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David Hogg (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)
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I’m never planning on having kids. I would much rather own a Porsche and have a Portuguese water dog and golden doodle. Long term it’s cheaper, better for The environment and will never tell you that it hates you or ask you to pay for college.

— David Hogg via Twitter



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  1. There’s zero semantic content to that quote – unless “he” was planning on using an artificial means there is no chance “he” would ever have an opportunity to even do some good old fashioned Uncle Joe hair-sniffing much less procreate. Takes two – generally – to tango as they say, and at least one has to have male DNA…

      • Even though I’d *really* like to think no rational female would ever want to allow a thing like that to mount them, the stark reality is, Leftist Scum ™ ‘Groupies’ do indeed exist that would willingly spread for him.

        Perhaps at some Washington, DC ‘Mad Mommies’ event Shannon herself gave him a little ‘taste’ and the stench from between her legs grossed him out on women forever? Be nice, wouldn’t it? 🙂

        Who really cares as long as that defective genetic line *ends*…

    • If only every unpatriotic p.o.s. like him thought and did the same, this country would be way better off into the future.

  2. While that would be great if it’s true, I don’t actually believe a word the lying sack of $hit says. As a celebretard we can be almost 100% certain that he is going to knock up some dumb bimbo with stars in her eyes, and likely more than one.

    If he is serious about this he should put his money where his mouth is and get his nuts cut immediately. We should start a gofundme to pay for the procedure for him.

    • I’m very much in. Video proof would be required though. As if he’s really ever gonna get laid anyways. I mean look at him, everything about him screams girly boy virgin. It’s like those nutbags yelling allahu akbar, blowing themselves up is their only hope of ever encountering a young, naked female.

    • Why pay anything for the procedure. I would gladly volunteer to use my wood splitting stump and a dull axe to accomplish the mission. Everything would be lopped off and fed to the pigs. (Did you ever see a pig vomit?)

  3. I couldn’t care less if he has kids. It’s his influence on other people that makes all the difference to things. He was lied to and mislead and as a result, he will mislead others.

  4. KARMA…. the Portuguese water dog and the doodle have a huge litter of puppies, who refuse to be housebroken. While out getting clean up supplies in his much-neglected Porsche, he stalls while pulling into freeway speed traffic. Tributes pour in from across the country from other Traffic-Fatality survivors.

    • I don’t see him even managing a driver’s licence, much less a Porsche. The Portuguese lap doodle dog maybe, but I bet it pisses on his leg all the time, plus other unspeakable things.

  5. Most likely there isn’t a fertile female on the planet that would agree to doing the deed with Hogg-boy.

  6. So democrat anti gun and anti fossil fuels Hogg prefers to have a Porsche and pollute the air instead of fathering children?
    Oh well, I doubt he attracts many females anyway.

  7. I understand wanting a porsche, German cars are an addiction but they’re also a monkey on your back. I own several now and have owned many more in the past. FYI I’m as much of a car junkie as I am a gun junkie. Also a dog owner and have to say that I’m not shocked that he picked the most pansiest dogs you can think of outside of a Pomeranian. I have three big mutts that I found on the street.

    • He better get the electric one, that boy doesn’t have the base intelligence to check the oil on a car like like that…

  8. politics aside, you’re just the absolute most garbage person, Boch.

    Just an absolute piece of shut human being.

    Rot in hell, asshole.

        • They can get matching Portuguese lap doodle things and cruise around in their racing red Honda Accord with Hogglet’s bicycle rack hanging off it, cause I bet Jsled will have to drive.

    • fyi jsled…The consensus seems to be…politics aside, you’re just the absolute most garbage person, hogg.

      Just an absolute piece of shut human being.

      Rot in hell, asshole.

    • Since he lives in a biden lead America he’s already rotting in hell, jsled, along with all of the population.

      • Just too blinded with stars in his eyes to see reality.

        I hope the Porsche is electric (of course), and all the local charging stations are out-of-order.

  9. Since he has no balls and/or is gay, I figured that was a given.
    Oops…did I say that out loud?
    Would be better for the world if more people made this decision earlier in life.
    Earth is wonderful place…except for all the Earthlings. LOL

  10. Yeah Boch, stop being such a shut person, try opening up a little ! Maybe try posting ironic news tidbits that might elicit comment… although, some of the comments may tend to be off-the-wall caustic, such as the one just posted by jelly sandwich light emitting diode. Jeeze, just look at that face !!

    • “……jelly sandwich light emitting diode……”


      I thought it stood for Jussie Smollett LOVES ejaculating dongs.

      “…Rot in hell….”
      I think he’s wishing you more years of leftarded leadership.

  11. @jwm
    “No need to complicate things.”

    Can understand that, but still having trouble visualizing the use of a paper towel to wipe down excess oil on a firearm. And where does one apply hand sanitizer?

    • Sam. There are some questions you should have had answered during the ‘talk’ with your father. Or at least during bull sessions around the barracks.

      • “Sam. There are some questions you should have had answered during the ‘talk’ with your father. Or at least during bull sessions around the barracks.”

