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Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum (AP Photo/Don Ryan, File)
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As Democrats in Washington, D.C. continue to push their anti-gun legislation, states and counties have been fighting back. Local and state officials throughout the nation have passed Second Amendment sanctuary legislation, effectively declaring that state and federal gun control laws would not be enforced in their jurisdiction.

Two counties in Oregon – Harney and Yamhill – recently passed 2A sanctuary status legislation to protect residents from Salem’s gun-grabbing tendencies. According to the counties, gun control laws coming down the pipeline violate their citizens’ right to keep and bear arms.

That hasn’t pleased Democrats in the Beaver State who are upset with those that are daring to oppose them. On Friday, Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum slapped Harney and Yamhill Counties with a lawsuit over their pro-gun legislation.

According to the Associated Press, Rosenblum takes issue with the Second Amendment sanctuary designations because they contradict state law, something she says makes the ordinances “invalid and void.”

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“As sovereign and consistent with its police power, the State has an interest in the uniform application and enforcement of its laws across the state,” the attorney general wrote in one of the lawsuits.

“Gun safety laws exist to help keep guns out of dangerous hands and keep people safe. A county commission simply doesn’t get to override state law in this way,” Rosenblum said in a statement.

“The laws of Oregon remain fully in force – and fully enforceable – notwithstanding these invalid ordinances. No officials should be frightened out of properly doing their job by the threat of illegitimate criminal charges or bogus lawsuits. Although today’s lawsuits are addressed to only these two Oregon counties, other counties have enacted similar illegal ordinances. These actions will hopefully send the message that we are prepared to preserve the rule of law across our state.”

The ordinances Rosenblum refers to were passed earlier this year in response to two bills – one requiring “safe storage” of firearms the other banning firearms from the state Capitol and Portland International Airport. Those bills passed the state legislature and were signed into law by Gov. Kate Brown (D) on June 1.

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  1. An elected bureaucrat can’t (really) force law enforcement to do anything. Pass any rule, regulation, or ordnance you want.

  2. RE: “Local and state officials throughout the nation have passed Second Amendment sanctuary legislation, effectively declaring that state and federal gun control laws would not be enforced in their jurisdiction.”

    Simply remove “Second Amendment Sanctuary” and replace it with “Freed Slaves Sanctuary.”

    …Local and state officials throughout the nation have passed Freed Slaves Sanctuary legislation, effectively declaring that state and federal slavery laws would not be enforced in their jurisdiction

    The exact kind of thinking and reasoning behind Jim Crow Gun Control is very much alive and well today in the democRat Party. What Filth.

  3. “Sanctuary” proclamations carry no force of law. They are meant to be a big middle finger to evil tyrannical gubmint. Ore-gone has completely lost it’s frickin mind! Especially Portland.

  4. “A county commission simply doesn’t get to override state law in this way”

    And state law doesn’t get to override inalienable rights

    “No officials should be frightened out of properly doing their job by the threat of illegitimate criminal charges or bogus lawsuits.”

    And we can say the same about state or federal law enforcement efforts which violate our inalienable rights.

  5. Gun owners in Oregon need to remind the Attorney General of her neglect to enforce the law with regard to immigration, Antifa and all the property crimes that are occurring in her state due to lack of enforcement. Is it me or does she look like Kate Brown’s older sister? 🤣

  6. :….A county commission simply doesn’t get to override state law in this way,….” Practice what you preach. State/Federal laws can’t over ride the Constitution and Bill of Right…..ala “…..shall not be infringed.” More the “for thee. not for me” hypocrisy of Libturds.

  7. If those in Oregon didn’t continue to vote these communists in to office then they wouldn’t have this problem. I wish these two counties good luck and Godspeed in winning such frivolous lawsuits.

  8. Hmm, so laws that contradict higher ones, as Oregon’s gun control laws clash with the Second Amendment, are “invalid and void”? So the Second Amendment remains “fully in force … notwithstanding these invalid ordinances” that Oregon has passed? And gun owners there shouldn’t be frightened “by the threat of illegitimate criminal charges or bogus lawsuits.”?

    Interesting. I only wish Rosenblum had enough intelligence and grasp of irony to see how she proved these counties’ point for them

  9. Sanctuary or no sanctuary, a local district attorney has complete discretion about which laws will be enforced through criminal prosecution. And if one of them decides to enforce safe storage laws (the other law being pretty much irrelevant except at the airport and at the capitol), well then the electorate has the option of determining whether to retain that DA is his/her post.

  10. A quick search of this AG indicates she fought Trump for cutting off funds due to Oregon being a “sanctuary state.” Funny she didn’t have a problem with that.

    Doesn’t she have some rioters in Portland to worry about not prosecuting or something?

