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Have a little empathy. Imagine how difficult it must be for America’s gun control advocacy operations these days while people are buying literally every gun manufacturers can produce, as fast as they can crank them out. It doesn’t say much for the narrative they’re trying to sell when literally millions of new gun owners are being added to the ranks of the country’s armed population.

The FBI has released the un-adjusted NICS background check totals for August and — surprise! –they’re up. Again. Still. The Fibbies ran more than 3.1 million background checks last month, up 33% from the year ago totals. FYI, background checks do not equal gun sales, but they’re a good barometer. The NSSF should be out with their adjusted numbers soon which will be a better measure of actual gun sales. 

In the mean time, with guns, ammo, and gear continuing to fly off store shelves at a historic, frenetic pace, Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety felt they had to spin say something about these developments in order to keep the troops from getting too dejected.

They issued a press release yesterday which amounts to a call for everyone to . . .


“With protestors being shot in the streets and gun violence on the rise, more guns is not the recipe for public safety,” said Nick Suplina, managing director of law and policy at Everytown for Gun Safety. “Fortunately, polls show this jump in sales leads more Americans to support common sense gun safety laws, which is bad news for every 2020 candidate who is still taking orders from the gun lobby, starting with President Trump.”

Except for the fact that support for gun control is cratering with the public. And there’s no better measure of that fact that the tens of millions of guns that are being sold, a huge percentage of which are to first-timers.

“Gun sales have been surging since the pandemic began, so it’s impossible to identify the exact reason for this month’s sales,” said Rob Wilcox, deputy director of policy and strategy at Everytown. “But it is clear that President Trump and gun companies are recklessly fear mongering every day, which is dangerous and wrong at a time when the threat of gun violence is on the rise and hospitals are overflowing with patients.”

Really? Is it that difficult to find a reason for the sales spike?

Do you think the videos of riots and burning buildings in a small, midwestern town might have something to do with it? How about the national spike in crime as law enforcement is demonized and defunded? And the fact that one of the two candidates for President is running the most anti-gun campaign in U.S. history might be having an effect on buyer behavior as well.

You can read the rest of Everytown’s attempt to buck up the gun-grabbing troops if you want. If nothing else, it’s a textbook example of some Baghdad Bob-level gaslighting agitprop. In the mean time, the rest of us will continue to comb the web looking for ammunition for under 90 cents a round.



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    • LOL, Kyle epitomized that “keep calm” advice. Truly, he looks pretty calm, all things considered, throughout all those videos. He doesn’t scream, holler, curse, dance around, throw a tantrum, or anything that appears to be childish and emotional. Keep calm, acquire the next target, and keep on marching!!

      • I thought Kyle did pretty well. Most certainly better than the “I’m a trained professional, get out of my way while I mag dump and shoot ’em 39 times” crowd.

    • If every Gun Owner, especially of Semiautomatic Rifles, Shotguns, AR’s and pistols, reads this and does any background checking on the Voting records of the upcoming President and Vice-president as well as those he plans on putting into his working arena – you will realize that he and she plan on banning all ARs, putting severe restrictions on all Semiautomatic weapons, even to the extent of everyone who owns one having to register it, which could mean a possible confiscation of all them in the future. All there past records and verbal announcements on gun control/confiscation have been proven both verbally during their campaigning and in past Senate and the ex-Vice-presidents records. I strongly urge everyone to get out and vote for the current president. He may not be the best, but he is 100% better than the 2 attempting to come in to office as well as his incoming staff. Don’t let the rest of the states become another state like California, Oregon, Washington State or the District of Columbia on gun control.

      In addition, I have watched and tracked the stock market for close to 15 years and every time a Democrat gets in office the stock market takes a plummet. At least with a Republican in office the stock market is reaching all time highes. With money invested in this area also, it is something else to consider.

      • May be that the current stock market high means that the smart money is betting on a Trump victory in November.


