Biden angry speech SOTU
President Joe Biden talks about passing an assault weapons ban as he delivers the State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress at the U.S. Capitol, Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2023, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin, Pool)
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President Joe Biden’s relentless rebukes of the firearm industry and law-abiding gun owners isn’t just an infringement on our Second Amendment rights – it’s a calculated and well-financed attack on the fabric of American liberty. President Biden calls the firearm industry “the enemy” and his administration is systematically attempting to dismantle the industry and pander to the whims of radical gun control lobbyists. The evidence is clear, and the statistics damning.

The Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) recently finalized a rule that made a 90-day firearm export “pause” permanent policy and created burdensome regulatory requirements. Sold under the guise of national security, this policy will hamstring the U.S. firearm industry’s competitiveness and cost thousands of good-paying jobs by impeding a critical revenue source. The economic impact is staggering, with estimates far exceeding $250 million – a devastating blow to an industry already reeling from government overreach.

Data Doesn’t Lie

Recent polling data reveals the extent of public disapproval of President Biden’s anti-gun crusade. Fifty-four percent of Americans now disapprove of his handling of firearm issues – a seven-point increase since February. This widespread discontent spans all demographics, with only five percent of Republicans and 24 percent of Independents expressing approval. Even within his own party, nearly a quarter of Democrats disapprove of his gun control agenda.

But it’s not just public opinion that condemns President Biden’s assault on the firearm industry – the facts speak for themselves. Despite his claims to the contrary, licensed firearm dealers are not the source of firearm-related crime. In fact, a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) report shows that only 1.6 percent of all investigations involved dealers over the past five years – a minuscule fraction of 9,700 cases launched by the agency. To put that into perspective, there were 134,516 federal firearms licensees (FFLs) at the end of 2021. That equates to just 0.1 percent of all federal firearms licensees (FFLs) being implicated in allegedly illegal firearm trafficking before President Biden initiated his federal crackdown on the firearm industry.

Meanwhile, private sales that do not adhere to the relevant laws and regulations, along with straw purchases, account for 80 percent of cases  of illegally trafficked firearms – an inconvenient truth that President Biden conveniently ignores. Through NSSF, the firearm industry partners with the ATF to prevent illegal straw purchases through the Don’t Lie for the Other Guy campaign. Even ATF Director Steven Dettelbach has personally participated in the press events kicking off these campaigns in U.S. cities to raise awareness that lying on ATF background checks to buy a gun for someone who can’t do it themselves is punishable by up to 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

President Biden’s zero-tolerance policy towards firearm retailers simply operating a lawful business is nothing short of draconian. Minor paperwork errors are met with the revocation of licenses, the destruction of livelihoods, and the punishment of law-abiding citizens. Yet, the Biden administration is conspicuously absent when it comes to enforcing existing laws. His own son, Hunter Biden, admitted to lying on a federal background check – Form 4473 – regarding frequent illicit drug use, which is a felony offense. Meanwhile, FFLs are hounded for minor infractions and actual criminals roam free – a gross miscarriage of justice that exposes President Biden’s blatant hypocrisy.

Election Year

As the presidential campaign heats up, voters are watching what’s happening around them. In numerous major cities across the country, crime is still high, with Americans from all backgrounds and across all demographics continuing to exercise their Second Amendment rights. For example, Jewish Americans have purchased firearms in large numbers as antisemitic threats and attacks have picked up, especially in the months since the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack against Israel. African American women are also exercising their Second Amendment Rights at higher rates amid crime concerns. Though these constituencies, like most other minority groups, have historically largely voted for Democrats, they are recognizing that responsible firearm ownership is essential to protect themselves and their families.

Moreover, President Biden’s fixation on repealing and circumventing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) is another continual barrage on the Second Amendment. Despite bipartisan support for this crucial protection against public nuisance lawsuits, President Biden’s determination to undermine it knows no bounds. He has sought to allow individuals to evade the PLCAA by urging state legislatures to pass laws that allow lawsuits against the firearm industry for criminal acts that involved a gun, akin to allowing someone to sue Chevrolet and Anheuser-Busch for a drunk driving accident.

But President Biden’s whole-of-government assault on freedom doesn’t end there. His administration’s cozy relationship with special-interest gun control donors is evident in every policy decision, from executive orders targeting the firearm industry to his administration’s refusal to enforce existing laws. President Biden’s disdain for the Second Amendment is matched only by his contempt for the will of the American people – a dangerous combination that threatens to erode the very foundations of our constitutional republic.

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  1. Stop with the BIDEN BIDEN BIDEN. He is nothing more than the mouthpiece for the real power structure behind the curtain. Even after he is long gone gone and rotting in the ground the threat will still exist. Just as it has existed for decades and the only way to stop that threat is to remove the ideology and those who support it. Just as the Founding Patriots did. Nothing less will complete the task.

