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In this grim and tragic story out of Bend, Oregon, 31-year-old Brennan Pebbles was left as the only man standing following a three-man gunfight in his home.

It all started shortly after midnight on October 20, when Pebbles’ roommate, 33-year-old Kyle Adams, suddenly awoke to find an uninvited visitor standing in his bedroom. The visitor was Adams’ and Pebbles’ neighbor, 31-year-old Tyler Herrick, and he did not have permission to be there. When asked to leave, Herrick allegedly spoke “unintelligible gibberish” to Adams and stayed put. However, using some verbal persuasion, Adams managed to get him out the door.

Adams then texted Pebbles to relate what had happened, at which point Pebbles immediately left his workplace at 10 Barrel Brewing.

Scarcely an hour after that, Herrick was standing outside their living room window with an AR-15, looking right at them. Herrick fired the rifle, and the round hit Adams in the head as Pebbles dove for cover.

Herrick walked around the building and fired at the front door in an attempt to gain entry. The door remained locked, so he went back to the shattered window and climbed through. He then began “methodically hunting down” Pebbles, according to Deschutes County DA John Hummel.

Hiding in his bathroom with a gun, Pebbles waited for the killer to make his way there. As soon as Herrick entered the bathroom, Pebbles shot him fatally with his 9mm handgun.

When police arrived, Herrick was dead, while Adams was still fighting for his life. He died after being rushed to the hospital.

“Adams and Pebbles had done nothing to entice Herrick or cause him to fire,” said Hummel, adding that this incident was one of the most senseless and shocking cases he had ever seen in his career. Asked to guess at Herrick’s motive for this unprovoked attack, Hummel said it could have been a “monumental mental health collapse.”

“We’re kind of freaked out,” said Lizbeth Torres, the victims’ next-door neighbor.

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  1. No, no, no. For their safety, that gun should have been kept unloaded and locked in a safe, with the ammo locked in a different location.

    • ….Though in all realism…If this were to happen in my “Eastern Bloc, Socialist Utopian Police-State…” The DemoCommies would be crowing for more “Gun Control” as the answer to better public safety…The victims firearms would be confiscated, and he’d problably charged for a crime for the shooting death of the poor mentally ill neighbor…The AG would issue gun control and Anti-2nd Amendment edicts from her castle keep…And our GOP Gov. And Lt. Gov. Would just keep being RINOs and buddies of the DemoCommies of this ShitHole state….

  2. Lots of horror movies start with one person being murdered and the rest being hunted down. As the protagonists proceed to aimlessly wander around I’m always screaming at the tv “JUST GET A WEAPON AND HIDE IN A CORNER!” Glad to see that worked for the survivor here.

    • Yeah, I can’t stand Horror Genre flicks either – just infuriates me how mind-bogglingly stupid the hunted victims are.
      Screaming at the T.V is dumb, so I watch science or history shows instead.

        • Y’all should tune to the Black Rifle Coffee Co. You tube channel they have have a video of what would happen if the people those slasher movie characters go after were Veterans. Needless to say the ending is rather different.

      • The science and history shows are filled with stupid as well.

        Either you are getting a suppository of MMGW bullshit, or a scrubbed, biased, viewpoint of history.

      • I cannot watch “horror” movies. Too expensive to buy a new tv every time – modern tvs do not withstand gunfire too well. Cannot watch at the cinema either, as the cinema objects to the holes in their screen.

      • Perhaps I’m just a sicko, but whenever I watch horror type flicks with really stupid victims, I find myself rooting for the killer. For one thing, I like to back a winner, but really I just can’t conscience rooting for deplorably stupid people to live. I admit it, I hate stupid people.

        I’ve often wanted to remake a dozen or so horror flicks as short films in which the would be victim is both smart and armed…I say short films because with a smart, armed victim and most horror movie slashes, the fight wouldn’t last long enough to make a full length film about.