  1. First northwest Montana area gun show in quite a while happens September 11 – 13. I’m hoping that a couple of the Montana-based ammo manufacturers show up and don’t gouge us (too much) for their products. Should be interesting to see what dealers and individuals are offering and for how much? Thinking that a lot of “safe queens” may be on display at inflated prices…? Well worth the $5 admission just to satisfy my curiosity.

    Bloomberg and his puppet, Watts, can KMA.

    • Hmm. Might be worth the drive.
      Just to be able to mingle with like minded people and maybe, just maybe, pick up something on the “need” list.

      I need a 1-6, maybe a 1-8 scope for a new-to-me .375 H&H.
      Although, the iron sights are about right for these tired eyes.

      • Visitors are always welcome.

        Don’t really have a “need” list anymore…but, my “want” list is pretty lengthy…

      • I am guessing that .375 H&H Magnum kicks harder than a mule. Assuming that is true, a “shotgun” scope might be the ticket.


        Some scope manufacturers claim that certain shotgun and load combinations generate far more recoil than typical/popular centerfire rifles and load combinations — and thus make extra-heavy-duty scopes specifically for shotguns (e.g. “shotgun” scopes). In my experience I am inclined to agree with the claim that certain shotgun and load combinations generate significantly more recoil than popular centerfire rifle and load combinations. I have shot 295 grain slugs out of my Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun with a muzzle velocity of 2,000 fps — that generated brutal recoil. I was pretty much done after about 12 shots and had minor bruising/soreness on my shoulder the next couple days. I have never experienced recoil that harsh on centerfire rifles up to .30-06 Springfield.

        • never owned one; shot one once, deliberated before firing again.
          somehow i wound up with a hundred rounds, but i’m less than enthusiastic about belted cartridges.

        • If every Gun Owner, especially of Semiautomatic Rifles, Shotguns, AR’s and pistols, reads this and does any background checking on the Voting records of the upcoming President and Vice-president as well as those he plans on putting into his working arena – you will realize that he and she plan on banning all ARs, putting severe restrictions on all Semiautomatic weapons, even to the extent of everyone who owns one having to register it, which could mean a possible confiscation of all them in the future. All there past records and verbal announcements on gun control/confiscation have been proven both verbally during their campaigning and in past Senate and the ex-Vice-presidents records. I strongly urge everyone to get out and vote for the current president. He may not be the best, but he is 100% better than the 2 attempting to come in to office as well as his incoming staff. Don’t let the rest of the states become another state like California, Oregon, Washington State or the District of Columbia on gun control.

          Under his “Biden Plan”, this includes bans on magazines that “can hold multiple bullets in them” and “Assault Weapons”, it “will give individuals who now possess assault weapons or high-capacity magazines two options: sell the weapons to the government, or register them under the National Firearms Act” which would require a $200 federal tax on each weapon and each magazine. So if you owned 5 firearms and 20 magazines, you would owe $5,000 in taxes!

      • Sounds like me.

        Go to a gun show “just to look”. Find something that I “need”. Then, suddenly IT “needs” things and sometimes those things need things.

        Thank God I’m at this gun show where I can fulfill all these “needs” without even leaving the premises!

  2. Who needs facts and explanations that comport with reality when your emotions have the final say and enable you to say and believe anything that feels good?

    • Yup, it’s a shame that all 100+ million legal firearm owners in the USA don’t vote for 2A-supporting pols…it would be the largest a** whipping for the Democrats in history…*sigh* makes a nice dream though.

      • Oh he!! gun owner’s could FIX ILLinois if they got off their dead azzes and voted R. Everywhere except Chiraq. Black folks don’t vote in record #’s either(and all the ” claimed” black gun owner’s I’ve talked to are going Dim). The only problem is ILLinois Republican’s suck too…

      • Agree. Problem is many of these new gun owners are still anti-gun, but, in their eyes, they are different. A new-gun-owner neighbor explained that they aren’t a gun nut “like the rest”.

