Rep. Steve Cohen
Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn. (Greg Nash/Pool via AP)
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Who are you gonna believe…me or your lying eyes? That is, in effect, the narrative relentlessly pushed by the anti-gun rights left in this country. That’s nothing new, of course, but after 18 months of blistering gun sales and rising violent crime, the firearm prohibitionists, their media stenographers, and the politicians who share their goal of civilian disarmament are getting a little panicky.

Take, for instance, this recent assertion by Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen, a member of the House Judiciary Committee . . .

Show me a case, please — we didn’t have them in Memphis — where a good man or woman with a gun protected and stopped the use of a weapon. That canard doesn’t occur. That just…dog won’t hunt. 

I couldn’t find who Cohen was addressing that remark to. He was probably talking in reference to the employee who went postal in a Memphis post office earlier this month, but it really doesn’t matter.

To be clear, Rep. Cohen is lying. He isn’t simply ignorant or misinformed. He didn’t misspeak and he wasn’t misunderstood. He’s lying his ass off in order to support the narrative that civilian gun ownership represents an unalloyed evil in society that benefits no one.

We have a feature here called Defensive Gun Use of the Day that chronicles scores of instances every year in which gun-owning individuals use their Second Amendment rights to defend themselves and their families. The Centers for Disease Control — surely an institution the Congressman trusts, at least since January — recognizes studies that have found defensive gun uses happen anywhere between 60,000 and 2.5 million times a year, depending on who’s doing the counting.

Some will claim, of course, that the Congresman was actually talking about citizens using guns to stop mass shootings. You know, that whole Wayne LaPierre ‘good guy with a gun’ thing that drives the hoplophobic harridans so insane.

We’re sorry to burst the Congressman’s well-insulated, Beltway-bound bubble, but surely even he heard about the shooting at the West Freeway Church of Christ outside Fort Worth that was stopped by a congregant with a pistol? It was caught on video for all the world to see.

But that was almost two years ago! Someone as busy and important as a U.S. Congressman can’t be expected to remember something like that!

OK then, let’s jump in the WayBack Machine and go all the way back to…last week. That’s when an employee of a grain elevator in Nebraska who was armed with a shotgun stopped a workplace shooting after a man who had been fired early that day opened fire. CNN even reported it so it must be true!

Could someone as intelligent, erudite, and informed as the distinguished Congressman possibly be so woefully ignorant of the tens of thousands (millions?) of times each year that Americans use guns in this country to defend themselves against assault, robbery, rape and murder?

Spoiler alert: he isn’t.

No, instead Rep. Cohen simply can’t allow himself to acknowledge the good that civilian firearms ownership represents in this country. To do so would undermine his agenda and piss off some of his most loyal supporters in the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex. Lord knows he can’t let that happen.

Instead, Cohen spouts plainly false, easily-refuted garbage like he did in the video above. He’d rather expose himself to ridicule from those on the other side of the political spectrum — and then label it fake news, white supremacy, or right wing insurrectionism — than antagonize his funders and those who keep him in office.

In other words, it’s politics. Better to spout a lie and look the fool than acknowledge an inconvenient truth. And so it goes.




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  1. It seems like Tennessee is a state that could do better without a lot of effort. Then again, Cohen represents Memphis, and there’s probably a lot more dead democrats and politically active pets in that area of the state than elsewhere…

    • Yup. Memphis is the most liberal city in the most liberal area of TN. It is no surprise that the Representative from that district is an anti-gun democrat and a liar (sorry for the redundancy).

  2. Memphis is the Tennessee version of Chicago. It is run by democrats for democrats and is of course, a worthless sh**hole. Plus as a Democrat, he doesn’t recognize reality so until reality rips his arms off or something, he’d never notice.

      • By exposing them to the truth. That’s why censorship and propaganda are so rampant right now. Good luck reaching them, and when you do, they won’t listen because they’ve been told you’re the evil one.