  3. Is it my imagination or are there an increasing number of violent “monumental mental health collapses”? The guy had a job, a house, and was obviously sane and law-abiding enough to buy an AR-15. Look at that neighborhood. It’s the American Dream. (Although it is telling one of the neighbors said no one talks to one another there.)

      • There’s a house on my dog walking route. They photograph everyone who “walks on THEIR footpath” even though the footpath is outside their property boundary.

        I’m still waiting for my court summons.

    • When I lived in a ‘neighborhood’ all my neighbors were wankers.

      I moved across an ocean to get away from them 🙂

      • ” When I lived in a ‘neighborhood’ all my neighbors were wankers.”
        “I moved across an ocean to get away from them 🙂”

        Yeah, “we” tried that, but the Ministry of Silly Walks eventually followed us, “Like it never even happened”.

        • And now we we have student organizations over here arguing against the air speed velocity of flying bullets!

          The Democrat party over here is made up of loonies and dimwits!

    • I often find reasons to be thankful by reading the news. In this case, I’m thankful that my “neighborhood” consists of 14 gated acres with no other visible homes…or put another way, the only people I ever see are either invited guests, or trespassers, and either way I can make them leave!

      From a home defense standpoint it means I have zero concern about over penetration. However, it also means I could have one hell of a firefight, and unless I call, cops are never going to show up. In fact, I sometimes do night shoots here, and have never yet had police come. I’m on my own out here, but I’m aware of it, prepared for it, and I prefer it that way.

    • My very good friend knew Tyler and his family, said he was always sweet, lovely, never displayed anything that would indicate his subsequent behavior the night of his death. Inexplicable. Horrible. Catastrophic for all the families.

      • Didn’t he leave work to go to the location of the violence, armed? Sounds like murder one, if that is what you are looking for.

        • “location of the violence”? You mean his home? I can imagine a conversation with you: “Dad, I think the neighbor is trying to break in and rape me.” “That’s terrible, Pumpkin, but I don’t want to get in an altercation. I’ll see you tonight when I get home from work.”

        • Wasn’t there a guy in NJ thrown in jail for having a fired cartridge case in his car? And you think this guy would not go to prison, there? I bet after waxing the mofo, he had *several* empty cartridge cases in his home.

    • I REALLY don’t think so, although he could be arrested if he was a prohibited person or, as required in some states, the firearm was unregistered/permitted. Otherwise, this was a solid self-defense shooting, even in California (where there would be a presumption of a self-defense shooting under the circumstances described). He might even avoid arrest arrest in England (though I doubt it), because there was no disparity of force

  4. This happened in Oregon. Oregon is a far leftist state, ruled by the benevolent denizens of social justice and caring for the safety of its citizens. The entire episode illustrates, even justifies, Oregon’s strict gun laws. If two of the three people identified in the story had not possessed firearms, all three would have escaped death from gunfire. The common thread here is guns. Without them, all three of the subjects of the article might be alive today. Remove the guns, and the likelihood of a fatal attack diminishes greatly (fatal attacks using other weapons are not the same as attacks using firearms, because guns are bad for everyone).

    Why do I have to keep making this point – without the legal availability to acquire guns, deaths from gunfire drop dramatically? Remove guns from the non-criminal population, and the deaths from gunfire would be capped by criminal shootings (which are far less than the combined count of legal and illegal gun use). And that includes suicides (which no one can claim is not overwhelmingly committed by gun use).

    Taking guns from non-criminals would not result in utopia, but we would come really close. If only half the deaths from gunfire were eliminated (those deaths not subsequently achieved through other weapons), can you say we would not be better off? More people alive today? It’s guns, guns, guns. Guns make people “crazy”, wanting to solve all disputes with a bullet. Just wanting a gun makes a person unsuitable for owning one. Just holding a gun makes people lose their sense of humanity, wanting to use that gun to see what happens. Making them take risks they would avoid if unarmed. The perceived increase in personal power, the heightened sense that a gun holder can prove themselves worthy of more respect that they could otherwise achieve, fuels the fires of revenge and bullying. I am here to tell you that if we could take guns away from all the non-criminals (who are just a hopeless case, and too dangerous to mess with), we could entirely heal the vicious political divide plaguing the nation.

