ATF Lets Chicago’s Machine-Gun Toting Thugs Slide, Concentrates Instead on Banning Legal AR-15 Rifles

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Screenshot of viral video showing Chicago teens armed with GLOCK-type handguns equipped with full-auto switches.

By Lee Williams

More than 500 people have been shot and killed in Chicago this year. More than 2,220 have been shot and wounded. On any weekend, Chicago streets reverberate with the sound of fully automatic fire. It remains America’s deadliest domestic war zone. 

According to one violence tracker, a Chicagoan is shot every 2 hours and 45 minutes. Someone in the city is murdered every 13 hours, and it is no secret who’s doing the killing. 

There are more than 100,000 documented gang members in the Windy City, and the influx of plastic Glock switches has armed thousands of them with converted machineguns. The plastic switches attach easily to most Glock-type handguns, giving the weapon an incredibly high cyclic rate. The switches are sold openly on a few unscrupulous Chinese websites, and they’re also very easy to 3D print. 

One recent viral video shows Chicago teens showing off their Glock switches, brazenly taunting police. Another video shows a young man spraying fully automatic fire into a crowd. 

Anyone who has ever tried to shoot the GLOCK 18 – GLOCK’s factory-made machine-pistol – knows how difficult it is to control a full-auto 9mm handgun, even for an experienced pistoleer. In the hands of young gang members, a group not known for their accuracy or target discrimination, these converted GLOCKs are a recipe for mass casualties. 

To be clear, innocent lives are at risk. 

If anyone at ATF had even half a brain, you’d think they would flood the zone with Special Agents whose sole mission would be to rid Chicago’s streets of machinegun-toting gangsters. Unfortunately, the ATF has other plans and priorities. 

ATF Director Steven Dettelbach announced this week his intent to ban legally owned semi-automatic rifles, which he called “assault weapons.” 

Dettelbach’s comments came at a discussion called “Gun Violence in America,” which was held at Harvard University, of course. 

“The president has also said, and I agree, that we should consider and reinstate a ban on certain types of assault weapons,” Dettelbach said, adding he also supported the president’s call for universal background checks. 

Dettelbach’s comments conflict with his earlier testimony, which was given under oath before a Senate confirmation committee, when he promised skeptical senators that he would not use his position to advocate for new gun regulations or laws. 

Wrong priorities 

Dettelbach and his agents could use a real-world mission. Nowadays, they have plenty of time on their hands. 

ATF Director Steven Dettelbach (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

As we have previously reported, most of ATF’s criminal charges are filed administratively after the fact, after another law enforcement agency has made an arrest. For example, when local police arrest an armed criminal with a prior felony conviction, they may ask ATF to pursue federal charges, which usually carry a stiffer penalty. Of course, ATF takes credit for the arrest, the investigation and the subsequent prosecution, often by claiming it was part of a task force or its Project Safe Neighborhoods program.

Currently, ATF is keeping busy by intimidating and harassing law-abiding gun dealers. They recently sent a 12-man ATF SWAT team to the rural Oklahoma home of a federal firearm licensee who had committed no crime. The dealer was so terrified he relinquished his FFL. 

Wouldn’t ATF SWAT assets be more useful in Chicago, where local police are understaffed, underpaid and under Democrat control? 

ATF leadership loves to tout how helpful they are to their law enforcement “partners.” It’s time for deeds not words. Rather sitting in their comfy Field Division offices, waiting for the phone to ring with a routine trace request, maybe ATF should consider committing some actual police work. Maybe they should take the lead role in disarming an actual threat, instead of their current supporting role. 

Given the millions of undocumented military-age males Joe Biden allowed to walk across our border, and the $7 billion in weapons and military equipment he gifted the terrorists, which are already showing up in Israel, we’ll hang on to our ARs and AKs, thank you very much. After all, we may need them. 

If Dettelbach wants to separate himself from the other political toadies who have helmed the ATF, he should dispatch hundreds of agents to Chicago where they’re actually needed – where they can save lives – rather than using them to harass law abiding Americans just to satisfy the whims of a faltering president. 


