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Charlie Landeros, aged old enough to know better, loved his far-left activism. He belonged to an armed Antifa group we’ve covered, training “oppressed peoples” in armed self-defense. And now he’s no longer with us after drawing down on two Eugene, Oregon police officers who attempted to arrest him at a Eugene middle school there.

Police believe the radical Antifa activist showed up at his daughter’s school on January 11 intending to pick her up. Cascade Middle School administrators, however, knew that he had recently lost custody of his child and called police to remove him from school property. What they didn’t know was Charlie had a gun on his hip along with a backpack full of loaded magazines and more 9mm ammunition.

When police arrived, Landeros claimed they had no jurisdiction at the school. The Eugene officers had a different take. And when Landeros failed to peacefully leave, things went south quickly for Mr. Antifa firearms instructor.

The Eugene Police Department has released video of the shooting:


Landeros belonged to the Civil Liberties Defense Center, a group that, according to its website:

…supports movements that seek to dismantle the political and economic structures at the root of social inequality and environmental destruction. We provide litigation, education, legal and strategic resources to strengthen and embolden their success.”

According to the Daily Emerald, Landeros also belonged to Community Armed Self-Defense (web site not active, Facebook page unavailable). They describe themselves as a “new liberatory and inclusive space for all oppressed peoples to learn about armed self-defense.”

Apparently their training in armed self-defense fell way short. After all, when Landeros accepted the room temperature challenge and drew down on the police, they dealt with his threat exactly as you’d expect. Landeros died at the scene.

Eugene police secure the scene in front of Cascade Middle School in Eugene, Ore., Friday Jan. 11, 2019, after an officer involved shooting. (Chris Pietsch/The Register-Guard via AP)

No one knows why, in addition to the gun on his hip, that Landeros brought a backpack full of ammunition and loaded magazines to the school that day. Maybe Eugene police stopped a school massacre by an unhinged loser.

Either way, we have no doubt that Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Control and Gabby Giffords’ eponymous group will, of course, count Landeros’ death as another “school shooting” and yet another reason we should surrender our right to keep and bear arms. They’ll have to forgive us if we draw a different lesson from the incident and the inherent danger of “gun-free” zones.

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  1. seems the CLDC failed to properly educate this jackass. yet again these people prove they have no interest in law and order.

    • little horn….. Some one also forgot to tell him to never go around looking for trouble, he just might find more than he bargained for. How true.

      • I was already complying with it. Bump stocks serve no useful purpose except to spawn anti-gun legislation.

        • Does it really matter if bump stocks “serve a purpose” or not? Are you in a habbit of giving up personal, private property?

        • The bump stock provides me with great pleasure. That is all that is necessary in free America.

        • The Pursuit of Happiness.
          First seen in the Virginia Declaration of Rights, later in the Declaration of Independence.

          Ronnie VanZant said it best.

          Tell all those pencil pushers, better get out of my way
          Gimmie back my bullets

        • right. because complying with those kinds of laws will somehow magically keep them from making more?

          I hope you are not American.

        • Bump stocks = a cheap piece of plastic for penis envy idiots. Aka, a declaration of martyrdom for a people who want to lose it all.

        • @ BD

          And Rosa Parks didn’t didn’t upgrade her seat assignment on that bus by following the law either.

        • Agree, bump stocks are useless. Fully auto in the hands of most is also useless,,,,though fun. I dont believe in giving the anti gunners anything but….if your going to give them somthing….why not a worthless bump stock.

        • What if it is a piece of plastic shaped like a bumpstock, but in fact it is realy a disguise for a straw in Santa Barbara?

        • Another law passed so politicians can look like they’re doing something, but in reality, doing nothing.

        • The one time I played with a bump stock I found it way easier to control than
          trying to rapid fire an ar without one. That’s all I’l say.

        • This goes out to the fudds that dont care about the bumpstock ban. I personally dont have a want for one but banning them in that way was government overeach. what you people say a piece of plastic well that’s where it starts. They ban bumpstocks next they say that worked now lets ban 80% build kits then ban stripped lowers and uppers. It ends up where they ban this restrict that Untill all thats left is us having to register potatoe cannons. Theres no such thing as im gonna fight for my gun rights but…. Its either fight for them all or not at all. We need to fight to have the NFA repealed. National reciprocity and constitutional carry. This is what we need to fight not each other. Thats what the leftists want they eant to cause a rift in the 100 million gun ownets in this country. If they get a few at a time because they are the onrs that dont care if bumpstocks or 80% builds get banned. Then they will eventually win this fight.

      • Coming to school armed with hundreds of rounds/ multiple mags when you have no business being there has no connection to an illegal order to take bumpstocks.

        Only an uneducated fool. or a koranus sucking fellow antifa scumbag would compare the two events.

        If you are uneducated, put down the bong and get real. If you are antifa, save us the ammo and the paperwork and eat your gun.

        • @ Grant Robbie Van Zant was actually in favor of gun control genius. Try listening to Mr. Saturday Night Special.

        • No need to take it out on the Hong my friend. I know plenty of excellent marksmen who also comply with all the appropriate laws and smoke copious amounts of weed. Cops servicemembers and firefighters alike.
          It’s not the bong it’s the counter culture life coping drop out last you are referring to.
          You know. The antifa types
          🙂 have a great day

        • Mr Man Without a Brain. If you listen to “Cheatin’ Woman”, he believed in shooting unfaithful women. Or “Mississippi Kid” or any other number of songs. His views on guns changed based on what song he was writing…

      • Quite a jump. What do bump stocks have to do with this left/liberal violent mentally unstable troublemaker? I apologize for the redundancy.

        • Here is what happened:
          About 80% were in favor of that ban. Diane Feinstein had a steamroller “bumpstock ban” bill that was much broader, using the issue to ban anything that made a semi-auto gun able to fire raster than when it was purchased, meaning even an owner changing a mag release button to a larger one, could be banned. It was a real danger of passing both houses of Congress and Trump wisely put in an executive order on just the bump stocks, frustrating the gun grabbers.
          About 50 guys are pissed and they won’t shut the fuk up. They probably don’t know their congressmen, their state legilsators. They willfully or idiotically confuse the legitmate issue of slippery slope with the very different issue of diverting efforts that are already a slam dunk to be pased.
          They want to blame Trump despite him being by far the best President when it comes to the Second Amendment — ever — because, well, they are infantile.

