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An obviously suspicious transaction by a would-be mass shooter. CHARGE DECLINED (AP Photo/John Bazemore)
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Gun control groups are pulling back the curtain to reveal that their plan to add a firearm and ammunition-specific merchant category code (MCC) for gun retailers isn’t about tracking guns. It’s about tracking you.

Andrew Ross Sorkin, a New York Times columnist who proposed this idea years ago, penned a column outlining the “next steps.” That revealed that the pressure campaign by federal lawmakers, state attorneys general, state lawmakers and activist banks on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to create a unique MCC for gun retailers was just the beginning. It was never about gathering data to aide law enforcement. It is, and always has been, a concerted effort to pressure credit card companies to deny lawful purchases of firearms and put every single gun purchaser on a watchlist.

Since the federal government is forbidden by law from creating and maintaining a searchable database of gun owners, this task is being outsourced to private industry.

An international body of unelected bureaucrats, not accountable to the American public, is setting the conditions that will allow credit card companies to track, categorize and report “suspicious” purchases to law enforcement. This is the definition of an Orwellian society.

How We Got Here

Sorkin proposed the idea of cutting off gun purchases by throttling the use of credit cards in 2018, when he published a column titled, “How Banks Could Control Gun Sales If Washington Won’t.” NSSF warned then of the dangerousness of this proposal. Sorkin’s idea is that enough financial pressure could be applied to credit card giants to deny lawful gun sales. Swipe, insert chip or tap just simply wouldn’t work for those attempting to legally purchase a firearm or ammunition.

This idea was backed by gun control front-woman Shannon Watts. Antigun politicians like U.S. Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and U.S. Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D-Va.) who introduced legislation that would require the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCen) to give guidance to banks so they can report “suspicious financial activity.”

The bill is fraught with civil liberty violations and not just those freedoms protected by the Second Amendment. Privacy rights – specifically those related to finances – would go by the wayside.

Union-owned “socially responsible” Amalgamated Bank (Shutterstock)

Amalgamated Bank, a “socially-responsible” bank, pressured the ISO for the specific MCC to categorize firearm retailers. That’s the same bank that refuses to do business to anyone in the gun industry but bankrolls the Democratic National Committee and Political Action Committees including Biden-Harris Democrats, Ready for Hillary (which is Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC), Sen Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) Warren Democrats and U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) PAC, among others.

How It Works

The new MCC would apply to firearm retailers sales where the customer uses a credit card to pay. The code would allow credit card giants to monitor transactions at firearm retailers. In other words, someone buying new waders, boots, bibs, decoys, calls, bags, a shotgun and ammunition would all be specifically coded in a total lump sum the credit card companies could examine.

The credit card giants wouldn’t be able to peer into the shopping basket to see that of the thousands of dollars someone might spend at the beginning of a hunting season would be mostly for gear, only a large purchase totaling thousands of dollars. That could raise a flag as a “suspicious” purchase.

hunting gear store boots shop shopping

They could deny the transaction. They would report the transaction to law enforcement and a law-abiding gun owner could be put on a watchlist, like the terrorist watchlist or the government’s “No Fly” list. They could expect a visit from law enforcement asking them about their purchase, or attempted purchase.

How They Want It To Work

That’s just the beginning. Sorkin detailed plans to snap the door closed. Credit card giants need to do more than adopt the code, Sorkin said they need to enforce it. That would require the credit card companies forcing sporting goods stores like Academy to ring up gun and ammunition separately at the gun counter and utilize the gun store MCC.

Sorkin also wants payment processors to develop software algorithms that would automatically flag “suspicious” purchases. Those looking for a definition of what would be “suspicious” should be wary that Amalgamated Bank is already working on this. If Sorkin has his way, banks would be the arbiters of approving or denying the purchase.

gun store background check 4473
A “bad actor” who could be selling that revolver to a terrorist. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

That’s putting unelected bureaucrats in control of Americans’ Second Amendment freedoms. Antigun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety is heralding the move they say would prevent “… an extremist building an arsenal.” It could also prevent law-abiding gun owners from purchasing a handgun to protect themselves.