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  1. Well they don’t go after straw purchasers who buy for their boyfriends in the gangs (sometimes bother to report the firearm stolen) as opposed to typos on paperwork for FFL’s why would they go after switches in Chicago?

    • when ATF has tried to “do some actual police work” it has not gone well…Trump did try to send them into Chicago…but that ended disastrously with them quickly retreating…they depend on local PD to refer cases to them…and in Chicago that ain’t happening…..

    • W­o­r­k­i­n­g o­n­l­i­n­e b­r­i­n­g­s i­n $­2­8­5 d­o­l­l­a­r­s a­n h­o­u­r f­o­r m­e. M­y b­e­s­t b­u­d­d­y s­h­o­w­s m­e h­o­w t­o d­o t­h­i­s a­n­d m­a­k­e­s $­2­9,0­0­0 a m­o­n­t­h d­o­i­n­g i­t, b­u­t I n­e­v­e­r r­e­a­l­i­z­e­d i­t w­a­s r­e­a­l, v­i­s­i­t ba40 t­h­e f­o­l­l­o­w­i­n­g l­i­n­k t­o h­a­v­e.

      A l­o­o­k a­t i­t————————————–>>>

    • I mean all BS aside the only people who seem to have a gun problem are black people, why punish everyone when it’s mainly one group of people?
      I read it’s 80% of all gun violence

      • You can’t say that. You will incur the wrath of Debbie W.

        However, it ain’t the Amish in those videos, or Italians, Poles, Jews, Frenchmen or Germans. There is one common denominator to the vast majority of violence in this country, but to notice that common denominator is considered to be a heinous social faux pas. However, many times the truth is inconvenient to the politically correct narrative.

    • pictures?….I know they all look alike…but you’d think they could find these kids who continue to snub their noses at the system……

  2. Maybe they just can’t find them?
    Sure, they can find somebody who was in DC on 1/6 through a blurry photo of twelve pixels in a crowd of 300 but that’s important. Far more important than putting gangs terrorizing a community away. The sanctity of the holy land must be upheld.

    • It’s the Commie Way. Loot and burn a for-profit business, that’s valid political action. Trespass in a public building, that’s Treason!

      • Unless they do it. Then the trespassing is stunning and brave resistance to save Our Democracy.

        It’s like the recurring line in Basic.

        “All we got to do is tell the story right.”

  3. If the ATF didn’t go after low hanging fruit they’d have to do actual work. Which is hard so they don’t try. Can’t be raciss dontcha know? And ILL annoy wants law abiding gat owner’s made into criminals in the name of “safety”. Good luck confiscating every AR🙄

    • They know there’s a 99% chance they could be shot if they go after those Glocks, probably a lot less if they go after an actual law abiding citizens guns…

      • Anyone need further proof that it’s all about control and not about the guns?
        C.W. 2.1 ( The War of Washington D. C. Agresssion ) looms ever nearer.

    • Not just our ARs, but even if we have .50 round laying about.

      My Barrett has changed addresses to a more friendly neighborhood across the Mississippi River. I am reasonably sure all the ammo left as well. But if I missed 1 round, I have a misdemeanor. Not sure about expended brass.

      Not sure how many drive bys have been done in Illinois with a bolt .50, but it is verboten now without registration. I guess for just in case?

      However, I can keep a M1 Garand, a M1903 and a M1911, actual weapons of war without having to register them.

      But we know Illinois. Expect a bill next year to drop the grandfathering of those who comply and register. Mine fell overboard after one of those Asian carp jumped and knocked it off the boat.

