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Remember that time the Biden Administration thought they could get away with nominating a paid gun control lobbyist to run the agency that regulates firearms in this country? Someone who had, let’s say, a checkered work history and had openly advocated for banning the most popular rifles in America?

That didn’t work out well for Susan Rice and the rest of the Pennsylvania Avenue crew who command Biden’s War on Guns. David Chipman met fierce opposition, even among some Democrats, and his nomination eventually went down in flames.

The latest move to insert a paid gun control advocate into a federal position isn’t quite as prominent or as influential, but it’s every bit as nauseating. And this time the administration tried to hide it.

Yesterday, the Department of the Interior announced the appointment of 18 people to something called the Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Council. As Secretary Deb DeHaaland says, she’ll be “working with” this group of sportsmen and women to “expand access to the great outdoors, address climate change, and safeguard the wildlife and health of the natural systems that supply our food, water and other resources.”

One name on the list stood out to those of us who watch these things: Ryan Busse.

Busse, as you may be aware, is a former gun industry executive. One who saw and has taken full advantage of the lucrative opportunities available to anyone willing to become a professional apostate, positioning himself as a “brave voice” willing to “speak truth to power” by attacking the evil gun lobby and the NRA. A self-described “warrior for change.” All this, of course, while being celebrated by the media and cashing checks from the gun control industry and publishers.

Yet somehow, Busse’s extensive history of gun control advocacy — not to mention the name of at least one of his current paymasters — escaped the attention of the Department of Interior’s crack PR team who wrote the press release and published it on a Friday where it was sure to get the least possible attention.

In the list of council members, DOI’s press release describes Busse thusly . . .

    • Ryan Busse (unaffiliated) representing shooting sports interests.

Unaffiliated? Gosh, you’d think a government PR flack would be capable of looking at the man’s Twitter profile which lists him as a senior advisor for the Giffords gun control operation. Maybe a minute of Googling would have revealed the book he wrote, the op-eds he’s penned and the TEDx talk he likes to give. You know, the ones portraying himself a courageous truth-teller, a lone voice sounding the alarm on the evils and threats posed by America’s radicalized gun industry.

Ryan Busse is as “unaffiliated” as David Hogg is educated.

We talked to the NSSF’s Mark Oliva about Interior’s “stealth” appointment. He had this to say about that . . .

The appointment of Ryan Busse to the Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Council, a federal advisory committee, is a farce and demonstrates the contempt the Biden administration holds for lawful gun owners who hunt on America’s public and private lands.

Busse was listed as “unaffiliated,” but that is not true. He is not an unaffiliated shooting sports interest expert. He is advisor for the Giffords gun control group and has openly advocates for a ban on the most popular selling centerfire rifle in America – the modern sporting rifle (MSR). He has published a book advocating radical gun control policies.

Glaringly absent, however, is any representative from the firearm and ammunition industry even though the industry is responsible for the vast majority of conservation funds through the Pittman-Robertson excise tax. To date, the firearm and ammunition industry has provided over $15.3 billion to wildlife conservation since 1937 and over $1.1 billion of the conservation funds apportioned to the states last year was directly tied to taxes paid by firearm and ammunition manufacturers.

The Biden administration has politicized this advisory council to legitimize Busse and the far-left gun control policies he and the gun control group he represents advocate. This is a sham and doesn’t come close to representing the interests of lawful gun owners who hunt and are faithful stewards of the precious wildlife resources our nation enjoys.

By appointing a politicized hack like Busse, the Biden Administration continues to cover itself in glory as it conducts its War on Guns and serves one of its most important constituencies: the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex.


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  1. But miner49er keeps telling me that barry opened millions of acres to gun carriers and that the dems are better at being pro gun than the gop.

    Whoever am I to believe?

    • Well as a direct result of the threat to our republic, when Dems speak…more guns are sold.

      I’m also seeing more people legally carrying guns than ever before. So yeah, acreage has been opened up to gun carriers.

      Although it pains me to agree in any way with miner.

    • Let me see if I understand you correctly. Our dear leader has, by decree, allowed me to exercise my protected, God-given right on land that I own (as an American citizen)? Where do I send the thank you letter?

    • “…and that the dems are better at being pro gun than the gop.”