    • This requires the citizen to be involved. And vote. Yes give some $$$ to a reliability 2A support group.
      But be “louder” than the gun grabber is. Be rational, the gun grabber is not.

      They are the ones who want to defund the police.

      Learn to articulate the 2A augment. If necessary attend the Toastmasters. So you can learn how to speak in public. So many gun owners fall into the media trap.

    • Don’t underestimate Biden. If ballot harvest scams give him & the democrats POTUS + Congress, we WILL have Australian-Style Gun Control in the US by next summer.

  2. I’m just waiting for Joetato to tell us that we need to shoot the sun for its transgressions this weekend.

  3. unfortunately he is the horses face and mouthpiece at the moment. Our biggest whipping person to boot out of office.

    • Somebody needs to go to jail for elder abuse making that old man function as a front for this crime family.

      He should be in a home.

  4. “President Biden’s disdain for the Second Amendment is matched only by his contempt for the will of the American people – a dangerous combination that threatens to erode the very foundations of our constitutional republic.”

    That ^quote sums up the attitude of this present administration.
    President Trump once said, “It’s not me they want, but you” certainly is true.
    Of course it is evident they(scum of the earth) want President Trump, but their ultimate goal is control of “we the people”.

  5. The average American voter can see how obviously unfit this man is, and the Democrat establishment is panicking over it. The emperor has no clothes and he is showering with his daughter.

    • It will take far more than electing Trump to remove the threat to the 2nd amendment and the rest of the tyranny being perpetrated against society by liberal/progressive democrats. Never lose sight of the fact that the tyranny runs much deeper.

      • dark…At this stage of the game and if you even tried to take the above article half way seriously…If you do not want to look like a politically inept twit reserve your ramblings for after TRUMP 2024.

      • @ Darkman, I agree. Electing Trump is a good start, but it is not the do all to end all. The swamp is not only deep, it is wide too and the tyranny perpetuated is by many and not by a few. Let’s hope Trump is elected and then hope and pray that others take the necessary action to drain the swamp and stop the tyranny.

        • 100 percent Trump voter here. President Trump is going to be a lame duck on day one. We need full control of the Senate and the House. Not a majority, an overwhelming majority. Pray for our country.

  6. 5-day turnarounds on NFA tax stamps on suppressors. Back in the Trump days it took 13 months to get a stamp approved. The only thing that is stopping me from getting another suppressor…nothing is in stock!!!

    Biden is doing weird things to get at gun owners! But then again, Trump was RAH RAH RAH about the 2nd, til he banned bump stocks by executive order, but now he is back to RAH RAH RAH on the 2nd…he blows with whatever wind he thinks will serve him best at the moment.

      • He’s obviously a partisan Democrat. No one likes the Puppet. Some people support him because he has a D after his name. v4lu3s is probably upset about some recent SC rulings.

    • I’m sure the Puppet told them to fast track suppressor approval because he’s all about helping gun people. Stop projecting. People aren’t that stupid. We should ignore everything else that’s happening, right? Life was easy pre-Covid, but you fools pretended like the sky was falling every single day all because the president wasn’t a Democrat. It turns out your stories were lies.

      • Hey, President theBiden got the price of gas down after that other President theBiden had it priced higher.
        DJT $2.19 a gallon
        JRB $6.17 a gallon
        the other JRB $3.79 a gallon.
        Ask him, he got the price of gas lowered, c’mon Man, if we the American people don’t pat him on the back for that he will wrench his shoulder doing it himself.
        , president theBiden is doing things to4 America

    • “he blows with whatever wind he thinks will serve him best at the moment.”

      This proves you’re a blind partisan. What has the Puppet been consistent about? He’s been a politician longer than most people have been alive. He always goes with whatever he thinks will help him stay in power. When any position becomes inconvenient to him, he abandons it. Yet, all you can do is cry about Trump and bump stocks.

      Biden said he wants to ban ARs and magazines that hold more than ten rounds. You must be okay with that. Or, you’re just another partisan Democrat.

    • “5-day turnarounds on NFA tax stamps on suppressors…………….. The only thing that is stopping me from getting another suppressor…nothing is in stock!!!”

      The above reads like a sign I saw in a bar years ago that read: “Free Beer Tomorrow”
      The waiting period means nothing if there is nothing to wait for!
      And this is no reason to support the present administration. Anyone thinking the gang in D. C. via a small “give back” is going to change or has changed their basic beliefs is living in a dream/nightmare. If the reduction on a waiting period is all one has then it surely doesn’t take much to sway their mind.

      jwm: “Who do you want picking the next scotus justices? Trump or biden?”
      The answer should be obvious. 3 guesses and the first 2 don’t count.

  7. With election approaching don’t put it past the democrats to appear as if they suddenly awakened and decided to support POTG. Any support coming from this present administration is a fool’s game. Any change of heart will be short lived and fade overnight depending on the election results. Desperate administrations will do anything to remain in power and this administration is no different.
    jwm ask the pivotal question and folk you have seen nothing, if this administration remains in power.