Giffords gun control group tweeted, “Next steps: We’ll work with @Visa, @Mastercard, & @AmericanExpress to ensure bad actors are not exploiting our nation’s financial system to carry out mass shootings and illicitly traffic firearms.”

Since Giffords’ goal is to ban guns, “bad actors” would seem to include every lawful gun purchaser. Brady United, another gun control group, also glommed onto the “bad actors” descriptor, lumping all gun purchasers as potential criminals.

This assault on privacy and Second Amendment rights isn’t finished. NSSF will work with Congress, state legislatures and attorneys general to battle back and protect the industry and those it serves. This new gun store MCC will not protect America from criminals but it does serve the demands of gun control zealots to chill and then kill lawful gun ownership in America.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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      • A few years ago I bought a TV and entertainment console from Walmart. Total happened to be just a hair under $800. When I handed the employee eight $100 bills, his mind locked up and he didn’t know what to do because he had never handled that much cash before. No, seriously…he stammered and didn’t know how to process the sale in the register. I told him it’s the same as any other cash sale. He ended up calling over a supervisor, who coincidentally told him the same thing.

        Just last week, Mrs. Haz and I went to a local eatery for burgers. She handed the young cashier the exact amount in cash, down to the penny. The cashier became confused, counted the coins, counted them again, placed the money into the till, paused, and handed us some money back and said “here’s your change”. Mrs. Haz politely said “no dear…”.

        True stories, both. I weep for the future…

        • This was pushing 30 years ago – A buddy I regularly go deep sea fishing with told me about how his son’s boss at the son’s first job was utterly amazed at how the kid could calculate out the change back *before* the cash register completed the calculation.

          I regularly do similar things, I’ll hand over cash to the penny so I’ll get a quarter back instead of dimes, nickels, and pennies for example. It absoluteness freaks some cashiers out. I now just tell them as I hand it to them I’m getting a quarter back, and they get this puzzled look on their face until they see .25 in the cash register’s display.

          My buddy’s kid? Doing very well as an engineer, with little monsters of his own… 🙂

        • Just this week, I paid cash at Subway. I gave her the exact change. She spread it out on the counter and stared at it, trying to count it. She apologized. I finally slowly counted it out for her, moving each coin as I counted it. She thanked me.

    • Don’t you think that if they already are getting with illegal registration of private firearms with background checks, agency fiat criminal identification for records on personally made firearms and so on and on…

      That they might already also be prepared for cash and bitoin purchases?

      Breaking news for the ‘ignint’ who like to maintain their blissfulness and say naaah, never happen.

      It’s happening. Right NOW, in fact! The Fed recently received an order from the Brandon regime to begin setting up a G-coin system with banks to surreptitiously eventually replace bitoin. Since Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are now used by more than 10% of the populate, and growing, G-coin will initially be accepted by the left half of the country who are anti-guns anyway. By the time the ordinary shit sucking Marxist true believers figure out that absolutely all their personal perverted or otherwise privacy with be forever ‘GONE GIRL’ and the next phase will be a universal police state value production assessment (of course under the specious ‘goodwill’ notion of Pre-crime control and Public Safety) of individuals based on knowing every single minute where you are and everything you do in life then, modeled after China’s system, it will be too late to do anything about it.
      If you didn’t like the credit reporting companies, you’ll go insane with their plot to use financial control over all your money and assets to modify your behavior to comply with the Universal State Social Curriculum. And of course, adjust your spending and purchasing according to your ‘Social Credit’ standing. The credit reporting agencies are already gearing up for this.

      Remember, it’s not just the amount of actual weaponry available. They underestimated their initial ability to restrict gun ownership because they forgot that it’s difficult to tell a Free American what she can, or cannot have.

      The other way they’ll do it then is to go after the people who actually might organize a serious mass resistance backed by 2nd/A citizens when Law Enforcement comes a knock, knock, knocking–or flash banging, at your chamber door…

      Chopping off the head of the snake, as they say. Without capable leadership, even decent good natured liberty minded Constitutional citizens, will likely succumb.