      • Those ‘weapons of war’ will be next, the development of smokeless powder was mainly driven by military funding and interests and it’s the same for the modern cartridge, and a multitude of what are now staples in firearm technology… The natural evolution of the military weapon argument will eventually come to this point, nothing less than complete disarmament is the end goal. I vehemently dislike when people cower away from the ‘military’ by calling ARs ‘MSR’s’ or some such nonsense, the 2A says nothing about sporting it’s a losing tactic from the beginning. The purpose of the 2A in it’s prefatory clause is clear, it’s militaristic in it’s intent being the defense of a free state. Naturally if one is able to defend a free state against tyranny one would also be protected in the derivative use of arms in other purposes such as self defense or sport. I’d go so far as to say the idea of defense against tyranny in a military context is more important than even individual self defense which I gather is why the 2A is worded such as it is. The reason military weapons are obviously protected is to ensure a parity with any military establishment of the state, it’s foolish to run away from this and consign these arms to the purpose of sport.

        • Well argued. I agree. In the 18th Century, it would have been considered absurd to question the right of any free person to defend herself. It was something that goes without saying. There was no point to writing a BoR amendment protecting the right to drink water or eat bread.
          The BoR was written to address the public policy issues that had arisen historically in England and between the crown and the colonies. The issue underlying the 2A was the crown disarming the colonial militias and the residents of Boston. The founding generation anticipated Chairman Mao: “Political power emanates from the barrel of a gun”.

          “I vehemently dislike when people cower away from the ‘military’ by calling ARs ‘MSR’s’ or some such nonsense, the 2A says nothing about sporting it’s a losing tactic from the beginning.”

          This is a powerful point we should all take to heart. The PRIMARY reason we secure the right to arms is to reserve the capacity to confront our governments, Federal and state alike.

    • Lol!

      He should take that dead skunk off the top of his head, break open the piggybank, and buy a properly fitted rug (the more weight he gains dining nightly w/the Bloomberg/Giffords/Brady-types the sooner the toup will have to be replaced).

  4. this is only frustrating as long as full auto is so heavily regulated. eliminate that and then explain why murder penalties should be higher due to cyclic rate.

    • The case of Dillan Cashman comes to mind. During a standoff with police, he fired 243 rounds from half a dozen, semiautomatic firearms. The police returned fire with their AR-15 “patrol rifles,” but failed to score any hits on the perpetrator. The surrounding houses were thoroughly ventilated, perhaps by the police as well as the perpetrator.
      Eventually; the perpetrator surrendered after the Washington County Tactical Negotiation Team arrived on the scene. Unlike the MacMinniville police, the Washington County Tactical team has a reputation for being able to finish gun fights.

      Although Mr Cashman was convicted of felon in possession of a firearm and five counts of reckless endangerment, the jury refused to convict him for attempting to murder the police officers. Frustrated by the jury’s refusal to convict, Yamhill County Judge Ladd Wiles imposes an enhanced sentence because two of the firearms were “rapid fire.”. Since all of the firearms were semiautomatic and none were fully automatic nor fully semiautomatic, it is a mystery how the imbecile judge reached this conclusion. The sentence has been appealed.

      Interestingly, Judge Wiles has no problem with criminals shooting at children with a politically correct, twelve gauge shotgun.

  5. 500 dead and 2200 wounded but, not one of them involved an AR platform rifle… Give me a minute to get out my shocked face….. hmmmmmmm….. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… Sorry I just can’t do it, not even a FAKE one…

  6. Law enforcement doesn’t want to inconvenience a major Democrat constituency. In fact, it is the goal of the communists in power to disarm the law-abiding and keep the the usual suspects armed. It’s called Anarcho-tyranny, and is classic revolutionary communist behavior. Unknown to the criminals, however, is once the communist revolution is complete, these useful idiots are the first against the wall.

    • ATF in no more “Law Enforcement” than are your local mall cops or the “Campus Police”. Clowns with inferiority complex. The lowest form of fed wannabe cops.

      If anyone at ATF had even half a brain, you’d think they would….
      1. Go get a real job (or at least a real police job)
      2. Become a fireman

        • ….at least the enforcement branch….used to work alongside these guys..not the brightest bulbs…only place in the building with kevlar paneling…..their fire, arson and explosive people were pretty good though…and their regulatory people did their jobs in competent fashion…

      • It will never happen as ATF pays better, has cushier jobs, and has a better retirement than we deplorables!