        • Cokeheads start this way too.

          Now, it’s true that the vast majority of people who try beak or use it a few times recreationaly don’t end up being total powder freaks. But every person with a nose candy habit had to start as a first time user.

  3. “But it is clear that President Trump and gun companies are recklessly fear mongering every day…

    Funny, I don’t remember seeing ads from the President or Gun Companies on television (except the hunting channels) or the internet (except here) that are recklessly fear mongering. We get that from the MSM who are showing the “mostly peaceful protests” and spinning (or omitting) the reality.

      • This time proved how important militias are.

        I would have dismissed such talk before our neighborhood watch was really effective in the 1992 Rhodney King riots. Back the a neighbor with crates of Gerands made sure we were prepared.

    • I haven’t heard a single peep from Trump or gun manufacturers. If anything I would think the marketing department is laid off or let go with how the guns are selling themselves at this point, they can’t keep up with demand. Went to sportsmans the other day, there were like four boxes of 10mm and a little 32 auto but nothing in between; there was barely even any 22. Even if you bought one of the few pistols they had left, good luck feeding it.

  4. I suspect many of those 5 million new gun owners were really Trump voters to start with. Some of them will be new voters for Trump, some of them will be democrats that just had to have a gun before they’re outlawed, and a very tiny fraction will be BLM/and Antifa types who are looking to start trouble. Over all I believe this indicates a positive trend for Trump in November.

    • Can anybody tell me exactly who, and how, somebody knows whether a purchaser of a gun is a first time buyer or not? I don’t recall the question on the 4473, a federal registry is illegal, does NICS keep track somehow, and if so, how? And is it legal? I am very dubious about these claims of 5 million new gun owners, which seem to be everywhere right now, while nobody tells us where that figure came from.

      • Maybe anonymous data collection after the FBI records are supposedly destroyed after a NCIC check? Others like PA keep a separate database for pistol purchases so might be easier to keep track for 1st time buyers within the state.

      • The clerks at the dealers talk to the customers, and the customers volunteer the info or are asked (what do you intend to use it for, what experience do you have, etc).. NSSF then surveys the dealers. How accurate the individual stores are (educated guesstimate vs. tallying each response) and extrapolating the numbers from the surveyed stores to all stores is questionable without seeing the methodology. I’d expect the margin of error to be much larger than most polls, but it’s still millions of buyers at over 50% error.

  5. “…hospitals are overflowing with patients.”

    Not around here they aren’t. They all ramped up for a surge of virus patients a few months ago that never happened. Set aside entire floors or wings. Then, began laying staff off because of the dearth of elective procedures and the surge-turned-ripple of virus patients. Large population centers have been hit harder, but are there really any hospitals that are overflowing?

    • Same here in CA. I personally know a former hospital employee who worked at the same location for 25+ years, but is now unemployed as of several weeks ago due to staff cuts resulting from severe revenue losses from this COVID debacle. Thanks, Newsom.

      • Like just about anything these days – it’s complicated. My niece the nurse does kidney dialysis for the least ambulatory patients, think mostly terminal or worst case folks, and she’s been working double shifts for months taking care of her regular workload and the increase from the WuFlu. And that’s in a fairly spread out, rural and exurban area – not in a big city center in other words. So this mess has been distinctly different depending on where you live. Here in flyover country it’s been pretty much folks who already had marginal health getting the brunt of COVID19 whereas it seems more widespread on the coasts and bigger cities. Sort of like the huge contraction in the media and financial worlds that gave us President Clinton during “the worst economy in XX years…”. This time, though, with the interwebs we can believe our own “lying” eyes instead of what the blathering heads are telling us…

      • What I saw here in PA was that staff in ICUs, ERs, cardiac units, and floors designated as covid wings had plenty of work. Staff on med/surg floors, PACU, and OR, where elective procedures and common illnesses were the bread and butter, got offered the option to work the more active areas. If they declined they might get laid off.