      Notice how viciousy and inncessently they ‘prosecuted’ the Jan 6 people, and all of Trump’s assistants and critical advisors.

      That’s what they did in all the tyrannical regimes throughout the history of humanity.

      And it always worked because, like in Germany, when the nascent Nazi movement was predicted to be a seriously dangerous movement, potentially altering the entire government and lifestyle of most German citizens, especially the power elite dismissed that possibility and ignored it. The rest is well documented history. Even renowned thinker Sigmund Freud stayed too long in Germany stuck, ironically, in his own mental issues with disbelief and lost some precious lifelong irreplaceable artifacts.

      And once set up for universal application of G-coin, cash dollars will be no longer printed eliminated as ‘legal tender’. And stores will strictly be forbidden from taking gold or silver coins as payments for anything.

      Oh, but don’t worry, you can always sue them, AGHAHAHAHA!

      Folks, I won’t get into it now. there’s a reason everybody sounds like Kyle here. It’s not really their fault. Like with everything else we just try for the quick side slip to avoid or ‘get around’ what we don’t like. It’s human nature and Marxists are experts at manipulating it.
      Instead of making MGs legal and unrestricted, we look for little ways to ‘legally” get around the law, instead of changing the Law itself, by changing the people in charge.

      We keep missing to boat to freedom by getting entangled in the docking ropes. Instead of simply fixing the root problem by repealing and nullifying the NFA through Congress along with all Gun Registration and background checks and paperwork when we had the chance with a less Marxist government. LIKE WE HAD BACK IN THE DAY WHEN even major gun manufacturers like Savage had Un serialized firearms.

      They brainwashed us out of this way of thinking with a decades old form of mind control. It’s all around us. But like being street wise through constant situational awareness, you have to understand how they do it. It’s hard to notice at first unless maybe you’re a professional marketing person. If anybody is seriously interested, I’ll spell out their methodology and give you some source material.

      Meanwhile get focused on helping any way you can to get out the vote the next few weeks.
      One of ‘their’ mind control techniques is to block information they don’t want you to know.

      I’m constantly amazed how many people, especially the Millennials, are simply ignorant of the election candidates and their philosophies. I’ve ‘converted’ dozens of people over the last few months from either democrats or not voting to definitely coming out to vote Conservative Freedom in November. Mainly it’s simply a matter of explaining to them what’s really going on and how they could really do something extremely important in their lives.

      The writing is on the shithouse wall, once you get them passed the stench to read it.

      • “…already are getting with illegal registration of private firearms…”

        The new ones, yeah, the ones I’ve bought with cash from individuals going years back, some of whom are now dead?

        No ‘trail’ on those guns.

        Mandatory gun registration laws are high on the ‘hit list’ of laws to challenge, thanks to St. Thomas and his most Blessed ‘Bruen’ decision… 🙂

      • quote————-And it always worked because, like in Germany, when the nascent Nazi movement was predicted to be a seriously dangerous movement, potentially altering the entire government and lifestyle of most German citizens, especially the power elite dismissed that possibility and ignored it.——–quote

        History repeats itself and that is exactly what happened on Jan 6th when Trump tried a duplicate of Hitler’s 1923 style Beer Hall Putsch.

        And Hitler contrary to popular belief did not take any guns from German citizens. He actually relaxed Germany’s gun control laws contrary to the ignorance and propaganda of the Far Right in the U.S. Yes he did take guns from the Jews but most did not have any nor did they want any guns.

        The German citizens had hundreds of thousands if not millions of privately owned firearms. My own Father who served in Patton’s 3rd Armory told of seeing fellow G.I.’s under orders confiscate truck loads of firearm’s from German citizens that were nothing more than sporting arms. These guns were then run over with tanks and thrown into ditches and buried. Officers got first pick and sent home many expensive engraved shotguns and enlisted men often stole what souvenirs they could.

