If these guys were ripping off a rival gang or a dealer they would have expected resistance and rolled heavier, which the video doesn’t suggest. The fact that they came with guns drawn suggests they were not expecting an empty house, the fact that they were not coming in heavily armed and ready for a fight (they didn’t rush in, heck homie #3 seems casual walking in and 1&2 are trying to be sneaky even though they just booted in the door which is decidedly not sneaky) suggests they didn’t expect serious resistance.

          I’d rate this as likely being an attempted home invasion robbery for cash, jewelry, electronics etc like what happened to my friend. They were banking on numbers and guns as intimidation and it didn’t work, when it didn’t work they skedaddled real fucking quick specifically because they weren’t prepared for the idea that they would meet that level of resistance. I’d guess they haven’t done much of this before.

    • I agree more to this story. They were looking for drugs, money or both. They knew it was there. He went into that room to kill.

      • As soon as the point man comes in, he looks to (where I assume) the couch is, then realizes nothing is there. Checks out behind the camera area, then moves to hallway. All of this happens within 15 seconds or so, and home owner is already in a position with a gun. He knew it was coming.

        Good on the news to report it as “home invasion/good guy with a gun, but I’m not sure PR-wise is the best example for castle doctrine or anything else.

      • I have had people surveillance my home then try to kick in my door after they figured it was worth it. No one was home at the time and the door was well blocked. They saw the type of car in the garage and thought they would make some money.

        Don’t think that people are not watching your house and figuring out when you come and go. If they see you bring in some nice stuff they might come take it. At night they can see what rooms you are in from the street.

        My mother has always liked to keep the lights and TV on to scare off robbers even when not home. If they still come a knocking then you got some real problems.

        • Thanks for sharing. I am fortunate to live on a street with a few retired neighbors keeping an eye on everyone. In addition to that, a crap load of the neighborhood are on nextdoor.com constantly posting suspecious cars and people. These 2 things supplement a security system, dog, door armour, cameras, etc.

  4. Them yoots must have been on the track team, the US Olympic track team would like to have them as sprinters.

  5. He shoulda used a double barrel shotgun. Then he could walk out on the balcony here, walk out, put that double-barrelled shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house.

  6. If that video doesn’t illustrate the old adage that criminals prefer unarmed victims tell me what does.

    • Agreed. A hot burglary (meaning you know the occupant is present) + coming in hot (meaning multiple, armed assailants) means either a rip crew coming to steal drugs or a hit squad coming to execute the guy, or both.

      Shouldn’t be out there livin’ the Life and inviting this kind of thing, but hey, even (alleged) criminals have a right to self defense.

      • (Not that I have a lot of experience in such things, but…)
        I doubt this was a hit squad. I would think a hit squad would be much more persistent.
        This looks like an attempt at a home invasion that went horribly wrong from the bad guys’ perspective.
        A hit squad would, IMO, have at least one person who had some idea of how such a thing should be organized. In this case, no such person was in evidence. There was no one to provide fire support for the lead man; indeed, no one was looking out for anyone.

    • Could have been… or could have been thugs going to the wrong house for a drug robbery.

      Not going to criticize the victim… and if it was a drug robbery, hey, druggies are entitled to defend themselves, too.

    • I have seen many home invasions just like that. Usually at least 3 guys in hoodies kick in your door.

      I always tell magazine capacity limit advocates that this is reality and the real world tells me I NEED as much rounds as I can comfortably carry around. I can’t run back to the safe to pick up another mag. I don’t have time to reload. I need to kill 3 or more armed criminals within seconds.

      He had about 2 rounds for each guy if he was limited to 10 rounds. Now if he missed?

  7. Dey ditten do nuffin! Why he had shoot them like dat? Dey jus needs gas money to gits to class.

  8. Looks to me like what the homeowner actually needed was a quality door and frame to prevent the thugs from entering in the first place.

      • I heard setting up booby traps is illegal even if it’s for criminals. I don’t agree with that. Home Alone has shown it can be very effective and gun fire might not be needed.

        • It’s illegal because traps don’t know the difference between a criminal or a fireman knocking down your door because the back of your house caught on fire.

  9. This is why it is unconstitutional to require you to lock up your firearms. It only took a few seconds to kick in the door and be in your bedroom at low ready to kill you. The anti-gun liberals can KMA.