          So they manage to put it every discussion. The rest of us are actually doing things, working to support campaigns, giving to NRA, giving to SAF, making sure gun friendly legislators get elected, meeting with and making sure fence sitting legislators feel some poltical heat, phone banking during election cycles, etc. These idots are whining and saying to dump the NRA and Trump and give the whole game to Bloomberg.

        • “It was a real danger of passing both houses of Congress and Trump wisely put in an executive order on just the bump stocks, frustrating the gun grabbers. . .”

          Exactly. And this is why the NRA was supporting that particular “ban”. The NRA understood that Trumps executive action would sidestep a much more damaging law that was aimed at destroying the essential utility of semi-automatic firearms.

        • I’m not antifa or liberal. I am the son of a father who was murdered by someone who had a firearm and should have never been able to get their hands on one. I believe every law-abiding citizen who is of sound mind and body should be able to own guns. The problem is manufacturers don’t make the amount of guns to meet the law-abiding citizens needs. No, that would interfere with their profit margins. It’s estimated that there are more guns than people in the US. Now you mean to tell me that while manufacturing all these extra guns that it never occurred to them that some of these firearms would end up in the wrong people’s hands. C’mon…These fat cats value a profit margin far more than a human life. And the NRA is just as guilty. They literally oppose a more extensive background. I wonder why? Oh and Mike, you sound like a miserable ignorant fuck! js

        • Umm Kevin? “Sound Mind and body”? are you writing a will? I agree with the “sound mind”…. But the are competent people with disabilities who should not have their right to bear infringed upon. I dare say, if it camr down to it, I know several I would like on the line with me. I am sorry for the loss of your Dad… wish I had been there to change the outcome… a damn shame. God Bless… head down, powder dry…

        • Ok Kevin… I need to address the “Too many guns manufactured” issue. Do you own more than one vehicle? I do…..I own 5. They are all 4 wheel drive…. Because I live in the panhandle of Idaho. 1 is a pickup with a topper…. I use it to haul things I want to keep out of the weather. There are two more pick ups… One a newer GMC, it is my “Sunday go to keeting rig”… The other is an older Toyota with a plow… self explanatory. I have a Classic K5 Chevy Blazer… pretty much a parade queen andd toy. and finally I have a newer Polaris 550, it too has a plow to get into tighter places, and iser again an economical ride to get around town on. I have 20 rifles. Mostly hunting… I couple are the same caliber, but for the most part, each one serves a different purpose. A few are for protection. Like any weapon that came before the gun, good and bad people own them. curtailing production would not keep guns out of the bad guys hands… and over production does not put them into their hands. We need to face the fact guns exist. What we need to remember is it is the threat of their use that can and will curtail their use. Over and over again, the bad gus bring their wepons to “Gun Free Zones”… of course they do this because they know no one will be shooting back. This the way of the coward. What we need to curtail is “Gun Free Zones”.

      • Two completely separate issues. IF the room temperature antifa did lose custody of the child, then he had no business being there. And had the room temperature antifa actually believed in being a responsible gun owner like the vast majority of us, he would not have brought his side arm onto school property. And can you explain the backpack full of mags and ammo? What we have here is an anarchist taking advantage of the laws and the system while sneering at the people who make the whole thing work.

      • Don’t own one. If I did I would not comply. The federal government has no lawful authority to infringe, in any way, on the right to keep and bear arms. If you disagree please read the preamble to the first 10 amendments and then the second amendment and try to come up with a rational argument that any federal legislation concerning arms is lawful.

        Until you do that please refrain from spouting your ignorant tripe.

    • This is a run of the mill idiot with a gun in a school,that thank god we had two good guys with a gun….put to rest .another bully…… to free real Americans from…….

  2. Charlie f@#$ed up and surrendered his right to keep breathing.
    Only thing I’m sorry about is the emotional trauma to the LEO’s.
    It’s easy to not get shot by cops. I bet I’ve got 25 years on room temperature Charlie and I’ve never been shot by anyone.
    Don’t be a dick like Charlie.

    • And he died wearing a “smash the patriarchy” bum-shirt. What a douche.

      /singing/. I fought the law & the law won! I fought the law & the law won!

    • And his daughter watched the whole thing. She is off camera, but that is what prompted Landeros to start moving towards her, the police to block him and shove him out the (and presumably because he resisted, the initiated arrest…).

      In any event, this selfish prick made the postively retarded decision to throw a tantrum, and while he was struggling, draw his pistol and fire upon officers (presumably because he felt that his “self-defense” was “justified,” who knows for what irrational reason..l because racist, because pigs, etc.). With no regard for public safety, the officers’ lives, or the trauma of his daughter watching, he did just about the single stupidest thing a human can do given that situation. Unfortunately, all his family, his friends, his daughter, they all have to live with his incredibly selfish, idiotic decision… while he doesn’t even know how it ended after he screwed up, because what little brain he might have had is now bits and jelly.

      What an asshole. So, so selfish… Thank the lord the cops didn’t get shot.

      • LEOs have to live with the fact they may not make it home after their shift is over. While I am happy they did not get hit, I am much more pleased that the bystanders did not get hit.

        • The job of police officers is 1. Protect the public 2. enforce such law as #1 allows.
          Police have no requirement to protect any particular person (per SCOTUS ruling) unless assigned to a bodyguard detail. There is no job requirement that the most important thing is for a police officer go home every night. If an officer believes that going home every night NO MATTER WHAT is a priority, they should immediately resign because they are likely a coward or power-mad.

          Good on Eugene cops who responded correctly, with swift and appropriate force. That guy was an idiot and out-of-control in several ways and was not long for the world if he survived that encounter. Sympathy for his daughter who saw what happened.