        In other words the German people had plenty of guns to fight Hitler with but chose instead to support him and bless his take over of the Government making himself dictator for life, just as the Trumpite storm troopers tried to do in Capitalvania on Jan. 6th.

        • Talk about being “EASILY BRAINWASHED”!!!

          There was no “INSURRECTION” on J6!!!!

          Also ignore the fact members of ANTIFA and BLM was mixed in with the protesters!!!

          Some were invited in by Capital Police officers, ie opening doors and removing barriers and waving people in!!!!

  1. DO NOT make purchases of firearms, ammo, and parts with a credit card. Pay cash, or maybe pay with a check. Like Kyle already said above, bypass the credit card agencies. If Bitcoin and similar are accepted, fine, use that. But, be aware that those transactions are traceable by the government. All that anonymity hype is just that – hype.

    • Like I said numerous times…Gun Control zealots and their cohorts view Gun Owners in the same manner the kkk viewed Black Americans and the socialist nazi party viewed Jews.

      Make no mistake about it…Today In America Gun Owners are the new N-word and will be singled out and served accordingly.
      Suggestions of dropping to your knees to use bitcoin and cash caters to such blatant discrimination. Let the ratbassturds proceed and one day God Willing a court will hold them liable in a huge class action lawsuit. Prepare to pay up ratbassturds.

    • They are already tracking every financial transaction, phone call, text, email, and every website you visit. I acknowledge that this new development must be resisted, but the police state is already here. The only reason that they haven’t killed Trump and started to seize our guns is that they still fear us.

    • Bob and Ray said it best, “Use money every day it’s the American way”
      and “It comes in a beautiful green color and transfers easy”

  2. Fascists on the Left are deftly exploiting the “free market system” to negate Constitutional civil rights protections. They don’t have the votes to pass their gun ban legislation so they sub contract with private industry. Political control of private industry…ie. Fascism.

    This is just another indication of our steady move towards authoritarian government. I never thought we’d get there this fast, or that they’d get away with it with absolutely no effective push back. But, here we are.

    • No one in Germany in 1924 thought much of the NASDP or more commonly known as the NAZI party. Just another annoying and idiotic fringe party. The current bunch of Dementiacrats have been at this for decades. They know more about manipulating and controlling the generally ignorant voters than the NAZIs ever did.

  3. Cash will be fine until the push for a cashless society ramps up and using cash to purchase firearms will be one of the arguments for a cashless society for the children of course.

  4. I haven’t charged anything in nearly 15 years. All purchases have been in cash, except for the home I’m currently in. If all electronic transactions will be monitored, I’ll probably be buying prepaid Visa cards from here out to make gun and ammo purchases just to mess with the creditors.

  5. There are a few workaround oves that can, and should, be made.
    Since ALL retail gun sales must involve face to face NICS transactioins, simply bring a bucket of Benjamins and use those to pay for the transaction. Last I used GunBroker or similar, payment was through GunBroker who skimmed their cut and forwarded the rest to the seller. All the FFL did was the NICS check, not a tangible sale. SInce GunBroker is not “selling guns” they should refuse to accet the new MCC code.

    A workaorund for retail establishments would be to arrenge a third party ATM machine to be maintaoned on the premises for customers to snag greenbacks. They could then use those notes for boots, bubble gun, board games, but certainly”Not” guns……. Maybe someone could start ubp a new concept where my credit card would be used to purchase token cards, no MCC code involved, then the token cards used for the much feared gun sales”.

    Time for some creative minds to get to work.

    There are also no-fee bank transfer services, Zelle comes to mind, PayPal too but they charge WAY too much and do track by merchant type. Direct ACH transfers can also be used. Gun retailers need to get creative about diversifying payment pipelines to circumvent this.

    Gun retailers also need to sandbag, refuse, etc, or simpy “forget” to use the “correct” code Guns really ARE “general merchainside”, are they not?

