Presenting The One Holster to Rule Them All

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It’s got Bluetooth. Everything with Bluetooth is cool.

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  1. Hi Grace,
    I love your articles about guns and everything,
    but you are deviating from your credibility if
    you start writing “comedy” articles like this
    one. Please don’t get into the “gun meme”
    trash can. I love TTAG without the funny business.

    • step 1: locate stick extruding from posterior area
      step 2: firmly grasp the stick in at least one hand
      step 3: with a solid grip, pull stick from rectum until completely free

      you might find this guide useful

        • There are types of articles here in TTAG that hold little interest to me.

          So, when I see them, I simply not bother to click and read them. ‘Problem’ solved.

          Try it sometime! 🙂

        • That much was obvious to even the most casual observer, Engineer.

          If you don’t like the gun memes?? DON’T F***ING READ THEM, you absolute @$$clown. Just scroll on by. Or continue making an ass of yourself. Whatever floats your boat.

    • Engineer,

      I was unaware that “Engineer” was a synonym for “whiny little b****”. Thanks for expanding my vocabulary. Don’t worry; Joe Biden’s health plan includes free tampons and Midol.

  2. Not NO … but HELL NO. Some liberal TURD is trying to move us one step closer to “chipped” electric “smart” guns.

    They can keep this bullshlt for their own stupid suicidal use. IDIOTS !!!

      • I would contact a few custom holster manufacturers. See if they’ll make a custom holster that has the Galco tabs.

  3. If it has BlueTooth, I can expect it to fail or I have to make sure it is charged at all times.
    That would be a single point of failure for me.
    To be honest, for me, all this “We have an app for that!” Wi-Fi enabled, or BlueTooth enabled is taking us down the road of techno dependent shooters.
    You have seen that guy at the range. He is a great shot, shooting off a lead sled, bags, with a scope that auto adjusts for everything and he does not have to do a dang thing other than press and shoot.
    Give him a iron sighted pistol or rifle and he cannot hit anything but the wide side of a barn at 25yrds.

    • Good point,it clearly needs a certified green energy solar panel. Bet they even could mount it to the top of your hat and have it run a propeller to cool off your face at the same time, though Ronco may still have the patent on that one.

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