  10. It was Russians….no doubt. Chairman Fat Jerry Nadler needs to investigate !

  11. After I think for a moment, it kinda makes me want to deactivate my cameras.

    Debate Topic:
    If you shoot somebody inside your house a camera system is more likely to hurt you rather than help you.

    Bonus question:
    How robust is the encryption algorithms on the cheapo security systems to withstand a recovery effort by police if you happen to forget the password?

    • The whole debate becomes irrelevant, IF one is on the ball enough to disable the cameras while one is at home. Why would one want cameras if you’re there?
      A better bonus question is: Does the cheap ass(usually non existent) security theatre on most CCC systems allow anybody who knows what a RAT is to remotely access your cameras to see inside enough to know what might be worth stealing?

  12. He should have let them get a little deeper into the hallway. Funnel them into a cone of death.

  13. I take it he shot himself in the hand. If he hit the intruder I am sure he would seek medical attention.

  14. This illustrates perfectly why we must remove impediments to ccw-holders (parents OR teachers) carrying on school property. One person firing at the threat and they will mostly unass the area.

  15. This new breed of hoodlems are becoming scary. I wonder if they new the victim? I’ve did a little BnE in my time. Always nobody home( there’s ways to tell) , never kicking in doors low ready. Once again this new breed of hoodlems are getting scary.

  16. theres a good example of when short barreled shotgun with #4 buckshot would have worked great on that first guy…next shot through drywall might have got the #2 or even 3 intruder….

    • Ever use #1 buck? Its hell to find, and tough to even find the pellets to roll your own. But it’s my favorite buckshot for 12 gauge because it just physically fits the bore better. I can cram almost two ounces of #1 buck into a piston wad if I really want to. But an ounce and a half of #1 is my favorite buckshot load. Come to think of it, it’s probably my favorite load, period. Not counting #7 1/2 low base, OFC, which I use more of than all other 12 ga. combined. But only because its cheap practice, not because it performs well.

  17. Mag capacity on your pistol isn’t as much an issue if the pistol is in its holster and your hands are full of shotgun or rifle. You’re at home. Why limit yourself to a handgun?

    I get that some folks can’t afford more than one gun or can’t handle a long gun. But most of us are not in that boat.

      • I live in CA. I have 15 rounders for my glock and I always have at least one pistol and one shotgun out and loaded.

        Safe storage laws do not trump survival instincts.

  18. Back around 1979 I was in San Diego. One evening just before sunset there’s an explosion of gun fire and screaming across the road in another apartment complex. Buckshot hit the outer wall of my apartment, up high.

    Turned out to be a drug gang assassinating somebody. We didn’t know that at first, cops had to figure it out. Seems the crew went up some stairs and turned left, kicked open the door and shot the man they found there.

    Problem was, they were supposed to kill the man in the apartment on the right side of the stairs, not the left. They blasted some random citizen off his balcony where he was cooking burgers and hot dogs on a hibachi. Right in front of his wife and kids and mother-in-law.

    The next day I went out and bought a Mossberg 500 12ga. Added the shorter barrel. Except for sometimes hunting with it using the original barrel, that shotgun has been continuously ready ever since. I’m looking right at it right now.

    You don’t have to be involved in the drug trade to get shot for it.

  19. Negroes doing what they do best, committing crimes. I live in Louisville KY and we have seen a sharp rise in burglaries and home invasions, it all started in 2008 when THOUSANDS of ILLEGALS started pouring into KY. Add in that Mayor Greg “Nothing to see here” Fischer is a white guilt Liberal who thinks blacks don’t commit crimes and you have a recipe for disaster. I upgraded my home after several blacks from the section 8 housing near my neighborhood broke in, they wouldn’t do it when I was home or they wouldn’t leave alive.

    • Always one of u dumbasses in a comment section. The city i live in right now is mostly white…..and guess what….most of them are on drugs or alchoholics & definitely a shit load on public assistance. And most of them look like what u would think trailer trash looks like. Now, if i was a godless shitty human being,i might start judging white people because of the city im in. But as an adult i know there are worthless people of EVERY race. I dont think ALL white people are the way ive witnessed in my city because i,as u,have a brain. Maybe stop being a racist dick and try using that thing god put between your ears.