    Last, this by its very nature is an invasion of MY privacy. WHY do these clwons “need to know” how I spend my money? The whole MCC code is a scam. End it. Maybe SCOTUS coud find/invent privacy violations in the “umbras and emanatioins” they “found” in the Constitution? Who knows what else might be “lurking” in that amazing document.

    • Paying cash for merchant or VISA gift cards, covers much of what you mentioned. You could even buy them with your card, but then there’d still be a trail to you.

      “…simply “forget” to use the “correct” code…”

      This is not a code that you enter as part of a transaction. A business is assigned a category code at the time the card processing account is set up, based on their type of business, and it covers every transaction processed through that account, at least for standalone terminals. We were assigned the code for general automotive repairs. I could see item tracking becoming a thing if payment processing is integrated into your sales system, but most merchants aren’t there yet. It is definitely heading that way, though.

  6. Can you have a steak this weekend?
    Depend on how much gasoline you bought.

    Can you heat your home this Winter?
    Depends on how much driving you did and meat you ate over the Summer.

    Gotta be carbon neutral donchaknow.

    Buying a gun and ammo? Well, shit. Now we gotta send a 3AM door-knock your way to investigate this. CC bill also says you subscribe to ad-free (un-approved news source)? Oh man I’d hate to be you right now.

    Only good things from corporate kept lists at the behest of government.

    • “Can you have a steak this weekend?…………Buying a gun and ammo? Well, shit. Now we gotta send a 3AM door-knock your way to investigate…….”

      I expect to see ‘possum’ chiming in on how ‘gunm and blammo’ purchases can be a viable way of supplementing your on-hand protein supply.
      With the added bonus of acquiring more ‘gunms and blammo’ for your private stash.
      Does their vehicle have a full tank of fuel?

      That cloud has several silver linings for a possum. 🤔

    • Use at your own risk. 2 Indiana LGS>South County & Sheepdog in Dyer(unaffiliated)insist on customer’s being on a list. Name & address. Guess what? I never use any card but this is a dumb business practice which means I won’t buy from them anymore. Oh well!

  7. Draft and pass model laws at the city, state and federal level that preclude banks from tracking or arbitrarily denying service for guns, gun parts, and ammo and any type of sporting goods.

    IF they want to do business in X city, Y state they have to comply. Just like California’s emissions standards and Proposition 65 labeling.

  8. I am tired of this game, I am tired of nra, nagr, Rand Paul, and every damn body else after my money. I am damn sure tired of the dipshits that want gun control. Too damn stupid to know what happens after they get our guns. Come On Commie Joe, I’m ready. Let’s go Brandon! Come and get it

      • Good at what? I am tired of all the talking. I believe we will see what time it is after the election. Gonna roll over again when they say most secure election in history? What exactly has the pillow man done to anyone? I guess it’s a lot easier to talk smack about me than admit where we are

        • I believe he was referring to your non sequitur RP jab. Like RP is the black hole that $s are disappearing into in DC.🙄

          It stuck out like a sore thumb to me.

          Speaking of black holes, did you see the story about the Colorado homeowner who got Fettermanned?

        • I get emails from him every week asking for money. When I belonged to NRA every time I turned around they wanted more money for something. We see what’s happening to them. At some point gonna have to raise up on our hind legs and fight. We are in the end times

  9. Registration has always been the great bugaboo and paranoia of the Far Right.

    In reality the Government does not need registration to ban guns and enforce those bans.

    When a weapon is banned you cannot openly sell it without being caught or sell it privately without the risk of being caught.

    When a weapon is banned you could never use it in self defense without going to jail with the criminal who attacked you.

    You risk imprisonment if caught with a banned weapon

    You risk heavy fines if caught with a banned weapon

    You risk losing one’s assets and losing one’s job when caught with a banned weapon.

    Take a look at your average Walmart sales receipt, it not only has a “code” but “a description” of the item you bought. This means a far advanced Government computer can scan Walmarts receipts and just look at the descriptions and monitor your purchases without even looking at the codes and this is currently how the receipts are printed. If the search is done by the code and it says “sporting goods” then the computer will then do another search by description to find out what you bought. The new law will only make it somewhat quicker to monitor your purchases.