      • He lost custody to his child for a reason… There was already an issue… I am so sorry his little girl, who had no fist in this fight, had to SEE that, as it will wreck her thoughts for the rest of her life, probably, -but she knew how Daddy ‘is/was’… And the very fact he brought his backpack to school… FULL of AMMO? Was it all ammo for the pistola he was packing? Or did he intend to grab his DD then grab more weapons from a vehicle? To WHAT? Punish a full school? And WHAT was that sound we heard BEFORE he pulled his weapon? Was that a taser? zt-zt… -or were those shots? I have more questions now than I had the first time I saw it on the video… did he have a receipt for ammo, on his person like he just stopped by the gun shoppe and bought rounds for a rifle he has at home? And was afraid to leave it in the vehicle? Fact remains he was NOT supposed to be there. We DO know he was not intending to commit hari-kari with the rounds in the backpack. That only takes one bullet. Those police possibly saved the little lady’s life. Or not. You know- IF I CANT HAVE HER, NOBODY CAN! Horrifying, in any event. What it appears like to me, is that he has mental issues, as evidenced by joining an anti-government group in the first place. And perhaps we just need laws that state Adults cannot bring backpacks to their children’s school… 😀

  3. Antifa is funded by folks like Kapo bloomberg and that lot. They want nothing more than to see their dupes gunned down in the street. It suits their purposes.

    It’s going to take a lot more antifa members in the dirt before our country is able to move forward again. These fascists want nothing more than to destroy the US.

    • They aren’t fascists… They aren’t nearly that competent. Please quit devaluing a perfectly good slur. They are anarcho-commies… just plain commies for short.

      • Yep, I call them neo-comms, since they think they are communists only better. Thug would work as well since that describes their behavior.

      • Fascists, communists are the same animal to me, serge. I’d throw either one out of your helicopter. Antifa engages in classic brown shirt behavior. If it has feathers like a duck……..

      • ANTIFA have a lot of internal divisions. You have to look at the flags to see which chapter they belong to. Black on top with red underneath are the anarcho-socialists. They espouse anarchy over socialism. Red on top and black on the bottom are the social-anarchists. They believe in socialism first before the anarchy.

        The lesser known groups are feminist, vegan, communist, and other even smaller groups. I’ve heard there are at least 8 chapters with differing, and even opposing, views.

        And as for funding, a side from their big benefactors, most would be personally financed through the parent’s trust find or welfare. An anarchist on welfare has to be an irony.

        • I don’t feel a huge need to distinguish between all the various flavors of useful idiots, especially when they congregate in large groups.

          I just stay away from ’em.

        • The Meanest Communist always makes it to the top of the heap regardless; such is the lesson of all the other experiments. It costs 280 Million in the USA if it ever gains traction; our society is going to get ripped apart by these “Give it all to us!” types, and two generations of Crackhead upper 70 IQ food stamp kids that hate Whitey.

        • MSgtTypeAIntrovert makes a good point. They had a name for the Trotskyists after Stalin took power. Well, maybe they did but one asn’t needed because they all got guluged or straight up assassinated.

      • Do we need one? Do you have a link that the sky is actually blue and not green? Axioms can be cited without attribution.

        • Ah… yeah you might need one. Lawsuits are coming out of the Lincoln Memorial incident and that is the start of the avalanche. Making unsubstantiated accusations on social media is about to become hazardous to your financial health.

        • You mean the Private SmokesTheMeth? Yeah, his ass needs to be in jail for assault of a minor. For it to be defamation, you’d have to prove that he had reason to believe it to be false. With Private SmokesTheMeth and his left wing media stooges, we have video.

        • Huntmaster, it is proven fact that Soros and Bloomberg have funded numerous far left wing orgs, and have funded seemingly “spontaneous” left wing protests, by paying people to hold signs. They pay to bus in left wing loon bats from all over to make the protest seem larger then it really is. Antifa has been involved in these events. Go do the research, it’s out there. They’re not even shy about and have openly discussed these things. As far as being sued for making possible “outlandish” claims online, good luck. I know you liberals dream of a day you can finally strangle the first amendment but it’s not going to happen.

        • Those who know me well would probably be quite amused to know I’ve been labeled as a liberal. I know you’ve been on here a while. I’ll just assume you aren’t on your game today. If you were actually paying attention, you would not have made that mistake. As far as the first amendment goes, like the second, it’s best exercised by responsible adults and properly supervised children.

      • Dems say no proof needed anymore. Just the accusation is proof enough.
        Didn’t you watch the Senate hearings?

    • And of course, the term Kapo is used to smear Jews as the problem, when you could have easily left off the kapo part. Tell me again, how you’re not an anti-semite?

      • Um… a Kapo is a jew who sold out other jews to the Nazis… How the fuck could that possibly be anti-semitic?

      • Stan. Apparently I know more about being Jew than you do. Kapo’s were the Jews that fed their own kind into the showers just so the kapo’s could live a little longer.

        My contempt for kapo bloomberg is not based on him being a Jew, but rather on his willingness to lead us all to the showers in the name of his goals. I don’t care what a persons race, gender, religion is. If they are actively seeking to destroy my human and civil rights they are the enemy.

        • Right on! That a person i s Jewish, Muslim, Catholic or whatever does not shield them from criticism by others when those folks say and do stupid shite. My problem with Bloomberg and his fellow travelers has nothing to do with his religion and everything to do with his zany/controlling ideas. Same with Ilham, AOC and most of the other lefties running for president. Their religious affiliation is irrelevant.

          The problem with the left in general is they think they know better how everyone should live their lives. Many of those go into politics for that reason. Remember the students in Jr. High and High School always running for student council or organizing for this or that? Those in large part are today’s politicians particularly on the left.

          The politicians who identify as Republican for the most part are a bunch of pussies; deathly afraid someone or other will call them racist or islamophobic. If those people would grow a pair and stand for the right positions knowing criticism will come, they would be just about unstoppable. I give you President Trump.

    • Last year ANTIFA released a 47 page manifesto that stated they considered themselves to be “Mao Communists” even though they use tactics identical to what the Nazi’s did when they were taking over Germany in the 30’s.

      • Nazis are “communists” but they used racial supremacy as their driving force to bring such a world into existence. They were the smarter “communists” of their time because they knew how their people’s instincts work. China does similar things, they even use capitalism to make themselves wealthy, but they remain a nationalist communist country.

