Brenton linegar black rifles matter alaska
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Brenton linegar black rifles matter alaska
Facebook image courtesy Brenton Linegar.  Used with permission.

Alaskan Brenton Linegar found an unwelcome message (pictured above) on his work truck about three weeks ago. The message was delivered in the form of business cards from two State of Alaska employees. Later the same day, when he learned of a malicious social media post on a State of Alaska website, Linegar went public with the notes.

In doing so, he showed a couple of state workers that not everyone cowers to bullies.

Brenton linegar black rifles matter alaska
Facebook image courtesy Brenton Linegar.  Used with permission.

Marti Buscaglia, the executive director of the Alaska State Commission for Human Rights, spotted a “Black Rifles Matter” sticker on Linegar’s commercial pickup truck parked in the building’s parking lot. That little sticker proved a big deal to the state-employed social justice warrior.

She snapped a photo and promptly posted it on the official Alaska State Commission for Human Rights website with the caption, “In what world is this okay?”  She did this on state computers, on state time on an official state of Alaska social media page. As though her position allows her to regulate Alaskans’ free speech rights.

In making the post, she not only impugned the reputation of Brenton Linegar and his company, Sage Mechanical, in a very large public forum, but she also reportedly emailed the building’s landlord and maliciously filed a false complaint against the company.

The Alaska Landmine (explosive Alaska news) reported on her email:

…the email implied Linegar was a racist and asked the client to “please do something” about Sage Mechanical. The email also accused Sage Mechanical of performing substandard work and exercising poor judgement.

Brenton linegar black rifles matter alaska
Facebook image courtesy Brenton Linegar.  Used with permission.

In addition to Buscaglia leaving her business card with a demand that Linegar park elsewhere, a second business card from Chief Probation Officer Kendell Rhyne was also left on his truck. Was Rhyne the gun-toting muscle behind Buscaglia in trying to bully Linegar to park elsewhere? Neither responded to an email asking for comment.

Alaska’s governor condemned the tweet posted on a state website and launched a criminal investigation.

The wheels of justice turned slowly in the case. Finally though, the Alaska Commission for Human Rights voted 5-2 last Friday to suspend Buscaglia for 15 days without pay, starting today, April 9th.

One of the “no” votes said he voted against the sanction because he wanted Buscaglia’s termination.

Meanwhile, Linegar released this statement on Friday, as reported by Must Read Alaska.

If A bumper sticker can incite a call to ban one from a parking lot, cost them their livelihood and ostracize them as an outcast. I can only imagine the anger that someone has to be carrying to follow such a path about a total stranger. This is who she is and a slap on the wrist is not going to change her ideology. When she was hired or appointed, she wasn’t even qualified for the job.

She has lied in the past to get hired and has been fired before. From an internal source, she has been weaponizing this department and she will continue to do so. This cannot be tolerated at this level and is a dangerous precedent to set if she is allowed to continue in this job. She has willingly wasted taxpayer money, willingly infringed on my 1st and 2nd amendment rights, she willingly tried to cost me and my employees their livelihood and ostracize me in a small community.

She then went on to speak to the press and continue to lie about her intentions. If she wanted to simply have a conversation with me, then a note to that effect could have been left on my windshield.

Instead, she saw fit to write a different type of note, put my truck on Facebook on the State page and email my client from her state provided email, all the while using the full weight of her title along with her cohort, the chief of parole officers to intimidate me and my client.

She also did this all on tax payer paid time, taxpayer-provided business cards and so on.

The Governor was elected to do many things, and one of those things was to get rid of this type of abuse of position and to stop this type of behavior.

The only way to stop people like this is to get them out of these positions where they can willingly damage others, while pushing their personal agendas and purposefully operate outside of their job scope and directive. This is dangerous and Alaska is watching. The world is watching as this situation has been seen all the way in India. Future voters are watching.

Linegar’s remarks about Buscaglia’s employment past may have been referring to Buscaglia’s failed effort to become the Orange County Register’s publisher because she “misrepresented her educational qualifications”. From The Orange County Register:

Marti Buscaglia will not become the Orange County Register’s new publisher because she misrepresented her educational qualifications on her resume, said N. Christian Anderson, current publisher and president and chief executive of Freedom Orange County Information.

