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Over the past few weeks, some residents of Virginia, working on their own, have begun brainstorming on a billboard campaign to show that they will not stand idly by while Virginia’s Governor (whose blackface scandal even had Mike Bloomberg telling him to step down) plans stomp all over their rights.

The planning is taking place on a secure Discord channel among regular folks who are combining their collective brain power to “do something,” to borrow a phrase from the anti-gunners.

The irony? Democrats and anti-gunners are using the same strategy for secure chats amongst themselves.

Quotes have been obtained as to pricing, but the problem is many display companies do not want to risk the wrath of Governor Blackface. The original idea was to use images from flyers being that are being distributed around the commonwealth, but that’s perceived as a risk.

Instead, the message is being toned down to something along these lines . . .

Can you imagine driving into Richmond and seeing something like that? It’s a thing of beauty.

We will update you once a final design is cleared and an actual price is established with a funding source for donations to get the billboard up in Virginia’s capital.

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  1. I cannot blame them for trying but really do you think the Legislature is even going to read their billboard and if they do even care. Nope. The laws are going through like it or not. The Lords and Masters do as they please and the proletariat be damned.

    • Vlad Tepes,

      The people who are planning this are not trying to change the minds of Virginia’s legislature. Rather, they are trying to change the minds of voters in the next election. And I suspect this strategy might work quite well.

      • You don’t need to change minds when you can change voting id, recounts, absentee ballots, and have absentee lists sealed. There’s a bunch of laws prefiled about those. Not to mention changing the Governorship from being a maximum of one term to two consecutive terms… Sometimes I wonder if the anti-2A stuff is to distract from all the voting changes.

      • “””””””””””””””””””””””””””The people who are planning this are not trying to change the minds of Virginia’s legislature. Rather, they are trying to change the minds of voters in the next election. And I suspect this strategy might work quite well.””””””””””””””””””””””

        Actually the Dems swept into power because of the mass murder by guns in our schools and churches and the Dems know that is one reason they did so well. Of course Republican refusal to lower drug prices and the high cost of health care was another big reason. Since the Republicans will not change any of this do not look for them to do any better at the polls the next time around. Virginians have had enough of do nothing Republicans. And once gun ban laws are past they are written in stone for the ages. That’s been their history so even it the Republicans do manage a comeback next time around cancelling any of the gun laws passed is just never going to happen. The damage has already been done.

    • To Vlad
      You need you work much harder on your spin machine.
      The Democrats are truly being forced to face their violent terrorist racist past. And they have always supported (black) gun confiscation.

      The term “massive resistance” has special historical meaning in Virginia. Only now it appiles to everyone against the state government.

        • Since former Gov Matt Bevin signed Constitutional carry into law last year it will be very difficult for the new incoming democrat Gov to repeal it. As he said he would try to do.
          The people of Kentucky have a very history of not complying with any level of government.

        • I look forward to seeing how quickly your governor creates(inadvertently) contiguous sanctuary counties and the resulting outrage of the news casters. While a lot of New York still has the rum running mindset of prohibition and the SAFE act is largely ignored we still get stuck with future supreme court cases for laws. If I read the lastest agenda item correctly in addition to requiring 80% kits to have a serial number and be sold only through licensed dealers they are seeking to require serials to other major components as well. No details past a press release yet but be damned if they aren’t looking to go for the European model of registration.

    • Point here is that people are willing to use their own resources/money to “resist” in a legal manner. They are ticked off and are thinking of an advertising campaign that’s outside of the typical realm. Props given to them.

    • To rickshaw the bear
      I look forward to the many explanations and excuses they will make about this poster whether or not that Democrat is white or black or what ever.

      Gun rights have always been a civil rights issue.

  2. To me that picture makes a beautiful statement about diversity and racial harmony. A black man and a klansman getting along and sharing a beer together. Whoever took that photo is a genius and a true artist.

    • “To me that picture makes a beautiful statement about diversity and racial harmony. A black man and a klansman getting along and sharing a beer together. Whoever took that photo is a genius and a true artist.”

      Clayton Bigsby FTW!…;-)>

      Meet Clayton Bigsby, a black white-supremacist.

  3. Advertising works — otherwise millions wouldn’t be spent each year by politicians to get elected! Also propaganda works — otherwise governments wouldn’t do it! I fully support this type of billboard because it will create a visceral reaction on those who have put this man in office and may — just may — swing the tide of loosing our rights!

  4. I think the organizers should make the message much simpler and broad.

    Maybe the message could be something like,
    “This man is a Democrat and your governor. Vote Republican.”

    • If any of the people behind this are watching, I would suggest adding some of his supporters to the billboard and acknowledge them by name..

      • ^^^Important Point^^^

        Discredit the opposition’s leaders, but treat their rank-and-file with respect. When possible, take them out to the range (but bring them back, also). 🙂

    • The RPV aren’t much better. Look at Glenn Davis and Bobby Orrock who introduced bills adding complexity to CHP. Orrock conceded and said he was pulling his bill. When people were complaining to Davis, his phones “had problems”. He has yet to pull his bill and seems to be doubling down.

      There are a few good ones like Bryce Reeves and Nick Freitas, but they’re considered “extremists” because they believe in our Constitutions.

    • I like it. My personal favorite among their messages is “Disarming An Honest Person
      Is An Act Of Violence.”

      I need to see if any groups in WA state have tried to do this.

  5. Type Ralph Northam *space* into DuckDuckGo and suggested results are:
    1. yearbook
    2. blackface
    3. abortion

    Now let’s check the trusty Google propaganda machine:
    1. gun bill
    2. gun
    3. twitter
    and on and on…Yearbook and blackface aren’t even at the bottom of the list.
    They love tweaking the “algorithm” don’t they?

    • Google’s biased algorithms are more valuable that campaign contributions and should be declared as such.

      • Imagine what it would be like if republicans and democrats competed on an even playing field regarding media and tech, and let’s also throw in those bumbling FBI and DOJ top dogs that keep making those unbiased “mistakes” going in only one direction like say forging a FISA application (oops).

        • Speaking of that, where are the indictments? Come on, Barr, when are we going to see these deep state traitors frog-marching?

  6. Do you remember that despicable TV ad that Northam ran, depicting a ‘deplorable’ driving a pick-up and trying to run down little Hispanic children?

    He won using tactics like that.

    Time to do the same. I will gladly contribute.

  7. “Let that sink in” Should be bold and underlined. Same text height.
    I missed that at first.

  8. How can this guy still be governor? First thing that comes to mind is a bigot. And now he’s trying to take gun rights away? Seeing what’s going on with your governor, you guys need to put this guy out of office mucho pronto.

    • He’s a democrat so he’s protected. So is the second in command. And the third in command. It turns out they all have issues.

    • In other words, Democrats.

      The modern Democratic party (including its media and education propaganda organs) is the most despicable engine of corruption and social corrosion this country has ever seen at the national level — and considering all the contenders over time, that’s really saying something.

  9. This is where we separate the men from the boys. The real activists versus those sitting in their comfortable chairs. Waiting for other people to do the hard work.

    The problem with a gun Community is they’re too used to being nice. And that is why we elected Donald Trump as president of the United States. Because of time for being nice is over with.

  10. is the future of fighting back against gun control. Free to sign up. Time to take action instead of talking on the internet.

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