Nashville College Student Shot and Killed After Criminal Justice System ‘Reached the Limit of Its Authority’

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Courtesy NBC News

Shaquille Taylor, 29, was quickly identified as a suspect and taken into custody. Police said the gunfire came from a public housing unit across the street from the park and that Taylor was allegedly shooting at a car when a stray bullet struck [Belmont University Student Jillian] Ludwig.

Taylor was charged with aggravated assault and evidence tampering and is being held on a $280,000 bond. Police said Thursday they were in discussion with the district attorney’s office about modifying his charges.

News of Ludwig’s death came one day after Nashville District Attorney General Glenn Funk called on the Tennessee Legislature to make it easier to commit someone to a mental institution. Taylor had been criminally charged multiple times in the past, including in 2021 when he was charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

Authorities said he and another man allegedly shot at a woman while she was driving with her two children. At least two bullets hit the vehicle. The charges were ultimately dismissed earlier this year and Taylor was released after court-appointed doctors testified that he was incompetent to stand trial. Under federal and state law, mentally incompetent defendants cannot be prosecuted.

A court order stated that Taylor developed pneumonia at birth, which led to a brain infection, and that he continues to function at a kindergarten level. Criminal Court Judge Angelita Blackshear Dalton wrote that because Taylor did not meet the criteria to be involuntarily committed, the court had “reached the limit of its authority.”

 Nashville college freshman Jillian Ludwig dies after being hit by a stray bullet at a local park

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        • Well if you own a bar and you let a drunk patron get behind the wheel you could be sued should something bad happen. After the perp commited serious offenses the high and mighty judges and doctors should have known better than to put evil back on the streets. Now an innocent person is dead…not hard to see who is liable.

  1. Okay, I see this article is about a black guy in a big city breaking the law.
    And over here we have 5 gallons of water and it is wet.

  2. Please reference yesterday’s Meme of the Day.

    “Its the gun.”


    My heart goes out to the Ludwig family and her loved ones.

  3. Institutions have been replaced by one of two options: Kensington Ave and free-until-you-kill-somebody-and-go-to-prison. Family used to be an option but those don’t exist anymore.

    Sucks for the people who wind up getting killed.

    • Lobotomy works very well. Was used in the pre-1970’s for violent loonies, until “Progressives” essentially banned the procedure. Made folks mild as a baby lamb & didn’t wear off. They could be safely & cheaply sent home to mama.

      • “…continues to function at a kindergarten level.”
        that’s what prefrontal cortex mods would achieve. this asshole continues to ~behave~ at a kindergarten level.

        • excet that normal kindergarteners don’t pick up guns and use them to shoot at people who are not trying ti harm them.

  4. Too brain damaged to abstain from recreational killing?

    Perhaps he should be sent to Canada for end of life medical counseling. They offer end of life counseling to veterans who complain about how long it is taking to get a wheelchair ramp, they can deal with this ill person, too.

    • Canada’s fcked up man. I was watching the legal drugs and Vancouver sht. Their fcked, taking firearmns away isn’t going to fix the Fix

      • In Canada a few days ago a Canadian man representing the Khalistan movement (who blew up an Air India 747 in the 1980’s) made a public Video warning that no one should fly Air India after November 11 because it would be unsafe. No arrest. Why? The NDP party rules in a coalition government with Trudeau. The leader of the NDP is a public supporter of that terrorist group. Canada is now a lower end third world place.

      • My neighbors recently went to Niagara Falls for their anniversary. They like casinos. They were on the Canadian side and had breakfast at an IHOP before heading back, and paid about $40CAN for one breakfast that they shared, plus coffee for both. Just for kicks, they checked prices on the US side, and found it was less than 1/2 the cost even after factoring the exchange rate.

        There’s nothing up there that I need to go get, thank God.

  5. Charged and convicted are two different things.
    Allegations must be proven.
    I think the guy is innocent until proven quilty.
    Just because your nuts and go around killing people doesn’t mean your guilty.
    The abortion moms should have a go fund me for this guy.
    A death delayed is a baby.

  6. “he continues to function at a kindergarten level.”

    How often do kindergartners try to murder random people? If he really functioned at a kindergarten level, then we would all be better off. Since that isn’t the case, and there is apparently no hope for him, then he can’t be allowed to operate freely in society.

    • Lincoln public kindergarten was where I learned my ninja skills. The female of the species were most vicious.

  7. Get out of cities. Stay away from a certain demographic. Your life expectancy increases dramatically. I would even say these two things are more important that acquiring a firearm. Residing, unarmed, in a central Arizona community of 30,000 people is safer than being armed in Philadelphia or Atlanta.

    • Johnny, get out of the cities is not the answer.
      I’ve gotten out of the city, please do not populate my little freedom that’s left.
      BTW this towns only grocery store is closin , 8 miles to next one,the utilities are high,the water is pink, the electric is spontaneous, and it’s a really fcked up place to live. And it’s kinda close to Pitcher.
      Dont move Here
      Joe Biden in 2535

  8. sound like some people like Johnny wants to kill black people. racist pos. we need to bring back mental institutions

  9. If ignorance of the law is no excuse, insanity shouldn’t be either. If you can commit the act, and do the crime, you pay the price. Very soon people will stop calling police.