      • You must remember Communism, Nazism, and Fascism are historically the three
        branches of Totalitarian National Socialism. This modern state terror can be traced
        to the murderous French Revolution (1789-1799), and it’s sinister godless links to
        the Illuminati. The Illuminati was established in Ingolsdadt, Bavaria Germany in May
        1776 by Adam Weishapt. The American equivalent is the Order of Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove.

        Learn more by accessing The John Birch Society in Appleton, Wisconsin at and, respectively. The 30 minute JBS online video “Overview Of America” explains this in easy to understand terms. Our government controlled socialist public schools, colleges, universities, and academia won’t, period! They deliberately and on purpose “dumb down, indoctrinate, and brainwash the students!” Learn more by accessing Charlotte Iserbyts’s online You Tube video: “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.” Also, “Grinding America Down” by Curtis Bowers.

        • “…Richard Nixon’s comments from a May 13, 1971 recording that: “The Bohemian Grove, which I attend from time to time — it is the most faggy goddamned thing you could ever imagine.”


    • Bloomberg funds many things. Antifa isn’t one of them. Antifa is anti-Semitic. Bloomberg may be a Capo but he isn’t a Kapo.

    • The alt right crowd are also working to destroy America by calling for “peaceful separation” of the races. They went on to argued by any means necessary to separate the races is fine with them. Now they are saying it’s inevitable that civil war is going to happen in America because the white straight male has become upset enough they will take back “their” land by force of arms, cleanse all the non whites and only allow whites to immigrate to America.

      So, apparently both white groups [communists & socialists/fascists] want engage in civil war to remake America to their liking. They are trying to spark this destruction through racial Identitarianism.

      I guess gun confiscation laws will help them weed out the Americans that will stand for the Bill of Rights over racial supremacy. Disarm all those former military guys…

        • I point out that both sides want to destroy America so their group can take control, that both sides are pushing for a civil war that will get rid of The Bill of Rights, that people are using tribalism/identitarianism to divide and conquer. You think that means I like antifa?

          I am simply warning you that America has changed. We are moving towards destruction and it’s coming from both ends. The people in the middle will have to fight both of those groups or be foolish enough to choose a side.

          The older Americans think it’s still 2001. The younger Americans think their version of modern fascism will make America a better place. Maybe that means we will have a brief civil war until the government comes to the rescue by squashing everyone and reforming the republic to their benefit. Then the people who didn’t start the “war” can say, “This is why we can’t have nice things!”

        • This is one thing I side with CZJay on.

          No parties. Period. Both left and right have polarized this country and there will be another civil war because of it. 100% inevitable. Laws and taxes will escalate to the point of forced bloodshed.

      • Who’s putting more of the segregated class, organizations and housing back on American college campuses, the proglodytes or the alt-right?

      • You know, if the Democrats are starting to take casualties, they’re gonna have to crack the border WIDE OPEN for replacements…

      • Finally, a chance to demonstrate, once and for all, that we are not racists. I will be shooting white assholes just as quick as black assholes. In defense of black families just as enthusiastically as white families. The keyboard commandos had better remain at their keyboards.

  4. “Attempted school spree-killing by known associate of domestic terrorist group (Antifa) averted by heroic police.”

    I’m sure that’s how the headline will read in tomorrow’s NYT.

    • Sadly, old news… The commie terrorists were already outside the school protesting his “murder”.

      • It’s completely disgusting how people are acting. The mental gymnastics it takes to blame this on the police…incomprehensible

        • Their “logic” is pretty simple. “I’m right. You’re wrong. Therefore, it’s wrong for the police to fight back when I try to murder them for not letting me do anything I want.”

          It’s full-blown narcissism.

  5. “Smash the patriarchy” indeed. Should’ve focused less on social justice and more on being a decent human being, aka not attempting to murder cops, building solid relationships, not endangering your own daughter and her classmates.

    Good riddance. I hate to devalue another human life, but we’re better off without this asshole.

  6. Good thing the good guys stopped this Daesh bag before he pulled something like that Antifa bastard in Dallas did.

  7. Not mentioned here for some reason is the shooting took place in front of his daughter. I hope we, as protectors, care about the emotional state of the daughter as well.

      • “Now we’ll never get to know what horrors he would have inflicted upon her.”

        Upon conception she was sentenced to a lifetime of his defective genetics…

    • She got to see daddy become a martyr. When she is the General Secretary of The Party, there will be holidays, festivals, and parades in commemoration.

      • seriously? Have you no SHAME? What if she has been his victim? WHY do you assume she will follow his behavior?

    • Given he was under a restraining order, and the weaponry he had with him, I suspect she was going to witness a shooting regardless of what police did. At the school or elsewhere, with or without cops involved. Looks like the cops done serious good, to me.

    • The “Mort” who made this comment about Soros/Obama is not the same Mort that has been posting here for however many years… (me, the Arizona Mort…)

      It is someone else who happens to have the same name.

      Be safe.

    • That might be the dumbest comment on this thread. How in the fuck did you come up with the term a democratic fascist. You do realize that makes absolutely no sense. Please, before you comment be sure you know what the fuck you’re talking about. Otherwise, you just look dumb and silly. Now I wonder what Obama and Soros would think about your ignorance.

  8. Antifa is an evil organization.

    I ordinarily do not celebrate a human life being taken, but Antifa are vile totalitarianists.


    Cheers to the officers in question
    *glass of champagne raised*

    • Wait.. You celebrate the enforcers that serve gun confiscation orders in Oregon because they killed the kind of guy who would want gun confiscation orders for you? I think you are a little confused on how all of this works.

      • Actually, in Oregon, police work to protect our rights to own and carry. Just dont pull the weapon while they are wrestling you to place you in cuffs. THAT was supremely either really stupid, or a very well-thought-out plan to commit suicide.

    • No doubt ANTIFA members are Chardonnay Socialists living on the parent’s trust fund and after reading about Stalin’s purges decided they want to conduct a purge of their own.

    • Jesus…You’re literally cheering on and toasting the death of someone because they have different beliefs than you. You’re obviously not a Christian. Because a man of God would never say such foul, repulsive shit. I’m pretty sure you’re one of the crazy fucks that belong in an asylum, definitely not running around with a gun. You’re no better than someone in ANTIFA in my opinion. Ya’ll are one in the same; ignorant, useless idiots who should consider themselves fortunate that society allows you to breath air.

