virginia gun control budget public comment
(Courtesy Jeff Hulbert)
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By Jeff Hulbert

Virginia gun owners—incensed by harsh new gun control measures being floated at the statehouse—have harshly rebuked state lawmakers in a daylong face-off that marks the first skirmish of 2020 between citizens and politicians over gun rights.

It took place in Northern Virginia, at a budgetary “public comment” event —one of four taking place across the Old Dominion that were focused on upcoming funding issues.

Tempers flared between citizens and the legislators to the extent that one of the seven Virginia lawmakers on the panel hearing testimony threatened to shut down the gathering.

The tense, and at many times raucous meeting unfolded on the campus of George Mason University—a historical irony that was not lost on the attendees.

As a patriot leader in the American Revolution, it was George Mason who authored the Virginia Declaration of Rights later used to frame the U.S. Constitution.

Virginia gun control governor budget
Elaine Wood (Courtesy Jeff Hulbert)

Elaine Wood, a Nokesville gun owner, gestured to the crowd as she chastised the lawmakers, saying, “I find it ironic that we are discussing gun control in a building named after George Mason!”

That comment set the tone for the day as scores of citizens streamed to the microphone to demand that planned gun control expenditures by statehouse Democrats be scrapped in favor of increased funding for teachers and those with disabilities.

Although testimony was said to be welcome on any Virginia budget issue, most took their three-minute “open mic” opportunity to criticize Governor Ralph Northam’s call to increase state funding by $7.5 million for programs seen as a future down payment on extensive gun control enforcement.

Northern Virginia resident Bruce Novitsky of Burke didn’t mince words when he asked the lawmaker panel “Who are you going to support….the people of Virginia or Michael Bloomberg?”

Marc Gorelick of Arlington told lawmakers they were ignoring facts in favor of “feel good legislation”, that he termed as “ineffective, counterproductive, and wasteful”.

virginia gun control budget public comment
(Courtesy Jeff Hulbert)

It was a standing-room only situation at the hearing after the leaders of Gun Owners of America and the Virginia Citizens Defense League scrambled to alert Virginia gun owners to the hastily-arranged “public comment” gatherings. This, despite having just 24 hours notice to get the word out.

virginia gun control budget public comment
VCDL member David Yarashus of Fairfax distributes stickers he paid for himself (Courtesy Jeff Hulbert)

Even with the rush, one VCDL member saw to it that the roomful of gun rights supporters were sporting the now-famous “Guns Saves Lives” stickers.

David Yarashus of Fairfax came to the “open comment” event with his two sons in tow, and distributed the stickers from a roll that he says he had spent $25 to obtain through the mail from VCDL.

virginia gun control budget public comment
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

It was yet another pick-up-the-baton triumph for the grassroots energy in Virginia that has captured the attention of gun owners nationwide.

Holmes Whalen, yet another Northern Virginia resident, reminded the lawmakers that the recent 2nd Amendment Sanctuary movement taking root in more than 90% of the Commonwealth’s jurisdictions could not be easily dismissed.

“You cannot ignore those numbers and survive politically”, he warned.

Soon after, frustration and shouted comments erupted in the audience when it became apparent that most of the seven lawmakers on the panel had drifted out of the room.

Several citizens castigated the delegates and senators for their inattention at a point when only about a third of those who signed up to testify had had a chance to speak.

virginia gun control budget public comment
Courtesy Mark Hulbert

Delegate Mark Sickles, a Democrat from reliably liberal Fairfax County, responded angrily that he and his legislators were only “part-time lawmakers” and needed the leeway to step away for phone calls connected to their occupations.

When Del. Sickles’ retort was met with jeers and boos, he warned that he would shut down the “public comment” gathering if citizens continued in that manner. Hearing the disruption, some of the lawmakers who had left, returned to their seats from an adjacent room that had been set aside for them.

Edda Berglund’s family fled tyranny in Cuba

Edda Berglund from Fauquier County—the place that saw 3,000 citizens show up for a Second Amendment sanctuary resolution—quieted the room with her compelling story of her family’s escape from the tyrannical oppression in Cuba.

As a gun rights supporter, Ms. Bergland said “I am here to speak against the slow, insidious erosion of our rights.”

She noted that even places like North Korea declare that they have a constitution and bill of rights, but that they are meaningless pieces of paper because of the dictatorial suffocation of rights there.