        I don’t own a Glock switch and have no interest in them, but casually looking at diagrams suggest to me that the conversion is so simple that a Glock ban is far more pressing than an Assault Weapons ban.

        • Handgun ban is old news they tried that decades back and it ended with Heller, they pivoted over modern long guns which I feel they intended to do anyway had they succeeded in getting a handgun ban. Bolsheviks aren’t planning on allowing any civilian armament whatsoever, no matter what they say today that’s the end goal.

  7. Going after actual criminals with full auto weapons is dangerous. Of course the cowards employed by an agency whose sole mission is to harass the law abiding population would swat an Oklahoma Pastor and pillar of the community rather than confront gangs where they might get hurt.

    Nothing to see here.

  8. Cut the ATF some slack! All the easily intimidated peaceful gun owners are much safer to go after, Come On Man, you know all those thugs are downright dangerous to arrest and the blue state juries are just gonna let them go anyway! Why would the ATF agents risk their lives trying to capture and arrest Chicago thugs when they know it would just torque off their Democrat masters and jeopardize the funding increase and promotions they need to retire with a nice federal pension?

    Do I actually need to mark this as /sarc?

  9. The CWBChicago posts are awesome. I love seeing the hipsters who enable all this get their asses kicked for basically pocket change. I bet the first thing they all do is shout as the fists start hitting their faces is “but Black Lives Matter!!!”

  10. The atf, similar to a school bully, will target those they think they can win against easily versus those that could beat them or in this case shoot back. Bidens bully boys.

    • Everyone needs to stop pretending this isn’t Congress’s fault. They fund everything and therefore back all Tyranny with our money.

      • Precisely. Congress holds the purse strings. Either chamber could – if they would – hold ATF’s feet to the fire. Simply refuse to appropriate funds to support activities that We the People do not consent to.
        If we want ATF inspectors to examine FFL record-keeping that’s fine. But to revoke FFL licenses without due process? If we want ATF investigators to provide technical expertise bomb and arson investigations that’s fine. But to have federal agents running guns down to Juarez for the Sinaloa Cartel?
        Where are our Republican Congress-critters? They don’t care.

  11. With a Glock switch, the “gangsta” style grip (sideways) now makes a great deal of sense. The recoil and recovery movements keep everything on the same axis to sweep a crowd of rival gang members efficiently. Who knew these Rhodes Scholars were just ahead of their time. 😉

  12. There is no hope for this country to be saved. We need a new Declaration of Independence and a reset to pre-1830 USA

  13. No secret Gun Control democRats want firearms in the hands of criminals so democRats can use the acts of criminals to destroy the Second Amendment. And as long as dumbfuk bigots ignore that fact and point fingers towards skin pigmentation instead of Defending The Second Amendment by Defining Gun Control by its Roots in Racism and Genocide Gun Control enjoys the high ground.

    On the other hand…

  14. You make a technical error by claiming that Glock Switches “increase the cyclic rate” of the pistol. They do not. The cyclic rate of almost all semiautomatic as well as fully automatic (and fully semiautomatic?) firearms is dictated by the natural frequency of oscillation of the Slide and Recoil Spring assembly. It is very similar to how the natural frequency of a pendulum is dictated by the length of the pendulum and the acceleration rate of gravity. Trigger reset time must also be added to the cycle time, but this is usually far briefer than the cyclic time.

    However; the time it takes the shooter to utilize their finger to activate or squeeze the trigger again is the limiting factor. Expert shooters who possess well educated trigger fingers can and do push the limits of cyclic rate. This is why they install lighter slides and stiffer recoil springs to increase the cyclic rate of their pistols.

    Glock Switches can not “increase the cyclic rate” of a semiautomatic pistol. However; by eliminated the need for the shooter to repeatedly squeeze or pull the trigger, they can achieve higher rates of fire. However; the evidence provided by actual shooting incidents reveals that the ghetto gang banger, Obama/ Biden voters who actually commit the vast majority of mass shootings would become far more lethal if they simply learned how to use the sights on the pistol rather than modifying it .