      • Heehee, Kevin, nor are YOU a Christian, because if you were, you would not take the Name of the Lord in vain! Bwahaha! Pot calling a kettle black… Silly kids…

  9. I thought Democrats were on favor of not letting mentally disturbed people in having firearms. Oh, he’s a Democrat, so he gets a pass.l, because the majority of the Antifa and other leftist, do have mental problems.

    • Toxic masculinity creates mental illness. He wanted to smash that toxicity, hence he tried to kill two of the patriarchs.

  10. I applaud him; he was a man of his convictions and died for his belief structure. It is my sincere hope that we can find more men like him and lay them on alter of leftist beliefs so we’d be free of leftist Communists this generation. But sadly, it’s only the stupid ones that’ll step into the mortal combat areana.

  11. You guys can talk all the shit you want about the statists that have been overthrowing America from within, but you can’t deny they are doing what they said they would. These people are unlike the other side that talks a lot and sometimes sends money to an organization that also talks a lot. They actually go after the current government with their guns, oddly to setup more government.

    Some of these communist types are outside training and arming right now. The other side is well armed, but they don’t train. The commi kids can at least run a block without throwing up and a gun makes up for their lack of muscle. Even soy boys can pull a trigger.

    • So the POTG are all fat, out-of-shape, white guys?

      My Grandpappy always used to say, “there’s a fool born every day.”

      • Are you one of those people I am referring to? One of the 5 million strong that likes to buy guns for fun on the public range bench? One of those guys that throws around “libtard” but can’t run a couple of blocks?

        Look at in shape civil war fighter Alex Jones.

      • czjay is using a classic tactic. He’s demonizing his enemies. In this case law abiding white men. He wants to convince himself that he can beat them, that it’s okay to kill them.

        He’s trying to work up the balls to make a move.

        • Classic Alinsky – RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.

        • Uhh… How am I making people into demons? Saying that some of the sunshine patriots are not putting in the necessary work to be ready to fight the statists that are destroying America with their identity politics? By trying to point out the communists and socialists are actually making moves while others are busy paying a gun group to fight for them? I don’t know how that is demonizing white law abiding males. Maybe it’s because you think the alt right isn’t a group of racists, white supremacists, that will eventually use mass violence to make their white America a reality? Did you forget about the American that killed Jewish people in their place of worship recently?

          Hitler used identity politics to create his ethno imperialist march. That’s how he got his Aryan race to murder Jewish people, to do euthanasia and eugenics. Don’t forget that Californians/Americans inspired Hitler’s eugenics movement, amongst other things.

          “You will be interested to know that your work has played a powerful part in shaping the opinions of the group of intellectuals who are behind Hitler in this epoch-making program. Everywhere I sensed that their opinions have been tremendously stimulated by American thought… I want you, my dear friend, to carry this thought with you for the rest of your life, that you have really jolted into action a great government of 60 million people.” –C. M. Goethe

          I know where this stuff goes. My people and other peoples have experienced it already. We don’t need to wait and see how this situation plays out again. We can’t allow America to degrade further. If you play into their hands more people will get hurt.

        • Well, Jay, I gotta say the guy under discussion was clearly moonbat crazy and violently criminal (and likely suicidal), and you seem to be saying I should be more like him. Which sounds moonbat crazy, and no, thank you.

    • I understand what you’re saying, but if that asswipe epitomizes their level of training even a twelve year old with nothing but a hunter safety course has nothing to worry about.

    • You should spend your time around a real militia. No, not the ones you see on TV. Your Antifa heros wouldn’t last an hour. Hell antifa can’t even fight the police.

      • You think I like communists?

        I am calling out all those Rambo types that like to talk about civil war and say “from my cold dead hands” that don’t do what they say they would do, while we see a “soy boy” actually try to do what his shirt said. The “soy boy” wore his intentions on his chest, he was loud and proud, he still went for it when it was 2 against 1 knowing he was going to die for his beliefs.

        You have to respect an enemy that is committed enough to fight to the death against all odds rather than run and hide to live… That doesn’t mean you like them or agree with their ideas. Don’t underestimate their commitment to their ideology and willpower to fight. You don’t know what they are capable of doing.

        • Ok, well, you should also understand that there is a hell of a lot more to the RTKBA crowd and the right in general then just who post on TTAG or Facebook. As far as respecting a martyr, I don’t. Being a martyr is not a very successful tactic. Sure it could possibly inspire others, but as we’ve seen, it really hasn’t. Even Bin Laden didn’t spawn off any real Martyrdom push. I’d have respect of an enemy that actually was competent and could hold their own against a foe, and just die in a pathetic and childish manner.

      • Landeros served six years in the Army as a helicopter mechanic and crew chief, deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan.

        The guy didn’t like the current government and didn’t like how the police force operates now. He was just like the other former military men who killed police in Texas and Louisiana.

        I’m not surprised he did what he did and why he did it because I have heard from numerous guys who served in Iraq and Afghanistan with similar opinions of the current state of America and the police. That’s why the government wants to take away guns from this particular generation of military men. The average American is now going to complain that the FBI knew this guy was upset with the current government and wanted to kill them yet they didn’t use their gun confiscation orders on him.

        The suspect has been identified as a black male named Gavin Eugene Long of Kansas City, Missouri. He was born on July 17, 1987.

        According to a military source, Long left the Marines in 2010 with an honorable discharge. His final Marine rank was E-5 (sergeant).

    • I did my training a few years ago…overseas…with real opponents…who wanted to kill me. How about you, sonny?

    • Our country probably has more combat experience former military men and women in civilian life that ever before in our history. It’s easy to forget just how long modern America has been fighting foreign wars. If the hard-left in America intends to arm itself and stage a revolution, I have no doubt that it will be immediately opposed by an aroused, well armed population that knows how to shoot straight.

      • Landeros started a training group to train Antifa types to shoot. He was posting about killing cops before he put on his “smash the patriarchy” shirt, his gun and grabbed his bag full of ammo.

