FILE - Migrants wait to be processed by the Border Patrol after illegally crossing the Rio Grande River from Mexico into the United States at Eagle Pass, Texas, Friday, Aug. 26, 2022. Venezuelans have surpassed Guatemalans and Hondurans to become the second-largest nationality stopped at the U.S. border in August 2022 after Mexicans. (AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)
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It’s hard to believe that a significant portion of Texas residents aren’t already part of the gun owner community. However, in border towns, the number of those who aren’t gun owners continues to dwindle as Americans there feel increasingly unprotected against surging numbers of illegal aliens streaming through their communities, bringing crime with them.

Residents who are tired of having their dogs killed, being robbed in their homes, and having their outbuildings burglarized are increasingly turning to the great equalizer to protect their families.

Some are admittedly uneasy about teaching themselves and their kids how to use guns to defend themselves from attack, but desperate times — and an open border — call for desperate measures.

Migrants walk along concertina wire toward Border Patrol officers after illegally crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico into the U.S. at Eagle Pass, Texas, Friday, Aug. 26, 2022.  (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

FoxNews has the story:

Migrants have killed pets, stolen from shops and knocked on doors late at night in a Texas border town, prompting some residents to arm themselves, locals told Fox News.

“I don’t feel safe,” Laura Ramos, an Eagle Pass business owner, told Fox News. She said she keeps “several weapons” at her store for defense.

Griselda, another local business owner whose employees are all female, said she used to close her business at 9 p.m.

“We now close at seven because it gets dark, people are walking around, all girls, you just never know,” she told Fox News. …

“I live far from the downtown, but in that area, it’s a lot of ranch[es], a lot of big properties,” Cindy told Fox News. She said migrants went onto one property, “and in order to steal something, they killed the dogs.”

“They are like robbing stuff or killing animals to eat,” Cindy continued. “So that’s what concerns me.”

Welcome to the firearm fraternity, folks. Better late than never.

Migrants wait along a border wall Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2022, after crossing from Mexico near Yuma, Ariz. (AP Photo/Gregory Bull)

After all, the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy (or gal) with a gun. And when seconds count, police are minutes away – on a good day.

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  1. “Residents who are tired of having their dogs killed…”

    You listen here illegals, killing someone’s dog is sole job of the federal government around here.

  2. In reality migrants commit far less crime than local people do, contrary to the usual Far Right Racist rants. Migrants know that if they do not keep a low profile or get caught doing anything illegal they will be deported.

    The U.S. is experiencing a labor shortage right now so the usual Far Right racist tirade claiming they take jobs is also laughable.

    • Much of the labor shortage is caused by the Govt. ENTITLEMENT PROGRAMS. Cut these way back and the lazy people will be forced to work. Thus the legitimate citizen work force will be there to fill the needs of industry and business.

    • Nearly half of the federal prison systems population is foreign nationals who were in the United States illegally when they committed the crime that got them locked up. Here in Texas about 1/3 of the prison population is foreign nationals who were in the country illegally when they committed the crime that they got locked up for.

      • to Herr Hauptman Bill

        Nice try on trying to distort reality. The article we were discussing was in reference to migrants that committed violent crimes, not illegal migrants that came to the U.S. because they were refugees fleeing violence by drug gangs.

        Only a racist like yourself would fail to see the difference.

        And by the way its refreshing to know that your Brother is a product of higher education. At least one member of your family can be classed as an honorable American Citizen.

        • If they enter the country illegally how can we know if they’re not otherwise criminals or just refugees?

          What level of higher education do you claim, dacian?

        • You’re reality distortion field is more powerful than the one used by the late Steve Jobs.

          Legal immigrants are the ones who have lower crime rates and higher employment. Illegal immigrants (or undocumented immigrants to you) are a different variety.

        • The United States Sentencing Commission has the the actual numbers if you care to look and see how full of sh it you are.

        • If someone is here in this country got here legally, they are residents or immigrants. If they got here NOT in compliance with all laws they are NOT “immigrants, they are unlawful foreign invaders.
          There IS no such thing as an “illegal immigrant”. They are either lawful immigrants, or illegal invaders.

          Words mean things, and meanings have consequences.

    • Nothing you wrote is accurate or honest. You should stop drinking the CNN cool aid and pay attention to those of us living with the effects of our country being usurped by bad actors. But don’t worry, it’s coming to your door sooner or later with these policies. We’ll see if you tool up or just become a victim then.