Following her was Stafford’s Kim Debey—a married mother of two who holds a concealed handgun permit. She told the lawmaker panel that “Liberty is Job One!”  She then turned to the audience and shouted “Harass these people every day and make them earn their pay!”

As senior vice president of Virginia-based “Gun Owners of America,” Erich Pratt stood in line for his turn at the microphone. He praised the Second Amendment sanctuary movement’s overwhelming mandate and then aimed tough questions at the panel.


Why is the Governor requesting millions of dollars to enforce gun control that is not even on the books? Could he be planning to use that money to enforce his gun control agenda through executive order? Would you as legislators support a budget amendment preventing the Governor from doing that?

Pratt closed this way:

Churchgoers in Texas showed us how to stop evil. A good guy with a gun did what gun control can never do—to physically stop a bad guy who is trying to commit murder. Please stand for the rights that are protected in the Virginia and U.S. Constitutions and do not fund the Governor’s request for gun control.

Virginia gun control governor budget
Courtesy Jeff Hulbert

The Virginia Legislature opens in a week, with gun control hearings reportedly on the docket for January 13th, the day that the NRA is organizing a large demonstration on the statehouse grounds.

Following that will be the VCDL Lobby Day event on January 20th—a gathering that VCDL leaders believe could amount to as many as 50,000 people converging on the statehouse in Richmond.


Jeff Hulbert is the founder of Patriot Picket

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  1. No, they’ve been told by Doomberg and his minions that they dont have to listen to peasants. Hopefully they’ll be listening very closely come election time!

    • I’m sure there”s already a Re-call election In the works….I think you’ll get the governors attention then, as well other elected Officials…however I wouldn’t be opposed to a good old fashioned tar&feathering and running the Governor out of the state on a rail I’m sure that has crossed a few minds.

  2. For once in my life, I’m proud to be a Virginian. Just kidding – I’ve always been proud to a Virginian.

    • Good one!

      I’m proud as well… just wish I was a little further from NoVa! Regardless, I’m pleasantly surprised with what has happened across the state and hoping we have the fortitude to keep pushing, even if/when the Leftists cave…

      • There is an old saying…
        Never ask someone if they are from Virginia. If they are, they will tell you. If they aren’t, why embarrass them?

  3. “Why is the Governor requesting millions of dollars to enforce gun control that is not even on the books?”

    That’s the most important question the other politicians in Virginia should be asking.

  4. “Fauquier County—the place that saw 3,000 citizens show up for a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary resolution”

    A shift in the 2A wind? A major demonstration of support by normal people, people who have lives to live, people who don’t have time to show up for support demonstrations because they have jobs and other important stuff to attend to?

    Was the Fauquier County demonstration not in stark contrast to 2A support rallies to date? Or did something very remarkable happen to ignite a fervor missing from past 2A rallies? Whatever sparked the turn-out, can we allow that ember to fade now?

  5. Now this what Freedom Fighters look like! Something that is sorely lacking in places like California and Massachusetts! What the DNC are just that Demo Authoritarians. They would use law enforcement to shutdown any Pro2@ “uprising” , along with other threats and intimidation… When these Demo Authoritarians threatened to shutdown public debate and started walking out of that room. We the people of VA. should have demanded their resignations, or petition for their removal! (Re: Really they should have ALL been “Tarred and Feathered” and banished from the state of VA. ! For these self proclaimed potentates, have no fear of a disarmed, emaculated , thoroughly SOYed society…Matter of fact, they would rather have you adjudicated as ” mentally ill , or stressed out”, your Rights removed, Red Flagged, and placed under a Liberal State Psychologist’$ drug induced chemical harness! Or just hope you go to a “Marijuana dispensary” so you the public can self medicate and NOT worry about politics…)

  6. Surely is a happy scene to see so many people standing up for a Natural and Constitutionally Enumerated Right.

  7. After reading this story and some of the things the 2nd admendment advocates said, I beleave that they should start petitions to recall these part time senators and the rest of the lawmakers involved removing them from their office or positions. Point out to the public the places where the monies could be used better, like teachers and health care including better mental health care.
    The prospect of those politicians loosing their positions would wake them and quake them. There was enough supporters there to absolutly do this. Door to door, parking lots, shoping centers and any place people gather. I’d be willing to bet they would get way more than enough signatures in every district to scare the living hell out of those politicians.
    Stand together and go get em.

    • Don’t want ’em and don’t need ’em. I think the smaller orgs are stepping up just fine and, as a bonus, it keeps the Leftists from crying about how everything “guns” is spawned by the NRA.