      Well, they were (in a way). The Leftist Scum ™ *insisted* on running the HildaBeast instead of ‘Commie Bernie’ in the 2016 national elections, giving us 3 solid SCotUS picks that gave us the ‘Bruen’ decision.

      Their arrogance in 2016 cost them *everything*… 🙂

  2. “The Biden Administration continues to cover itself in glory as it conducts its War on Guns Americans”

    FIFY. Everything they do is a farce. American Rescue Plan (recession)? Inflation Reduction Act (more inflation)? Gender affirming care (gender denying)? Free speech (sexual fetish instruction for children)? They have to obfuscate, use euphemisms, and just outright lie. If they were open and honest about what they were doing even Democrats wouldn’t support them. The only ones who would support them would be the small group of people profiting from the raid taking place on our treasury, as the rest of us get poorer. That’s why they spend most of their time demonizing the opposition and our own country instead of explaining their plans. They want blind tribal allegiance, not allegiance to country.

  3. It was not guns that ‘radicalized America’. It was the lunacy of the Democrat left that did that. As per AOC’s order to the masses.

  4. The fact this guy made most of his money with Kimber is why I’m glad I never owned one.
    Nor EVER will.

  5. “Ryan Busse is as “unaffiliated” as David Hogg is educated.”

    Thanks Dan,
    Now I need a new keyboard…

  6. The thing I find most fascinating is that the Biden administration manages to find the absolute worst and least competent people they can for these positions. What’s sad and frightening is that these people already have careers in our government.

  7. Over the next few years, there will be multiple books released analyzing the Rice (Biden) administration and pointing out how his advancing senility shortly after his election forced him to turn over virtually all of his decision-making to the unelected Rice since if he resigned he would be turning the country over to his giggling idiot VP mistake. Additionally, he wanted to pretend he was in charge during his dwindling lucid moments. The final downward spiral was marked by one of his most belligerent speeches which became known as his Reichstag Speech where he named every citizen who voted for his predecessor as an enemy of the state. This occurred several weeks before the midterm elections that marked the end of the power gained by the extreme left wing of the Democrat party. The additional stress from this political loss is thought to have triggered further mental breakdown and led to his death from complications of advanced senility shortly before he was due to leave office.

  8. I say “NO!” to every Progressive/Leftists/Democrat/Rino that I can.
    “No. NO, and “&^$%$#$^ you!” There is fast approaching a point where the majority will say “NO.” as well, and those mentioned above will not understand and go the way of Ceausescu.

  9. But all my online Democrat friends gush about how “open” and “transparent” the Biden administration is!


    Kinda like how open and transparent the three-layer brick outer wall of my fireplace is.

  10. Oh good, a worthless turd that sold overpriced and out-of-date guns known for jamming to dealers has a cushy government job instead of a cushy lobbying gig. I’ll sleep so much better at night knowing the bureaucracy will soon be jammed just like the 1911s he sold.

    • At least he has the balls to identify himself, unlike a spinless turd like yourself hiding under a brand-new never-seen-before username here on TTAG.

      IOW, unlike a POS like *you*… 🙂

    • Guy brought a Kimber 1911 in for a full takedown and cleaning job. Would have been in and out the same day if the PLASTIC mainspring housing hadn’t been cracked. Now he’s gotta wait until next week for a replacement to arrive.

  11. Gunfight: The gun lobby forces people to buy guns and made people think they have rights!. The gun lobby isn’t radicalizing people. My family and ancestors going back many generations have owned guns and liked guns. I have some of their guns right now that were made 140 years ago. Nobody forces people to buy guns. The radicalization people are the anti gun commies who want to ignore the writings of the founders and their philosophy on the right to keep and bear arms. They want to radically change society to strip the people of their rights and freedoms. It’s not just guns they hate. They hate free people able to make their own decisions on how they want to live their lives.

  12. The “Gun Appreciation Day” movement’s creator, Ryan Busse, has joined the hunting advisory board of the Interior Department under President Barack Obama. The contentious activist has advocated for a ban on all firearms and ammunition. Busse was a proponent of gun control from the beginning, advocating the use of “Gun Appreciation Day” to drum up support for gun control legislation. Representatives from the NRA and several hunting organizations make up the advisory board, and they offer suggestions on how to make hunting and fishing better. The creator of “Gun do my class,” Ryan Busse, has been invited to join the hunting advisory board by the Obama Interior Department.

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