Buscaglia’s resume listed graduation from Lima University in Peru. She has been publisher of the Duluth News Tribune in Minnesota for five years. She was slated to join the Register on July 9.

Time will tell if Ms. Buscaglia has learned her lesson about treading on the rights of others.

In the meantime, Brenton Linegar stands as an example of how little people can push back against government employees trying to bully people into surrendering their constitutional rights.

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    • Apparently, she just resigned. She’s still going to get retirement, though.

      • That’s too bad. The best punishment for people like this is to force them to actually earn a living like the rest of us. They abhor the concept. While many people online wish imprisonment or worse on the government figures they hate, I wish for them to be stricken with the blight of normalcy. Force them to work as a cashier at WinnDixie for a living or at a waste water treatment plant. If they want a better job, make them earn one through having to undergo the process of interviews and not being simply rewarded with a job by a benefactor. I imagine the vast majority of them would have a mental breakdown inside of a week.

      • Maybe now she’ll have time to take those 3-gun competition courses she’s been a-hankerin’ after.

      • She shouldn’t get to receive her retirement if she’s done this before and lied about people and had been fired several times before, no she doesn’t deserve it!!! And another thing could that be considered a hate crime for the police??

        • They should sue for slander.
          They could sue both the state AND the person, since they used the state website to push the slander.

      • Be care when you hire people who came from MN keep In mind they call us The Peoples Republic of Minnesota there is a good reason for that we have a Socialist left wing over load here.

      • She only worked there since 2016, so shouldn’t be eligible for retirement $$, & doesn’t deserve any.

    • What about Officer Kendell Rhyne? Did she stick Rhyne’s card on the truck, or did Rhyne? If so, why hasn’t Kendell Rhyne been frog-marched up for discipline as well?

      Seems like this would be a 18 U.S. Code § 242 and possibly 18 U.S. Code § 241 (conspiracy to commit) violation.

    • Official Oppression , a crime , just as they are doing in Pittsburgh , Pa.

  1. I agree with Mr. Linegar – she has demonstrated that she is a dishonest SJW and must be terminated from her state job. Perhaps they could line up something else for her, like bear-shit sweeper in Nome.

        • Only if we issue her that super deadly offensive assault rifle 15 for protection against a pissed off bear.

        • Since black rifles don’t matter in her world, it will be only bear spray for her.

          It would be a good experiment in the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of bear spray against Grizzlies.

          It’s a twofer. Get rid of her and prove the ineffectiveness of bear spray against Grizzlies.

  2. This is what we are seeing more and more of. Self entitled brats who can’t seem to realize there are people out there with different views than you.

    • This year we have a “Diversity Management Option” for our entry level administrator title series’ ……. previously the various sjw degrees with barista and sandwich maker job experience were resumes that rated “the fuck outta here”. Apparently we have to create jobs (make up tasks that strain logic even for state workers) that they are able to meet minimum standards for competitive appointment, see my screen name.

  3. This is okay in a world that permits firearms and the fact that the United States military issues black guns. This article should get the word around that this person is more of a nut than is what they attempted to portray the truck owner as.

  4. According to FaceyourevilBook, she has resigned while an investigation was being conducted into her conduct.
    F’ing Victory right there! Woot.

    • From ktva article: “Brandon Nakasato, the commission’s chair, confirmed Monday that Buscaglia had submitted a letter of resignation. He declined to release a copy of the document, calling it a “confidential personnel record.” Nakasato said it was effective April 26.”

    • Human rights for me and not for thee.

      But references to Peru are enlightening as like many countries south of the lower 48, they use a system of patronage and benefactors.

  5. Here’s a more salient lesson; What happens when a triggered progressive sees a sticker on a vehicle, then calls the police in a Red Flag State?

    • Exactly the chilling effect such laws are meant to have, on freedom of speech and RTKBA both.

  6. Are SJW intentionally training “warriors” to look for cushy government employee jobs (where they know they cannot be fired) so they can weaponize the government. I am starting to wonder – too many of these to be a coincidence.

    • DSS for years…to break up the family unit under the guise of protecting children. Google medical kidnap and you’ll find a nation wide horror story that the press ignores.