    • Nope, no NRA and good. They only bring negative exposure, missuse funds, refuse to drain their own swamp and are usually responsible for compromise legislation at best.

      The NRA is officially dead to me. GOA, VCDL and other are where my funds go now.

  8. So much for all the trolls who claim we’re just too lazy to show up or fight back.

    Virginia is showing America how it’s done.

    • “So much for all the trolls who claim we’re just to lazy to show up or fight back.”

      Pointing out the abysmally poor attendance at 2A rallies previous to what happened in Virginia does not make one a Troll. The term is simply an acknowledgement that the person decrying trolls has nothing more to offer than name calling. Simply a complaint that the forum is not a pure echo chamber.

      Don’t like opposition? Delete every comment that comes from one on your list of trolls. Dissent from your thoughts and ideas is not restricted to what you call “trolls”. But I agree, naming someone a “troll” means there is nothing more you can say.

      • Unfortunately not all criticism is constructive and Virginia had a lot of background weird events (gerrymandering, no republican candidate, absurd amounts of out of state Bloomberg money) that the fault is by no means entirely on the voters. What is important is to study how it happened, limit it’s effectiveness and find ways to counter.

  9. I was born in VA and lived and hunted there for many years with my family. My father would turn over in his USMC veteran grave if he knew this was happening. For the leftists (Dims, Socialists, etc.) the core word is “control.” They know if they can legally take our guns away then we can’t fight back, just like in any other Socialist Dictatorship. Once the 2nd Amendment is gone, the 1st Amendment will surely follow. It’s also important to note that Red Flag laws are like preventative medicine, i.e., remove the gun before the owner can do him/herself or others harm. So are we to allow local police forces to confiscate guns owned by millions of veterans who they might claim have mental issues due to combat or military service? Those who might think these laws are acceptable should call their home insurance company and ask them to pay for a new roof “in case of future water damage.” Let’s see how far that gets them.

  10. Not a bad number of attendees considering that we didn’t get notification of the event until about 12 hours before. Why schedule a meeting with public commen, on a Thursday at 10 in the morning? Yeah, they didn’t do that by accident, they were trying to avoid us.
    Thanks to the GOA and VCDL for getting out the message and thanks TTAG for the coverage. See you in RVA

    • 300. Some sanctuary meetings had as many as 3000. And, actually, many had little more than 2 or 3 hours notice for this forum, when they got up that morning. I think I saw the VCDL post at 7am.

  11. Democrats telegraphed this years ago. When both US Senators changed hands from reliably Republican to reliably Democrats. The Commonwealth hasn’t seen a Republican Governor in 12 years, even though there is a “one term and out” limit. I just couldn’t live there after retirement because of taxes and the drastic change in politics in just a few high population areas (Metropolitan Statistical Areas). I figured it wouldn’t take long before Virginia looked like Maryland or worse, New Jersey, when it came to gun rights (civil rights). Those a@@hats might tweak the bills before final passage and signage, but it won’t be good for Second Amendment people. The Republican Party of Virginia is as interbred as you can get and can’t seem to get people who can win running in any election. I’m sorry, but I’m glad in moved on. But now, even my new state is seeing influx of left wingers who will eventually outnumber conservatives and take down the Second Amendment protection we now have. At least it won’t happen until I’m in the grave.

  12. I know it means nothing to anyone but I am damn proud of these Virginia gun owners. They very well could be writing the playbook that will be used for years to come.

  13. “”””””””””””””””””””””””””””Soon after, frustration and shouted comments erupted in the audience when it became apparent that most of the seven lawmakers on the panel had drifted out of the room.””””””””””””””””””””””””””

    The Dems now have their big chance to eradicate the Second Amendment and it is their moment of glory and duty to their constituents that elected them. The Dems know if they back down from a bunch of back woods yahoos that they stand little chance of reelection. For the Dems this has taken on a near religious crusade to smash the paramilitary lunatic crowd that has shocked the Nation with the Neo Nazi torch light parades and their screaming racism. The Unite the Right rally was a white supremacist and neo-Nazi rally that was conducted in Charlottesville, Virginia, from August 11 to 12, 2017. Protesters were members of the far-right and included self-identified members of the alt-right, neo-Confederates, neo-fascists, white nationalists, neo-Nazis, Klansmen, Blue Lives Matter, and various right-wing militias.

    The mass slaughter in schools and churches on an almost weekly basis has outraged the public and they are clamoring for a complete ban on assault rifles and high capacity magazines which are viewed as a threat to the public safety. Again the Dems know the majority of people in the state want this and Universal Background checks.