    • That’s a pretty racist remark. I’m white and live in a county where 60 some % of the population is either black or Native, 30 some % is white and various browns makes up the remainder. WE get along pretty well and most crime here is domestic and/or involves alcohol. We just recently had our first murder in 10 years.

  20. Undoubtedly this was more than just a random home invasion with burglary as the motive. The home owner had something particular these dirty scoundrels wanted and I wouldn’t be surprised if the leader of the gang had been in the residence before as he kind of seemed to know the layout. He knew where he was going and was ready for a fight low ready. There’s hardly any pictures on the walls and lots of open space, kind of like a trap house or flop house where lots of nefarious activities occur or where people with common criminal interest hang out. Then take into account the home owner was shooting within 10 seconds of the door being kicked in. So either he sleeps like most of us with a nightstand gun ready to go or he was expecting this for whatever reason and stays ready because of his lifestyle. The scary thing is in most situations like this the intruders kill everyone in the house, I’ve seen this a few times in Detroit and Chicago. Unfortunately the only place trouble makers cause no trouble is in the graveyard. That’s where these men belong.

    • It’s been my observation that home invasions are almost always targeted. The penalties (both legal and extra-legal) are so severe that there really needs to be a pretty big payoff to justify the risk.
      Just breaking into a random house knowing someone is home in the hopes that there might be cash, drugs or guns just doesn’t make sense, even considering the fact that the average thug has the reasoning ability of a third-grader. If that.
      Most random home incursions are done in the daytime, when no one is home. The bad guy(s) are just looking for something, anything, that can quickly be turned into cash.

  21. Maybe they were looking for their father(s) and were wanting to thank him for raising them up to be fine upstanding productive members of society.

  22. Proving once again that walking point is the most dangerous position. And actually NOT the place to put your expendables.

    You need someone with special skills and quick reactions not some stoner doofus that always causes trouble.

  23. Full auto AK would of been perfect. Start in the hall and swing to the Left liquidating all 4.

    He seemed quite ready. Probably heard them talking shit and moving up the walk.

  24. Look and listen to the video at the 21 sec mark. Ya hear a single gunshot and then he grabs himself. Looks like he shot his own hand.

  25. As a window and door installer for 17 years, I’ve found that its almost impossible to kick a door open from the outside when its an outswing door. That means that you can make your entry door or any door for that fact much more secure just by changing the swing. On the inside you can fortify all of the door stops and use longer screws. If they want in , some noise will be nade and give plenty of time to get hold of your weapon.

    • Just make sure the BGs can’t pull the hinge pins to open the door. Easy to prevent with some heavy lag screws in the frame and corresponding holes in the edge of the door such that they interlock.

    • Yes! Why more people do not do this is beyond me and reason. The same with a bathroom door. You have a heart attack and fall against the door, cannot open the door.

  26. As a woman in a remote area with a husband doing long haul, you come into my home uninvited I assume you’re here to do me harm. You’re leaving in a body bag… No questions. I’ll call 911 as I’m shooting your behind. I undershot my sharpshooter marine brother by 1 point on the range.

  27. Classic example of why residents MUST harden entry points to their homes…especially doors as this buys the necessary time to respond to violence appropriately. If the homeowner had been in the shower or otherwise preoccupied he might easily have been killed as he would have had just scant seconds to arm himself.

  28. home invaders often raid drug dealers. or people they mistake for drug dealers.

    the linked story contains zero useful information about why this particular house was targeted.

    • So it’s the perfect story from a “journalists” POV. The reader gets to draw their own conclusions and assume the proper amount of outrage.

  29. Had to be targeted. This is a trailer in a pretty crowded (but from the road, relatively well-maintained) trailer park. I drive by there every day. No way was this a random home invasion.

  30. Proper training would have had him following thru, by firing thru the wall towards the door. He might have hit more targets, getting the criminals off the streets, at least for awhile.

  31. Anyone else notice what looks like a 12guage shotgun or maybe a AR15 style long rifle behind the door the intruders kicked in. Luckily they didn’t see it when the door was kicked open and started to close.

  32. Hopefully, the person dropped some of them. You break into someone’s house and you don’t belong there. you should be dead meat.

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