        I also saw PRN staff (as needed/casual) getting used more and full timers being laid off because full timers could collect unemployment whereas PRN could not.

      • Notwithstanding the fact that ‘personally know’ is redundant, wrap yourself in the flawless wisdom of the unmatched ‘I Haz A Question’. As it was, is and ever shall be.

        All Hail.

        • I was just telling someone here that I have a pet troll on a leash who appears on command. All I have to do is write something, and he’ll take a break from whatever he’s doing in his basement to respond. My friend said “no, really?”, and I said “yes, watch…”

    • According to the emails and phone calls I am getting from healthcare staffing companies Texas, Arizona, and California were banging the last couple of months but are beginning to decline. New Joisey seems to be picking up a bit. The needs in Montana, Idaho, North Dakota, etc are all for the same remote cold places that are always looking for help. The rest of the country is at it’s normal level of staffing needs.

      That’s my informal, anecdotal, non scientific analysis.

      • My sister is a doctor in a Coronavirus ward. She ensured they have 55 surge ICU beds ready (old equipment with click knobs instead of today’s friendlier user interfaces). The maintenance rebuilt everything that needed a rebuild (a few ancient ventilators), including proper cleaning.

        It has been idle. Non-covid doctors and nurses let go at contract expiration. Loads of medical staff out of work. My sister is glad she pushed for a new contract end of last year (3 year contract, for less pay, but more days off).

        The reality is we need to wear masks, but open the economy.

        • “…we need to wear masks, but open the economy…”

          Exactly what my doctor told me last week. The medical group I’ve been part of for many years has updated their policy per what we now know about the ‘Rona, and the focus is on masks. Not gloves, not distancing, not hand sanitizers. Just masks and common sense.

      • @CP

        “…remote, cold places..”

        You forgot windy…all the time…bone-chilling windchills in winter…face-melting hot wind in summer.

        • You want face melting? The forecast for my city on Sunday is 114 degrees. And I’m only 45 minutes from the beach. Ugh…

          I’ve been more seriously looking at Missoula as a potential destination, along with Meridian, ID, as I form my 5-yr plans.

    • In Nueses County, Texas, the liberal media was saying that there were 85 children in the hospitals with Covid 19. All the nurses came back with ” Where are they, we’ve not seen them”.

    • None of America’s hospitals were ever overflowing. Some of them got pretty busy, but there is literally not a single town, city, or health care network that went over capacity.

      But “the hospitals are overflowing” is exactly what you’d expect from the people who have spent years, decades, even, hyperventilating about a “gun violence epidemic” in which actual violence declined nationwide by nearly 50% while gun ownership went up.

  6. Not Gonna lie, When a liberal first time gun buyer gets a delay or deny on their 4473 I giggle like a school girl (in my head).

    Had a couple each buy a hand gun, he got a proceed. She, after complaining that buying a gun was too easy, got delayed. Per our policy, neither of them took a gun home until she got a proceed or made it to her Brady date.

    Her reaction was priceless.

  7. I have to correct the author on something. People are not buying literally every gun that is being made. If that was the case all the Semi automatic hunting shotguns that cost $2000, bolt action rifle‘s and lever action rifle’s would all be gone too. And in my part of the country you can find an AK without too much trouble.And of course muzzleloaders are pretty easy to get. Of course finding percussion caps might be a bit of a challenge.

    Of course since all the semi automatic handguns are gone now people are buying up all the revolvers.

    • Lately here in ruralish Texas I’ve seen the same crowd in the gun shop ordering or buying stuff every week. It looks like the same mob that was trying to sell toilet paper in the Walmart parking lot for $20 a roll a few months ago. Lots of fancy cars, fancy trucks parked outside the shop every weekend. They don’t need it, they have whatever they need, but they’ve got plenty of money and I think they’re buying them to sell at a profit. Seriously they don’t even look at the item they’re purchasing.

      • I’m rural South Texas, ammo is getting hoarded up just like the 22 cal. hoarding awhile back. These potential price gougers make me sick, hope they loose their ass.