        We didn’t grow up with firearms at home, and they are not allowed in the barracks. I learned about cleaning firearms on the internet. Too much trouble; I just keep shooting the space gun. When it quits, I will buy another. Then when that one quits….

    • A proud, card carrying member of the Biden Youth. A brown shirt and a necktie would suit his eternally affronted, chinless, antlike, virginal face, right along with the Portuguese lap doodle thing.

        • Yeah, I was just going with the vernacular of the times. It’s not like the victors and the media they disseminate through have ever once given the proletariat the straight goods, is it?

  12. For this, let us be eternally thankful! This little soy-boy is the wet dream of many a little hippie girl that doesn’t want to reproduce. As Ray said, “His kind doesn’t reproduce, they recruit”.

    Those of his ilk never really grow up, they just nurse on the teat of the Left and leech from the productive members of society.

        • Sam, are you saying your public office holders are salt of the earth types and only up here in the queens northern colonies do we struggle under inept and dishonest pandering thieves and liars? Tell me it ain’t so, Sam… 😉

  13. I don’t think anyone cares or knows who he is by name except pro-gunners. His Twitter numbers are not impressive

  14. Hogg is a cautionary tale. I feel sorry for him.

    Fell for the second-wave feminism lie of happiness based on shallow materialistic pursuit above family? -Check

    Worshiping “Mother Earth” to the point of not procreating because he fell for the lie of the world ending if we don’t slow warming down by half a degree in 80 years. (Yes, that’s the reasoning behind making the world poor and miserable which will end up killing tens of millions if the “environmentalists” (wink, wink) succeed. Did I mention they also want to lower the population? Bonus!) -Check

    Fell for (and propagates) the lie that the greatest danger facing children is gunzz. -Check

    What is the greatest danger facing children (current and future)? Answer: People like Hogg. (See above)

  15. I love it when people realize they don’t have what it takes…. Having firearms, children, high performance automobiles are best when that person has responsibility. At least he realizes he is not parent material, I can pray that others will follow him.

  16. Elitists always reproduce while telling others they shouldn’t. Maybe he’s accepted his role as one of useless idiots and understands he’ll never be an elite.

    • You can imagine what all those Harvard gals think of him at his new digs. I’m sure he speaks out of resentment and bitterness. Or he’s just straight up gay. The underneath type gay.

  17. Hogg is of course a young idealistic man. Most people change heir minds as they mature and grow older.

    It must be remembered that in Hogg’s subconscious mind he probably fears that if he had children they might end up massacred in yet another senseless school shooting because of the Neanderthal Republican Filth who put politics above people’s lives.

    It does not really matter if Hogg does have children or not because he still has a great influence over millions of young people and that is where the politics count. If we are ever to get sane gun control legislation the change will come from the younger generation who are fed up with living in a country where rivers of blood and carnage and bullets have become the new normal and ordinary people are now afraid to go shopping, go to a movie or send their kids to school or even attend a 4th of July parade. This is no way to live.

    It is time to civilize America and Hogg and his generation know it all too well. Wading through pools of blood and carnage has that sort of effect on sane people but not the Republican filth that currently infest Capitalvania. The Republican Jack Booted Storm Troopers are greedy inhuman beasts who do not care about global warming, do not care about people dying from lack of health care, do not care that many children can no longer afford to go to college and do not even care about children being slaughtered in our schools. The Republican Nazi’s have done nothing to cure Americas problems, they have only filled their pockets with your tax dollars and laughed all the way to the bank.

    Three cheers to David Hogg and his followers because they are America’s only hope for a better country, a civilized country, and one in which all people have the right to vote, are safe in their community, can afford health care, can afford a higher education, and where women are no longer sex slaves and where all people can have decent paying jobs through strong Unions.

    Show me the difference between the Jack Booted Republicans and the Far Right Islamists who also treat women as sex slaves and create religious caliphates. There is of course no difference between Republicans and Radical Islamists because they are one and the same group. Both groups ride around in pickup trucks waving assault rifles and both want a dictatorship and a religious caliphate.

    Vote Socialist in November and crush the Nazi Republican filth who have screamed they want a Trupite dictatorship for life. The American way of life is under threat and the Republican Jack Booted Trumpite Storm Troopers must be stopped before they completely destroy America.

    Hogg for future President and Edward Snowden for President in 2024.

    Socialism for a civilized America. It is the voice of the people and the working peoples only hope for a civilized country. It is only through Socialism that the greed monger Capitalvanians will be forced to share the wealth of the country and stop stealing all of our tax dollars for themselves.

    • Lab doodles are good hunters as are Portuguese water dogs. Water dogs were bred for fishing, much like the Labrador breeds but hunt as well.

      My Grandfather had a standard poodle who was a great coon dog.

  18. hogg-boy don’t want to have kids? Good. That will leave more resources for my kids and grand kids.

    I hope all the other little environmental mentals feel the same way. Let them non f*ck their way to extinction.