    Since it is unlikely that Obama / Biden’s core constituency is capable of learning anything, it would be advisable for them to transition to shotguns. A 12 gauge, 3&1/2 inch chamber length shotgun can be loaded with double ought buckshot. Launching 18 projectiles of approximately the same mass as a bullet from an AR-15 with every squeeze of the trigger would be devastating. For attacks on large, densely packed groups, they could simply stand off at a range of about 50 to 100 yards. The resulting shot patterns for a cylinder bore with no choke would be about four feet to eight feet in diameter. They could kill or wound a half dozen or more people with every round. In the unlikely event that they are arrested, they’d probably be acquitted because every imbecile Judge and juror have been conditioned to think that shotguns are just for little birdies.

    • Have yo ever actually patterned your shotgun with 00B ? A 15 yard patterning board with a 3″ 00 load out of an18″ bbl. results in consistant 6″ patterns our of a cylinder choke and about 5″ out of a mod. or imp. cyl. choke. I will guarantee that NO load /choke pattern will approach eight feet anywhere other than perhaps in the dirt.

      • you need to read.
        I specified a range of 50 to 100 yards, not fifteen yards. The pattern width generally spreads somewhat more than linearly with engagement range.

  15. Dem be Demtard voters – multiples. Obiden is going to need them next Nov. Still, mostly, can’t vote from INSIDE jail. And he doesn’t have enought illegals/squatters here yet to win if he continues to loose the noncriminal black voters. The nasty college “educated” single black women are, apparently, still sticking with ole Joey Obiden/the slave party so far.

    • As the mid-terms have demonstrated, the most important thing to them is a convenient scrape job a couple of months after a careless Friday night.

      • and the lethality decreases….i’ve been struck with shotgun pellets at about a hundred yards…and they just bounced off my back….

    • Nonsense! The Democrat Party no longer needs voters. They need precinct election officials who will stuff the ballot box. This was proven to everyone’s satisfaction in the 2020 presidential election.

      No one need bother going to the polls anymore. Nor filling in our ballots at the kitchen table. The Party will see to it that all the ballots needed to decide the election will be produced on photocopy machines and fed through the ballot counting machines as often as necessary to decide the outcome.

      No one will care that the number of votes at a precinct vastly exceeds the number of voters who appeared in person or who submitted a mailed-in ballot.

  16. The truthful facts are that criminals get guns primarily through second hand gun sales which in most states are unregulated letting black market gun runners buy up second hand guns with no paperwork and then run those guns into high crime cities and or states with tough gun laws making their gun laws meaningless.

    • Goofyface, you using “Truthful Facts” in any sentence is like Bidumb’s press secretary Fozzie Bear quoting a “Senate Intelligence Committee” finding… I believe it’s known as an oxymoron – with emphasis on the MORON !

    • Well the crime in those areas where the guns are coming from, according to you, does not match the crime in the areas with the strict gun laws. Is the problem the guns or could it be something else? Nah it’s the guns.

    • That is probably the stupidest post you’ve ever made. Criminals can’t afford the cost of a good used gun like a Glock so trying to buy and sell at a profit on the used market wouldn’t work. They either steal them themselves or buy guns that were stolen at a lower cost.

      Face it, you’re just a moron spouting leftist propaganda.

    • Again, dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, you make things up as you go along. There is no documentation from any credible source that verifies your fantasy.

    • Dacian, the Mobile County Alabama Sherriff’s office would beg to differ with your claim. According to them most of the firearms confiscated from criminals arrested are either stolen, or were purchased by family members, spouses/significant others (straw purchases). Very few were purchased privately on the open market/legal private sales. I would suspect the same thing would be found in most cities/urban areas.
      Of course how the criminals get weapons is less important that what they are doing with those weapons and why the majority of violent criminals have extensive histories of being arrested and released before they get convicted and sentenced to any real prison time.

    • It is counterproductive to debate the source of guns falling into the hands of users who have lost their 2A rights.