    It’s guns, I tell you, guns, guns, guns. Guns are bad. Private citizens with guns cannot escape being the evil that guns represent.

    (OK, I need some smelling salts now)

    • Except for the case that happened in a neiborhood near me, where it is crazy anti gun, the man standing over the bed had a machete. Both victims were hunted down and brutally hacked to death in their own home. Police say this event lasted for a long time with violent struggle. But you know, guns!!!!!

      • But machetes don’t have those evil barrel shrouds, shoulder things that go up, or high capacity clipazines.

        Machetes can be used for benevolent tasks such as ethnic cleansing, or gently severing the Achilles tendon of your slave labor. Guns are just evil.

        • “gently severing… the Achilles’ tendon” Yes, just like the ongoing and progressively tyrannical gun laws in the United States of Amerika are neutering the law abiding rights of free American patriots to defend liberty! Thanks for your humor I love it!

      • My cousin could not legally process a firearm so he killed his roommate with a machete, no shit. I not sure but I think the guy would have preferred to be shot then hacked to death. A few neighbors tried to stop him, none of them had a gun, which I find strange around this area.

    • Chicks with d!cks named “Sam”. I do not like them. Not on a boat, not with a goat. Not in my house, not with a mouse. Do not like them.

      • “Chicks with d!cks named “Sam”. I do not like them. Not on a boat, not with a goat. Not in my house, not with a mouse. Do not like them.”

        Your point?

        • It means please tell your little idiot leftists cowards to stop sending “b0mbs” to highjack our republic.

          • “It means please tell your little idiot leftists cowards to stop sending “b0mbs” to highjack our republic.”

            Did you read the entire comment? Clarity is always visible, but not always obvious.

    • If no one had guns that would be nice, however people would still kill possums with clubs and pitchforks

      • “If no one had guns that would be nice, however people would still kill possums with clubs and pitchforks.”

        That’s irrelevant. We are talking about common sense gun control, not eliminating all means of attacking with other weapons. The important (only?) matter is to eliminate guns in the hands of non-criminals. Guns are the most murderous weapons, the most evil, the most deadly, the most bad. Guns are just icky, and people with guns are more icky. (People with switchblades are just cool.)

    • “If only half the deaths from gunfire were eliminated (those deaths not subsequently achieved through other weapons), can you say we would not be better off?”

      I guess that depends who constitutes the half not eliminated.

      • Logically it has to be the criminals. They are the ones who will keep their guns. So just innocent people get killed, but most importantly, the number of murders commited with guns will drop. Or not, since criminals will realize that their victims are defenseless and will get encouraged to do as they please.

        • “Logically it has to be the criminals. They are the ones who will keep their guns.”

          The logic is actually logical.

          It is too difficult to take guns away from criminals. Criminals stay in areas infested by criminals. People who are killed by criminals shouldn’t have been in criminal areas in the first place. “Good people” do not go to criminal areas. “Good people” get shot by crazed gun owners is places where only “good people” go. One can avoid criminals and bad people; they are easy to see coming. One cannot avoid becoming a victim of a crazed gun owner in places where “good people” like to congregate and visit. Crazed gun owners make “good” places dangerous and unpredictable. Take guns away from people who are not criminals, and “good people” in their “normal” lives won’t get shot unfairly.

      • “You sure need *something*!!”

        Offering all that common sense about confiscating guns takes a heavy toll on a healthy mind; can’t do it as often as I would like. Might take more than tee martoonies go get back to normal.

        • Lady, it called a Martini, not martooniei, and if you’d get your tit out of the ashtray you wouldn’t have heartburn. ( sorry , old joke)

    • I’m always amazed when someone can’t see sarcasm when it kicks them right in the nuts. Gunz r bad m’kay. Good post though. Your ability to ridicule an irrational argument by using the same argument against itself is bar none.