    History repeats itself and just as the St. Valentines Day Massacre shocked Chicago and the Nation and led eventually to the severe vetting and restrictions on machine gun ownership the public at large is now screaming that the time has come for the same restrictions on semi-auto assault rifles that now have replaced the Tommy Gun in mass public killings and Chicago gangland wars along with high capacity pistols. Republican anti-gun President Reagan put an end to newly manufactured machine guns being sold to the public and it may be copied now to include an end to the selling of new assault rifles to the public. And do not be surprised with a now defunct NRA that the prostitute Republicans ride the wave of appeasing public panic and hysteria over Assault Rifles with 100 round drum magazines like that which was used in Dayton, Ohio mass slaughter on a weekend night.

    One thing is for certain the Dems are not about to back down to a geriatric crowd of gun toting outhouse yahoos that will soon be dead from old age anyway. The younger generation is now almost totally devoid of any desire to own weapons and they are all solidly Blue Voters and to fail to follow through with gun bans would be political suicide. If the Dems are successful they know they may dominate the legislature for many years to come. They are riding high in the big truck with the snow plow in the front and about to push away the pro-gun geriatric Republican crowd like a few inches of dirty road side snow.

    • Vlad – You are literally the dumbest rock on the planet. You are routinely wrong about nearly everything. The musings of gravel has more relevance. You actually think that the veracity of an argument is determined by the sheer volume of your nonsensical, projectile diarrhea version of alphabetic ramblings. Have you even considered cogent thought as an alternative to stream of conciseness? Sit down, put your helmet back on, stop licking the short school bus window and retreat into the pharmaceutically induced delusions that comprise the limited landscape of your cognitively biased existence – that way they’re purely internal so you don’t infect the rest of the world. You are so foolish – it’s exhausting.

      • Except what I posted is going to happen. Then I will be reminding you of your non-nonsensical rant. Hoping that current Political reality is not real or valid is about what I would expect of person of your mentality and one that is now in a near state of hysteria. Your panic is now showing. You cannot command the earth to stop rotating and bringing in the new day.

        • Vlad – Not at all. I’m not one to panic about anything – stop projecting. I think my only fear is a world without ice cream. Other than that pissing me off, I’m good. I’ve had plenty of stress inoculation, experiences and a mindset that allows me to do quite well under duress. I have no faith in any politician, of any form or type. Outside forces cant defeat the US – only the US can kill itself, and only from the inside. We are a great empire just past the apex, and approaching our decline – the fact that the historically ignorant are buying into the same socialist lunacy you spout is evidence enough. But it wont happen soon – not in 2020, or even in our lifetimes. The death of empires is often a quiet thing, a death that lasts centuries, and all that remains are those that remember that they brought this on themselves by their very own short-sighted, selfish decisions because they lacked the character to govern themselves.

          What you cant seem to grasp is that socialism isn’t really a form of government or even a belief system – it’s merely the outward manifestation of the brokenness of mankind, shaking his dusty little fist while declaring he deserves what he did not earn. Socialism is the hallucinogenic escape of those that lack the reason and discipline to govern themselves, so they surrender to another to make decisions for them, up to and including their very life. It’s the complete surrender of the cowardly.

          Socialism is just a symptom – the festering, pus dripping sore that serves as the outward indicator of an existential disease that resides in the mind of man. It’s a representation of the sum total of human failure, fit throwing and myopic selfishness, making tribalism seem downright sophisticated. Oh, and just a closing word on self preservation should democracies begin to fade- beta male commune types of your ilk should hope the world doesn’t pivot toward tribalism, lest you socialists become food or fertilizer. Without the power to murder their own, Socialism will cast out the sociopaths rather than keep them, so their only solution is tribal. Then, everything outside the tribe is something to serve the tribe, giving the maniacs everything they need to giggle and thrive in the ensuing chaos – Liver Eatin’ Johnson would be a Disney cartoon by comparison.

        • I’ve asked you this twice before and you haven’t answered but ill ask again because I reammy am interested. Do you believe in the right for individuals to be armed? It sounds like you support severe restrictions on personally owned firearms. But I’m assuming you believe in SOME basic level of firearms ownership. Can you elaborate?

        • To Tom

          I always get a kick out of far Right Uneducated people like you ranting about the horrors of Socialism. Its easy to see you have never livid in or probably even visited Europe. If you had you would understand how ignorant and hilarious your rant about Socialism was. Next you will be telling us about the evils of our own Social Security ad Medicare System or perhaps aid to education.