      It’s perfectly clear to all of us that guns have numerous sources: straw buying, secondary market sales, burglary, clandestine manufacturing, and smuggling. We could – if we would – choke off straw buying. Make it prohibitively expensive for any single individual to have more than one or two crime guns traced to him. Prosecute those who appear to be straw-buying. Won’t happen. We could, if we would tolerate it, choke off secondary market sales. If a crime gun is eventually traced to you and you sold that gun to either an apparently prohibited person or trafficker (not your neighbor) then you face a likely prosecution. But even if we were extremely aggressive on these two fronts it wouldn’t touch burglary. Nor clandestine manufacturing. Nor smuggling. And the last thing that The Party wants is to secure the border from smuggling. To do so would also secure the boarder from illegal immigration.

      We could, of course, enforce felon-in-possession. But the criminal justice system would be crushed by the overload in cases to prosecute.

      It is foolish for us to engage in a debate over the source of illegal guns. To discuss whether it’s straw buying or the “gun show loophole” Nothing we are willing to do, nothing we could do, would close off ALL the sources of guns falling into criminal hands.

      • To Mark

        This rebuttal will be trashed by T Tag because they are trashing the 1st Amendment and refusing to let me post any rebuttals.

        quote———It’s perfectly clear to all of us that guns have numerous sources: straw buying, secondary market sales, burglary, clandestine manufacturing, and smuggling.———quote

        I have to disagree on some minor points.

        I would say your statement simply points out that Safe Storage Laws passed on the Federal Level would indeed cut way down on stolen guns.

        quote———-Prosecute those who appear to be straw-buying—–quote

        I agree enforcement of prosecution for Straw Purchases could be more draconian and more uniform but I have read of cases where people were indeed prosecuted for straw sales. A man was prosecuted who bought two AR15’s for his friend and his friends wife which they later used to kill people at their own workplace. It was a husband and wife hit team, both were killed in a law enforcement shootout.

        Caldistine manufacturing does happen occasionally but just as illegal silencer manufacturing does happen I have read on numerous occasion where people who were making illegal silencers were very soon traced down and arrested as when the person caught with such an illegal silencer was pressured they told law enforcement as to exactly where they got the silencer’s. Illegal weapons manufacturing is no different and no less difficult to trace down. I think this is something that is far less common than the far right keep implying.

        Most of what you stated can happen but lets face cold hard facts the system we have now is totally insane when any criminal or nut case can buy a second hand weapon on the street with no questions asked.

        I have been to hundreds of gun shows in my life and if I was a crook or nut case I could get all the weapons I wanted at most gun shows, flea markets, or bars, at least in my state because there no background checks are done on second hand gun sales. Anyone can buy one at any time.

        As far as gun running take at look at this and its only just one example of many studies,

        No matter how strong gun laws are in New York and New Jersey, exploiting huge flaws in U.S. gun policy as a whole nationwide is not hard. That imperfection was highlighted in a 2015 arrest of Michael Bassier, a Brooklyn resident at the time, who authorities say trafficked weapons from Georgia to New York City. Investigators recorded part of his conversation about how he did it on a wiretap:

        “Do you want to know what I do now? I sell guns,” Bassier can be heard saying on the recording.

        On it, he’s just stepped off a bus to the city bragging to his ex-girlfriend about a duffel bag bulging with guns.

        “I’ve got two MAC-10s, assault rifle(s), four handguns, and I’m walking through New York,” he said.

        He then explained the simplicity of his gun-running scheme from Georgia up the Iron Pipeline to New York.

        “I’m selling them the right way and the wrong way. When I’m out of state, like in Atlanta and Georgia and all that, it’s all legal, it’s fully legal,” he said. “But in New York, it’s completely illegal. So when I bring [expletive] up here and sell it up here, that’s illegal.”

        Get breaking news alerts in the FOX 5 NY News app. Download for FREE!

        Bassier admitted to transporting more than 112 guns, including 20 assault weapons, in a single year, making $130,000.

        He is now serving a 17-year prison sentence. bb

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, again, you are trying to make common sense practices, law. Just how would you enfore that “safe storage” law? You see, police and federal officers can’t just go house to house and inspect without a WARRANT.