    • The SJW’s (Progressive) symbiotic intra-relations are Parasitic in nature. This is why they migrate to the largest city centers and expect you to do the same. It is purely to harvest your hard work via welfare, whether it be a government job, or outright handouts. There’s your Agenda 21/30 for ya, in a nutshell.

    • That has been a going on for a long time.
      Bureaucracies and educations systems are riddled with the SJWs.

  7. Better question is WTF in Alaska gov’t thought they NEEDED a “Human Rights” director, need to go out of the state to hire (and no doubt move her to Alaska) and why hire this bimbo. I see a “board” that needs pruned/eliminated.

    “Commission for Human Rights” my ass. BS progtardism

    • Ahhh, bimbo’s are usually attractive, friendly and stupid. I think she fails to check two of the three boxes.

    • Terminations in government can be a long drawn out affair based on a lot of factors, civil service protection, union rules, appointed by governor (who wants them there) supervisor who covers their mistakes(misdeeds) and supervisors who don’t document and counsel poor employees (need documentation prior to disciplinary action) all of that before the disciplinary action can be appealed and argued further.

  8. Next week she will announce that Mike Bloomberg has hired her to be director of the new anti-gun .org for electing a “gun safety” president.

    This type of cockroach will always scurry to the next protected position, from which they can launch another attack on civil rights.

  9. This is a good news story about thinning the herd from unnecessary/prejudicial bureaucrats; but I’m more concerned about the LEO that left their card and there was no action taken. There may be defamation case against Rhyne but that doesn’t make it any less concerning that they failed to understand and apply the letter of the law from the Bill of Rights.

  10. the state of alaska is following the rest of the LEFT coast in their loading of the employment of S.J.W.’S into the control jobs in government. the democrats and a few repubs are loading the roles of employees with baby-killers,communist sympathizers ,dopers and drunks. just like washington oregon and californica. the OPEN-BORDERS GROUP OF POLITICAL HACKS[LISA MURKEYCOW, and some of the rest of the demon-craps have absolutely NO NATIONAL PRIDE. they would rather back the gay pride group of ANTI-AMERICAN OPEN BORDER FOOLS.

  11. Let’s also note the revolving door between the mainstream media, albeit on a small scale, and a “progressive “ government department. That is not a coincidence either.

  12. Worse than a B**ch in heat with her Socialistic Democrat viewpoint. Guess Minnesota has a lot of Dingbats! boy friend the LEO and her deserve each other, bet they might be into whips and chains, bet he skated cause he’s Gay

  13. In Alaska?!? I’ve heard tell guns(and black rifles) are popular there…what an unemployed maroon!😏

  14. So these state OVERLORDS only get a little vacation? I think the word FIRED is a more appropriate action. Seems like these elites are just being protecited, again. Obey servants, bow to your masters. You’ll really never win in the long run. 15 days, LOL LOL LOL.

  15. This is what happens when you hire people because of their color or handicap or trendy college grad or what country they hail from,,, government does this everyday,,, no one else would hire them,,, sometimes trying to be P C or diverse just don’t work out,,, hire people on their merits not their position in life..

  16. This isnt about guns at all, its about perceived racism in changing the phrase “black lives matter”

    • Well, I (and many others here) perceive BLM as a racist organization, so… it seems quite fitting to steal their slogan and turn it into something virtuous rather than racist.

      Black guns DO matter, and anyone who doesn’t understand why they do should seriously consider learning the importance and the historical background of the 2A – preferably before the coming war breaks out.

  17. Always know where they sleep. Make it a prepper item. Communication in times of confusion is of the utmost importance.
    Sounds like mr. muscle is more involved than this “first cut” yields…perhaps that Dept. of Law is the real deal, or is it self insulating for the system and it’s culls.
    SJW, bad enough, weaponization, we hope soon yields executions in those that chose to walk the traitors path.
    Yes, door number two, I mean card number two….show us what you won!

  18. File a Federal Civil Rights violation against her and the state of Alaska, that should wake them up, even the ACLU might want in on that… it was abuse of power.

  19. The woman was wrong to do this with tax papers money but not wrong to exercise here her first amendment rights on her own private computer which is what she should have done.