    • The baby boom generation was large and provided a large labor force. Boomers are retiring. Their replacements are the Zoomers who are just entering the work force. The Zoomer generation is much smaller. The result is a shortage of workers which will get steadily worse until the next generation comes along. For the next year or two, we may experience a recession without high unemployment.

      The worker shortage is being exacerbated by de-globalization. Companies have learned, the hard way, that suppliers from another continent may not be reliable. China is the prime example. Bringing back jobs that used to be outsourced will be good for American workers (Canadian and Mexican, too) but it will further increase competition for scarce workers. The US does need immigrants to mitigate the shortage but they need to have skills to contribute.

    • go and protest. unemployed Marxist libtard. or better yet, be part of the solution, from mommys welfare check basement in the hamptons. schmuck.

    • Why do we need illegal immigration to cover job openings? Why not use legal immigrants? You attempt to conflate the two classes, doesn’t work.

      We have 6 million unemployed in this Country right now. Maybe those 6 million should get a job? There seems to be plenty of openings.

    • That’s a lie. According to federal crime statistics, illegals commit 24% of federal drug crime, 28% property, and 28% fraud crime. Since they are 4% of population, that’s an exorbitant percentage of crime.

    • how is that possible if all illegals have already committed one crime per? that’s a rate of 100%.

      nice try, but don’t conflate legitimate immigrants with the favoritism shown to those who can walk across the border illegally.

    • Others have shined light on your baseless remark, so I won’t. But your “far right” comment outs you and what people like you think.

      We on the “far right” love our country and have no interest in the direction you liberrhoids are trying to take it. You people haven’t had a good idea in decades, which is why you lie and cheat at election time.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead. That may be “true” country wide, but it is NOT true in the border states. Keep up the propaganda. You are showing us just how really dense you are.

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      Try to keep your lies somewhere in the same ballpark as the truth, eh???

      “Migrants know that if they do not keep a low profile or get caught doing anything illegal they will be deported.”

      That is so COMPLETELY laughable that it makes you look even more the fool than your usual comment. Please go take a flying fornication at a rolling deep-fried breakfast pastry, you absolute @$$clown.

    • Only a racist would claim that some group of people commit less crime than other groups. Dacian is a Latino arse kisser. And no one will rescue dumbarse dacian when some Latino starts hacking on him with a machete.

    • There is no labor shortage, fool. Cut welfare, and people will be competing to get a job harvesting whatever is in season. How do you idiots get is so very wrong? “We can’t afford to pay people to harvest peaches, but we can pay them every month to sit in the projects, eating peaches!”

    • So, how many illegal aliens do you have staying at your (probably your parent’s) place? If you are such a caring person, why not invite a family of them to share your parent’s basement with you? You can pay their food bill, medical, clothing, school expenses, etc.. All talk, no action. Just like the phony ‘Liberals’ on Martha’s Vineyard.

  3. The really sad question: when will this be more commonplace throughout the United States?

    I just hear the movie trailer now, “Illegal immigration violent crime at border towns–coming soon to an interior town near you.”

    Disclaimer: I am NOT anti-immigration. I am all for an orderly immigration process. What I oppose is millions of anonymous people streaming across our border who may very well end up voting illegally and demanding “benefits” from our nation’s entitlement programs.

    • Depends what you consider interior. Uvalde is a mess of illegal crime now begging for help. We’re two hours north on 35, and in the last year, it’s gone from occasional chases/break ins to multiple daily. San Antonio is seeing increasing crime around the processing centers they are opening up all over town in old CPS buildings and other abandoned buildings (malls, old air force base, old walmart).

    • None of this is about “immigration”. Immigration is a LEGAL process, a process foreign applicants follow to become US citizens.

      The brown invasion at the southern border has nothing to do with immigration. The human debris flooding into the country daily are not immigrants, they’re criminals, and the elevated crime rate was predictable. Demorrhoids could care less – all this was intentional.

      Harsh? Yeah, it is. Planned destruction of the once-greatest country on the planet is harsh too.

  4. The illegal immigrant problem will not go away or even abate significantly until federal, state, and local governments start punishing businesses for hiring them for cheap and tax free labor. But the democrats ultimately want to increase their voter base, and the GOP won’t do anything because the Chamber of Commerce and other pro business groups have them in their pockets, so it ain’t gonna happen. Nor will any other type of reform. So keep tooling up, border residents, and defend yourselves.

    • Max penalty for hiring or harboring illegals is $ 750.00 the last that i heard. Saw where the border patrol ( useless ) and the county law officials ( overwhelmed ) said to these ranchers that they are on their own. They should red between the lines. Time to begin ridding the place of invasive species.