        • I don’t buy ammunition except for 20 ga. shotshells and .22 rimfires; everything else I handload. But I did notice ammunition shelves in the shops were bare.

  8. Disturbing that in America, land of the free, a vote should have any relevance to whether or not one could own a gunm. Eyes wide shut. Do you think we’ll get salt to go with our rice and fish heads?

    • Apparently he’s available if they need a spokesman – living in the UAE. Comical Ali was such a low level nothing that we cut him loose after interrogation and nobody really cared what happened to him. Sounds like a great resume to work at Everytown to me.

  9. We’re driving to Tennessee here later in the month to pick up a puppy.

    Stories like this are a reminder to hit a few LGSs along the way just to see what’s going on in various areas of the country.

  10. The crime rate increase is not because people are calling for budgeting tax money differently. The murder rate started increasing in 2015 and spiked noticeably under Trump.

    It’s not Joe Biden’s American until 2020, if he wins. Under Obama and Biden the murder rate was near the lowest rate going back to 1957.

    Under Trump the murder and crime rates are hitting the top of the charts in increases. It’s a crime wave. Political violence is moving towards 1960s levels. It’s only getting worse. We have people driving into the city in convoys with intent to commit crimes against their political foes (one of those lead to a person being shot dead, which increases the homicide rates).

    It’s hard to argue that Joe Biden’s America would be full of murder increases and uncontrolled looting when that’s happening under Trump. And Biden was vice president a few years ago when murder rates where almost at the levels of 1957 and BLM was founded during that time yet it didn’t have the same impact it does under Trump. Maybe that’s why Democrats thought it would be a good idea to get the mixed race Kamala to run with Biden, the combo reminds people of Obama and Biden.

    To top it off, there was less gun control under Obama and Biden. Not like they didn’t try, but they didn’t get what they wanted. Under Trump we got much more gun control and worse. Trump even said someone like Kyle shouldn’t have access to an AR-15! Imagine Kyle with no AR that night if Trump got what he wanted federally instead of in a few states (like Florida).

    “It doesn’t make sense that I have to wait until I am 21 to get a handgun but I can get this weapon at 18. I don’t know. So I was just curious as to what you did in your bill. You don’t address it. You know why? Because you are afraid of the NRA! Right? *chuckles*”

    • What would have happened to Kyle if this man got what he wanted federally? Would Kyle have not went out there?

      Republicans disagreed with Trump. They said most 18-20 year olds are not a threat to any because they own long guns and 18 year olds have the right to self preservation like any other adult.

    • Huh? OrangeMan is MurderMan? He’s down on the South Side busting a cap in someone’s butt? The cognitive dissonance must be deafening there in Grandma’s basement…”argh…Cheeto dust makes me Orange too!”

      Ought to change that moniker to “Chief Senseless”…

      • I remember a lot of people blaming Obama for everything that went wrong. I remember them flipping out when Obama said, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” But Trump can come out and speak on Kyle’s shooting without the same reaction about him getting involved with a criminal case by speaking on camera publicly. I remember the Tea Party. It was always Obama’s fault. Like when the Dallas shooting happened, it was Obama’s public statements that cause it.

        So why a few years ago it was Obama’s responsibility and fault for everything? Why was the president blamed for the countries woes? But when Trump is president he can’t be held accountable for anything. When Trump is president he is the “leader of the free world,” but can’t be held responsible for the problems in the country because he is only the president of the United States.

        We all know the president of the United states is one of the most powerful people in the world. His word alone can change many things for the better or for the worse. A tweet from the president can make things happen. A tweet from a former president doesn’t really matter even if it’s coming from the first half black president.

        If Biden becomes the president I am sure you will blame him for everything and you will go as far as to blame the vice president too.

        I say police chiefs and sheriffs are responsible for the culture they create and the consequences that come out of it. That’s how it should be for a leader. The manager is at fault win things go bad even when they are not around. Maybe I follow Asian culture too much?