        • to Redacted
          ”””””””””””””””””””””””””””I’ve asked you this twice before and you haven’t answered but ill ask again because I reammy am interested. Do you believe in the right for individuals to be armed? It sounds like you support severe restrictions on personally owned firearms. But I’m assuming you believe in SOME basic level of firearms ownership. Can you elaborate?”””””””””’

          Your either new here or have never paid attention to my numerous posts. A Right Wing Gun Owner is his own worst enemy and totally ignorant of history especially when it comes to gun regulation.

          Vetting of all guns is mandatory to keep as many guns as possible out of the hands of crazy people and criminals. This is not rocket science and every industrialized nation has such laws and no those laws are not designed to take anyone’s guns. I ask you how many guns has the Brady Bill confiscated in all these decades. Answer none. So why not vet all guns. Why let any nut case that wants a gun to have one.

          Safe Storage laws would cut way down on the 1,300 children accidentally killed this year and the 5,000 or more permanently crippled. Every Industrialized Nation has such laws and the law does not confiscate guns. I might add safe storage also cuts down on smash and grab robberies of guns as well.

        • @Vlad – Jokes on you Bernie Lite. You couldn’t be more wrong about me. The issue here is not your episodic ad hominem attacks directed at myself and others, but rather, the veracity of your argument (newsflash: they’re greatly lacking). Every point you attempt to make lacks contextual substance. Absolutes are for amateurs, context is for professionals. Learn it. Practice it.

          Just to illuminate how far off your marksmanship is (see what I did there) I’ll shed some light on the facts at hand. I’m well educated – easily discerned from my writing. Try to keep up without using Google. By design, my choice of words and syntax makes it difficult to determine what region of the US I’m actually from. I have no tattoos, piercings or other noticeable marks, which was a requirement for a previously stressful job. I’m in the top 5% in US income. I hold a high management position with a global organization headquartered in Europe. I’ve been to over 30 countries, traveled widely throughout the Middle East and Asia, and travel to Europe several times a year on business.

          Counter to your profoundly presumptive inference that I’m some willfully obtuse hillbilly, I have seen the depth and breadth of most of the world, measured it against that which is bound by reason, and find it lacking. I will share some pointed observations by Sir Winston Churchill on your beloved socialism:

          “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.”

          “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

          In response to your disjointed babbling on par with the intellect of Billy Madison, I leave you with this (insert Vlad in lieu of Madison to maintain accuracy) –

          “Mr. Madison, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

        • Yes, I took the bait. I was compelled to provide a rebuttal to his lunacy, though I’m beginning to see that my attempts to apply reason will probably not bear any viable fruit. If liberals and socialists employed reason in their arguments, by that very act they would cease to exist.

        • The troll has more time than I do. He says he’s a Left wing gun guy, then cheers for complete confiscation. He’s definitely delusional that his overlords will defeat the constitution in short order. I ignored him for a while, won’t be hard to start doing so again.

        • No need to lie – you provide ample fodder for critique by delivering an incessant stream of flaky invective’s.

    • Dear Idiot. The problem we have today is because the population who do these things is on DRUGS OR ALCOHOL WHEN THEY DO IT!!! So theybehave erratically because of impaired judgement. Secondly, during the 60s we started closing our insane asylums and turned people out who could not cope in society. The remaining asylums have NO OPENINGS AND CONSTANTLY FILLED TO CAPACITY. LOOK IT UP. Where do you think they can get treatment. Did you know MANY of them will never get well? What did you think they would do in society when real life treats them cruelly? All those shooters had a DAMN MENTAL ILLNESS, ON DRUGS OR BOTH. GROW UP. Get out of your parents basement and leave your posh suburban life. The majority of us dont live like that!!!

    • Maybe not right away…but they will say at a later date “We at the NRA supported the efforts in Va.” But they will try to imply that the support they gave was something more than an after the fact, “AT A BOY… good job guys!” for moral support. So their statement won’t be completely dishonest, just completely disingenuous.

  14. What will these people do once the legislature passes bans on new rifle and mag purchases anyway? Can we keep up this priapism every session from here on out, even after another big mass shooting? Interesting question

    • I’m fearful if Virginia keeps going this way there is going to be be another “mass shooting”. The new 18 law enforcement officers requested might want to buy some red coats to place over the body armor.