    In conclusion the Far Right idiotic idea that an unlicensed gun will enable you to keep it if it is banned and use it or sell it only proves how mentally retarded the Far Right really is.

    It is the 21st Century and there is nothing the Government does not know about you and you are tracked by surveillance and by computers 24 hours around the clock, 365 days a year. The Government owns your ass and you will obey “or else” and as the German Nazi’s used to say, “Everyone knew what or else meant”.

    • You ignorant crackhead, registration has been used in various countries when their governments have decided to confiscate guns. Ask the Jews how registration worked out for them in Germany.

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      No matter HOW vociferously you rant your incoherent rants, Shannon Watts is not going to date you. Give it up, child, and go back to your circle jerk.

    • ——It is the 21st Century and there is nothing the Government does not know about you and you are tracked by surveillance and by computers 24 hours around the clock, 365 days a year. The Government owns your ass and you will obey “or else” and as the German Nazi’s used to say, “Everyone knew what or else meant”. ——-

      Finally out of the closet? This is a perfect demonstration of a fascists’ mind.

    • So you would have been a good “NAZI” and turn in your JEWISH neighbors and Germans who refused to turn in their guns!!!

      You would have been a good “SOVIET” and turn in your neighbors who supported the MONARCHY!!!!

      You would have been a good “CHINESE” and turn in your neighbors who refused to pledge allegiance to the the Chinese Communist Gov’t!!!

      You would be a good “UKRAINIAN” and turn in your Russian speaking neighbors, who defies the Gov’t and continue to talk in Russian in their own house!!!!

    • Dacian is making two separate points:

      1. “If a weapon is banned…” OK, go ahead. Courts aren’t with you on that one. Yet. But ok. And that’s also contingent on POSSESSION of the banned weapon. You can only be arrested if the Feds AFTER YOU’RE CAUGHT. Possesion/Selling/Whatever. Ok.

      2. Gov’t computers can reach in to other computers. Kinda’ and kinda’ not. They have to have connections and credentials to access databases and they have to write queries specific (and semi-unique) for each database. But let’s assume that’s doable; because it is. Dacian is only partially correct the Gov’t owns your ass. They still have problems with timing and immediacy. But let’s give that one up also.

      So then what? Brandons’ minions see I’ve bought one or more weapons and have exceeded some threshold (on number of weps) set in law. So they show up at my door for a friendly chat? Ok. And then what? Do we, me and LEO/State/Feds, go to court to adjudicate whether I properly assuaged the officers who showed up at my door?

      Is there likewise a public interest in limiting the amount of beer I can buy within a proscribed period? Fritos? Aspirin? Stamps?

      Why yes. Yes there is. “So if the Government required you to eat broccoli…” Asked and answered at and by the Supreme Court. No really- That was asked. Yes, the Government can force you to buy healthcare (Obamacare arguments before the court).


      Let’s stipulate all of that is so.

      Here’s the problem with ‘registration’: It doesn’t solve the problem.

      9 people shot and killed in Chicago THIS WEEK (which is not over). Already. What would registration have solved?

      Let’s stipulate (hallucinate) that 40 million PLUS weapons get registered by law abiding citizens next Friday.

      14 MORE people shot and killed in Chicago NEXT WEEK; because they average about 2 per day. No weapons recovered at any of the crime scenes. What would registration have solved?

      UNLESS- Dacian is proposing that registration is the prerequisite to confiscation. Presumably that means going door-to-door. Note that any time lag between registration and confiscation becomes problematic immediately and exponentially as time goes on between those two events.

      Why yes, officer, I registered my gun on 23 Sept 2022. As required by law. But I sold it a month later. Or I lost it a month later. Or- I don’t remember what I did with it (the Hillary defense). And here we are in Sept of 2025; three years later.

      So understand that even registration requires additional measures. I submit these concepts are legit bugaboos and therefore paranoia is justified.

