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So many workplaces across America prohibit employees from carrying their personal firearms even when legally allowed to do so. This simply means that disgruntled current or former staff can produce a gun and start shooting their fellow (or former) co-workers. But not at a grain elevator in Superior, Nebraska.

An employee grabbed a shotgun from the office and confronted an active shooter Thursday afternoon. The killer, Max Hoskinson, 61, had been fired earlier in the day. He had returned with a gun and started shooting. Hoskinson managed to kill one and wound two more before the good guy with a shotgun ended the rampage with a load of buckshot.

The incident proves once again that the only thing that stops a bad guy with evil in his heart is a good guy with a gun.

As for the disgruntled active shooter, Hoskinson was transported to the hospital, but he won’t be celebrating his 62nd birthday.

Breaking 911 has the story:

Around 2:00 p.m., cops responded to the active shooter incident at the Agrex Elevator in Superior — located at 1401 E 3rd St.

Arriving officers found one person dead and multiple other victims wounded. The reported shooter was also injured.

The gunman is identified as Max Hoskinson, 61, his employment with Agrex “had been terminated earlier in the day,” state police say.

Police say shortly before 2:00 p.m., Hoskinson returned to Agrex with a handgun and opened fire, striking three people. A heroic employee then retrieved a shotgun from an office and returned fire, fatally striking Hoskinson.

One of the victims shot by Hoskinson has been pronounced dead at the scene. Another has been transported by life-flight to Bryan Health West Campus in Lincoln with life-threatening injuries. The third victim has been treated and released from the hospital in Superior.

A business that prohibited its employees from carrying firearms on premises makes their employees vulnerable, sitting ducks for lunatics. More enlightened people and companies allow their employee family to carry a firearm if they choose, for their own self-protection and the innocents around them.

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  1. A 12g in the office with buckshot. Seemed like the right weapon platform for those cornhuskers. Somebody was thinking ahead.

  2. I’ve worked in a couple of places that kept a shotgun or two in the office. They frowned bigly on folks carrying their own guns around the shop.

    Back in the day there was a reason the .25 auto was popular.

      • We didn’t have the variety of small, fairly reliable pocket pistols back then. I tried a number of rimfires because of cost. But at that time they just weren’t as reliable as center fire. If you wanted a deep cover hand gun then you just about had to pick some form of the .25.
        These days the .25 is pretty much relegated to C&R status. Such is progress.

    • At my last job of 15 years carrying was not allowed. I carried everyday right up to the day I Retired. On the last day as I was leaving I shared with the Security Manager how worthless their protocols were and showed him my weapon neatly sitting in its ankle holster. Their Security protocols have greatly improved since my leaving according to friends who continue to work there. Concealed means Concealed. Jobs are easy to Replace. Lives Not So Much

      • Well, you kinda screwed over the others that carried by admitting that you did…

      • You should never tell anyone you carry a gun at work. Even after you leave the business. The good guys who carry could lose their jobs. And the bad guys will still bring a gun to murder their co workers.

      • To Darkman,
        Why would you do that?
        Now no one else can defend themselves and coworkers because you alerted management.
        That is a terrible thing to do to your ex coworkers.
        You are a complete dick.

      • I’ve done ballistic matching of .25s recovered from the brains of corpses. It’s not the optimal choice for defense and most have terrible sights, but it can get the job done if that’s all you can get away with carrying. There are a few more modern .380s that aren’t much bigger/heavier than prior generation .25s and .32s.

      • I beg to differ there. There are many bodies from .25acp that have gone through the L.A.Co. Morgue. Winter clothing might keep penetration to a minimum, but summer clothes(year round in L.A.) and close up head shots make the .25 a little more than a bee sting.

        • My sister-in-law was a dean at a state university medical school. She oversaw the regional M.E. who did the autopsy’s for a third of the state. The most common bullet used (successfully) was the 9mm. However a trend emerged that was interesting. Of unsolved cases, there was a big uptick in .22 rounds. The pros go light. Real pros already have a hole dug.

  3. “An employee grabbed a shotgun from the office…”

    (starts planning ways to have a conversation with the president of my own company regarding emergency defensive measures…)

  4. The problem with “gun experts” is that most don’t work at businesses that restrict gun carry. They work for themselves or they are the boss at work. Or they work at home. So they can have a 6 inch barrel K frame revolver or a glock 24 long slide. As a carry gun at work.

    If you train with a pocket gun regularly you will be armed. If the SHTF at work.

    North American Arms 22 Mag Mini revolver video 18 min long

    • There is a YouTube video of Hickok45 ringing the gong at the back of his range with a Kahr P380. So much for the idea that you can’t hit anything with a pocket pistol beyond bad breath distance.

  5. As commenters so often say on this website, “I love a story with a happy ending.”

    Although that isn’t entirely accurate/appropriate since there are many innocent victims.

  6. Doesn’t say who the employee was ….or his position.

    Might even been a nicer day if the employees who were had been packing.

    Seems like folks may be assuming a more gun friendly environment.

    If only “management” has access to defensive arms, it’s not much different than other places of work,

    But – we may found out different. Maybe TTAG could interview the company owner.?

  7. A sushi chef/outside vendor was fired from his job at a Kroger store in Collierville, TN on Sept. 23, 2021. He returned with a semiautomatic rifle. The police are not releasing details but from what one can glean from reports, he probably used an AR-15. The dude shot 15 people, directly, at close range (in some cases inside a room). One died. One. The shooter sat done and plugged himself.

    • “The dude shot 15 people, directly, at close range (in some cases inside a room). One died. One.”

      probably wasn’t a 15, but a .22 look-alike.


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