      • Actually, more and more reports of that are filtering out. But even if a rancher down there has to defend himself from half a dozen aggressive illegals and leaves them where they lay (which are the reports), how does that slow the 2 million they are estimating through Texas this year?

  5. Reports are central and south America are emptying their prisons and ordering them to go to the U.S. Crime is gonna get much worse. Try to get prepared, our gov’t isn’t going to help.

    • pretty sure, this about to come to an end. Law enforcement no longer exists to protect the citizen, it exists now just to protect criminals.

      I’m thinking we’re not long from a wholesale increase in Vigilante Justice.

      Didn’t have to go this way, but when government abdicates its only real job, thats how it’s always gotta go.

  6. What happened to them darn tea partiers, I mean civilian border patrollers? Guess summer in the desert is too much for fat white guys. I really feel for US citizens who live near the DMZ. The Dims will probably pull some stunt right before election day to make it look like they are “doing something” and fool the fence sitters into falling off to the left. May God help US all.

    • Says a keyboard warrior? Guys down there got desperate and tried to do something and were mercilessly stalked and harassed by BP and DPS, and you feel the need to disparage them? Pathetic.

  7. They waited til now to tool up? If I lived on the border I’d want a minigun and RPGs! And that might not be enough for the cartel “incursions.”

  8. Disclaimer: I am not in favor of any illegal SOBs coming here and reaping havoc on us Legally born, or legally nationalized citizens here in the US. This has to end some how some way. Just saying.

  9. Why they can’t they just be a welcoming, tolerant and helpful sanctuary like the good liberal people of Martha’s Vineyard?

    • “…welcoming, tolerant and helpful sanctuary like the good liberal people of Martha’s Vineyard?”

      *Snicker*… 😉

  10. Regarding the recent TTAG article for credit card merchat gods for specifically gun purchases> ….

    A letter signed by 24 attorneys general and sent to the CEOs of American Express, Mastercard, and Visa rebuked the reclassification of gun purchases saying that the Second Amendment is a fundamental right. (

    Additionally, over 100 members of the House of Representatives signed a letter saying that specific codes would cause burdens on mom-and-pop firearms retailers. (

    Visa issued a statement regarding the code change (somewhat in ‘business speak’) affirming its position against it. ( with… “Asking private companies to decide what legal products or services can or cannot be bought and from what store sets a dangerous precedent … Further, it would be an invasion of consumers’ privacy for banks and payment networks to know each of our most personal purchasing habits. Visa is firmly against this.” – and further in its statements Visa the issue for abuse as the democrats and anti-gun have stated they intend to do with this…

    “Many misunderstand what that means and are, in turn, advocating the use of MCCs to “track” gun sales as a potential tool in combatting gun violence. That’s not what merchant codes are designed for, nor should they be. …” – and this

    “However, MCCs do not give Visa or any other payment network visibility into product-level data, also known as “SKU-level” data. When we process a transaction, we have no visibility into what items a consumer is purchasing — this is true irrespective of which MCC applies to a merchant.

    We do not believe private companies should serve as moral arbiters. Asking private companies to decide what legal products or services can or cannot be bought and from what store sets a dangerous precedent. Further, it would be an invasion of consumers’ privacy for banks and payment networks to know each of our most personal purchasing habits. Visa is firmly against this.”

    • Simple solution – Sporting goods.

      The same as a football or a tennis racket, it’s a sporting good…

  11. 7400 illegal alians each day divided by 300 americans who die of fetenol overdoses each day equals over 25, That is the price Biden is willing to pay to achieve his agenda of creating a controlled society that is totally dependent on government handouts. Biden can easily stop this anytime but he just don’t care about the lives lost.

    • I’m not really concerned about those who get their fentanyl overdoses in their cocaine, heroin, or fake opioids. Take poison, take your chances. Fuck ’em.

      • You must have some serious issues. Did someone abuse you while they were on drugs? Good god. You seem to be heartless. Drugs are horrible. And its stupid to use em. But yea. Your attitude is just plain out FUCKED.

        • Using drugs is also a choice that may have negative consequences. Make a poor choice and there may be a cost. Choose to rob the wrong store, or choose to drive drunk and you may have a high price to pay as well.
          I used some drugs back in the day in the years after coming home from S.E. Asia. Figured out it was a dumb thing to be doing and managed to get off the crap. Sorry, but I have no sympathy for those who choose to use. Just as I did back then, they made that choice. And, just as I did as well, they may have to suffer the consequences.