      • The only mass shooting will be the National Guard shooting people or using a flame throwing tank on those that do not comply, french fried like David Koresh and 85 of his followers. They are now history.

        • This proglydite is funny. I always get a kick out of a$$hatz cheering for the government to kill fellow citizens that disagree with them. Step away from the bong, get outta the wrong bathroom and read a little history of the revolutionary war. Spoiler alert, it gives away what happens to you and your tyrannical ilk

        • Vlad, there are 2,000,000 VA gun ownwers and 8,000 VA National Guard including the Va Defense Force the VDF does not have the physical requirements of the National Guard. Even if evwry member turned on their fellow citizens, which is doubtful, thats 250 armed Virginians for every 1 Guardsman. Say 1/2 wouldn’t turn on family and friends that’s 500 armed Virginians to 1 Guards man. Unless Gov black face wants to nuke his own plantation those odds are not good for tyranny No one wins in a civil war and they should be avoided. If it starts it wont be from our side.

  15. One of the few things that actually does protect people’s lives is being proactive. Along with being alert keeping a heightened awareness of their surrounding environment. As messed (crazy) up as it sounds to some. With proper practice and Training in sucerity&threat assessmment. A armed populace is part of the solution. That being said its negligence to not provide funding & personell to ensure such training is readily available.

  16. I wish the people of Ma. had the guts that these people of Va. are demonstrating by going against the status quoe and the anti gun lawmakers who don’t know their elbows from a prime rib bone. MA. has the worse law makers in the northeast.

  17. A politician with a law never stops a bad guy with a gun. He only controls the good guys, which is his true agenda.
    Someone at the meeting should have asked if those politicians recalled what happened to the British that came to confiscate Patriot guns? Followed by, Learn from history or be doomed to re-live it.

  18. “Do you have a list of names of the delegates who attended this meeting?”

    State Senators Barker, Vogel, Hanger and Howell. Delegates Torian, Sickles, and Anderson.

    Delegate Sickles is the one who blew his cool and Del. Torian repeatedly smirked and chucked at the heartfelt comments from 2A folks.

  19. Bloomberg spent 2.5 million to buy the democratic politicians of Virginia. Keep in mind that represents ONLY .004% of the 58+ billion he has.

    I grew up hunting and shooting in the mountains of SW Virginia. My family moved to that region in the 1700’s. My folks still live in that area. I’m currently living in CO and will be visiting to stand at the rally on 1/20.

    This is more than just “I want to keep my guns”. We’re deep in a soft cultural war and the cultural marxists that call the shots, will not end until the 2A is essentially eradicated. Open borders and mass immigration guarantee a group of voters that overwhelmingly vote Democrat which is precisely why Democrats want to implement those policies. This is not racist or xenophobic, it’s a statistical reality.

    The Republican party and GOP sold out long ago and they don’t have our back. Don’t be fooled. The NRA panders to that same group and the results have been predictable.

    We still have peaceful political options including legal, recall elections, etc. but it would be delusional if you think this will stop Bloomberg and his cabal in the long term of getting his wish to disarm law abiding Americans while simultaneously expanding all of the armed federal alphabet agencies whom he and his ilk own too.

    Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson, ironically both Virginian’s, did not mince words on how to deal with tyranny, specifically when the Crown threatened gun confiscation in 1775. Talk about some extreme rhetoric but for good reason.

    This is a tough pill to swallow and many consider this extreme rhetoric but the writing is on the wall and we need to wake the fk up. Consider this a period of exchanging “space” for time to get prepared. Or stick your head back in the sand, go back to watching football and ultimately prepare submit to your masters.

  20. Andy Fox of WAVY TV posted this earlier (Friday):

    “At a 2020 Legislative insight luncheon Republican State Senator Tommy Norment said “Universal background checks will pass the General Assembly because Republicans will vote for it.”

  21. All politicians that swore an oath to support the Virginia CONSTITUTION Article I I .Section 7. can and should be removed from their positions. For Betraying their oaths of office to support both Constitutions . It is considered TREASON.

  22. This article is a good and accurate summary of the 6-hr event, which I attended in its entirety. There were 127 speakers signed up. Roughly half of the speakers were talking on 2A; the others were for a variety of worthy non-2A citizen/group requests. About 20 or so of the 127 did not speak-probably they had to leave or couldn’t stand to wait until their number came up.

    Among others, Eric Pratt from GOA made a presentation. For a couple of representative examples see the following links….

    E. Pratt et al…
    J. Lareau:

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