    • People have already stopped calling the police.
      One example: Shotspotter. People have stopped calling the police about shots fired in so many places that Shotspotter has become a real thing. It’s a system of microphones and computers that can listen to what’s going on in a neighborhood, hear a gunshot, triangulate where the shot was fired, and notify the police. (Forget that the mics are always on, the computers are always recording, and we have no way of knowing what conversations are being heard and/or recorded.) Why do we need this? Because gunshots occur so often in some cities/neighborhoods and the police are so ineffectual in finding the shooters, that people simply stopped calling. So now, a computer makes the call. Of course, the police are still ineffectual in finding the shooter. And the people are still being harassed (oops, “questioned”) about whether they saw or heard anything. (Add to that the fact that Shotspotter has been caught several times altering their “facts” to aid an “investigation,” and it’s easy to see why Shotspotter is being fired by many cities.)
      So it’s not “very soon,” it’s now that people aren’t calling the police. And Shotspotter is one instance of a “solution” that doesn’t address the reason.

      And, for some reason, I still don’t get notified by email of any replies to my comments, even though I’ve complained about it for years, and I check the right box.

      • Why do we need this? Because gunshots occur so often in some cities/neighborhoods and the police are so ineffectual in finding the shooters, that people simply stopped calling. fat contracts for high tech devices that come with high error rates (documented) and higher maintenance bills are how kickbacks are paid to the people that actually run things.


  10. A system that says a person’s not fit to stand trial after shooting at people but has no place to put them? Talk about a failure. If this were people or a company there’d be screeching and lawsuits. I’m sure that qualified immunity covers the negligence of the parties of the government involved with this.

  11. Incompetent to stand trial?? Only a lawyer believes that. That concept defies logic especially when the mad dog continues to repeat the same behavior.
    We put down mad dogs don’t we??

      • A friend of ours had a dog that killed chickens…
        Well, until he tied a dead chicken around the dogs’ neck, and let it rot until it fell off.
        Dog decided that he really didn’t want to kill chickens anymore.

  12. Someone interpreted the law as mandating that a violent person can be too incompetent for trial, but not incompetent enough to be committed. *That* is the Incompetence at the root of this problem.

    OT, sort of – this accused takes a nice looking mug, with well groomed eyebrows – and the judge that let him go free is female.

  13. Our legislators have:
    – no time to extend the limits of our criminal justice system to deal with such cases;
    – no time to build new asylums to which the criminally insane (and others) can be humanly cared for away from innocent victims; yet,
    – plenty of time to think of ways to prevent innocent victims from defending themselves from the unavoidable few who prey upon us.
    Where is the problem here? Is it with us, the People of the Gun? With the predators? Or, our legislators?

    We are governed by the consent of the governed. Why do we continue to consent? When will our neighbors recognize where the problem lies? What solutions are not in our collective best interest?

    • I do not believe this case is a deficiency of Tennessee law, but rather its application.

      Unless there’s a lot of these gray zone untouchables running around the state?

      Sure gonna make a fine excuse to pass a process-free red flag atrocity, though…

  14. Why has the media pleaded down the act to simple coincidence?
    There is no such thing as this mythical “STRAY BOOLITT”!
    We all live in a very real and very disciplined world. This “stray bullet” fairy tail blames gravity, the spin of the earth, the proverbial “misfire”, Charlie’s Angels posters, breakfast cereal, Karma, and POTG (US!). Seems he wuz innocent, cuz the media has decided it verbally, so let him go!

    • i understood in my teens what injun al told me after being shot as a bystander (i hesitate to use the term innocent), it’s not the bullet with my name on it that concerns me. it’s more the one addressed “to whom it may concern.”

  15. If he’s too insane to stand trial for this death, he’s to insane to lwfully possess firearms. So this sick “judge” is wrong no matter what.

  16. Again T Tag ignores the fact that the thug would never have had a gun if second hand guns with no paperwork were not available to anyone who wants one (as well as safe storage laws).vv

    • Dacidiot,
      I’ll bet this guy has connections that could get him some kinda pew pew via the Me-he-co drug transport system…

      And, you’d better stay out of Home Despot and Lowes… Those slam fire shotguns might just assemble themselves and give you a case of lead poisoning…

      • Dacidiot doesn’t know how this guy acquired a gun just like he doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. He thinks he is a know it all, problem is all he knows can be placed in a thimble with room left over.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, and you wonder why I call you a DUNDERHEAD? Where in this article does it say that the gun was an undocumented purchase? It does not say in any way how the criminal obtained the weapon.

      You just love making this nonsense up, don’t you?

  17. Exactly what criteria does he not meet for involuntary commitment under Tennessee law? I know some states require that there be some likelihood that treatment would improve the subject’s condition, but Tennessee doesn’t appear to be one of them.

  18. “Criminal Court Judge Angelita Blackshear Dalton wrote that because Taylor did not meet the criteria to be involuntarily committed, the court had “reached the limit of its authority.”’

    Pardon my French but, what the actual fuck?

  19. The key phrase for involuntary commitment in most states is some variation of “Poses a danger to himself or others.” You would think he would obviously meet that qualification.

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