          There are thousands of cases where the Feds have NOT prosecuted people who lie on the 4473 Form. And you have the intestinal fortitude to cite one case where the Feds finally went after a gun runner?

          It seems the Feds would rather go aftre the “low hanging fruit”, you know normal every day citizens who are doing NOTHING illegal but are violating some insignificant regualtion like our FFL folks.

          By the way, you still haven’t told us your answer to my question:?what is the firing sequence of a cartridge?

        • To Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

          quote———–Just how would you enfore that “safe storage” law? ———quote

          When the penalty is severe enough a few well publicized cases of people going to prison because someone was killed or injured with an unattended gun gets even the attention of Far Right Nut Cases like yourself.

          quote———-By the way, you still haven’t told us your answer to my question:?what is the firing sequence of a cartridge?——–quote

          I have challenged you to answer your own question and you have been too terrified to do so because you know if you do I will tear you to pieces and make an utter fool out of you. So put up or shut your yap up.

    • dacian the demented sipsh*t,

      Serious inquiry – is it physically painful to be that stupid???

      YES, you absolute imbecile, MOST guns used in crimes are acquired either from being STOLEN, or . . . being purchased on the street (i.e., from other CRIMINALS, you absolute, drooling moron!!).


      So, how about this idea? – regulate criminals and gangbangers, eh???

      You remain too stupid to insult.

    • There are select groups within gang hierarchy in places like LA and Chiraq that are dedicated to building “ghost” guns from 80% pistol and rifle lowers (many full-auto capable) as well as some pretty professional looking suppressors and selling them to other gangs around the country… Illegal? Fuck yeah, but they are fucking GANGSTERS, they don’t give a shit about ILLEGAL, it’s what they do…

  17. The ATF like the democrats only hate white conservative gun owners. The federal government only views law abiding gun owners as a problem, mainly the white ones and the only type of gun owner slated for government mandated extermination. These thugs are future democrats voters and enforcers when the democrats fully take over the federal government and pass legislation banning all guns, banning all private gun ownership and mandating the compete and total extermination of every gun owner along with the complete and total mandated extermination of the entire population of the United States in a home with a gun along with a complete and total mandate extermination of the entire population of the United States that resists. While most of the military and federal agencies will fully go along the Democrats they simply do not have enough manpower to bring about their envisioned utopia. This is where they get more manpower. Until they are also killed after their usefulness has run out.

    When. Not if, when the complete and total ban of all guns and the mandated extermination of all gun owners is passed into law and upheld by a packed supreme court the ATF gonna be deployed to do what the military and most federal agencies would not be able to stomach: going to every public school and rounding up every single child of every single gun owner and literally exterminating all of them. Being sure to kill teachers and parents that opposes. If there’s one thing a The ATF loves more than anything it’s murdering children. As even better when they get to execute the children and watch the parents reaction as they force them to watch.

    I mean sure that would cause a near 100% revolt but that’s what the nuclear weapons are for. And if you don’t think the majority of the Democrat party right now support the deployment of nuclear weapons to kill all gun owners as acceptable damn the collateral damage you do not understand the mind of a modern democrat party member. There is nothing on this earth that a democrat hate more than a law-abiding United States citizen.

  18. Nothing good comes from the power hungry communist in control of keystone cops.

    Too much time spent on things that don’t matter with no concern for what does.

  19. The broccoli heads offing each other in record numbers in Schitcago make me support abortion. Most aborted babies are of the melanated persuasion. Its like 4x the rate when compared to white women. They’re actually doing society at large a huge favor. At the rate the blacks are going with murder, incarceration, and abortion the future actually looks all white. I mean all right.

  20. “If anyone at ATF had even half a brain, you’d think they would flood the zone with Special Agents whose sole mission would be to rid Chicago’s streets of machinegun-toting gangsters.”

    Last time they “tried” that the ATF attempted a sting where they got ripped off and lost the machineguns. Their response to that defeat was to ask Congress to give them the money to do it again, 10x bigger. Fortunately, in that particular case, Congress was smart enough to tell them to FOAD.