    Considering the atrocities that have occurred during this term, there is no reason to expect them to get better, but rather to continue and to only worsen. I don’t want them picking Supreme Court Justices but they are free to pick their noses. You can pick your friends and you can picky your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.

  8. I call bullshit on NSSF’s lumping private sales and straw purchases together to arrive at their 80% figure of where criminals get their guns. As they are a manufacturing and dealer representative group, their number, while accurate, should be further broken down – as in maybe 10 % of that 80% is private sales, while the vast majority of the remainder are girlfriends and baby-mamas of denied felons that go with and purchase multiple guns under their 4473s, often with the full knowledge, or at least strong suspicion of said dealer. And the DAs and AGs are hesitant to prosecute these enablers, whom are (cue Debbie in three, two, one…) mostly young black or white multiple mothers. I tend to take anything that NSSF says as factual with a jaundiced grain of salt.

    • Because Larry Keane is not really on the 2A side. The NSSF is on the side of Redflag laws amd locking guns up in the safes they slso sell.

  9. Well with an assualt weapons ban all that’s going to do is make some collections worth a lot of money.
    Well it used to work that way, I forgot about the new stormtroopers BATFE.
    Well with the assault weapons ban all that’s going to do is make a lot of gunm collectors DEAD.
    There fixed it for me👍

  10. So why do democrat gun owners vote for Biden???
    Back in the day, the so-called “Reagan Democrats” reelected that republican.

    Complain about Ronny all you want. He was better on guns than the democrats. And Ronny was for the law abiding taking the law into their own hands. If necessary. Because the democrats who run the cities let criminals run free.

    • By not jailing criminals society makes violent crime not as dangerous.
      Would you rather be confronted by a criminal who knew he wasn’t going to jail for robbing you or one that knew he was going to go to jail for robbing you. Then add in the armed good guy with a gunm and criminals must by necessity become more violent.
      If people would quit being mean to criminals I just bet criminals would be a lot nicer.
      Please and Thank you.

    • So why do democrat gun owners vote for Biden???

      These people come in a couple major flavors.

      1. They don’t really care about guns or care about something(s) more.

      2. They don’t really believe that anything Democrats do will target them, because they’re Democrats.

      The former aren’t really surprising. Most GOPers are not really big on the 2A either. They might like it but push comes to shove and they’ll base their vote on something else or a group of other things.

      For example, most people gun owners or not, vote their pocketbook. They do NOT vote abstract ideas like “rights” or “fiscal responsibility”. They don’t vote numerical averages either, which is why they don’t much care about most .gov stats that the wonks on TV and Wall Street love to look at.

      Such people vote in a self-interested manner with a short time-horizon. They don’t much think down the road and they don’t GAF about “the big picture”. In some cases because they don’t have the mental horsepower, but in most cases it’s because no one talks to them about big ideas and they don’t have the time to do it themselves. Viral Boomercon ideas aside, they’re not lazy, they’re nose to the grindstone in an economy that hasn’t had any real growth in 16 years so they don’t have time to pay a lot of attention to big picture items.

      You can see this with Zoomers who, mostly, know the Dems are full of it but don’t like Conservatives either.

      The latter group is made up of people who are simply stalwart party members. Preceding an attack on them/their rights they don’t believe that The Party would do such a thing. When the attack actually happens, they rationalize it. They are loyal to The Party above all.

      The exception being some younger people who are aligned with the Democrats because of the narrative that good people should be (GOP = bad, you’re not a bad person, are you?).

      Such people don’t think the “good” party would come after “good people” until it does. The truth is that they’ve never really thought about it because they’re mostly >25-30. They’re not ideological per se, they’re just kind of going with the flow because that’s what society at large tells them to do and, again, they don’t actually have a lot of time.

      For all his faults, Jim Rickards has pretty well nailed what’s going on with them on the economic side of things.

      These people that are the exception can be pealed off of the Democrat’s base if properly approached. This is true on a lot of fronts. Ron Paul proved that pretty conclusively, though his messaging needed refinement.

      Of course, they nearly never are properly approached because that would make too much sense and your average Conservative would rather talk shit than speak smartly.

      Along the current trajectory, there will be fewer and fewer exceptions. So, in the future, if younger people don’t automatically break for the GOP, they will continue to break Dem with more people on the sidelines. Which actually forms a short-term (~10 year) advantage for the Democrats as older Conservatives die off before reversing as the sideliners examine reality and start to pick the side that has ideas that actually work.

      Which, again, won’t be abstract ideas like rights.

  11. (Dorr ‘family’) Gun Rights Group Is A Scam! (for those not familiar with the Dorr family, they set up scams via fake organizations and web sites)

  12. Radio Host Argues Why The Second Amendment Has Nothing To Do With Protection From The Government (note: an old anti-gun argument debunked, again, for about the hundredthsssss time. And even previously debunked by anti-gun interests. Now debunked again.)


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