        You know when things go wrong under the Samurai’s watch they are forced to kill themselves? They have to get on their knees, apologize, take out their short sword and gut themselves.

        • Except this is the Emperor you’re talking about there, bud. The samurai are the mayors like Lori Lightfoot and Ted Wheeler who condone protesting even at the cost of millions of dollars of property, simply because it is the words of Trumps antithesis and drives home that they are not to be trifled with when it comes to next election. The crime is basically isolated to those urban areas under similar policy and party control, so why should Trump have to take the fall for the failings of every samurai under his control, of those samurai can’t control their villages?

    • Somehow I don’t think Trump is going to catch the blame for localized violence in areas run by Democrats who have been, at bare minimum, tacitly encouraging said violence.

      Comparisons to the past on that front are largely a joke. Back in the day neither party taciticly or explicitly encouraged this kind of behavior at any level. In fact both parties largely tried very hard to suppress it. Hence the cops cracking skulls at the Chicago DNC Convention in 1968 and the violence of the Kent State Shooting of 1970. Both of which hinged on local pols, not the POTUS (LBJ in ’68 and Nixon in ’70).

      • The comparisons being made is between Obama and Trump. Trump is running on Biden’s America will be lawless and murderous, although Biden was vice president a few years ago yet no such results. And Kamala is very hard on black America when it comes to breaking the law — she doesn’t look at her self as black.

        You couldn’t have forgotten how Obama was being blamed for everything. People were still blaming him during the first 2 years of Trump.

        BLM was a thing back when Obama was the president. They marched, but they didn’t riot and loot like people are under Trump. Why? Because it’s not the black people, aka BLM, it’s the white group that is Antifa. I thought Trump was going to designate Antifa a terror organization so he can deal with them like Bush did with Muslims (war on terror and all that)?

        • They didn’t riot under O’Bummer? Tell that to Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, among others. Gee, what selective memories some have.

        • @LazrBeam

          They marched, but they didn’t riot and loot like people are under Trump.

          What selective comprehension you have.

          You are comparing extremely localized rioting in the areas where police shootings happened and where it only lasted for hours or maybe 2 days then was squashed by the Democrats running those cities. It’s been THREE months under Trump and not slowing down! Projections are that it will get worse near the election. Worse? How bad can it get? Numerous political murders?

          You blame Obama but won’t blame Trump. Why is that? I really want to know.

        • I’ll answer: It’s because Trump doesn’t control any of the places in America where riots have been an ongoing problem.

          The responsibility for those places lies squarely with local Democrats. And Democrats all the way up the chain seem just fine and dandy with all of the mayhem, as long as they think they can con America into thinking it’s the fault of all those badwrongthink people who voted for Trump.

        • And the dems are responsible for creating antifa. Their problem is that their pet brown shirts are out of control. No longer pets, they are feral.

          And they are scaring Karens and soccer moms. Between folks like miner49er, enuf, chief censor and others like them and the nightly drumbeat of anarchy on the news in areas that are controlled by dems Trump will get his second term.

        • But as you correctly note, the comparison is Trump/Obama because Biden was only VP and as such had far fewer responsibilities and a smaller impact.

          He also wasn’t the same person he is now. It’s pretty clear that he’s gone downhill in the last four years and anyone who’s dealt with a family member with such a problem knows that they’ll continue to do so and likely at an accelerating pace.

          So again, apples to oranges and like him or not Trump makes a valid political point based on Biden’s condition and long-term unwillingness to condemn members of his own party who are accessories to the violence evenbif only through rank incompetence.

    • The only reason to be ‘afraid of the NRA’ is if your doing something unconstitutional. If your doing that then the NRA should be the least of your concerns.

    • “It’s hard to argue that Joe Biden’s America would be full of murder increases and uncontrolled looting when that’s happening under Trump.”

      Take an honest look at what’s happening and where, and think about why it’s happening.