  11. Serious question regarding the Portland Airport.
    So if someone was flying to Oregon for hunting or a shooting competition or someone from Oregon was going to Texas to hunt hogs…it would be illegal to transport ones firearms through the Portland Airport, to the airline counter, have them checked by the TSA, and then checked onto your flight?

  12. Don’t forget Harney County’s past.. home of the Hammone family, notorious for having been improsined for lawfully setting a protective back-burn to divert a wildfire deliberately set by Fed agents with the clear intent to burn the Hammond family home and structures. The FEDS committed “arson”, destruction of a structure by fire, but the Hammonds were charged with “arson” convincted and imprisoned, and NO structures were damaged by the fire Hammonds set. This led to the temporary “visiting” by a number of patriots to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Harney County. While on a trip to go visit with the Sheriff of the next county over, Malheur, Kate Brown’s designated cadre of State Police ambushed their cars, and murdered one of their figurehead/leaders, LaVoy Finicum.

    The sheirf fof Harney COUnty during the above incident was fully in the back pocket of the Feds. Enforcement of any laws in Harney COunty would be under the purview of whoever is sheirff there today. It is not clear the thinking and values of today’s Sheriff. I’m hoping he is now a “good guy”

    State “law” cannot override Federal law, nor the COnstitution. The new “;aws” in Oregon are NOT consistent with either the US or Oregon Consttutions, and thus are repugnant, null void and of none effect. Oregon’s AtG is a harpy shilling for votes. She should be rightfuly ignored. These counties can lose the lawsuits, but still refuse to enforce those non-“laws”.
    Yamhill COunty is a VERY conservative moslty farming community south and a bit west of Portland, North of Salem. Home to Newburg and McMinnville. NOT very much like Portland at all.

    • Could be Kamala. Can’t be Biden, because there was no rambling and the thought, while repugnant, was at least coherent.

  13. Local law enforcement everywhere will be forced to make a choice. In NJ and Ky the democrat tyrants there had to use state police to enforce the closers of churches and gyms. The local sheriffs refused. Sheriffs and state police have refused to help city cops when democrats refuse to prosecute rioters.

    The battle for liberty is really at the local level. If you elect local people who support liberty, and who refuse to following immoral laws. I suggest everyone get a mug shot copy , 8 ½ x 11, of Rev Martin Luther King Jr. To remind you of a gun owner who the local tyrants denied his 2A civil rights. You can find his mug shot on the internet.

    Or a mug shot of Shaneen Allen. Or Vicky Weaver?? Yes I know she has no mug shot.


  14. If anyone is really serious about resisting gun control? I suggest you study the Fugitive Slave law of 1850. And the resistance to it.

    To be far, I first heard this on a Libertarian podcast. You See, I can say something niece about you guys.

    But it is something I have been thinking about, civilian resistance during the civil war, for quite a while now.

    “Anthony Burns and the Resistance to the Fugitive Slave Act”


  15. Wow, the very first line in this so-called journalism has a thinly veiled sales pitch, lame ass profiteering.

    “As Democrats in Washington, D.C. continue to push their anti-gun legislation… “

    In the article, the phrase “anti-gun legislation” is a blue link, as if it provides a citation to support the writer’s claims about Democrats.

    Actually, it goes to a promo website for peoplesholsters.com, selling CCW holsters.

    Tin hat

  16. So, a local jurisdiction can’t go 2A Sanctuary because it preempts the State law. Does that mean, therefore, that a city or county can’t impose a gun-control law that preempts State law? I don’t know how it goes down in Oregon, but there are number of cities and counties around the country that haven’t gotten the memo on this.

  17. Some people have mentioned this, but this DA is definitely a hypocrite… but then what’s new with liberals. But here’s my thoughts: she states that local ordinances cannot preempt state law. But doesn’t that also imply that state laws cannot preempt federal laws where federal government has jurisdiction? Well here’s this:
    Although states are able to assist in immigration regulation and enforcement, it is the federal government that has the legal power to enforce U.S. immigration laws. … The U.S. Constitution includes a Supremacy Clause, which prevents state laws from interfering with immigration enforcement by the federal government.
    So, by her not helping with the illegal immigration situation in Oregon and helping to make Oregon a sanctuary state, she has been derelict in her duty. Recently, I saw a report that a DA was indicted for failure to prosecute someone. So can this troll of a DA be prosecuted as well? Just some thoughts here.

  18. So the liberals are all for sanctuary cities for illegals, but not for guns? How is it that they think they can harbor illegals in violation of 8 USC 1324, but then claim they can restrict Americans rights to own firearms? Can we just get this party started already and get America back to its Constitutional roots?


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