      What Dacian, and his ilk (they come down to drink at the river during twilight hours), wants is total confiscation. If he’s being intellectually honest Dacian should just say so outright. And not hide behind registration.

      And for all the rest of you (me too-) don’t give me any Molon Labe shit. COVID showed how compliant The Public is.

      There really is no limit on Government-Power.

      • Not every where was shut down, during the lock down, I continued buying guns and ammo in my state.. I continued driving around during shut down.

        I continued to meet and talk to relatives and friends during the shut down!!!

        Even had talks with several local LEO’s, our sheriff dept was not enforce state and federal mandates in our county..

        There was a slow down in our background check, all go through the state police, but as soon as a couple lawyers notified the state police of a planned lawsuit, their technical issues ended..

        • One reason why I love my governor. During COVID, she basically said, “You’re all adults and see what the CDC recommends. Do what you think is right.” She absolutely refused to go along with any lockdowns. Even our very liberal mayor just said that he recommended wearing masks and our local police said they wouldn’t enforce any mask mandates should any be implemented, but said that retailers have the right to make you wear one on their property.

    • Dear Butthead,

      Thank you for your prescient and perspicacious comments.

      I know it’s hard for you, but try to Read my long comment above. And tell us what you are going to do next year if we don’t take back Congress in November and the Brandon regime Congress passes laws to make us a ‘CashLESS’ society? Which is in the works as we bullshit around here.

      Your friend,

      • P.S.
        It’s called Executive Order 14067. Once they know exactly everything you purchase, and control all the money through the banks which already are known to freeze your accounts with one call from any police state agency or IRS and then they can play ‘behavior’ modification games to control your ‘compliance’ on social modifications. Like freeze your account when they come to inspect or confiscate the firearms they know you purchased if you say you lost your stuff in a boating accident or whatever until you prove it. I think there’s a good vid on you tube, maybe Rich dad poor dad interviewing Jim Rickerts who explains how they’ll implement the new digital dollar and eliminate cash as soon as they can…

  10. What about gunsmithing services?
    My gunsmith operates out of our LGS, but he has a separate credit card reader.
    Will gunsmith services come under the same code?

    The government already knows how many guns people buy using form 4473 (except when you buy more than one on the same day, you only get one form 4473), so that’s nothing new.

    This could end up backfiring on the anti-gun people, because when the statistics come out that the gun business is contributing over 100 billion dollars a year to the economy, it might be harder to ban guns because economists will know that will destroy the economy. Think about it: there are 100 million gun owners, and even if we each spend only $1,000 per year in a gun store (which is less than most of us spend, I’ll wager), that’s 100 billion dollars! Many of us spend that much on ammunition alone, and then add guns, gear, scopes, optics, holsters, accessories, gun cleaning supplies, gunsmithing, etc., it could be lot more than that. I think gun owners have been singlehandedly keeping the economy afloat since 2020.

    • They don’t give a shit about that. They’ve got huge ‘New’ financial gain plans for their power elite. Just like al totalitarian Marxist regimes have. They’ll tax you into obedience so that “you will own nothing, and like it” All they have to do is crush any potential armed resistance and it’s game over. Dictators 10, Disarmed Citizens, Zip.

      Ig people don’t get off the bullshit trying to side step the inevitable and drop everything to contribute to getting out the vote, This November might go down in History as the last chance the American People had to get back their liberty and privacy. And they blew it.

  11. CASH IS KING! It’s not as convenient as whipping out the Card, but it also doesn’t let the credit card companies make a cent off of you. If everyone went to cash only, the credit card companies would fold in no time.

  12. Needed a couple of “good” ambulance chasers to create a case demonstrating that the participating banks/processors are liable for their (certain) failures to detect “illegal” purchase activity. The banks are obviously voluntarily accepting this responsibility by inserting themselves into the middle of the silly ass Unconstitutional registration/permitting process. IE sue the hell out of the SOBs.

  13. Easy legislative solution: Texas, Florida, and several other large red states pass laws making it illegal for credit card companies operating within their states to have special transactions codes for firearms, with huge per-transaction fines for each transaction done with such codes.