      If Joe Biden’s America calms down and all the murder and looting goes away, and it only happened when Trump was president, that’s not a good thing. It means Biden supporters were doing it to us ON PURPOSE because they didn’t like who we elected. Nothing in this nation changed all that much when Trump became president…except that a whole bunch of “liberal” people got angry and vicious enough to hurt *everyone* so they could get their way.

      • That’s my point.

        Under Trump’s leadership it gave communists an excuse to create Antifa and riot under some moral high ground. Under Bush and Obama Antifa had no standing, even BLM couldn’t get off the ground.

        So you know as the election gets closer more violence will occur and if Trump gets another four years the violence will only increase. At this point I wouldn’t be comfortable walking around wearing anything that looks Republican nor have bumper stickers or signs in the yard. The first few years you could walk around with a MAGA hat and not get into that much of a situation, now you have to worry about getting shot twice in the chest.

        I believe under four more years of leadership from Trump the murder rate will start looking like the 80-90s when gangs ran around shooting up the place, but it’s going to be a lot of political homicides. It’s crazy that Antifa, Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys have become political gangs and now the “boog bois” is starting to become a thing.

        Don’t give a bunch of Millennials and Zoomers with no bright future a reason to commit violence. Most of those youth out there are mad because they won’t get to live like their parents did and they are lashing out as a response. It’s not about black lives… When you see a bunch of youth (of all colors) marching down the street yelling “death to America” you know it’s not about black lives.

        • “Don’t give a bunch of Millennials and Zoomers with no bright future a reason to commit violence.”

          There is no reason for violence. Those low IQ fools actually think they’re fighting fascism. They literally cheered the assassination of someone that had different political views. The Left cultivated that group of brain dead zombies. The Left has been cheering them on. There’s no reasoning with them. The economy under Trump was looking brighter than it has in decades. Middle class Americans were finally getting a raise. Anyone that makes excuses for or is an ally to the violent, brain dead zombie horde is a fool.

          For all of the constant Trump authoritarian talk, it’s really funny to see who the real wannabe authoritarians are. If there was any chance to seize extra federal authority, it’s been during the pandemic and constant riots. Trump has only made recommendations, and let the governors and mayors make decisions about the local economy and mask mandates. Joe Biden is the one that wants a federally mandated mask mandate and a federally mandated economy shutdown.

          Now check to see how some of the democrat governors and mayors have behaved. They shut various businesses down and routinely ignore the mob violence. The media has gone into overdrive spin of reality. No riots, only protests! Okay, mostly peaceful protests! Fiery but peaceful protests! Okay we admit there are violent riots everywhere but it’s Trump’s fault! Who actually falls for this BS? Trump has offered help from the beginning. Would you like for him to override the wish of mayors and governors? Make up your mind.

        • @Dude

          You obviously are ignoring or you don’t understand my point.

          I bet you are mad at the Portland mayor for saying Trump’s tweets are instigating the situation and such statements from the president inspire negative behaviors from both sides.

          You notice when the local governments try to use violence to stop Americans from protesting — which can then lead to riots, which then can lead to looting — the protests get larger and more violent? Notice how Kyle was forcibly cut off from the militia by the police, then sent into a crowd of hundreds by himself and how the police pushed that crowd away from the court house into the militia? Notice how the police gassed everyone, including the militia, then asked the militia if they wanted some water and Kyle said yeah (so he could flush the eyes of the militia as a medic would do)?

          Trump inflames the situation then says it’s other people’s fault. He gives people a reason to be angry. Then when violence breaks out because police commit violence on the American people, Trump says let him declare martial law and send in the “troops” to take over Democrat run cities. Of course no American is going to allow Trump to take over America with the military, hence why the “boog bois” are coming out ready to engage the government.