  19. @Rider/Shooter
    “Wow, usually I just get BOOO and one exclamation mark…”

    I turned a new maple leaf.

    Just for today.

    • That was actually directed at Montana laughing at my Hand Solo thing, I should’ve addressed it as such. My bad but I’ll likely leave my leaves face down, seems to be an ingrained habit I’ve formed since birth. Lazy dog, new tricks and so on.

  20. men can’t reproduce with another Man… and men can’t lay eggs… so I guess that kind of narrowed it down for him…

  21. Like I’ve said in the past, the only time I ever saw a dwibble dick Hogg smile was when he had that high school boyfriend hanging off him.

    He’s obviously gayer than a $3 bill.

    Clearly he’s hiding his sexuality. I think he should just come out and admit he gayer that a Christmas goose and hates guns.

    Not hard to figure though, most fairies don’t like guns, guns are much too macho.

  22. He may get an electric Porsche, but he himself is emitting copious amounts of carbon dioxide and methane. If only he could figure out a way to stop doing that, it would be a much nicer place.

  23. Just think if some dbag like Hogghead and that little twit Greta Thornbutt mixed their insane dna. Oh and did the little leftist actually say he wants a polluting Porsche?

    • It would be like an ineffectual, 80lb screaming, flailing anti-christ figure that resembled an angry Norwegian stick insect and displayed zero fashion sense.

  24. My 26 yr.old foster daughter is more woman than a twink like Hogg could ever handle and more of a man than he will ever be. And she is just 5’2″ 110lbs.
    David Hogg is living proof some people should never be allowed to procreate.

    • It’s all about acceptance now.
      When I went to school 2/3’s of the Freshmen-Seniors walked in with cowshit on their boots from doing morning choors.
      State Football Champs two years running. These kids like D Hogg were picked on and it was tuff shit, you either cowboyed up or had the choice to quit. I weighed 160 stood five six, and I graduated , he could have too.
      And as for LGBTQFlaggit flucking clock suckers ? -None that I new of. If so They kept it hid, out of sight, out of mind, out of an ass kicking.Thats just the way it was Right or Wrong
      You could bash the man all you want but Spit on the American flag and the cops would help you do some stomping.
      Fight for our country Die for our country.
      Accept the fact that the majority of young male Americans have become so demasculated that if at this time in anemicas I mean Americas history Ho Chi Minh wouldn’t have only gotten Vietnam back but he could have taken all of America as well.
      Wolverines are few and far between.
      D Hogg and company’s only hope will be that the victors honor their personal insurance claims. Ha Ha Ha
      If , if, they are as educated as they seem to think, claim , profess and pontificate on , how can they not see how their ideals are destroying the U.S A. Perhaps that is their objective and if so do I not have a right as an American citizen to protect my country and its Constitution? It seems as if I should have, and at the same time it appears as if My government is not with me/us on saving Our Country.
      To put it fewer words and in context with the time frame I shall quote my deceased father and his wisdom of years.
      ” Them damned Beatles are ruining our country. “

      • The people running the government are running the largest theft operation ever conceived in the history of the world. They don’t want to change anything except to make sure you’re out of the way.

        • They are absolutely the new age mafia in every way except one: they are much more the backstabbing cowards than any mafioso ever was/is. Thieves, liars and pandering grifters hiding in the wings of public office, every single one, at least as soon as opportunity arises. They have excellent reason for wanting us disarmed. If we actually knew the true depths of their pilfering I have no doubt we would kill them outright.

      • Amen brother. These gays are definitely walking into school with sh*t on their boots but it ain’t from a cow. They’re ruining this country. Fight like your the second monkey on the ark and brother it’s starting to rain.

  25. Oh who cares what this crisis actor says? Bunch of fake tears for a fake shooting and some fake dead kids. It’s like sandy hook all over again. F*** these stupid people and their fake dead children

  26. I take comfort there is an entire generation of leftists who do not intend to reproduce.
    I wish them well in their endeavors to meet that goal.

  27. Who’s going to pay for Hogg’s Porsche after his sugar daddy Mike Bloomberg dies?
    Bloomberg is 80 years old now, so he can’t be David Hogg’s sugar daddy forever.
    Imagine if Hogg had to work a real job, rather than being a paid shill for Bloomberg.

  28. The good news is that it’s not an “either / or” situation. Just putting it out there, but I own a Porsche, am married, have 2 great kids and 3 somewhat sketchy, but very loveable, dogs. All I can say is, good for you that you think you have to choose 1 direction over the other. Trust me, the world is, and always will be, a better place without anything resembling your offspring defiling the earth.

    With that said, I think I’m going grab some boxes of ammo, pack up the AR and the 30-30 in the Cayenne and go do some shooting on a beautiful PA day…content knowing that I’ll never have to contend with any little Hoggs as they scramble for their safe spaces.

  29. maybe we should hook him up with that Pippi Ragestocking Swede Greta Thunberg. What a cute couple they’d make (Gag a Maggot).

    I’ll certainly sleep better tonight knowing the Hogg is self neutering.

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