Bloomberg-Affiliated Propagandists Asking Oregon Gun Shops For Help With Anti-Gun PSA

A Washington DC “Democrat media consulting firm” affiliated with Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns (and a host of anti-gun politicians) is offering Oregon gun dealers $1,500 to allow them to film an on-location “public service announcement,” Oregon Firearms Federation announced Friday. The filmmakers need a gun store as a backdrop for an actor to […]

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? – 9mm Earphones Edition

   My job takes me all over eastern Washington and north-central Oregon. This is gun-friendly country, even though the particulars of my contracts make it a PITA to tool up when work takes me there. While gassing up in Umatilla, Oregon recently, I noticed these cartridge-styled earbud headphones. For a measly $12 you apparently get both […]

AWB, Mag Ban Bills Fail In Oregon, Washington

While Congress dithers and bickers about automatic spending cuts and Tailgunner Joe Biden blathers about double-barrel shotguns, the battle for the 2nd Amendment is being waged in the states. Since I happen to live in the Evergreen State, I’ve been paying particular attention to the future of my gun rights here in the Northwest. In […]

NW Legal Update: Three Steps Forward, One Step Back

Oregon state senator Ginny Burdick (facing the camera) is a rabid opponent of gun rights of any sort. Long guns, handguns, toy guns, airguns or paint guns, Senator Burdick hasn’t met a gun she doesn’t want to ban. I’m only joking. A little. She’s such a tireless enemy of the 2nd Amendment that her campaign […]