      • “Your ability to ridicule an irrational argument by using the same argument against itself is bar-none.”

        Thank you for the acknowledgement, but it’s probably a blind squirrel thing.

        • All that military training allows me to hit the ground before everyone else, so sarcasm goes over my head TWICE as fast as the average man.

          • “…sarcasm goes over my head TWICE as fast as the average man.”

            There is always a “give away”, a “tell”. Such as “guns are icky”, or a rant so stupid even an anti-gunner wouldn’t say it.

  5. Wait, you mean he neutralized a human threat with a 9mm handgun? Are you sure it wasn’t a 10mm or 45 super?

    Anyway, it happened in Oregon so imo it’s either a drug story gone wrong, or gay sex gone wrong, maybe both.

    • No according to Jeff Cooper myths only a 50 bmg and hits with 100 rounds would have stopped him. Jeff would have said it could never have been a 9mm because they don’t work.

      • My favorite Cooperism was when he denounced black security uniforms because of how poor of a camouflage they are. Because, you know, people hire security guards with the logic that nobody’s supposed to see that they’re on premises. Col. Cooper certainly had a broad area of expertise, but things quickly got awkward when he would try to step outside of it.

        I’ll say this, though: He found what worked for him, stood firmly by it, and would not brook the possibility that something else might work just as well or serve its own purpose. In short, he was the platonic ideal of an argumentative gun guy, and if TTAG were to have a patron saint, my vote would go to him.

    • It’s worse than that, this requires reopening the caliber wars! Man with puny 9mm victorious over loon with evil and unstoppable AR-15! He had no chance, yet he won the day!

  6. “Yea, it worked in the Jewish Ghettos during WWII.”

    Actually, the ghetto in Warszawa fought back with guns.

  7. “The reasoning here is… difficult to follow.”

    If you can follow anti-gun ravings, I would be worried about you.

  8. I think everyone missed the whole point. The article stated the nut case did not come back for an entire hour. If the police would have been called this would have given the police plenty of time to get to his house and arrest him and if they missed him posted a car at the home. Other squad cars would have been on the look out for him as well. By not calling the police they let themselves wide open for a surprise attack when the nut case chose to come after them.

    • Yeah, to address the actual topic, the roommate should have gotten the po-po involved the first time their neighbor intruded into his bedroom(!) as he slept(!!). An innocent man is dead now because he apparently didn’t take such a threatening gesture seriously enough. It’s good that Mr. Pebbles was able to defend himself and drop that psycho, but by that same token, the poor guy should have never been put into such a horrific position in the first place.

    • I assume the thinking was that the neighbor was at least an acquaintance so it didn’t warrant the po-po.

      To be fair though, what would the cops have done even if they were summoned? They *probably* wouldn’t arrest a guy for wandering into a presumably-unlocked neighbor’s house, and AFAIK there’s nowhere to involuntarily commit someone even if they’re obviously having a mental break.

    • Arrest him for what? His neighbors *claim* he trespassed? Bet he’d deny it, except the cops would probably not even respond.

  9. “Lady, its called a Martini not matrimony, and if would get your tit out of the ashtray you wouldn’t have heartburn”

    Ah yes, an OBG. I remember it well. Thanks for the recollection.

  10. My local media would be running stories on how Tyler Herrick was a “good boy” who never hurt anyone before. How he went to church, bought Girl Scout cookies and loved puppies and how his crying Mom wants those bad people that shot her poor misunderstood son to go to jail. There would be ZERO mention of any drug problems Mr. Herrick had, or any prior convictions, or any stints of him being held for mental evaluation. Because my local media is “unbiased” (cough cough)

  11. does not compute…evil ‘assault’ weapon always wins…dangerous killing machine…..does not compute….goes against fake news……error error error.

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