    I own such rifles but would never have made things worse for gun owners including myself by putting such a statement on my vehicle especially one used in a business.

    This Business Owner is really not too bright. Any time you post political statements, especially those that might be misinterpreted as racist or correctly interpreted as racist , depending on the owners actual intent, you lose a lot of business from enraged people. We have a rapidly expanding population of Latinos not to mention all the millions of other minorities like Blacks and Asians, Indians etc, etc. that many would take great offense at such a statement on a truck, especially one used in a business. A less emotional statement might have read “Guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment”. And even that one would still lose you a lot of business in today’s politically and emotionally charged world over gun rights even in the State of Alaska. In today’s competitive world the last thing a Businessman needs to do is cause himself to lose customers. Better to keep your big mouth shut and just send money to your favorite “gun rights organization”. Big money talks and always has and bullshit slogans walk.

    • “Black Guns Matter” is the name of civil rights organization dedicated to protecting the civil rights of black Americans. It is run by a black rap artist from Philadelphia. I’ve heard him speak at the last two SHOT Shows, and he is truly inspiring. Protesting the idea that black Americans have the same rights as everyone else sounds pretty racist to me. I thought SJW were against racism…… silly me.

    • well spoken.
      i think the business owner is something of a prejudiced dick, sorry to see him get sympathy

  20. In Alaska when you get out of your vehicle, you become part of the food chain. Heck yes carry.

  21. ಠ_ಠ
    A grown-ass adult… acted this immaturely… over a sticker.
    Lord have mercy.

  22. This slimy, racist, brain dead leftist should be SUED for defamation of character & FIRED for using her position of power to lie, intimidate & infringe on the rights of her employer, an Alaskan taxpayer.

    • Imo, there is likely more under this first cut than has been disclosed.
      I’d wager “they” with turd number 2’s access, could there even be the overt threat of probation vio issues?
      The system would show if it was accessed, that is frowned upon, in some agencies, can be a serious issue. I’m more interested in SJW gestapo turd number two. He is the enforcement tool.
      If I were in this Dept. of Law investigation, I’d be looking to see who promulgated her selection from a state that is eat up with muzzrats and libtards.
      These two turds are just the visible tip of the leftist spear.
      Know where they sleep.

  23. Two citizen hating government supplicants got caught abusing a peasant.
    F the both of them.
    Make them find real jobs and work for a living.
    The first steps toward a revolt.

  24. This is a good example of the intolerance of the ‘tolerant left’. Hypocrisy at it’s finest!

  25. “She snapped a photo and promptly posted it on the official Alaska State Commission for Human Rights website with the caption, “In what world is this okay?”

    In a Constitutional Republic,you Marxist Twit,now go the eff away.

    • How many kids of high school age can correctly id the US as a constitutional republic out your way? Over here its a struggle to find adults under 40 who don’t spout off “we are a democracy”

      • Make sure you correct their error every time they refer to the United States as a democracy.

        The United States is a Constitutional Republic because direct Democracy is not a stable form of government.

        Anyone that wants to see an example of direct Democracy can watch the sci-fi series Max Headroom. Hopefully, that is not our future.

  26. Her picture explains a lot… I grew up in Alaska and was taught never to judge a person by their looks or how they dress or what church they do or do not go to and who they choose to associate with… Having said that, now that I’m 64 and have met a lot of people, you can pretty much tell by her hair, the tinting attempts to look younger and relevant, the clothing and the “I hit the bong too much this weekend even though it’s legal up here” look that she is… how you say… a flake. And a leftist, spent time in a commune, held hands and sang with everyone on top of a mountain for world peace type of person. If true, I’m glad she was terminated. We cherish our freedoms in Alaska and are tolerant of others who don’t think like us until they become mad with power and stupid. What a dumb-ass.

    • Judging some people by their looks is pretty easy — you can always spot a Democrat by the halo of self-righteousness that surrounds them.

  27. Bravo to the gentleman whose truck this card was left on and how he professionally handled the situation.

    You are, the man!

  28. Another GREAT example of how liberals think they can act with impunity, when in fact, action have consequences, and I hope the actions eventually taken, are of dire consequence…

    It’s NOT okay to use your “authority” to harass and/or bully others…

  29. So even Alaska’s govt. has been infiltrated with this garbage huh? Pisses me off that people like her can even find a job let alone a really well paying one.