      • This might be a chicken or egg kind of thing: do urban dwellers vote for collectivist policies and politicians because cities have so many noticeable problems (poverty, crime, traffic, overcrowding, trash, power consumption, pollution, etc.) that appear to be solvable only through such policies? Or are cities so mismanaged by collectivists that all these problems inevitably develop in urban areas? Maybe its some of each.

        Not that it matters in the end. You’d have to be mad to want to live in a city and subject yourself to urban problems and urban governance.

        • It matters. If that’s where one’s job is, that’s where one goes. Labeling them “mad” doesn’t change anything.

  3. The guy is a borderline alcoholic, his thought process are probably not too sharp.

    I actually met him once years ago, he was an asshole then too.

      • Because he’s a Democrat. They actually love it when he says things like that. Those ignorant fools may not even realize that he’s lying, but most wouldn’t care anyway.

  4. Well one way for the democRat to find out firsthand…Break into a home and see if he does or does not get his pants filled with buckshot.

    • Now Debbie, there you go again with “democRat.” You’re insulting rats the world over. You can say what you want to about rats, but they aren’t lying politicians with a leftwing commie agendas.

  5. It’s a post truth world. We all only believe “facts” we want to hear and we dismiss anything we don’t want to hear as disinfo or fake news. The fully biased media is all too eager to play the game through selective reporting, dropping inconvenient narratives and manufacturing supportive narratives when applicable.

    Everyone is lying to you all the time and most probably don’t even realize they’re lying to you. Sadly this phenomenon is bipartisan.

    I’m sure this rep believes what he’s saying. Doesn’t mean he’s not lying. Just that he doesn’t know he’s lying. These are the real Manchurian candidates. Tens of millions of them brainwashed and trained to react a predetermined way to specific stimuli.

    • He knows what hes saying. Hes starting out the same way all of the democrats have started in their districts, casting doubt to start polarizing the public. Its out of the anti-gun lobby play book, cast doubt – polarize – create outcry – put pressure on law makers. Tennessee recently got away from permits so now you can open or conceal carry without permit in Tennessee if you can legally posess, anti-gun lobby tried to stop it but failed and now their scheme is to go back to the play book through a well supported democrat in the largest black voting district in Tennessee.

    • Cognitive dissonance is where perceptions are allowed to overrule reality. A common symptom among Progressives who take the world as they wish it to be instead of how it really is.

  6. This moron has been elected 8 times, no one in his district cares or even knows how stupid he is.

    Water seeks its own level.

    • he’s been re-elected so many time because he caters to just about any special interest that aligns democrat as long as they will help him get re-elected and he is well supported by the Jewish and Black communities of the district.

  7. This stupid bastard missed the Ft Worth Church shooting? What a shitbag, just like the criminals who keep voting for him

  8. Yes indeed folks … this is the king of delusional communist TURD that may one day have many of his fellow American leftists being listed as casualty stats in our next potential civil war. How the hell such an idiot can even get voted in to office never ceases to amaze me.

  9. If Steve actually looked at the MPD data site posted on the city’s web page he would see that there have been 20 justifiable homicides in Memphis year to date. The majority in his very own district. I have doubts all of these incidents were resolved with a sharp stick.

  10. Closeted “Cohen” like 90% of his “community” is on the wrong side of things. #NeverAgain they said, “Never again” for them, the cosmopolitan “elitists” is what they meant, for the rest of us it’s “non-personing” then the boxcars after first disarming us.

  11. Now that he is a lying liar, at which point do we reach the “lying liar pants on fire” thing?

  12. Dan,

    I can shorten your headline, AND your article, with one simple change: “Steve Cohen is a lying liar.” That can be both your headline and your entire article. OK, if you REALLY feel like you need more for the article, how about my sentence for the headline, and the article could read “Steve Cohen is a lying liar about everything.” Is that better?

  13. Cohen can’t be that isolated from the news media. He must think that once the good guy uses a gun, no matter the circumstances, he then becomes a bad guy. Also, he must think the good guy can only remain a good guy if he does not resist and even if by not resisting, he gets hurt or killed in the process.

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