    .gov’s incompetence is so rampant you’d think the average IQ in a bureaucracy would be lower than room temperature but the fact that all their errors go in the same direction suggests that it’s possible that they are extremely competent at feigning incompetence to hide an agenda.

    • In most cases would go with incompetence but anything against straight white males, guns, unvaccinated, conservative, home schooling at least here in NY is absolutely intentional malice with some incompetence sprinkled in because we season (noncompetitive appointment to high positions in policymaking in violation of civil service law) dey government here.

      • It can, in fact, be both.

        For example, the assistant principal when I was in high school seemed to take a near delight in suspending me a great many times. Every time he did it he had this grin like a cat that caught a bird until my parents informed him that they didn’t give a shit. Then he looked like Charlie Brown after Lucy pulls away the football.

        He was, to be charitable, “grossly incompetent” and didn’t like having obvious questions asked because he was utterly incapable of answering them. He compensated for this deficiency by being heavy handed towards anyone who asked questions.

        Repeated questioning generated a form of discontent in this man that bordered on a zealous hatred which manifested as what might be colloquially called a “vendetta”. By the time I was about half way through my sophomore year he would come after me for anything, even if it wasn’t a violation of any posted or postulated school rule, regulation or law.

        IME, incompetence mixed with promotion tends to produce animosity in those who’ve been promoted well past their capacities.

        • strych9, my question is what were you doing that caused this ‘asst. principal” to suspend you?

        • Walt I can recall a time my white ass got detention when 20 other black kids were waved on to class with no repercussions simply for being late returning from the same work party (I think it was a history class activity). Doesn’t take much and selective enforcement is a bitch when mixed with abuse of official authority. In my case it was more a punish any white kid for any infraction no matter how slight because we need to balance out the numbers and not make it look like we are coming down hard on the blacks and/or they misbehave more. Gotta love Philly area. Apparently a similar practice was going on in northern Delaware around the same time in the mid to late 90’s based on the guys I served with.

  21. It’s Chicongo, Sam, it always happens like this.
    Illinois has recently eliminated the possibility of a judge imposing a cash bail, and Kim Foxx, the DA, generally refuses to file gun crime charges against members of “the community”, and usually refuses to request pre trial jail, even for felony gun crimes.
    Unless, of course, you are White.
    As for the Glock switches, they are reported to cost between $30 and $50 on almost any Southside street corner.
    The ATF _could_ file charges on almost any of these criminals, for machine guns, felon in possession, etc, but then the Feds would have to pay to prosecute and imprison them, at Federal expense, and these criminals are the threat that the Feds will use to ban non-criminals like us from possession of any arms at all.
    Or at least they will try.
    A possible greater threat than the arsenal that the ATF has accumulted is the possibility that the illegal invaders will be recruited into the military, as they are already, and as police, as Illinois has just made legal.
    However worried you are now, you have too much faith in the general legality of government. John

  22. “Dettelbach’s comments conflict with his earlier testimony, which was given under oath before a Senate confirmation committee, when he promised skeptical senators that he would not use his position to advocate for new gun regulations or laws.”

    Impeach and remove him.

  23. Editor, that photo accompanying the story makes the kid/thug look like a college graduate in a mortarboard and graduation gown.

    • Gary, yes, and? Taht is what the kid was wearing. Not to mention that when a student graduates from High School, they wear the same garb. So what is your point?

  24. I don’t believe that’s what the kid was wearing. The “mortarboard” is some object behind the kid that was just caught accidentally in the pic, the colors of some of his clothing match and give the impression of a matching “gown”, but it’s just the angle and composition of the photo that makes it look like he’s wearing graduation garb. Maybe it was the only pic they had for the story, but I’m pretty sure there were other stock photos they could have use that didn’t mislead like that. It distracts from the story.

  25. Looking again, I’m really not sure, but in any case a graduation is immaterial to the story and distracting to the point, unless they explain some context for the costume.

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