  30. Let’s take a couple steps back for a second. All of this BS is due to her reaction to some black ink printed on a white stick-on, on the back of someone’s pickup truck. It wasn’t a gun; it was a sticker. It wasn’t “hate speech”; it was a cartoon.

    I think I understand the word “triggered” a little bit better. She is reacting to something else, somewhere else, somebody else, but the rest of us suffer for her inability to deal with her daddy issues.

  31. I have that same sticker on my truck. I got it on Amazon. I put mine in my back window. Being black, it’s not as obvious as on a white tailgate, which I like. Besides, despite the fact they also sell white version, I just couldn’t bring myself to buy a “black rifles matter” sticker in anything but black.

    • or maybe you’ll get the white one after you feel more comfortable with it there, like carrying with one in the chamber and then later with the hammer cocked.
      just kidding.

      • Lol I might eventually get a white one, but I already carry with a round chambered, and if I’m carrying my 1911, the hammer’s back.

    • It should be PERMANENT unpaid vacation, made to go viral so nobody else will hire her, even if their beliefs are the same, knowing full well she will get them in trouble as well.

  32. Prolly Ms. Buscaglia was unaware of the real story behind the Colin Kaepernick and Black Lives Matter kerfuffle. Actually, not many people know this, but it’s true. What actually happened is that former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick ordered a Dominoes Pizza, which was delivered sans black olives, which is Colin’s favorite condiment. Kaepernick, being an entitled narcissistic multi-millionaire, was enraged that a mega-rich guy in America couldn’t get black olives on his damned pizza, and decided to protest by taking a knee during the National Anthem. Unfortunately Colin’s Black Olives Matter protest was misinterpreted and mixed up with then current anti-police protests, and conflated with Black Lives Matter. Well, you know how things can get out of hand, and Colin did not know how to correct the mistaken perception of his protest, which mushroomed (Colin also likes mushrooms on his pizza.) I kinda feel sorry for Colin, and feel like sending him some tapenade.

    It was all a simple misunderstanding. It was kind of like when NBA superstar Ron Artest wanted to change his name to honor his mom’s favorite holiday dinner side dish, Whirled Peas. It’s all really just a Emily Litella “nevermind” skit.

  33. She is now in the eyes of her employer. I hope there is a followup story on the fallout.

  34. Both these individuals need to be fired for not only speaking out but by using their credentials along with their work equipment and emails, this falls under comitting a crime under color of law.

  35. She is probably a great candidate for either Nancy Pelosi’s staff or to go work on ethics issues at the Clinton Foundation.

    • Why is a right defined in the Constitution hate speech. So piss off you pansy ass Communist.

  36. In the private sector this would have never been tolerated. We as Americans need to understand and acknowledge that we accept subpar, lying people in government. When we are forced to take our country back I should not come as a suprise.

    • Yes, should have been fired. MOST Public employees have a Constitutional right to due process which makes immediate termination impossible in most cases.

  37. If you put a bumper sticker like that on your business vehicle, then what do expect? So someone called him out on it? Good. No, he shouldn’t have been banned from a parking lot, but puleeze–libel/slander? He “impugned” himself when he stuck that hateful thing on his truck. This says more about that a-hole and some of you people than it does about the folks who disliked the “message” on his truck.

    At the very least, it is unprofessional of him; at worst, yeah, racist.

    Get a life, people!

    • @Doll, wow, just wow. Do you need a safe space or a coloring book? Since when is that picture hateful or racist. Did you know the guy who designed it is a black man? Didn’t think so. The NRA was formed to help promote and teach firearm ownership and use to freed slaves after the civil war. Gun rights are citizens rights, and are not racist but exactly the opposite. Please educate yourself before spouting off leftist agenda and rhetoric.

  38. Can you imagine if there were Red Flag laws up there during this time? She could report him and they would tear down his door to confiscate his legally owned firearms just because she found his bumper sticker offensive.

    Liberals are going to kill this country.

  39. They both need to be prosecuted, this USC section is pretty clear.
    18 USC Chapter 13 – §241. Conspiracy against rights
    If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or

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