        Now the cops are claiming someone planted a bomb at their department after they released the bodycam footage.

        There are claims that one of the Redneck Revolt members said he chased a kid with his AR-15, that kid then got into his car and drove it into a crowd.

        Were the Black Panthers a tin foil hat conspiracy?

    • Yep. My exact thoughts. Two against one. All with weapons. Slim chance of surprising the cops with both their focus on him. Clearly not a tactical thinker.

  12. “….Police believe the radical Antifa activist showed up at his daughter’s school…”

    seriously…I can’t get my mind around this.

    • Sounds like the plan was either a kidnapping, or (considering the backpack full of ammo) a school shooting spree. Either way, glad the cops were there.

        • I don’t think that explains hundreds of rounds loaded into mags, he had with him. He planned to die that day, hoped to kill many first, likely including his daughter. School admin and cops did good.

      • I think it’s reasonable to conclude that the gun and extra ammo were there so they could be used at the school. Whether he was there to take his daughter by force, there to stage a spree killing, or there to shoot the two cops, his violent intent was pretty obvious. Had the cops not arrived, students, teachers, and school staff could have very well started dying. The difference between, a spree killer, and this guy was measured in minutes.

  13. Klamath Falls Herald and News: Tuesday, June 27th, 2017/Letters To The Editor

    Violence escalates against police force

    Andrew Haut’s June 25, “Good job done on crime news articles” came from a resident of Lassen County, Calif., (Susanville). Andrew mentions in his letter about “fatal attacks” on law enforcement.

    According to the “Support Your Local Police” section in the July 2017 John Birch Society Bulletin, “violence against police escalated to record numbers in 2016,” an increase of 54 percent over 2015. In my own Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015, Herald and News letter, “Law enforcement a tough profession,” I alluded to the demands, danger and stress of those in law enforcement. This letter remains archived in this newspaper.

    Again, I publicly endorse the “Support Your Local Police Campaign” of The John Birch Society in Appleton, Wisc. Learn more by by accessing Three online videos appear, including: “What’s Happening to Our Local Police?” “Local Police vs. National Police,” and “Police Under Fire.” Additional sources for our law enforcement officers exist and include: “Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation, Inc. “ at, and a Dec. 20 article titled, “Officers Need Your Prayer” via

    The Christian Community/Body of Christ (including Catholics) can likewise be in intercessory prayer for our law enforcement. The Bible states:

    “Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, For kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.” — 1 Timothy 2:1,2.

    James A. Farmer, Merrill

    Merrill, Oregon in Klamath County is a semi-rural farming community of around 860
    residents located 21 miles south-east of Klamath Falls along Highway 39.

        • I don’t really celebrate any American losing there life. I do, however enjoy seeing ignorant fucks like you put in their place. To wish death on someone because they have different beliefs than you is fucking sick and totally Un-American. You do realize that in a Democracy there are many different opinions right. Our system has worked fairly well since 1776. But, please feel free to leave this country at any time though. People like you don’t deserve America.

    • In Oregon a person with a CHL can carry concealed in any public school. Potential shooters should remember that, and the fact that one in 20 residents has a CHL and carries.

  14. From some of the above comments, let us remember that Satan sends his followers to both extremes to attack anyone not as extreme as they are. In nonreligious terms that means that the extremists hate all others that do not follow their extremism. They do not think but follow their emotions to do stupid acts of violence.

      • By trying to kill folks, you are just doing Satan’s work for him.
        The hard part is to change the extremists without violence. If you have to defend yourself and they meet a painful fate, then so be it.

    • Sadly, the scumbag in question already reproduced and is thus ineligible. Unless it was xer girlfriend identifying other kin’s boyfriend’s daughter.

  15. just one more mark on the wall for stupid,wait for the medical report, meth seems to be in the works. or he was just a total idiot.

  16. Can anyone make out what make/model of pistol the guy pulled? It looks hammer-fired, and the slide looks distinctive, but I can’t get make out what it is.

  17. Maybe I’m seeing it different, looked to me that after arguing with the police, he turned and was heading out the door when the officer forcefully grabbed him by the arm and shoved him out. But since he’s”the enemy” police brutality is condoned here,??? On and on about gun free zones and right to bear arms, and then it’s not.

    • The thing is the police told him he was under arrest as he started to walk. After your told your under arrest you better not do anything dumb like running from, or fighting the police, doing so is not going to help you. Which, as can be seen in the video, he did…

      If he was told he could not leave, but not under arrest, then it would be police brutality. If you aren’t under arrest they can’t do anything to you if you want to leave.

        • I stand corrected….

          Given he was there to pickup a child that he no longer had custody of it’s not as clear cut to say it’s police brutality. To me, anyway.

          “School administrators, however, knew that he had recently lost custody of his child and called police to remove him from school property.”

          So how was the paperwork written? Was it written that he could not have any contact with the child? Something like can change the situation completely. If he can’t have any contact with the child that alone could get him arrested.

          But this is all speculation on my part, I’ve not looked in to this story beyond this post on TTAG.

    • It doesn’t look like he was trying to leave more like he was trying to walk past the police and down the hallway. The officer grabbed him and pushed him out the door.

      • That’s because, according to the after-incident report, his daughter appeared by coincidence in the hallway.

    • Somewhere above it was stated that he started moving toward his daughter, off camera, and the cops restrained him from approaching her.

  18. There is a lot of detail in this news piece.

    The guy was really wound up. Oddly, he appears to have had one 9MM pistol and “multiple calibers” of ammunition in the backpack. In any case, if one had to guess, he hung out with radicals and succumbed to the “Law of Group Polarization.”

    Note that the news piece found that a “death to pigs” comment was posted on a Facebook page attributed to a user with the same name as the shooter.

  19. My takeaways:
    • “Gun free zones” endanger those they were intended to protect.
    • It takes a good guy/gal with a gun to stop a bad guy/girl with a gun.
    • God bless those still willing to wear the blue.