        • Jfitz,

          Serious response to your comment:

          Freedom includes the freedom to CHOOSE to do dumb s***. If you are not free to choose to do dumb s***, are you really free? Who decides what constitutes “dumb s***”?? You??? What if the “dumb s***” police decide your favorite hobby is “dumb”??

          I find “conservatives” who want their “freedom”, but have no problem imposing their values on someone else endlessly amusing. Take a chill pill, and let people do what they want, as long as they respect the property and sovereignty of others. Nobody died and made you God.

    • The bodies ARE stacking up. This administration sees it but doesn’t care. This is happening WITH Bidens blessing.

        • My point is that it’s fruitless to be concerned with Biden seeing any of this. The country needs to see it. The world needs to see it. We do but we only make up a small portion of the electorate. Half the country believes the lies of the left. There are reasons why the border is ignored by most media outlets. People are being kept in the dark while being lied to.

    • Well, if they choose to take fentanyl and OD, I’ll be sad (maybe), but responsibility ultimately lies with the addict. The fentanyl argument is too much of a lefty tactic to me. I’m happy with keeping criminals and foriegn welfare rats out of our country and defending out borders. I don’t need an emotional argument that shifts blame from individuals’ personal responsibility and choices to want to defend our country.

      • Recently here in Mn. we had a counterfeit passing, arrest resisting, fentanyl ingesting felon cack off, and everyone was concerned for a couple of years afterwards… how can you accuse
        everyone of not being concerned, jimr ?

  12. Funny how the Government is quick to label anyone who disagrees with them anti-government, terrorists, radical extremists, and MAGA conservatives whether they are or not.

    They never want to acknowledge that unlike those they identify with those terms, they break the law on a daily basis, refuse these very immigrants in their blue cities and complain about them being put upon by their own policies.

    They have to be pretty dense not to realize that we are not fools and clearly understand what they are doing and that is why people are unhappy with them. It has nothing to do with being any of those things. It has everything to do with their incompetence, blatant attempt to socialize this Country and their mass hypocrisy of breaking their own rules constantly and then placing the blame on others who really have not.
    Their biggest mistake is believing people are going to let them get away with their ongoing destruction of the country and attempt to intimidate them. They ought to realize that people are not buying firearms at a rate of well over 1 million a month because people are happy with them. Time they woke up before it really comes back to bite them all on their collective butts.

  13. So what are you recommending here??
    Shooting immigrants for knocking on door., Shooting somebody who may or may not have killed your do> NOT ONCE have you mentioned physical threats or assault with a firearm or any other deadly weapon not once. If you do shoot somebody that does NOT Present a danger to life you are in very big trouble. So you would if you shot somebody who l killed a dog. You may not like it but that would not wear as an excuse for killing somebody who shot the dog, I doubt it’s even a crime, and IF you do shoot you always SHOOT to KILL .
    In the mean time everybody has a simple solution to complex problems., Here’s the news:-

    • Albert L J Hall,


      That may very well be the very first thing that you have ever posted on this website which is correct and truthful.

    • Oh what BS! Of course there are always simple answers to complex problems, you and your ilk just don’t like them. If someone kills my dog(s), they have shown a lack of respect for life and property. If the feds and/or police won’t do anything about someone trespassing, killing animals and pounding on a front door, then people will eventually get fed up and will do something about the problem themselves, and it won’t be to hand over food, money or anything else. I’ve been to the border and there is a ton of empty down there.

      • Yep simple answer is go back to Trump finishing that wall & act like a real nation with real borders. Simple…

    • Albert L J Hall, are you out of your mind? No one is saying they will shoot someone for just knocking on your front (or back) door. Do you have a screw loose?

  14. BUILD THE WALL (out of illegal criminal border-hoppers’ corpses). Just like hanging a dead coyote on the fence at a ranch. TOO BAD if the feds don’t like my opinion on the matter. I don’t brook back-sass from organized criminals and terrorists no matter which branch of gov’t they represent.

    • Perhaps we should implement impaling a la Vlad Dracul. There might even be enough to put them all in sight of each other across the entire southern border.

  15. The “gun Community” is content with just the police and military openly carrying machine guns and guarding the border. They don’t support armed civilians doing the job, that the government refuses to do.

    And the Libertarians Liberals or the Left, including some conservatives, don’t support private property owners, guarding their own land from an invasion.
    What does Donald Trump have to do with a property owner, using their 2A civil rights, to protect their livestock, or any other thing they own from invaders who steal and destroy???

    Like I have said before. There is no proof that the three L’s support the concept of private property rights.

    From 2019
    “Militias, Patriots, and Border Vigilantes in the Age of Trump”

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