    When such states cut off banks from state business if they embraced the “we won’t do business with gun businesses” ethos, the banks weighed the money they were about to lose (mostly from participating in state bond financing) against the value of virtue signaling . . . and most promptly fell in line. What I am proposing would make that little bit of persuasion look like nothing — they would face the potential loss of business in a huge chuck of the US, which would crater their bottom lines.

    Make virtue signaling come with real economic costs, and the banks will grumble but will fall in line.

  14. In 2007 the credit card companies worked with the federal government.
    Yep straight up violations of a constitutional amendment, however since the credit cards were used to purchase items on the dark side no one cared.

  15. Our local LEO’s would be very busy every year right before hunting season if they responded to every notice sent out by the Credit Card Companies!!!!

    And they would not get a single response to their warning they sent to local LEO’s!!!!

    • My county is a Second Amendment sanctuary county!!!

      Sheriff has publicly stated his department will not by complying with state and federal gun bans!!!

      And where I live the county responds to 9-11 calls, so I’m sure if local LEO notifies the county of the suspicious purchases, the Sheriff office will respond, stuff it and quit wasting our time!!!

        • Sound like yours isn’t a devout Second Amendment supporter!!

          He refused to follow COVID orders from the Feds or state, one Chief of Police in our county, initially tried to enforce the rules but quickly caved and resigned, when he realized he couldn’t get reinforcement from Sheriff deputies and other LEO’s in the county!!!

          None of the LEO’s implemented VACCINE Mandates for their employees in my county!!!

        • Forgot to add that the Chief who resigned left the county after complaining he was being harassed by local people and members of his own former police dept!!!!

          Moved back to the state he came from where he was hired from!!!!

  16. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. At least half the LGSs seem to have “Gun,” “Ammo,” or “Firearm” in the name. Going to DDG or another directory will turn up the rest of them. It’s about as easy to search a database for the name field instead of the MCC. Granted, the business name on the statement doesn’t always match the store name, but once you know the business name, you can add it to the script.

  17. Use cash, check or any money order order EXCEPT THE US MAIL ones, to buy guns, ammo and accessories …only use your credit cards for Food, clothing and gas..The Credit card companies and the post office will eventually begin reporting all purchases of weapons and accessories to the FBI, ATF, or the IRS… The 80,000+ Jack booted thugs that they are planning on hiring will be to collect taxes on all untaxed purchases, and to enforce tax stamp violations on newly illegal owned guns (they say not me)….
    Remember when you agree to accept a credit card, you play by the credit card companies rules…They can rat you out anytime they want… The credit card and your credit line belongs to them to do with what they want… you have no right to privacy with a credit card…USER BEWARE!

  18. This could all be solved with one simple change: payment processors must treat all legal purchases equally. Don’t want to do that? Sorry, you can’t be a payment processor and have that massive monopoly.

    Unfortunately neither political ‘side’ wants this. Much like the internet, both will claim the mantle of freedom (for corporations they control) while those at the bottom get squashed.

  19. If the Libertarians really believed in the things that they say? They would support people saving money to buy the things that they want. It eliminates the government. And also eliminates the middleman, the credit card companies. And they save by not having to pay any interest.

  20. The most irritating people on earth, are politicians who don’t like your constitutional freedom. Free Americans are “fed up” with them and are getting rid of them and won’t have them back until after the rapture…then we’ll be gone and the commies may have whatever is left. Here’s a piece of irony…a politician in my state is claiming that the number one killer of children is guns…well…no…the number one killer of children is abortion. The same politician that wants my firearm, is the same one killing babies.

  21. I feel this is a Illegal try at the 2nd Amendment by creating a Registry of legal guns for the Government too confiscate when the decide we no longer have the right to own any gun, A form of National Socialist / Communist country. Let’s see if this gets censored.

  22. I wonder if stores like Rural King will get the new code? They sell everything worthwhile. Maybe the gun shops will have to become “hobby shops” and sell other things like model trains. Then it just be a store.


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