  20. What you see here is an ideologue who stupidly threw his life away for nothing at all. His mistakes are many and obvious in this specific incident. Maybe he had become imbalanced over the background situation with the mother of his child and his judgement failed. Maybe he was egotistically over wrought. Maybe he arrogantly thought he was going to make some sort of point by his resistance, then totally lost it and drew the handgun. Maybe he was using psychoactive drugs. Maybe he acted-out a death wish. Doesn’t matter the cause because the result he produced was to squander his life futilely and make his memory nothing more than a fecal stain on the wall of ignominy.

    Paradigm stupidity.

    • That seems a little harsh. He won’t cost me anything in the way of a trial or incarceration, thank you, doofus.

  21. The one truly tragic thing here – if true – is that it’s been reported the guy’s little girl saw both the confrontation and the shooting. That’s a terrible thing (again, if true) for the kid to see, even if the entire scenario was her father’s fault.

    I also wonder, though, if Landeros had sinister intentions towards the child. He loses custody, shows up at school armed and with a backpack full of loaded mags. I just have to wonder if there was a potential “if I can’t have her…” situation here.

    • The scenario that makes me sweat is “If I can’t have my kid, nobody else gets to keep their kid”.

      I think those officers might have stopped something very, very bad from happening.

    • It appears more like he wanted to go after cops. The FBI was warned about him saying violent anti government things in 2018. There are reports he posted, “Time to start killing pigs” and “”Death to all pigs,” a days before the shooting

      Seems he might have been saying goodbye to his daughter before he went on his mission.

    • Both very good points. Every time I look at this story, I lean more and more to the idea the deceased was planning something horrible.

    • Nobody has even hinted that his daughter had any interest in going with him, I’d guess she understood he was violent and dangerous.

  22. I would like to think that since the police got an up close look at who antifa is, that the next time antifa is attacking the good people of OR, they actually do something instead of standing down.
    To much to hope for eh?

  23. It’s a great day when the police kill a mass shooter before he can shoot a single person. Now the Antifa know the police will kill them.

    The Badge camera is the officers best friend next to his or her gun.

  24. I don’t know all the facts of this case. Was Charlie trying to get his daughter because some anti-male judge took away his parental rights because he was a male? Was he out of his mind because he was severely taken advantage of and his rights as a parent were taken away from him? Was there another way the school police could have dealt with the matter? I think so. The cop in the video was twice his size and there were other cops there too. Charlie made some bad choices, and going to a school to get his daughter was definitely a bad choice. The fact that he was wearing an Antifa tee-shirt shouldn’t make a whole lot of difference. Would the outcome be the same if he was wearing an NRA tee-shirt? Or a MAGA tee shirt?

    • It would be my guess the outcome would have been the same. In the comment section uhh, yeah… I feel sorry for his daughter

    • seems like the shooter was a gender-confused mentally ill person… sure hope that was a legal gun transaction from his sister-in-law… and the family had to know that this guy was a fruitcake time bomb

    • I can understand how guys can get a bit irrational in difficult marital situations like this…but this is beyond the pale…and could have resulted in something much worse happening…it’s a good thing the cops got there in time and did their jobs…..

    • Spartan. charlie appears to have been an sjw/antifa type. Wouldn’t he be in support of anti male judges?

      Many years ago I worked at a prison here in CA. This and other of my jobs have put me in contact with state and Federal courts. Always as a bystander. I have yet to see any person who lost their case, criminal or civil, who was happy with the judgement. To the best of my knowledge none of these folks tried to change the outcome with a gun.

      Charlie got shot cause he was an idiot. Pretty much a requirement to be an antifa fascist.

    • There were multiple other ways the cops could have handled this, and they were doing just that. When he drew a gun, that all changed. Trying to find some complicated way to blame the cops is pretty transparent.

  25. “Draw down on” — one of the stupidest phrases on the planet, first heard it used in Justified years ago, thought it was dumb then, can’t say my mind has changed in the least.

  26. Good , Sorry to say But no lose here Just another Anti American who got what he had coming, Let this be the start of the end of these evil people,

  27. Some days you smash the patriarchy. Some days the patriarchy smashes you. I hope his x wife is finding comfort in the arms of a trump supporter.

  28. It is a terrible thing to think his daughter witnessed the incident. Young children are usually not biased by the things the adults in their lives think and talk about, but they do grasp what they see happen and interpret it as best they can.

    As others have said, this guy threw his life away in some sort of stupidity-driven projection of his own self-esteem. One down and only about 164,999,999 Lefttard, Commie, Asshats to go *sigh*…

  29. Apparantly, Antifa don’t do so well when they’re not bike lock sucker-clubbing folks in “dialog” or trashing passive store fronts on deserted streets.

    Good to know…

  30. Nice to see that there was at least one antifa asshole that actually decided to try and assault people who were ready and able to respond.

    But the media will dance in circles making sure the narrative fits on this one for the 3 minutes of airtime they provide it. He wasn’t a political activist, he was a crazy gun owner dad. And the fact that it was armed police that potentially stopped a school shooting (well, sorta) won’t be brought up at all. Don’t worry, Baltimore, you don’t need armed cops in schools!

    • Even with that info, why did the he draw and fire upon the cop? He killed himself when he did that. He escalated it from a possible disorderly conduct/trespassing to attempted murder.

    • The stupidity of the left with their pronoun games made the first link unreadable.

      People who get wound up over pronouns are fundamentally not serious people. This man was clearly not a serious person, and, even if the custody issue was in dispute, showing up to the school in a shirt that says “Smash the Patriarchy” doesn’t indicate that the person wearing it is a serious person – just a loon.

      If he had wanted to be taken seriously by the police and have a chance in the legal system with his offspring, then he should have sought to be taken seriously by law enforcement, which would have started with dressing the part of a serious man seeking to address serious problems.

      • …not to mention that drawing a firearm and cranking off two rounds at two cops is pretty generally a fatally BAD idea.

        The report I found on the site seems to be a fair and complete accounting of events. I notice that his family is throwing the race, nationality, etc card into the fray.

        Agreed. It is hard to read a story where a person (singular) is referred to as “them” (plural)…the deceased had faulty thought processes.