          I put this together to get my version of the night out there. To clear the air. It is my belief that we only faced one monster out there that night. The Government. it sought to agitate, and create a situation where this would happen. I’m seeing people refer to this as the start of some “civil war” in certain communities. I don’t know about that but it’s even clearer to me after the fact that we need to unite under a common cause and stop letting them trick us into killing one another and destroying one another’s lives.

        • And again, Chief, who is doing all of that to everyone? The local Democrats in charge (DICs), with tacit approval all the way up the chain to DC.

          I’m pretty sure you don’t want to give in to that violent clown show.

        • So, chief. Let me see if I get what you’re saying. If we just let biden/harris have the oval office this will all stop. The bad guys are only acting out because of who was legally elected?

          You’ve convinced me. I’m going all in for biden/harris and I’m melting my guns down. Not.

        • Chief,
          That’s not how it works. Police aren’t confronting peaceful protesters. If you believe that, then you’re a fool. Federal agents were brought in some areas to protect federal property because the local mayors allowed the violence to continue. The local government could stop the violence if they wanted to. You do that by enforcing the law. These rioters are taught that there are no consequences for their actions. Even if they manage to get arrested, Joe Biden’s campaign will bail them out, then the local woke prosecutor will give them a slap on the wrist or drop the charges. Did you notice how they stopped pulling down federal monuments? That’s because they began enforcing the law. Funny how that works.

    • Well Chief Censor considering rates are published with 2 year lag times I am wondering where you are getting your state of the art stats? Violent Crime is at an all time low And it has been going down since the 70’s. So was it Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 or Obama. Your argument is flawed. Like you, flawed and dimwitted.

      Further crime only spiked with the riots, looting and arson, brought to you by Antifa and BLM.

      • The police chiefs.

        So you are saying Democrat cities are not having a spike in crime? You are saying the rates are actually going down in Democrat ran cities like Portland? So the crime rates will only go down even more under Biden/Kamala?

        I thought you were a Trump voter. I thought Trump said murders are up in Democrat controlled cities and are reaching rates from decades ago. I guess we have to tell Trump his insider info is wrong and defend the Democrats leadership as working very well.

        • In 2015, there were 38 unarmed black people shot and killed by police, 32 unarmed white.
          In 2016, there were 19 unarmed black people shot and killed by police, 22 unarmed white.
          In 2017, there were 22 unarmed black people shot and killed by police, 31 unarmed white.
          In 2018, there were 23 unarmed black people shot and killed by police, 25 unarmed white.
          In 2019, there were 14 unarmed black people shot and killed by police, 25 unarmed white.

          Why is it that people are mad at Trump again Chief? I thought it had to do with unarmed black guys being shot and killed by the police. Oops, looks like the media forgot to whip all of the low IQ kids up into a frenzy back when Obama was president. I wonder why that is… Trump doesn’t even control the local police force. It’s funny how the media got the brain dead mob to direct their anger at the White House when it should be directed toward the democrat run cities. They’re diverting attention away from the real source of the problems and democrat voters are too dumb to notice.

  11. I suspect a large percentage of those 5 million new firearms were bought by/for AntiFa. They are gearing up for the pre and post election “celebrations”, somewhat like Portland for the last 90 days.

    Be Prepared !!!

      • The few that were not felons soon will be…. strawman purchases ARE illegal and passing them on to prohibited persons is another one. But then that’s what CRIMINALS DO…. CRIMES…. like assaulting people, shooting fireworks at people, burning car dealerships and entire city blocks, destroying buildings and statues paid for with TAX DOLLARS. Let’s all vote for Hide’n Biden and join the fun…. I heard they ust set fire to the Mayor’s condo in Minneapolis. We’re missing all the fun! Their (DEM) DA refuses to charge ANYONE….

  12. keep calm take deep breaths settle your sight picture, target, sight, trigger. reload when necessary! Know your weapon, have two! and a K-Bar! Doesn’t matter if Antifa has weapons, as long as you have one and know how to use it! you will be scared!
    Personally gather up these rioters then have a community trial with a jury of burned out business owners!


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