  31. For giggles I went to the civil liberties defense center website. Funny, they kept calling him Charlie (personalizing/humanizing him). Said he was called to the school while everyone else said he showed up unannounced. They accused the police of moving aggressively, ignoring that he pulled out a pistol. “he was just a loving father and beloved member of society” who lost full custody of his child, resisted arrest and attempted to shoot an officer while loaded up for Good knows what

  32. I have always supported Law Enforcement, and regardless of a persons zany lifestyle, in this case, I see the crumpled body of a small man at the entrance to Cascade school, which he attended as a child, and thus wanted his daughter to also attend. I see a small wary man, dressed average and not out of the ordinary, acting wary and confronted by two much larger police officers, while trying to have his daughter enrolled. I see violent throwing to the ground and up against a wall by the two officers, as he was signaling his daughter to come leave with him. This whole thing did not have to happen. Now when other dads see these officers around the school from now on, will they be thinking in the back of their minds “Could this happen to me too, and do we dads really count, in the face of Enforcement and the Establishment”?

    • Drawing a gun and shooting at the police is not the act of a normal Dad. He should have taken his lumps then sued the police if they really were wrong. They didn’t draw their guns on him.

  33. My take from the video is that the Commie Terrorist, in the act of resisting, was waving a loaded gun, finger on the trigger, in the direction of 2 students that were leaving school, maybe 50 and 75 yards away. In his hatred for the capitalist system and its minions, he didn’t even think about the danger to those 2 students and his daughter that his antics caused.
    Congrats to the cops. They cleaned up the gene pool.

  34. Just another ANTIFA LOSER looking for 15 minutes of fame. Glad to see he got smoked and is no longer consuming oxygen. Scumbag!!!!

  35. This is fake news, everyone knows it’s impossible to bring guns and ammo into a “gun-free zone”.

  36. It’s true US police are banned from the entire west coast.
    This is the Republic of Cascadia now.
    The fact of the matter is they aren’t upholding your unalienable right to life when they shoot you with a gun as a representative of the government.
    I am the government now and you just killed someone in Cascadia with your police.

  37. “No one knows why, in addition to the gun on his hip, that Landeros brought a backpack full of ammunition and loaded magazines to the school that day…”

    Oh, that’s an easy one. He knew he didn’t have custody and the faculty knew he didn’t have custody. If they refused him, he would have shot every last one of them down.

  38. Don’t take this the wrong way, but those cops DESERVED to get shot. NO, I don’t hate cops; I love them as a matter of fact. But I postively HATE sloppiness and those cops should have said to the creep from the start: “What’s in your pocket”? That hand in the pocket creeped me out since the first second of video started rolling.

    They were lucky it ended the way it did, hopefully the LEO community is reviewing this video and coming to the same conclusions as I did. “Let me see your hand(s)”.

  39. once again one bad apple and that is suppose to be a reason to give up our 2nd amendment rights ? come on guns don’t kill people , people kill people ! What we have is a mental Illness problem , not a Gun problem. this is America so why would anybody want to give up our FREEDOM to a Govt. that is corrupt ? Wake up , look at what has happened in history when a country has disarmed its citizens. There are ways to stop people from committing school shooting . Armed security would create jobs . Metal detectors would not only stop people from bringing guns into a school but knives as well . Fix the problem and Stop blaming this problem on Guns. We need to re open mental illness hospitals , so that people like this young man who just died can get the help he needs to become a better person.

  40. Is it drugs or are most of these idiots special needs? I’m serious… I was a firefighter/cardiac medic for 34 years and our job was to help people and save lives… I’ve met people and patients with attitudes and eyes like this. Is this the result of brainwashing??
    When I was growing up camping, hunting, fishing, hiking and shooting was fun and sometimes we drank at night and some smoked weed but no one in my entire high school acted like this… Jocks and longhairs, straight and homosexuals all gathered together to prevent bullying…
    I really don’t want to sound like the “old guy” and like a lot of today’s music but the entitlement mentality of the Millenniums forward is just different. Single women with 15 kids demanding free housing and more assistance money???
    I get a big kick and a lot of education out of Tommy Sotomayor’s YouTube site… you should check it out

    • There’s no single answer to give you to your question.

      The largest issue in many instances of these people is a mental health deficiency or abnormality. When we start looking at the mental health complex in the US, many practitioners in the “mental health” field aren’t all that stable themselves. There’s the first problem.

      Second problem is an absurd level of meds on the loose, both prescription and illicit.

      Lastly, the Internet has amplified the stupidity and crazy coming out of various groups to a point where it is validating people who desperately needed something other than validation. That’s true for lots of people worldwide, from ISIS to (insert name of goofy environmentalist group here).

  41. the left is using these twice baked brain dead minions and they are to stupid to realize it they could careless about this dude Antifa, BLM you are there pawns wake tf up youi think they care about illegal aliens man get a clue all they care about is power and money and serving there master.

  42. Antifa is just a domestic terrorist group that the feds need to put a end to. People like that are the reason we all need to carry guns. We cant be victims to trash like that.

  43. Why is everyone bringing up bumpstocks. This is a loser who lost custody of his kid, shows up at her school, refuses to leave when told, mouths off at the cops when they show up and still refuses to leave, then finally wants to leave when the cops finally have had enough of his crap and go to arrest him, fights with the cops, pulls a gun on the cops, gets shot and is found to be armed and carrying hundreds of rounds of ammo. Good job to the cops, they should get medals.

    • I agree , I guess the one’s bringing up the bumpstocks think they have a dog in the fight. Truth is a piece of shit showed up at school with enough ammo to take out most of the school. The moment he drew his weapon was the minute he signed his own death warrant. These left wing antifa asswipes think they know better than the police on how to fire a pistol.

  44. Looks like an armed individual can be stopped by another armed individual, huh democrats? What would have happened if they had not been there because of your cry baby anti gun rhetoric?

  45. That guy was planning an event. All the signs were there. Thank God the principal was on his toes. Extremely fortunate this guy went down in a wimper instead of a bloody massacre.

  46. Did he at least wound the two dumb pigs before they iced him for defending himself against their aggression?

  47. If this was a firearms intructor anyone he trained is just another target dont pick up a gun unless you are ready to die. The whole story makes no sense.if this is what antifa asshole s want,so be it, cause the only one that wins is the undertaker. I will be waiting for your business.

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